One More Problem

I’ve tried to reply to many of your comments but discovered another glitch – I get an error message that says “there was an unexpected error while sending your reply”. I have written many quite long replies only to see it all disappear. So keep talking and know that I am reading every single one of your comments and enjoying all of them. Just a little glitch on this end….we are working on it!

14 thoughts on “One More Problem

  1. Janice Hebert

    Oh what a pain this must be for you! So glad you are hanging in there, Mary! Jan in MA

  2. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    We appreciate all your effort along with all the other jobs you have at home. Many thanks.

  3. Christina

    Did you ever hear back from your blog app support people ? It seems ( HA ! I typed seams !) like there is something wrong there .

  4. SW Iowa Jan

    I’m SO sorry that you’ve had these agonies of technology!! Your persistence testifies to our loyalty to you. I look forward to each “diary” entry because I learn something and/or see something beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Deb Harrison

    Mary, my son is a lead IT fir his company which installs emergency contacting systems for hospitals, universities and some military installations. He is on vacation now, but due home on this weekend. Would you like me to ask him if he knows of protected blog sites? He will be swamped when works starts for him…he uses ( computer screens at his desk, all running all the time.). BUT I brought my daughter in law to CT before you retired to show her what a class quilting act looks like and she loved it. My son knows our connection through Jae and Red and his first queen sized quilt finished by Ina, which is now on my grandson’s bed. He knows you are special to me.

    Also, have you looked at blog sites like Barbara Brackman,etc, to just see servers and ad protection programs they use….usually posted somewhere in their sites. I know lots are on YouTube but Google actually warns you that they allow ads on YouTube sites.

  6. SandyKolarik

    I’m sorry for all the trouble you’re having. I enjoy reading all your blogs and seeing all that is going on, your show and tell gives me inspiration. Is Reed starting another quilt? I remember saying to my mom that she has to get “with it” with technology – now she’s probably looking down having a good laugh watching me try to figure things out. I’ll stick with quilting I understand that!

  7. Jane lamborn

    I wanted to give you more encouragement! Sounds like all these comments are letting you know how much we enjoy your posts n pictures!. DO NOT give up! I was so sad when your shop closed-my stash is extensive cuz I need to sew faster! Love your country style in quilts n home!

  8. Jennie

    You are doing great. Wish we could help you more! You are in my prayers and I keep lookinf for your emails. Blessings Jennie

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