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Oh goodness, this will be fun! I have loved everyone’s comments and lists of books! I have an idea – see what you think of it.Read more

I have written down everyone’s favorite books on a pad of paper. Rather than trying to type them all on the blog post, how would it be if I took a picture of the written pages and posted it on the blog? I wouldn’t have to re-type it all and I print pretty legibly. Could you print off the list from the blog page?

Every month our book club would “meet” and I will keep track of all books listed and will post that list once a month. You could print out the list of great books for your own use or not. For example, on the 5th of each month I’ll write the post asking what you’ve read that you liked. Several weeks later I’ll post that list of books and then on the 5th of the next month we’ll start over again.

What do you think? I love to read and I can tell lots of you do, too. And I like to stay on top of the current bestsellers and/or favorites. When Novel Idea meets on the second Wednesday, I could also add their best reads.

One thing – I’m never going to type a book summary or look up an author if someone doesn’t list it. Too much time involved and you all have computers to find that information.

With that said, let me know if you’d like that list each month.

It is such a rainy Sunday. Stopped to see Gayle after church – she’d like pizza for supper! And I’ll be happy to take it to her!

124 thoughts on “Our Online Bookclub

  1. Lisa Chaplin

    I think that is a great idea! I love to read, almost as much as sewing/quilting!

  2. Jennifer R Sullivan

    I agree with Lisa–love reading! Always looking for good book suggestions! –Jenny

  3. Mary Hawk

    I would love that. Also open to how to work more reading time into the day. Was anybody else brought up in a household where reading and hobbies like sewing were only for after ALL the work was done-and it was rarely done. Hard to break ingrained thoughts!

    1. Lee Bowers

      Not hard for me. Its just me and my cat Buttons and she doen’t care if I read. Although, she will climb up on top of the mantel and cry. Maybe she is trying to tell me something. lol Lee

    2. Jacque

      My husband and I are both retired – and we both read at lunch (about an hour’s worth). He reads at other times during the day but since I’m sewing all day, that’s my only reading time. We love our schedule!

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Hawk – that’s how I was brought up, too, but I’m going to try to find several 15 minutes during the day to read.

  4. Lee Bowers

    Mary, since I have posted the same thing twice….I can say “Count me in” ! And please don’t get fancy it will
    suck the joy right out of it for you. Thanks, Mary….you are a peach. Lee

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lee Bowers – you really do understand that many things start out fun but turn into work. That’s why I said I’ll just take a picture of the list so I don’t have to retype it all. Thanks for that vote of confidence!

  5. Ruth Cozad

    I’m in. I love to read and sometimes have to decide which to do handwork or read.

  6. Marian stever

    Count me in! Winter is coming so it will be good to crank out a few good books!
    Thank you Mary🙋‍♀️😻🐶

  7. Jacque

    We can always take a screen-shot of the list that you provide and print that. Love finding new books!!

  8. gayle

    What a great idea—- I’d love to see the list and add to as the months go on. Thanks for thinking of this idea— it should be fun!

  9. Carol

    I think that’s a great idea, Mary. I was scrolling through thinking, “I should get a notebook and write these down.” And you’d already done the work for us.

    I’d like to add a title for those who read to children, and celebrate Christmas. I tried to post this before and think I screwed it up.

    The book is titled Silver Packages, and I believe the author is Cynthia Rylant, but I will look it up and check. It is based on a real life happening, it’s a picture book, beautifully illustrated, and is a great book to read before children get the Christmas “gimmies”.

    Another children’s book I liked to share when I was teaching, “But No Candy” by, I think, Gloria Houston. I will double check, been retired 11 years!

    Both are very lively stories, I think emotional for adults, but good to get the children exposed to the concerns of others holiday times. Not appropriate for little guys, though. More like eight years and up, maybe even ten.

      1. Carol

        My memory serves me well. Chikdren’s Titles: Silver packages, set in Appalachia. Cynthia Rylant. But No Candy, set in WW2, Gloria Houston.

        1. Kathy

          Thank you Carol for these holiday titles as I love to give books For a baby shower gift and For older children as well and always in need of some new titles rather than my usual ones.

  10. Synthia Noble

    I love the idea of you posting a list for us to print. You have such a generous heart (and a very creative mind) to come up with this idea and then DO IT!! Many, many thanks to you. OOOHugsOOO & XXXkissesXXX

  11. Nikki Mahaffey

    Great Idea !
    I don’t always read the best sellers list..just what happens to catch my eye, or a recommendation from someone…but will definitely look forward to Book Club.

  12. Rita Scott

    I love the idea of a book club, sometimes it hard to focus on a different genre, but if you know it’s good, what the heck. I love that you can check out e reads from the Library. That’s mostly what I do now. And you can change the font size. Sewing, reading, and gardening are my favorite hobbies. Thanks Mary for the invite.
    Oh, by the way can you turn off the spigot? Ground is so soggy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita Scott – boy, do I ever wish I could turn off the spigot. The ground is so saturated that we already have puddles again…and more to come!

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Yes, yes. Great idea and I really appreciate your time and effort. So many times I just guess at a book I select and now they will be backed up and tried and true. Thanks, Mary. Always wanted to belong to a book club.

  14. Liz Wilson

    I have only an IPad so can not print the list but will copy it some how! Sure enjoy your posts! Thank you so much.

    1. Felicia Hamlin

      Liz Wilson, highlight the list, copy it and then paste in the pages section of your IPad.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Felicia – I need you in my back pocket to help me with my IPad. Do you know if it’s possible to attach a pdf file to a WordPress blog post? Send me your answer via email —- marye@ncn.net

  15. Diane

    Yes! I want to start reading more and this will be a great way to get started! Thanks for dong this! 😃

    1. Sandra

      I would love to have a book group.I need to read more variety.There have not been enough mysteries written to satisfy me.If I like a book, I read that author until I used up ther books.Sometimes I find an author and I will not like anything else they write.That is rare,thank goodness. Thank you for a great idea.Happy fall.

      authors.This could expand my reading list.

      1. Carolyn Rector

        I read all the Ann Granger mysteries with Mitchell and Markly(sp). They were written in the 90’s, an English village mystery. Maybe your library can get them for you. Check out the list on Fantastic Fiction website.

  16. Carolyn Rector

    Count me in, I love the idea of an online book club. I loved the book, Love and Ruin by Paula McLain this summer. Been trying to read more current books, but I don’t want to be creeped out. Lots of your books looked good.

  17. Diane Deibler

    I would love the book list. I ,too, was brought up to read when the work was done. I’m trying to do better at reading books now that i’m retired. These long gloomy evenings are not good for much else than reading a good book!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Deibler – these long evenings are great for sewing! You should try it – smile!

      1. Diane Deibler

        I know,Mary. All of my sister -in -laws are quilters. As a former 4-H er, I know how to sew but these days I just hem and repair especially for my daughters who do not know how to do those things. Maybe someday I’ll get the quilting bug!

  18. Dee c

    Love the book club idea. Yes the copy of list would be great,as someone already said-don’t make loads of extra work for yourself. Will expand my reading for sure.

  19. Kathy

    Great idea Mary to give us a picture of your list. I love this idea of sharing book ideas too cause if it weren’t for your recommendation I would never have read A Man called Ove last year as I hadn’t heard about it. Nor would I have known about the 9-11 book on Newfoundland had your readers not mentioned it. Thank you all.

  20. Diane Matthews

    After going through the comments, I can tell that this is going to be a winner of an idea. It is amazing how many of us like to read. My Dad used to read aloud to my Mom as she was doing dishes. My Son and Daughter in Law each get the same book, read, then compare notes. Please count me in- I’ve always wanted to be in a book club, too. Thanks, Mary.

  21. Pat Smith

    Yes! Count me in. I think this is a great idea and will give me a chance to read other’s recommendations. Like someone else said, I grew up not reading until bedtime after all the work was done. That sticks with you. Now I’m too tired at bedtime.

  22. Dee Carter

    Love the idea of the book club and posting the list for us. Excited to expand my own reading now.

  23. Judy Piper

    Mary Hawk, I was brought up the same way….work first, then if there is time you can read or sew or “play”. I thought I was the only one. Even now at 78 years old, I fight that little guy in my head that says I should be doing some “productive”. I would love the book list each month.

  24. Jeanie Arends

    I would love to be a part of this book club, maybe even suggest a few books if you need them. thanks a lot

  25. Annie Collett

    Stitchin’ & Readin’. What could be better! Great idea! I listen to audio books while I stitch & quilt. Always looking for good books! My favorite authors are: Louise Penny & our own Iowa author up in Dubuque, Heather Gudenkauf…but I also love Jan Karon…..oh, so very many books! Helps to have recommendations!

  26. Rita Mulvey

    Sounds like a good idea to me too. Especially with winter coming the days are short and there is less outside work to be done.

  27. Jan Behm

    Looks like we’ll be having a Country Threads Online Book Club soon! Yay!! Great idea, Mary!!

  28. Kay C

    I have a friend who posts every Friday “It’s Friday, what’s everyone reading?” Anyone who follows her will post what book they’re reading that week. I’ve gotten a LOT of great reads out of that and it’s fun to see who else will like a book I’ve just read or will recommend something similar. I think this will be great fun, Mary – I am always looking for something that someone else has enjoyed and having it in a list form will be wonderful! Thanks for getting this started!

  29. Diane in Ohio

    Count me in. Sorry I’m late; we’ve been in NC for a week and JUST got home. One little Squeaky is very happy to see us:)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Ohio – I’ll bet Squeak was lonesome! Are you the one who bought the purse quilt and collects purses?

  30. VA

    Yes to the online book club. I love reading…always looking for new authors than my regular standbys! Can’t wait!

  31. Mary Ann

    So glad you are doing this. Love to have recommendations for books others are reading.

  32. Karen

    I love this idea! I always love to know what other people have read and liked. Thanks for doing this!

  33. Patsy

    Great idea! I can’t wait to see what others are reading, and to add some titles to our book club.

  34. Beth Laverty

    I read a LOT. Already at 85 this year…. thanks to not watching TV much. I enjoy all genres… romance, mystery, history and what ever else comes recommended. I read to “escape” and I like having books on my phone to read while waiting at doctors offices and other boring waits. I can always use more suggestions.

  35. Sarah Wright

    What an awesome idea! I love your blog so inspiring,makes me wanna get more things done. 👍 I love reading quilting and gardening, and would love a book list. Thanks for all you do!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sarah Wright – I love connecting with all of you in those same areas – we will inspire each other to become better people!

  36. Holly Christian

    I Love that idea! I’m always looking for new authors and it would be wonderful to have a place to “discuss” them.

  37. Susan McCabe

    A picture of the list works for me! Keep it simple. I really enjoy reading all of your posts and would love to see what others are reading. On another subject may I just say how much joy I get from all the Country Threads quilts I’ve made over the years! I just love celebrating the seasons with your designs!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan McCabe – thank you so much! I kept several of the old seasonal quilts and I love them once again!

  38. Kathy Teske

    I love the idea. I download audio books to my phone to listen to while I sew. Always looking for new ideas!

  39. Marie Tate

    I would love to see a list, I like to read books by Kristen Hannah, Chevy Stevens, Nicholas Sparks, etc.
    Wouldn’t mind printing out a list either and I’m looking forward to seeing one.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marie Tate – isn’t it wonderful hat we can connect to our like minded friends in Canada? List coming towards the end of the month.

  40. Polly Perkins

    Sounds like fun. Count me in. I too read in bed before I fall asleep. Am reading a great book now… The Color of Light by Emilie Richards.

  41. Kathy Hanson

    Hi Mary, I will add some books to the list that I have enjoyed and think others would too.
    Masie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. There are a series starting with this one.
    Galway Bay by Mary Pat Kelly
    The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans (and any of his others, so good!)

  42. Marcia

    Whee! I’m an avid reader, so a book club sounds like FUN to me! Please count me in!

  43. Marie McDonald

    My book club just finished Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. She also wrote called Still Alice that sounds like a good read.

    Last month we read Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin. Historical fiction about Holland, MI. She has just released a sequel to it.

  44. Sandi Tundel

    Great idea. Whatever is easiest for you will be just fine. Minnesota winters can get long so it’s always great to have quilting supplies and books on hand.

  45. Judy

    I read a lot of books and always have one or two I am working on. I do enjoy seeing what others are reading and always appreciate when people recommend something they have enjoyed. Whatever is easiest for you is how you should post things. I actually don’t stick to a certain genre of books and so have enjoyed many types of books from what others have recommended.

  46. Wanda

    I look forward to this idea! Thanks, Mary. Just finished The Patchwork Bride by Sandra Dallas.

  47. Felicia Hamlin

    Hello, Mary. Great idea, I love to read and I never feel guilty about reading anytime of the day. For the first time I read something by Jodi Picoult, House rules, I really liked it and I have another one: My sister’s keeper, haven’t started yet. I am reading The taming of the queen, by Phillipa Gregory who has written several novels about Henry VIII’s wives. This is about Kateryn Parr. I belong to an internet book club originated in Mexico, that way I can read books in Spanish.

    Take care and say hi to Reed.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – I forgot about your Mexico book club! Do you all read the same book, or like us, does everybody read what they choose and then report? I need to pick your brain.

      1. Felicia Hamlin

        Good morning, Mary. Are we going to have sunshine today? It is going from half sunny tonhalf grey. Mary, in our club we all read the same book, we are assigned a number of pages and then our leader, writes questions for us to answer. For each assigned segment we have three sets of questions with five or six questions, it reminds me of college, but it makes us pay attention to what we read. Have a nice day, Felicia

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Felicia Hamlin – I think we’ll stick with everyone reading their choice. I don’t have time to lead like your leader and the list I’ve compiled so far is quite diverse! We wouldn’t be able to agree on the book!

  48. Diane M. from Elkhorn, WI

    I would enjoy an online book club. As others have said, I need to read some different books. I seem to be stuck on mostly mysteries.

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