One Last Puppy Post, 10-31-20

I did not write much about the puppies the last two weeks – I was just dreading taking them back to the shelter and then when they were back there, going to the vet and settling in, I just didn’t want to think about it. Here all all 8 puppies and Nala with their new families:










This has been an incredible experience – thank you for going along with me! I was so naive last September when I offered to take in a starving momma dog with 8 puppies! But I’m now really glad that I did, of course. I remember falling in love with each one of them and then being just appalled at the mess they made. Haha!

And now let’s get back to the Dirty Dozen, shall we? Tomorrow I’m going to take some pictures of projects I’ve been working on.

A puppy memory!

So this is our next big event – voting!

P.S. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to Patriots For Pets to pick up Willie, a 5 year old Australian Shepherd on a foster-to-adopt basis. Meet Willie!

44 thoughts on “One Last Puppy Post, 10-31-20

  1. Kathy Warren

    Such a happy ending. Those puppies & Nala will have long and happy lives with their new families and you were a big part of that.

  2. mary jane

    I want to thank you Mary for sharing this great experience with us. Most of us don’t have a pet anymore and/or don’t or can’t have one now. SO we live these wonderful story thru you. I am amazed at how big these pups have gotten. AND the wonder of it all, they have , including Mama, found a home. A blessing all around. Yes, you did have a messy place!!!
    At these times in all our lives, most are staying home and some alone, are grateful that you share all these moments with us. So will look for the NOV DD number, already another month, and please all VOTE if you can. Keep safe and warm.
    Hope you all remembered here in MN and WI area we move our clocks back an hour tonite…soon be dark around 4 to 4:30 PM…. don’t like…. mj

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    What a wonderful adventure. The puppies and their families look so happy.
    Interesting DD’s. Thanks to all for sharing.

    Glad to met Willie, he looks like he will fit in your group.

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    The nine happy families! Thanks for including us in your adventure with fostering. Sure hope the Australian Shepherd works out for your family and Hazel and Telly have a new best friend! Love the Dirty Dozen, especially the Basket Quilt!

  5. Judy

    You are truly gifted for taking the mom and her pups into your home. I wondered how many would put up the mess and we all loved your posts about the pups. What a wonderful person you are for doing this. Glad they went to good homes and loved seeing pictures of the pups and their new families.
    Now a new adventure awaits you and your new friend.

  6. Pattie Weber

    Thanks for sharing this journey with the Nala and pups. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    What happy families to have such fun moments ahead learning about pet care. If only more adults showed children how to Humanly care for animals Maybe there wouldn’t be so many needing Adoption. It’s responsible of your shelter that the puppies were Neutered or spayed before adoption. I had to sign papers I would bring ours back within a month to do it which of course I follow the rules and did. We knew Mary you have had your moments and you did this with more courage than I have so we thank you. And again the quilt show brightens our day with projects that keep our minds and hearts happy to see creativity among your readers.

  8. Lois Ann Johnson

    I guess I am a “romantic” at heart because I LOVE, love, love happy endings!

  9. Linda

    The adoptive families look so happy with their new babies, it is truly heartwarming to see and to know they all have loving furever homes! You are amazing for taking on such a task and if I didn’t have my four and my cats I would love to foster. You need to have the room too and my house is full! Thank you again And I hope Willie settles in with your brood quickly.

  10. Susan

    What wonderful endings to your puppy tending. The families look overjoyed and the puppies look adorable, and mom, well, I hope she never wants for anything the rest of her life! Thank you , again!

  11. Helen jane Plourde

    You are the kindest strongest person to do this. And also for again sharing your stories, thank you.

  12. Kathy Hanson

    Such fun to see all the pups with their new families and to see the families looking so happy! What a wonderful thing you have done and how fantastic for you to see how it is all turning out! Thanks to YOU !!
    Will look forward to your new fellow, Willie! Such fun for us to get to feel like we are on these adventures with you! Not only is it great to get ufo’s done but to have a quilt show as well every month! What a wonderful thing you and Connie decided to do.

  13. Gloria B.

    Thanks for sharing those great new family photos. I hope you have a pic with Nala and each of the pups. You are certainly imprinted on each of them. Looking forward to hearing more about Willie. In his pic he looks either mellow and kind spirited or Is both smart and mischievous. Enjoy your next pet adventure. The dirty dozens were all great. What a variety!

  14. Connie R

    Thank you for including us in your fostering adventure. I looked forward to your puppy posts every day and am so glad for the Happy Ending. Especially for Nala.
    DDs are wonderful. Love them all.

  15. Donna

    Nala and the puppies look so healthy thanks to you. Quite a difference from you first got them. Those fat little tummies are so cute. Thanks for being you!

  16. Sandra Pierson

    Gloria from CC
    What is the name/designer of your wonderful basket quilt? I would love to make one!
    So happy all the puppies and momma have good homes. You are an amazing woman Mary. God shedHis grace on thee💕💕

  17. Cinders

    And the story continues!! It was wonderful you could visit the pet shelter to see your little pups and Nala leave to continue their journeys!! And Willie looks so very contemplative! I shall enjoy reading about him and hope he passes muster to stay if that works out for you. Also enjoyed seeing the DD’s, and I am going to post my #6 in a day or so. Hope we have some nice days in November it helps make the winter ahead shorter, I am going to learn to cross country ski this year, have skis, poles, just need to get some ski pants and jacket, and of course boots, and a tutorial of some type so I can get to Camden State Park to try them out. Thanks for keeping us up to date about all the happenings your way!

  18. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I have tears of happiness as I look at the happy families with those lucky pups and mama. I’m amazed that they all found good homes and were able to be adopted at the same time and you were there to see it through. That makes me so happy and I’m sure even with the heartache of giving them up you must also be thrilled to see the happy ending to your efforts. God bless you. Looking forward to seeing more of Willie.

  19. Linette Stewart

    Mary, it’s a wonderful thing you did fostering Nala and her babies. Willie looks like an adorable gentleman.

  20. Jay

    I can’t tell you how happy these pictures of the puppies (and Nala!) with their new families have made me. What a wonderful end to this story. This is the story and happy ending that I needed today. In the midst of all the awful & ugly, to have a happy, cute, funny story to follow has been life-affirming and given me hope of better days to come. Thank you for sharing this journey.

  21. Vickie S

    I think all of us have been blessed by seeing those wonderful puppy pictures for 8 weeks. They came at a time when we all needed some cheer. Unfortunately, you got the mess from them, all we got was the joy. Looking forward to seeing more of Willie. Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

  22. Dori J.

    So grateful you were able to intervene in Nala and her puppies lives. Have fun with Willie.

  23. Jeanine

    So happy for all the puppies and Nala. They certainly do look healthy! What bundles of joy for new families. Enjoyed all the DD’s. Will you draw a new number today? Love reading your blog and all the responses.

  24. Carol Rie

    Mary – you did great! Look at how happy everyone is,,and the puppies are fat and cuddly. What a success story! Kudos to you!

  25. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, it is great to have watched your journey of raising 8 pups and a mom in very dire need. And now the end of the story! Your efforts and very hard work made it possible. It would look good in a collage picture?

    Arliene, I love your Linus quilt, but I kept looking for the elephants……… If you make another like it, please put some heads and trunks on a few of them?? You could even have a small herd? We really like the Linus quilts.
    Betty in Rapid City

  26. Launa

    Oh Mary, my friend…WILLIE HAS HIS PAWS CROSSED like he has adoption hopes! What a great dog!

    Thanks for all the pictures! 30o this sunny morning! Checking football games for today! Am thankful for no new snow!

  27. Sharon Lowy

    Loved the pictures of Nala and her babies. I am so happy they all found forever homes. Had I been closer, I would have considered Nala if she was available. What good work you continue to do. I hope Willie, the wonder dog worms his ways not your heart and home. It will be fun to watch this new chapter. Unfold.💕🎃

  28. Nancy

    Willie is a good looking dog. Looks like he has an “attitude”. My son had an Australian Shepard who herded “everything”!!!! One day they came in and all four cats were lined up on the mantel staring down at the dog.
    He was so smug thinking he did his job. Willie should have a ball herding all your animals. Have fun.

  29. Kathy Roloff

    Mary, you are a hero! Those wonderful families will get healthy, friendly, and socialized puppies for a lifetime of happy times! The outcome could have been very different. Thank you!

  30. Sandy

    Hi mary, wonderful to see the pups and their new families,l hope willie works out, you might have to get him a few sheep to herd!Last day in Queenstown today, going on the gondola this morning and back home later this afternoon. Yesterday we had a magical day trip out to Milford Sounds,will miss being with my brother, back to reality and finishing some quilts! Stay safe everyone, best wishes from sandy

  31. Diane and SqueaK

    Mary, you made the day for many of us with your post of Nala and the puppies’ new homes! All of them look so happy to get their choice. The golden colored pups seem bigger than the others and their feet are huge. Will the new owners send you pictures as they grow? Thanks for the fun DD quilt show. I enjoy the diversity of this group. Have fun with Willie. Is he part German Shorthair pointer,too? The story of the four cats herded to the mantle is priceless😃

  32. Pat Smith

    I started out reading about Nala and the puppies with a sense of depression and dread at the pain some humans can cause in the animal world. Seeing the adoption pictures changed all that! I’m so thankful all have been adopted, even the mother, Nala. The pictures of the dogs with their families made my day! It was such a hard job for you, I know. Can’t wait to hear about Willie as I love Aussies. Some have a strong herding gene and others not so much. It will be interesting to see where he falls.

  33. Gloria from CC

    Sandra Pierson – the name of the quilt is Birds in Air by Jan Patek and can be found in her book Ladybird, Ladybird. My block is a little different than her block – I added the two small triangles to the bottom of the large triangle which makes it look like a basket.

  34. Nikki M in Tx

    After an unprecedented cold week is 70 today!
    Got a new gadget at Stove shop, weed eater looking head that cleans chimney from bottom up & attaches to drill.. (several flexible rods included). I was dubious about if would work as stated but after being assured I could return for full refund if not happy I purchased it. After reading all directions & watching UTube several times decided to give it a go. Drug shop vacuum in .. using heavy duty plastic to seal off stove opening & as precaution covering everything I could with tarps & blankets I said a prayer & went for it…definitely a keeper!! If this ole lady can do it… anyone can do it!! No more having to hire it done…& I do not do roofs! Besides if I did I am to short to sweep the chimney.
    If interested check out Gardus Inc…SootEater .. Rotary Chimney Cleaning System… well worth the money. Bonus mess contained & most mess went in shop vacuum as doing job.. no TopHat required.
    So happy for Nala & pups.
    Added bonus for yesterday was got 2 more feral hogs. Not bad for a senior citizen!

  35. Beverly

    Mary, thank you for the loving care of Nala and her puppies & taking us on this journey. I loved reading about it. Your purpose in life is truly a blessing to the animals, God bless you 💕

  36. Sunflower from Michigan

    This adventure with Nala and the puppies has been so enjoyable to read about every day. Thank you, Mary, for your dedication and hard work and love for these dogs. And thanks for sharing it with us on the blog.
    The UFOs continue to be wonderful every time you add them for our viewing pleasure.
    I love the picture of Willie with his paws crossed. Coincidentally, the dog my daughter is fostering in Indianapolis is named Wallie. Take care.

  37. dee Trzaskowski

    Willie looks like he will be a calm dog. Why did you get another dog so soon. He is so lucky to be with you. Glad all were adopted. Willie will follow you all the time. You are so caring and I can tell you have a very big heart. You are the best.

  38. Donna Giddens

    The puppies @ their new families looked so happy. Who doesn’t love a puppy. O my. The size of their paws. Lol. Gonna be big ones one day. You did good Mary

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