Ordering the Book

I got in a hurry and didn’t leave details about ordering the book.


We can send you a copy of our newest book, Beyond The Battlefield, for $31.00 which includes tax and postage. Make your check out to:

Country Threads

2345 Palm Ave.

Garner, IA. 50438

The quilt shops will have this in stock very soon and Amazon is taking preorders for shipping on or around February 15. If you order from us your book will be autographed – it’s the least we could do, right?

Thank you so much!

One last little mention of the two geese who froze to death. Old age did not kill them, if in fact they were old. They all look alike so I have no idea but IF they were old they were not able to withstand the temperatures. Young or old, they froze to death. Maybe it’s the younger ones who survived – I can’t tell one from the other. Just didn’t want you to think they died of old age.

12 thoughts on “Ordering the Book

  1. Jane dumler

    Looking forward to this book. So sorry I forgot to send as addressed label. Hope you warm up soon!

  2. Helen Glover

    I didn’t realize we were to send a usable label but have just mailed you one. Can’t wait to get this book! I love Civil War information so this will be one that I read cover to cover I’m sure. Sad about the cold weather and I am sure there are many ducks, geese, others to freeze to death. Part of the natural cycle of things though. Love your blog Mary. You always share something that interests me! Thank you!

  3. Holly in TH

    So sad about your geese! I hope you found the white one, but I don’t suppose there’s much chance it’s alive. Poor things!

  4. Donna Koch

    Good morning! Hope it is warming up there. The Pacific NW is expecting a cold snap next week. I sent a check for the book and Itty Bitty patterns from January and February. If I didn’t calculate correctly, please let me know. Happy Quilting! Donna

  5. Gina Thackara

    I sent you a check, but didn’t include a label. I did, however, write out my name and address in the note. Does that help? Please let me know if I need to do more. I LOVE your books and can’t wait for this one to arrive.

  6. Sherry Whalen

    Hey everyone! Don’t forget to click on some ads or at least click on the ‘X’ to close them!! We want Mary to keep writing her blog and our little ‘takes no time’ action helps out!! If you can’t see any ads – you likely have an ad blocker installed – you can go into your ad blocker and exempt Mary’s blog if you want to help out. Most days there are 3 to 5 ads along the top, side and within the text and comments. Sherry

  7. Kate

    Didn’t have a label to send, but wrote my name and address out. Sorry. Looking forward to getting the book and your signing it makes it even more special because I have always considered you ladies rock stars in the quilt world.

  8. Ann Gupton

    I forgot about your quilt book. I will send a check off
    tomorrow and add a label with it. Glad I still have time. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Margie Wineland

    Mary, I have this terrible feeling I only sent you $3.00 for the bullseye quilt pattern. I will send you 7.00 more. Sorry, I will get that out to you. Sometimes I don’t know where I put my brain!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      MargieWineland – the Bullseye pattern is $3.00 – you were correct and I think your brain is just fine! I hope you see this before you send me more money!!

  10. Barbara Vest

    Hello, I live in California and I love reading your posts about quilting and life in the midwest. I love animals like you do and I was so worried about all the poor creatures in this last cold snap. I am glad things are warming up!
    I am writing you to ask how do I purchase the Bullseye pattern? I really like the look of your work so far. I see that the cost of the pattern is $3.oo but what is shipping?
    And what address do I send to?
    Sorry if I am making you repeat a previous post…..
    Thank You
    Barbara Vest

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara Vest – yes, Bullseye pattern is $3.00 which includes postage. Send cash or check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. In the future please note our address shown right below our photo on the home page.

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