Nothing To Say Yet I Can Still Write. 2-11-2020

Truly, my life is so boring I have nothing to say but I’ll blab on anyway.

Did you watch the Oscars? I cannot understand why Parasite, the Korean film that won Best Picture, was not in a foreign film category. And all those other great movies that we may have seen or will be able to see in the future did not win. I disagree – remember, I’m the one talking here and my opinion is what I write. And it may not align with yours. I was not a fan of Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes but I loved her rendition of Yesterday, sung while pictures of those who died in the past year were shown.

I “watched” the entire program with Becky – we discuss everything by text – good and bad. We both couldn’t stand the guy at the red carpet show who was wearing a gold sparkly top with a wild goldish colored SKIRT! I don’t even know who he is – oh, my Bible belt upbringing is showing, isn’t it?

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Enough of my commentary on the Oscars – there’s lots more however. Haha!

My days are boring and therapy is hard. There’s my daily life in a nutshell. Our high temp on Thursday is predicted to be 4 below. Yup – BELOW ZERO!

Can cats get alopecia areata? Look at BC – he’s getting bald in patches!

Here’s Tammy who wouldn’t let me pick her up if she was starving but has decided my lap is OK.

This is a friend’s granddaughter with her birthday cake made to look like her own cat. Don’t you just love it?

Do you save pictures of quilts you see on Facebook or other social media? I have started and this pattern has always been a favorite. My favorite part of this quilt is the red connector square around the outside edge. Makes me want to make this for the next baby quilt I need to make.

Remember those oats I’ve been growing?

I was thinking about how great that bright green grass would look in an old silver sugar bowl, creamer, gravy boat, dish, bowl. So I decided to plant some. Here’s the “before” picture. It will take about 2 weeks for a nice crop of oats to shoot up.

Not much to look at right now but I think a bit of bright green in the next couple of weeks could be a welcome sight.

And I sure can’t brag about my amaryllis but I’m still grateful for 3 big red blooms.

50 thoughts on “Nothing To Say Yet I Can Still Write. 2-11-2020

  1. Kathleen S.

    The foreign language film category was renamed to the International category. It was presented towards the beginning of the Oscars. Parasite won that too. Best foreign / international and Best Pic.

    Not like that motivates me to want to go see it – LOL!

    Love the blog! Cold here in central IL too.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    Love Tammy! she loves you even though she doesn’t want her to pick her up – Cat’s and Llamas are a lot alike, Llamas love you and what to get nose to nose with you but don’t like being touched much! Unless you, of course, train them to be brushed, etc! She looked like you, and the camera, like she thought you were wonderful, with your nice warm lap!!! Our Amaryllis had 4 blooms and now has a second set of 4 more blooms. the other one had leaves and that was all!! I still have my “sew-along” going but haven’t worked on it lately!!

  3. Sue in Marion, IN

    Mary, we had a cat with bald patches…turned out she was allergic to flea saliva! We did treat all our cats for fleas regularly, but they liked to go outside so it was a never-ending battle. Our current two cats are NOT going outside, period!

    We didn’t watch the Oscars…not really into award shows. We watch Masterpiece Theater on PBS on Sunday nights. They are currently running “Sanditon ”, an unfinished Jane Austen novel, and they’ve done a fantastic job with it! Funny, I’ve enjoyed all the Jane Austen series that have been on Masterpiece, but never read any of her books. I better get on that…I’m not getting any younger!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Marion – well, there aren’t any fleas around at -30 so it can’t be that and it didn’t start until late fall. Last summer I thought we’d have fleas forever! This year they’re all getting Seresto collars, money be damned! I can’t stand another summer like 2019!

  4. Barbk

    That is exactly the way I watch the Green Bay Packers game with my daughter and Meet The Press with my son – by text! It makes it seem like they are there with me watching. I’m glad to hear someone else does that, also!

  5. Mrs. Goodneedle

    We didn’t even watch so much as one minute of the Oscars. We do love the Fixer Upper mystery series on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries with Jewel, we record them and watch them in the evenings. We used to watch Monk but can’t find those shows anymore. I really am not impressed by the academy and their choices or about the political opinions of Hollywood and its so-called “elite”. I think the bright green oats are oh-so spring-y and welcome in the dead of winter. Sending warm wishes and hugs for healing as you continue with your therapy.

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    Poor BC! Our only kitty, picks gobs of hair and leaves a trail behind, our vet in town had given him a shot and some pills, but they helped for a little while and then was back to doing the same. It started when we adopted Zena out of jealousy, I supposed, she is a spiled little thing and doesn’t like to share me with the cat.

    Your amaryllis are beautiful, two of my three bloomed four a piece and it was a nice splash of red. Didn’t watched the Oscars, until they were almost done and heard the singer you mentioned, I too don’t like some things that go on,. Oh my the kitty cake is nice! Keep up the good work.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    Oops, I didn’t see this post . I have commented on the next(correction) one.

    I know the feeling well about going without a bra. I prefer staying home!

  8. Sue in Oregon

    I didn’t watch the Academy Wards, either, but after reading your opinion of it, I wish I had. lol They have always been so bizarre, but I suppose that’s the fun of it. My mother (and me too, I guess) would have been incensed with the fact that a foreign film won it. Hollywood, shame on you.
    Love your amaryllis.

  9. Judi L.

    Mary, your amaryllis is beautiful. Mine usually bloom close to Easter, but it appears they are coming a lot sooner…like two to three weeks away. We have had a very mild winter here in the Houston area. Mine are all planted outdoors. I never dig them up, except to share with friends. When they bloom this time, I’ll try and remember to take a photo and send it to you. I must have close to 30 in this one area. Keep doing your therapy for the knee. I’m sure it’s no fun, but we do what we need to do.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        October 2013 my cousin from Tucson stopped on their way back to Tucson. They got to take about 9 amaryllis home which they also planted outside. Sent pictures of some very happy and impressive flowers.

  10. Louise K.

    Is your cat overgrooming? I had a cat who did that. My cat had other health issues, and the vet thought maybe it was stress or anxiety, and said they had meds for that. I didn’t want to drug her, and tried the bitter apple spray. I hated to make my cat taste that, but it did help somewhat.
    Just make sure your cat isn’t overgrooming to the point of causing the skin to break…that could cause an infection.

    1. Mary Says Sew!

      We had a cat who suffered from anxiety and he overgroomed when he was stressed, leaving bare spots on his belly. Acupuncture and anti-anxiety meds helped.

      Our male cats, even the ones who’ve been neutered for years, get wound up this time of year as the days get longer and we get into breeding season. Some of them spray, unfortunately. Male cats roaming by our house don’t help, either. Hunting for mates and breeding rights is stressful, too!

      I know you know your animals well. Any chance BC has a UTI?

  11. Norma Gebhardt

    Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by a quilt or a pattern. When visiting the Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska last year i got the chills after seeing a pink and brown quilt hanging in the corner of the room. After I found that the name of the quilt was ” Faith” it was even more meaningful. I found out that Moda picks a quilt like this to share or use for charitable purposes. Of course there were no kits any longer available, but after calling Moda they graciously sent me a color copy pattern. I know I can make the quilt but finding suitable fabric will indeed be a challenge. It has 14 different fabrics and a background. I wish I were more artistic ,but I always feel the need to match the picture. I do feel , however, that we are drawn to different quilts

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Norma I had to look up this quilt as I use to each year love seeing Moda’s collections for a cause and hear the charitable organization it was benefiting.
      Trying to use up my stash has taken me from seeing these yearly. BUT this quilt would have changed my mind in a hurry too. It is so stunning and like you I would want to do an exact replica of the colors as well. Something so soothing about these pinks and browns together. I think with some color photos kept with you as you shop, I bet you could find some similar fabrics to keep that serenity and design the quilt provides. That museum keeps moving up higher on my bucket list!

  12. Kate

    I watched the Oscars for the first time in years and, as usual, I was disappointed. Freak show on parade, I’m afraid and we are suppose to look the other way and accept it as normal? Not me. Being from the Bible belt is nothing to apologize for. But I did like the song sung during the memorial to the past actors, actresses and others. I can’t believe how many people I use to watch are gone now. Wonder if this new crop will be missed one day? And yes, Parasite should have been in the foreign films category especially if it was all in a foreign language. Your blog is never boring.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – i might not have bothered to watch except Becky and I kept up a running dialogue making it much more fun. Some of the actors are gorgeous and then others are dressed so outrageously that you know they’re just vying for any kind of attention they can get. I loved the song and hated that a foreign film got so many major awards.

  13. Jan from TN

    HI Mary! I don’t think your life is boring at all. Now mine…..that’s another story! Lol!
    Tonight is the 3rd night of the Westminster Dog Show but I didn’t see the first 2 nights because my husband just assumed I knew it was on. I don’t watch nearly as much TV as he does so I never even saw a commercial for it. Tonight is the finale with Best in Show named at the end. Oh well, I guess I can catch it on YouTube or somewhere on line.
    I agree with you that there’s nothing better than going braless all day, every day. I only wear a bra if I have to leave the house for groceries, lunch with friends, etc. All bra straps irritate my one shoulder that has arthritis & a bone spur. PT didn’t help much. I’ll suffer for now.
    I too have magazine cuttings of quilts with the instructions & I take screen shots of a lot of them I see on FB thru the various quilt groups I’ve joined & save them to my photos on my phone! So inspirational. And speaking of FB, you never did accept my friend request. 🙁 There are so many great quilt groups out there to follow on FB.
    Do you watch The Good Doctor (Monday night) and/or New Amsterdam (Tuesday night)? Great shows! Very well done medical shows which i really enjoy watching. Take care. Keep at with your PT. Hugs!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – i can’t follow FB because my name is the main name under both my FB account and the Country Threads account. If someone sends a friend request, I accept and then try to find which account it belongs to. I never post a thing to FB so you aren’t missing anything!

  14. Kathy

    Love your cat, so cute,suave pictures of quilts to on pinterest, I have this one on mine, and from quilt magazines. I have tonsils want to make. I don’t watch the Oscars, just not interested, but love hearing you talk about it. Lol

  15. Susan in PA

    Our cat lost all of the fur from her hind legs. What a sight she was. Turned out we had changed litter brands and apparently she was allergic to the new stuff. When we figured out what it might be and changed back her fur all came back.

  16. Diane and Squeak

    Hey, Mary. I had to laugh at poor BC, not because of his bald spots, but because the ad below him said, “Losing your hair?” I clicked it and 5 others:)
    We went through the long boring days, too. I understand. The quilt is beautiful. I have a notebook of pictures and lots of magazines. We did not buy an Amaryllis this year. The ones we saw were in bad shape or already rooting. My husband has about 15 outside, most of which bloom every summer. We didn’t watch the Oscars. We don’t see many movies and the people just seem so shallow. I worked on finishing my retreat projects while watching The Forsyte Saga, Sanditon, and Vienna Blood on PBS—all very good. Going to be 14 here in Central Ohio on Thursday. Stay warm😃

  17. Anna M

    I didn’t watch even a minute of the Oscars. I could care less.
    Love your amaryllis. I don’t think my cats would allow one to survive here. Stay warm! I’m not looking forward to going to work on Thursday. Brrrr

  18. Joyce

    Poor BC… we had a cat one winter that lost patches of fur like that… vet figured she’d hung out under a heat lamp in the barn then would go outside where it was very cold. Skin couldn’t handle the temp change. Her fur came back in the spring. She wasn’t very attractive in the mean time!! Stay warm this week! We’re to have -30 windchills Wednesday night and Thursday. … but 35 above Friday here in eastern South Dakota. First real cold snap we’ve had this winter so can’t complain. Glad to see how you’re “sewing your Wild Oats”…(winking)!!!

  19. Launa

    They forget Orson Bean on In Memorium! He was 91, struck by two cars in Hollywood! I had Red Carpet on, but was rather bored with the Award Show. Your three red blooms are terrific.
    My husband bought a Carhartt camo rain slick today for .50c at the thrift shop…benefits called Wags n Tags.
    Was sunny all day til 4 pm. SNOWING a bit now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – boy, did he get a buy! I read about Orson Bean but wasn’t it about the same day as the Oscars?

  20. Judy A

    My hubs likes to watch all the awards shows (and super bowls) – me, not so much. And I also thought what you thought about the red carpet guy/person. It’s all a bit much for me. I was just mentioning that I should just bring my sewing machine downstairs and sit at the desk sewing, then at least I could be productive while the smut is on. He’s not a fan of the sewing machine running while he’s trying to listen to the TV. Can’t imagine why 😀

  21. Paula Philpot

    I love the quilt you showed with the red. Does anyone have the name of the pattern. I have seen it before but might want to make it sometime. Paula in KY

    1. Sue in Marion, IN

      Paula, that quilt is just a 9-patch and snowball set on point. The outside snowballs have one red corner to make the triangle edging. Easy to sketch out on graph paper and make any size you want.

  22. Rhoda Ebersole

    I always enjoy your comments. I tried to record the Oscars and ended up recording the 2 hours red carpet show and only 30 minutes of the Oscars😩. We had seen most of the films and were really into it this year but I would never have picked Parasite. I wanted 1917 to win.
    Think my Red Amaryllis will have 4 blooms but don’t know how to get a picture of it on here for you.
    Cold here too in Las Vegas but the sun is warm and NO snow.
    Good luck with the P.T.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda – as a reader, you cannot add a photo. You can email it to me and I can put it on.

  23. Mary Rhodes

    Well my life is boring too! Been sick for 3 weeks! Had to cancel total knee surgery because of it. 2 antibodics, steroids, inhaler later finally better but not out of woods! Have wait to reschudle. My cousin and his wife sick too! Feel so sorry for your one cat with patches. Cat cake is cutie! Here gets down to 28 but 46 degrees high. Lots of rain! Some snow 3inches max! Cant wait no rain! Haven’t been sewing due to sick. When cousin well n me I will get knee done. Cousin going to help me since I have no one else. I’m widow, no children. Cats all 3 keep me moving then some! Yes spoiled!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Rhodes – I wish you lived close to me – I’d help you after your knee surgery and I’d know exactly what help you’d need! Could you go to a care facility for a week or so before returning home? Without kids to step in, it’s very hard, isn’t it, to find someone to help.

      1. Mary Rhodes

        My cousin Tom and his wife step up to help. The surgeon I have wont send to care faculty due to MRSA. I got a cat sister. I wanting for me get totally well and my cousins too. We where almost same time. He is retired paramedic and she is RN. Sometime happens they r there quick. Be 2 weeks with them. I did find out though the hospital will send me if I want. Mean while asthma not total settled. I will get it done . When get sick it’s a dosye!
        Thanks for thoughts! 🙂

  24. Diane Moffett

    Your amaryllis is beautiful to me. I can never get them to rebloom. You have the nicest ideas for plantings and displaying things. The grass will be lovely in the other objects. Agree with everything you wrote about the Oscars. Anyway, we are all entitled to our opinions!
    Weird how BC has lost her fur. I’m going to ask a couple people about this qho may have an answer. Tammy heard that weather report and she’s claiming your nice warm lap! Loved that birthday cake! My grandson requested a bday cake shaped like a catfish one year and my daughter did it! I told her that when my mom asked what kind of cake I wanted for my bday, she meant chocolate or white icing!
    Pretty little quilt. What an interesting look the red connectors blocks give the quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Moffett – haha about the cake – I know the feeling! With a birthday on July 3, I was always told we’d include my birthday on Fourth of July when we’d go to a family reunion! I doubt there was always a cake.

  25. Marie

    Your blog is always interesting even though you think you have nothing to say. I agree with you on the Oscars. Terrible. I didn’t even finish watching it. I can be content to see who won on the internet the next day.

  26. Laura Pomes

    Hi Mary! You are cracking me up with your Oscar talk….half the time I don’t even know who most of those people are on the red carpet. Loved it that Jane Fonda wore a dress she had worn before and has said she isn’t buying anymore clothes! Our local Consignment shop that also sells some really beautiful, used clothes has me hooked on that very thing! If every woman bought 1 re-cycled piece of clothing every year we would not only help our pocket books, but also the environment. Everyday you’re getting stronger, take good care, Laura from Frankfort

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Laura Pomes – I haven’t bought a piece of clothing for months and months – nobody sees me in my old clothes which is all I wear in the house and it’s wonderful to go bra less everyday! Haha! Everybody should try it!

      1. DONNA WYATT

        OH to dream of letting the girls loose! I find all those award programs a waste of time and I’d rather watch Carol Burnett, that is true entertainment. I’m from the Bible Belt as well, but work in the ‘real world’ and I use that term loosely, it is frustrating to hear the language that falls out of some peoples heads. It would make a sailor blush! Ok, done with my rant.

        Sorry about your kitty, but I would have to agree, sounds the rainbow bridge has space available.

        I pin so many quilts and have so many patterns, I will never get a fraction of them done but they sure are pretty and fun to look at!

  27. Beryl in Owatonna

    I didn’t watch the Oscars…I don’t see any of the movies so pointless to watch and have to listen to their rants and nonsense. I too, was brought up in the Bible belt!
    Your Tammy looks like she is purring!! She certainly thinks you are OK! BC looks like he could be miserable. Does he scratch the areas?
    I will go outside tomorrow to sew with the Sew Beautiful group making diapers for missions, then I am indoors until at least Friday but probably Saturday. The ‘high’ on Thursday keeps changing for here… -5 and now -7!! -15 tomorrow night, 30 tomorrow and then dropping. I am ready for spring!!! I got the cutest mini rose at WM today, that is a start on spring!
    I am still praying for your recovery…be glad you aren’t tempted too much to go outside. STAY WARM!!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      I forgot…I save pictures of quilts too!! I have a folder full. I am not sure why, I just liked them and I didn’t have to pay for a pattern to lie around!! Many are simple enough I could figure out how to make them without a pattern.

  28. Diane Bauer

    Mary, it’s interesting to me that your cat has bald patches. Gizmo went through that about 2 years ago—first a spot on top of his head, then a patch on his belly, then legs. Our vet referred us to a dermatology specialist in Denver who was also stumped. Whatever it ultimately was (I will have to ask Jenica), it was something they see fairly often in dogs but very, very rarely in cats (of course!!). It has resolved with a prescription drop on his food—same medicine they give dogs. It was a guessing game. Had the medicine not worked, the next step would have been an $850 biopsy. Thankfully, the medicine worked!!

    Yes, I save photos of quilts—have a whole Pinterest board. I love the snowball quilt!! I made Jenica one in pastel scraps when she was a baby. It has always been a favorite!!

    Love, love, love the kitty cat cake!!!

    And I’m with you on the Oscars!! Think I was quilting that night and had it on for background noise. My favorite part was the M & M add for emotional support candy. What next?!?!?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – well, I’m never going to have an $850 biopsy done! He doesn’t even seem to know he’s missing patches of fur much less bother him. Nope – – this is another Ethel type treatment. He’ll either get over it or not and when it starts to become a problem, I’ll send him to the Rainbow Bridge. I should do it now anyway because he lifts his tail wherever he pleases and pees. I clean it up many times a day!! Grrrrrr………

      1. Diane Bauer

        Sorry to say, we would not have done an $850 biopsy either. We’ve been fortunate that the drops work for Gizmo!

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