No more cookbooks! 8-19-21

The last 24 cookbooks are going in the mail tomorrow but I have an absolute stack of checks in envelopes and there are NO MORE COOKBOOKS. And no, we will not consider reprinting – that was the point here – to get rid of the cookbooks.

In a day or so I will print the names of the remaining checks that I will tear up – please watch the blog. I’m not going to spend the time or the stamp to return the checks. I will not answer this over and over again – watch the blog. If your name appears, you were too late to get a cookbook and I destroyed your check for $15.00.

Please do not send me any more cookbook requests. I’m sorry I didn’t have enough for everyone.

10 thoughts on “No more cookbooks! 8-19-21

  1. Patty Rhoades

    Received my cook book today. I’m enjoying looking at it. I will be trying some new recipes.

  2. Angie from Baltimore

    I think we all hope to be one of the lucky ones but if not tearing the checks makes the most sense.
    Happy for those who got one. Thank you Mary for making them available and hope you don’t get a headache being kind.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    I knew I had one already and hunted it up, found it and am looking forward to some recipes to make soon. Need some new ideas!!

  4. Janet S

    You are handling exactly the way I would. I sent a check which I am sure is being destroyed which is pretty much what I expected.

  5. Rhoda

    Jay suggested you put the cookbook on Amazon and they print it as people order it from them and they send you your earnings.
    You would make a mint and no mailing out on your part.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – in order to do this the book has to be online and emailed. Our cookbook is not so guess this won’t work for us and I’m really sorry.

  6. RITA in Iowa

    Glad you were able to free up some space and what a treat for those receiving the cookbook.

  7. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I dug out my cookbook and am trying some recipes thanks to the blog chat. It has some cute photos in it and a picture of “Wear Warm Clothes” on the back. A nice keepsake of when the shop was open. Going to try Bubble Pizza this week.

  8. San

    Mary, You are soo funny!

    May I simply say that there are great cook books in used book stores. McKay’s in Chattanooga, TN has a vast collection. Also, the book store next to Moss Library in Hayesville, NC is wonderful! I picked up 6 cookbooks recently, 2 for a friend. Farm Journal cookbooks are fantastic. Recipes come from farm women all over the country. I have one for everything chocolate including Easter Eggs.

    Sorry to hear about your poor chickens!

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