No post tonite, 11-21-23

Exhausted – 2-1/2 hour cantata practice! I have so enjoyed the comments – thank you!

20 thoughts on “No post tonite, 11-21-23

  1. Sharon G.

    Mary – Wow! Good for you – two and 1/2 hours of cantata practice is a lot, but you made it through. I’d have to have 3 teas, too! Ha!
    Thank you for the Pumpkins for Sale #220 pattern. Your enclosed note card was sweet. 😊 Thank you so much!
    I have a lot to be thankful for this year including your blog about nothing.
    Hope you and Rick have a nice Thanksgiving. 🦃
    Take care everyone.

  2. Sue Bowers

    Happy Turkey Day! Only 1 of my daughters & family will be home for Thanksgiving. I’m making the traditional foods – turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, etc. MY dishwasher is broken so the meal may be cafeteria style and from the pans. I’m so spoiled. Many years ago I had about 20 people at my house for Thanksgiving & my kitchen sink was clogged. I have a brother who is a plumber, but he wasn’t there that year. We did dishes in the bathtub! I have so much to be thankful for.

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    Ha! I’m glad you had three! We aren’t having our family get together until Saturday, so I will be cooking on Friday.
    The menu is: Turkey, ham, cranberry salad, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, gravy, seven layer lettuce salad, snicker salad, corn, pumpkin pie, gluten free apple crisp, ice cream, stuffing and another salad! Yikes! I don’t think anyone will go away hungry, but there are 25 people.
    Today I am cutting perfectly good fabric into little pieces so I can sew it all together again. Heehee!
    It is suppose to get to 57 today with sunshine!
    Happy thanksgiving Mary and Rick and everyone

  4. Charlotte S in No. California

    Oh that was a long practice! You definitely deserve a break. Hope you sleep well tonight.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – I didn’t have time to even stand up during practice. I had worked very hard all day yesterday so I’d be prepared for practice and it paid off.

  5. patti

    a happy thanksgiving to mary, rick and all the readers. dh and i are alone again this year so dinner will be at perkins. they do a turkey plate with dressing, etc., coffee and pie – we get out of there for under $20. this year i decided we needed to have desserts at home. apple and pumpkin pie for dh, and i’ll make a pecan pie for me (dh doesn’t like it) – old family recipe. my rant involves those companies that will grocery shop for you. since i’m basically stuck at home (copd, oxygen 24/7), i started using these services a few years back. yes, more expensive but not too too bad. then covid hit and i made dh do the shopping. used them again recently and i’ve been shocked. prices have jumped bunches – usually more than $30 an order more than the store. plus now they add a 10% tip at the front end (i always tipped based on service in the past). i leave instructions on the site that i need groceries brought inside. they leave them at the door. hard for me to carry things. i did it today cuz i knew they would be crowded and didn’t want to ask dh to go after work. major mistake. but now i can make a pecan pie, texas sheet cake (after pecan pie is eaten) and then no bake chocolate cookies after that. will be getting my chocolate fix and no grocery shopping needed. glad i read that quote about turning the scales back 15 pounds before thanksgiving. dh came home with applie pies and pumpkin pies. we have pie here for the two of us. and yes we have ice cream also. instead of ‘let them eat cake’ we will ‘let us eat pie’. happy thanksgiving to all, patti in FL

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Patti, I sure understand why you chose groceries to be shopped and delivered to you and for the extra price paid. I wondered how much extra these services are so thanks for the information on how it goes. When I recently was in Walmart and dreaded my decision as I was seeing the changes, I know they are meeting needs of those who can’t get out. The area where registers once were had all these metal shelves lined with blue bins as young people were wheeling them into this area so those must be their paid shoppers. It’s just another change I shall get use to and I do have a grandchild who is doing this service for extra cash while in college but she works for a different family chain called Wegmans. She gets excellent tips and will carry inside for families as she seems to deliver to an affluent area where they pay for the convenience to have their groceries shopped and delivered. I enjoy your comments from Fl and wish we still had Perkins up here as they had good food! Happy Thanksgiving.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I just heard that one of our local Perkins has closed – very sad. They must be open yet around you. I think it’s smart for two people to go out to eat -doesn’t make sense to me to buy and make all that traditional food for two.

  6. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.
    I’m making Beef Rouladen and a turkey with all the sides. My daughter is bringing all the desserts.
    I cooked turkey thighs today to make my gravy, it is a big help to make it ahead of time.

    I’ve tried to post before but I was blocked so I hope this goes thru.

    I love Christmas music, it was a lot of work but everyone is so thankful for your talent. Bless you Mary as you bless all listening.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianna – yes, I got your comment! I’m not sure why you would have been blocked.

  7. Jan from Cosby, TN

    Hi Mary,
    Just want to wish you and Rick a peaceful, restful, Happy Thanksgiving! I know I can speak for all of us who read and love your blog, we are VERY grateful for you and all your pets everyday!!!
    No family for us this Thanksgiving – both boys are else where and that is fine. Instead, I invited some close friends who would be by themselves also. It should be a great time!!! Love to you, Jan

  8. Bonny

    Thank you Mary for your blog about nothing. It is a daily dose of sanity and reminder to savor small moments.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    That’s a lot of music playing! Relax with your beverage and snuggle with the pets. I am watching the Love Actually movie for probably the 10th time but how I chuckle over so many scenes still.

  10. Dee from Shell Rock

    I’m leaving for daughter’s tomorrow. I’ll be reading but can’t comment. Will try to click if I can. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and pet all your critters for me.

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