Oh, Susannah! Goes To School, 10-15-23

Last week I was invited to read Oh, Susannah! to 73 third graders at Garner Elementary and it was so much fun!

They asked such great questions – and they were so attentive! I was impressed!

This afternoon the University of Iowa women’s basketball team played DePaul OUTSIDE at Kinnick Stadium where a basketball floor was erected on the football field. Look at this!

At the top of the picture is the childrens’ hospital where The Wave takes place during each home football game. Today it happened at the first outdoor basketball game! The wind chill was about 48 degrees – brrr.

Isn’t that just the coolest thing? Iowa won but of course they have Caitlin Clark!

Three’s wounds are too serious for me to treat so he’s heading to the vet tomorrow. I tried to trim the hair around the wounds but I couldn’t do it – he wouldn’t let me. I think it was probably FluffyBun who bit him – just like she bit Gracie – same place! What to do about her?

Reader photos

Pamela, a reader we all know, is in pink

I think you’ll love to hear about this meaningful necklace which belongs to Rick’s sister Shirley. The bottom wedding ring is hers with her birthstone, the middle ring belonged to her first husband and father of her children and the top ring belonged to her second husband who passed away recently. It’s not only beautiful, it is precious to her.

And that’s Sunday from the farm – if weather permits this week I need to cut down the Sweet Annie and I’d like to transplant the Karl Foerster grass and then remodel the rock garden. Uff- dah!!

47 thoughts on “Oh, Susannah! Goes To School, 10-15-23

  1. Cathie

    So happy to see Shirley’s ring. When my husband died I asked the jeweler to put the rings
    side by side with the (small) diamond in the middle. He thought I was crazy but did it. Now
    I see there is someone else who is like me. Love never ends.
    My sympathy with the poor cat that was bitten. Don’t know what you do about that. Luckily
    I never had that problem – even with a cat that didn’t like the others.
    Sending Norma a card late so that she will get something after everyone else has sent theirs.
    Love your messages!!!

    1. Diane in Colorado

      You and I will be wave #2 to Norma! I couldn’t find the box I’d packed my stationary in (moving), so it took me until this weekend to get a note written!

      1. Diane and the gang

        Me, too, Cathy and Diane. I sent a Halloween card since my bday card would have been late.

  2. Kathy Wilking

    I love Shirley’s necklace!
    I have my Tom’s wedding ring on a chain with my Jerusalem cross that I got when I was in Israel in 2018.

    God bless,
    Cousin Kathy from MN

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – another great idea for your wedding ring! Shirley’s necklace is just lovely!

  3. Shirley Andersen Smith

    You are a local celebrity Mary. At least the 3rd graders know that, correct? Such a good age to be talking Oh Susanna.
    Love all the quilts.
    Is Fluffybuns getting enough attention, or perhaps she would be better in a 1 cat home.
    Shirley of Oregon

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – no, she’s not getting enough attention – not enough hours in my day and she would definitely be happier in a home with no other cats.

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Hi Mary and everyone else who reads this blog about nothing. Sorry that Rick is having other issues other then his hip. He may be still adjusting to having a good hip that it’s affecting other parts of his body. Maybe his doctor can approve more PT to help with this.
    As far as I’m doing, things are great with the cataract surgery, next one is scheduled for the 24th.
    Even though I thought I was being careful cleaning the fence line I did get poison ivy rash, I knew it was a possibility but I was determined to get it cleaned up. It is drying up pretty good. I did put preen down so the seeds that dropped won’t grow. Will repeat in the spring also.
    Had nephews wedding in East Moline this weekend and so much fun. 8 out of 11 of my siblings and their siblings attended. Much fun.
    Will concentrate on outdoor cleanup this week, hope to get a little sewing in the morning till it warms up a little
    Take care and enjoy the beauty of fall as what comes after is not to far off.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – and this is why I hate October – it’s chilly and there’s nothing to look forward to! I don’t want to start spending my days inside but it’s not very fun outside either.

  5. Diane in Colorado

    You are so ambitious, Mary! Time is getting short on outdoor projects here, too. I’ve been raking and that will go on for weeks! I try to get them up before rain or snow makes them soggy and heavy.

    I embroidered a Halloween banner this afternoon. Thinking I will start sending them to my Mom and Dad to decorate the door of their apartment. Hobby Lobby had the blank banners for sale for 99 cents this week—can’t beat that!

    Hope Three gets healed up with the vet’s care. That’s quite the bite!

  6. Melody in Wisconsin

    That is alot of 3rd graders and I’m sure they totally enjoyed having you there. Have you thought about possibly doing the same thing at the care centers? The seniors would love it and maybe have some stories of their own to share.

    So sorry to see JB3 hurting. Those are some serious bite wounds/abcesses. It is time to find Fluffybuns a new home. She has hurt 2 of your cats and its obvious she is not happy in a multi-cat household. She is such a beautiful cat, I can’t believe you can’t find someone to take her. Take pictures of her and post that she needs to be re-homed in a single cat household at the vet clinics, animal shelters, grocery store boards, feed stores, pet stores, etc. Put an ad in your local paper. Talk to the vet when you take JB3 in and maybe they have some ideas. It may take some time and I know you are so busy on the farm, but I think it would be best for her, you and the rest of your cats.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Melody – yes, I’m going to the care center next! And Becky’s coming along with her guitar to sing Oh, Susannah! Ha! Won’t it be fun?

      1. Melody in Wisconsin

        That is wonderful – they will love it and what a great way to brighten their day with a good story and music!

        Maybe ask at the care center if they need a beautiful therapy cat (Fluffybuns). I doubt that they would but you never know (I’m thinking with people having allergies they probably wouldn’t). The more you put the word out there, the better chance of finding her a good home. Someone knows someone that she would be perfect for. It might be an employee of the care center, a relative of one of the seniors, etc. Carry pictures of her with you and show them to everybody. Good luck – I wish I lived closer, I would definitely help you and not give up until we found her a good home.

  7. Candy

    Hi, Mary! When you take Three to the vet, maybe you could ask for their advice about FluffyBun. I’m sure they’re asked to re-home pets all the time, but you never know, it might be your lucky day (and FluffyBun’s … and Three’s … and Gracie’s). Good luck with the kitties.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – I will ask – there could be somebody just looking to be a one cat household and she’d be perfect!

  8. Joyce from NY

    Cold, rainy & windy here today, with just a little sunshine. Hopefully a few nice days this week so I can do a little more outdoor work. Glad to see Gracie is home!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – I am so relieved she’s back and I won’t let her outside for awhile. I’m too afraid something will happen to her.

  9. Martha W in WY

    I really like Shirley’s ring necklace. Peggy’s quilt is gorgeous. I wonder if it is felt applique? I agree with the suggestions for Fluffy Bun’s future. Surely someone needs a single cat. You’ve got a lot of plans for outdoor work. I hope your weather stays nice.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Can happy cards be too late? I hope not, I’m always late!!
    Those owees on 3 look painful. I hope fluffy gets a new home soon.
    My kids were here this Saturday. I think we got all the outside chores taken care of for the winter. Next spring brings another long list. I need to have the garage door lubricant. It squeaks terribly. I just hope that’s all that’s wrong.
    The quilt show is really nice today. I finally took down the flower quilts and put up some sunflowers and fall quilts. My house looks better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I’ve been thinking about you and your car – cards are never too late. I’m not really ready for winter either – in many ways

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        We have a volunteer crab apple tree in the front yard. This morning there are about 100 birds harvesting the little apple off it. Such fun to watch. When the big apples fall off, a deer comes and eats those.
        Cheyenne has an abundance of apples this year.

  11. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Love the cat and flowers quilts! Had fun at the retreat but glad to be home. That boxy tote bag was hard! My sister and her husband are coming in tomorrow and then we’ll be heading to Knoxville Wednesday then up to Michigan following them. Never been up there before, should be very pretty, Gaylord, and colder, yay! We were only up to 66 today and then back to lower 80s for a few days. Poor 3, hopefully all goes well at vet! Maybe Gracie will be glad to stay inside for a while, safe from Fluffybutt.

  12. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for posting the cat quilt,the good news is that Ashley and Adam have 2 cats, Felix and ziggy, so the new baby should like the quilt, l know grandma Diane in Maryland does! I hope 3 does ok after a visit to the vet ,and fluffybuns gets a new home soon. Going to see a movie tomorrow with Maureen, then viewing the apartments built where our old house used to be on Wednesday, a busy week for me. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Good morning, Sandy! Yes, I do love the quilt! Ashley and Adam will too. Just amazing that you made a quilt for the baby that has kitties on it and you didn’t know that they have two furbabies that they love! It is so perfect!
      Mary, your blog is just wonderful in bringing us all together. Thank you! Good luck at the vet with Three today.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Pamela…Your boxy tote bag looks hard, but it is so great looking. I bet you will use it and use it and wonder what you ever did without it.
    I am so sorry FluffyBun is such a bully cat. I wonder why? I doubt you could ever change that habit. You have helped out with pet placements so much. Perhaps the ones in charge of that could help you out this time.
    We had a nice day today which was sandwiched between rainy, cold days. Tomorrow, more rain. Bah Humbug! We harvested two large heads of cabbage today, so sauerkraut is in our future this week.

  14. patti

    glad to hear the 3rd graders liked the oh susanna story. nice to see their attention. nice quilts today. always love cats and the flowers look like they took some skill. that boxy bag that pamela made looks hard to do. i like to use them but have no desire to make them. my first cat, smokey, was the protector of all the cats in our neighborhood. he was constantly getting absesses. he got a reputation at the vet for being the protector. he was a fantastic cat. hugs to all, patti in FL

  15. Kathy Hanson

    I wish I could have heard you reading the book…it is such fun!!! Lovely pictures and what a treasure the rings are!!!

  16. Fran

    That many 3rd graders, I am impressed. Wonderful to hear how well behaved the kids were. None of that drag queen stuff for an IOWA elementary school. My great grandson had small surgery at Childen’s and I have never seen how large the building is. Wow He now has to have tonsils out but they are doing it in Dubuque this time. Fun with the basketball court outside. Always love your photos and hope the goat will be ok.

  17. Mareen

    Mary – how perfect that you read to the children. And of course they were attentive – who doesn’t love goats!! The necklace is beautiful and it reminds me of all your baby rings. Amazing!!

  18. Kim from Wi

    I hope the visit to the vet goes smoothly and the bites get treated. What fun to be able to go to the school and read your book Oh Susannah to them. It’s a great book and my copy is sitting in my sewing space, so I can read it again and again since there are no children in our family. Loved the quilted bags you shared with us. Happy Monday y’all

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Wonderful quilts to see as always and loved how nice the necklace is so symmetrical. Having read to kids in school, I love how their attention can be with books and topics that expand their minds. I would bring a bear paw mini quilt and shared how patterns were named. Boys and girls both asked questions and sat quietly. It never goes out of style reading to children. Hello Pamela! Like the bag but I couldn’t tackle that with my arthritic hands. Lake Michigan is on my bucket list as I read books by Viola Shipman and that lake is often used in them.

  20. Des in Pennsylvania

    Love seeing those third graders enjoying Susanna! That flower quilt with the bible verse is beautiful. Anyone have any idea about the pattern or if a pattern is available?

    1. Peggy Shinn

      It was a block of the month, so each block is a separate brochure of instructions. I bought the patterns like 25 years ago or so and so it has been sitting in a box all these years just waiting to be put together. My only suggestion would be that I could send you all 12 brochures and you can make yourself a quilt. It is doubtful that I would ever make another one so I have no need for the patterns anymore.

  21. Connie R. in NE Wis.

    Pamela, I love your bag. You did a great job on it. Can you tell me the pattern name or was it just a class?

    Mary, What a great idea to read to the class. Especially since you are the book’s author. I don’t think reading to kids ever goes out of style.
    We’re having beautiful fall weather. Frost most mornings but, does warm up to 50 in the afternoon. The days are sure getting shorter. Good luck at the vet tomorrow.

  22. Nancy Ann

    I love your blog. The Oh Susannah book is great. Glad you could share with the school children.
    What happened to the adds on your blog? I always could click on them and I thought that helped you.

        1. Diane in Maryland

          Nancy Ann and Mary, The ads always show up in the Comments for me. I seldom get an ad in the regular blog page.

          1. Nancy Ann

            I used to get in both sections now I’m not getting in either . some how the adds stopped on several blogs I follow.

      1. Jeanine from Iowa

        I get a lot of ads on my computer, and I always click on all of them. Many times I refresh so I can read the new comments, and I always click on them again. Usually there aren’t as many ads when I refresh the page.

  23. Anne in Southern IA

    How fun to read your book to the 3rd graders! Kids always seem to enjoy someone coming into their class. It looks like the bag makers were all sucessful.

  24. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    My phone quit ads, too, so I switched to IPad, but none here, either. I love that you read to the third graders. Oh, Susannah is truly a classic for all😃 Kids love to be read to.
    The quilt show and Pamela’s tote are excellent! I love the way Shirley put her necklace together. That is a neat idea. I have always wondered about wedding rings. Our friend’s wife died seven years ago and he still wears his ring. He is not looking to date or remarry so I think that is fine. But, some people ask him when he’ll take it off. We’ve been married almost 54 years and if something happens to my husband before me, I’ll keep my rings on.
    Cool here again—54*. I like 72* 😹😺 The Carecenter residents will love your reading.

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