New Patterns Online, 8-7-22

Both Pink and the Free Quilt are available now for downloading as well as available from me as paper patterns costing $5.00 each.


Free Quilt

Both quilts made with 2-1/2” squares.

We got 5.5” of rain last night! Everything is full and my succulents and cacti are drowning. I had intended to return to the shelter today but had to handle cleanup around here so I’ll go back again this week.

I still have not decided about the two black puppies – only one of them has lived here and of course they’re not housetrained having lived in the kennel all this time. My life feels pretty easy right now and I’m wondering why I would want to complicate it with two new dogs who aren’t likely to ever be adopted. I am my own worst enemy and mom always said to me, “Mary! You make so much work for yourself!” Is that what I would be doing if I took on two young dogs? My friend Ginny would say to go get them. And those little tan puppies – so darned cute.

Here’s something fun – Connie had these two needlepoint pictures reframed. I remember when she bought them because we were shopping together and she was unsure about buying them. I remember saying to her, “You’ll never see Mary and Jesus in needlepoint again – you should buy them!” so she did and they’ve been hanging in her sewing room ever since. When she moved they were among the things that she kept and recently had reframed. They are very nice – vintage and collectible and now a real keepsake. The workmanship is outstanding.

Reader quilts:

Tonight I’m going to work on all those blocks I made for Good News. It will be a huge quilt and not easy to handle. Not my favorite.

13 thoughts on “New Patterns Online, 8-7-22

  1. Pam in NC

    Mary, I don’t know what to tell you about the puppies! I’m thinking of adopting a third lab mix that speaks to me with those eyes…. I already have a 91# yellow lab and a 55# black in the house full time but I think a chocolate would fit right in. I have MS so would have to convince Mr Wonderful first since he’s the one that walks them here in the mountains! 😬 Connie’s needle work pictures are great! What a treasure! Love seeing the readers quilts…maybe I should start sharing too. Thanks for your messages-I never miss!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pam in NC – and just why ARENT you sharing with us? You need to start because everybody loves the quilt show! How can I post a quilt show without any quilts?????

  2. Debra Reber

    Such a hard decision about the puppies. I am like you in that I love dogs!! At the mini-farm where we used to live we had dogs & cats dropped off on us constantly. We kept some, found homes for some, & took some to the local humane society. I really wanted to save all of them, but we just couldn’t.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    I like Diane’s comment in the last post about having National Honor society members do their community service at the shelter. Our shelter has a group home of mentally challenged adults come in and pet the animals as I have seen them in the past interacting and wandering around supervised. I commented to our vet that she seemed fully staffed and plenty of help and she said they never lost any of their staff during Covid and have not lacked any help. Now that amazed me with what others say about shortages.
    It’s hard taking on more but it’s your gift Mary.
    Nice quilts shown as always so thank you for some enjoyment seeing creations.

  4. Pat Smith

    I would be a bad one to give anyone advice on whether to adopt a dog or not. Like you, I just love dogs and cats too. I used to work as a volunteer at our shelter in the cat room. It was a heartbreaking job to be sure. After a cat was there for a long time, I’’d circle a date on the calendar and announce that if that cat wasn’t adopted by such and such a date, I was going to take it. When we got to 4 cats, I finally had to give up my volunteer job realizing that I was not volunteer material for an animal shelter.. Now that I’m 78 years old, I know that I can’t be adopting any animals as they may outlive me or I may need to go to assisted living. Still, I can’t volunteer at the shelter because I get so emotionally involved with the animals I want to help. When I saw those little blond puppies you posted earlier, my heart melted and I wanted one, of those, too. It never ends. I don’t want any animals in the shelter, but in happy homes instead.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    It doesn’t make a hill of beans what we say about the puppies…you are going to follow your heart. You always do. Yes, we know you that well.
    The jail inmates have shelter animals to care for and socialize. Even the boys get to help with the animals (they don’t get to quilt).

  6. Betty Klosterman

    That is WHY I don’t go to the animal shelter. Any decent person just can’t handle that wagging tail or look into the eyes and say NO. That’s why God made them that way. BUT he isn’t the one cleaning up after them, etc. AND we can’t save the world, either. And that’s why you feel like a heel not taking them home. And you know it.
    You’ve got the guinea back. Wouldn’t you like to know where it has been? And where the others are? You’ll never know. Maybe they are smarter then we give them credit?
    The Sturgis Rally is going strong. Haven’t heard the count on how many people are there. They are having fun.
    Take care and enjoy everything. Betty in Rapid City

  7. patti

    only you can make the puppy decision. i face the same problem with the new kitties. however, at almost 72, and on oxygen 24/7, i have to make sure my husband will take care of the litter box and cart them to the vet. since i no longer drive, he has to do all the errands for me and the cat. if it were me, i’d be asking rick how much he could help. but then again, you will do the majority of the work. how jealous will your current critters become if you bring in new puppies? i love the quilt shows when available. evereyone is so talented. thanks for the free patterns. quilti hugs, patti in florida who knows you will make the right choice

  8. Diane in Colorado

    Two new dogs. Would you be making work for yourself? Maybe. Would you be inviting unconditional love into your home? Most certainly. I can’t imagine my life without my two, and I don’t want to. I know you already have several animals. You have a big heart, Mary. Many lucky animals have found their way to your farm one way or another.

    We finally got rain this evening—buckets of it. My peppers needed extra support because of the drowning! I was glad there was no hail.

  9. Cynthia from SW MN

    Just a thought, Mary on adopting any additional dogs…I would wait on it. There is nothing wrong with where you are with what you have already, you said you are at a happy place, I would try this a bit longer. If you get more puppies it will big you down. Volunteering at the animal shelter is good, but just mark time for a bit on more dogs as they are not trained and more work for you. This is why I could not volunteer at the thrift shop. I would become ‘Whitney the super dooper collector’.

  10. Debbie Archer

    If it would make your heart happy to bring the two pups home,do it. Hazel and Telly will help house train them. You have such a big heat.
    Debbie A

  11. Sue H

    Maybe when you go back later, after cleaning up your own yard, those puppies will have been adopted. I hope so. It would put your heart at ease and not so much pressure on your life. Wishing the best!

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