Palm Sunday 3-28-21

We missed Palm Sunday in 2020 and this morning our church was full! We are so fortunate to have lots of kids – here’s a bunch of them who came up for children’s sermon. I am on the piano bench to keep order if needed!

Margaret and I played an Old Rugged Cross medley, Dottie Rambo’s “I will glory in the cross”, the Holy City and Jesus Is Coming Again – all great Palm Sunday favorites that we didn’t get to play last year.

And now it’s back to sewing – I have an applique project I’m wanting to do but I simply can’t hold a hand needle so I’m refreshing my knowledge of invisible machine applique which I did quite a lot of years ago. I made an entire quilt which I need to find to show you. This will not be a quick project like piecing a project would be but I really miss those applique designs.

Connie and Roy went to the Chicago area to see Andy, AdreAnne, Rex and Grace this weekend. I told her she had to send a picture of those kids – oh, they have changed so much since I last saw them! Here’s Connie with Grace age 14 and Rex age 13.

Now I’m watching ballgames – again. I am sick of these games that are so one sided. This one is a 15 point difference – I’m going to watch Netflix!

16 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 3-28-21

  1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Ok, I’m a worrier. That might come from the Irish because my Nana came from Ireland and she was a worrier!
    Anyway, when I see someone without a mask, it scares me. Not so much for me, (I’m vaccinated) but for them because there are so many variants out there. Maybe I’m just paranoid. I know there are few cases where I grew up in rural Western NY so maybe rural Iowa is the same. I hope so!
    It is great to see Connie’s grandkids looking so cute and growing up:) I will look forward to the invisible thread appliqué whenever you have time, Mary. Enjoy playing with little Hazel. It’s going to be 71 here today–yippee.

  2. Linda baker

    Not a mask in sight. Disappointing. One of your readers says it’s “awesome”. Another surge of the virus
    will be “awesome.”

  3. Debbie G

    So awesome to see the children and the congregation not wearing masks in the church!

  4. Kim J LeMere

    How wonderful that Connie could see the grandchildren in person. It was nice to see all those kids in church and participating in the children’s sermon, I haven’t been back since Covid, still need my 2nd shot. Sweet
    I just watched The Dig on Netflix, pretty nice show and based on a real event.

  5. Janice Hebert

    Not sure what Connie did with her hair in this picture but it looks fabulous! Highlights? And her grandchildren are so grown up, it must have been wonderful visiting. I love seeing the kids at your Palm Sunday service. Look forward to seeing your invisible applique method! Jan in MA

  6. Launa

    I see a family resemblance with Connie and both Grand’s! So nice they could go visit!

    Your hymn choices were some of my favorites, Mary.

    We had very strong winds during the night with snow blowing like a blizzard 🥶. It is only 3” new dry snow, but still coming down. Trees are coated and it’s 19o outside @ 8 am!

    Am working on some 4 1/2” Egg Baskets with a curved handle. Free pattern from Temecula Quilt Shop blog featuring Sheryl’s 12 Delightful Dozen prints. Hand appliquéd the first handle, but have decided to try something else on handles! Cut n sewed during the third March Madness game last night… was a real nail biter!

    Sending prayers for the SE states with flooding and tornado damages.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – I think I can safely say we are past snow for this spring but we could get surprised! Have you ever tried invisible machine applique? I’m going to talk about it when I get organized. We have that strong wind today so I won’t be able to work outside. I could sew all day but poor Hazel is just too bored, depressed and lonely if I do that.

  7. Cinders

    My hubs says the first round of the NCAA playoffs really is the best basketball, not so great from here on…

  8. Frances E

    I’m so interested in seeing your invisible machine appliqué. I haven’t been able to quilt for months because I stressed my shoulder and it won’t heal. I love appliqué designs, but it may not be in my future.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Brenda Ks

    Love seeing a full church!!
    Can’t believe how Connie’s grandchildren have grown. Where does the time go?

  10. Jan jaqua

    How wonderful to see so many children in your congregation! You are blessed.

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    Posting of the children. They are all so beautiful.
    Have a great week everyone.

  12. Deb B

    And just what did you watch on Netflix? We are engrossed with Line of Duty. It was a bit of a slow start but now I’m hooked.

    Love applique, but had the hand work. My fingers just aren’t what they used to be so please share how you get along with the invisible kind.

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