Patterns In Review

We have several options “out there” and I thought maybe I should review.

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1. Beyond The Battlefield, release date February 1. $29.50 check to Country Threads

2. Frosty Itty Bitty, $3.00

3. United Colors, 2 sizes, order from bluenickelstudios

3. Bullseye Quilt Along, posts on Tuesday or order a pattern for $3.00

4. February Itty Bitty, I Love You, $3.00 pattern

How’s that for a recap?

I don’t want to crash so I’ll write a second post.

7 thoughts on “Patterns In Review

  1. Diane in Central Ohio

    Looks good to me. I received my Frosty pattern the other day, thank you:)
    Is it snowing there yet? Are you going to get it or is it going South of you? We’re looking at 4 to 8, 8 to 12 or 4 to 12. Obviously, the weather people are not sure yet for our area!! Stay warm and safe, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Central Ohio – we got maybe an inch! All that warning for an inch????

  2. Kathy in western NY

    I too was wondering how you all were doing west of us with this storm. I am so prepared for this and looking forward to sewing this weekend. Cooking a turkey tomorrow so leftovers and extras to feed whomever. Our doggies don’t like the wind at all so they will make quick trips outside in the next couple days unlike today where they want to run around and chase each other in the 2” of fluffy stuff we got last night cause it’s 34 out there now.

  3. Pat Smith

    Thanks so much for “the review”. I fell behind and was going to have to go back through emails to get prices again etc. Why order immediately when I can procrastinate and make the job harder? You’ve made it easier for me, for sure!

  4. Sunflower

    I have a question regarding the walnut shells. Can they be used in the “warmie” things you put in the microwave? I have used rice or birdseed as filler before but thought I’d try the walnut shells if they can be heated. Does anyone know?
    Also, if I close the ads a few days or a week after a post is posted, does that still help? I have been closing the ads despite not being able to always read in a timely fashion!
    South east Michigan with bad winter weather this weekend. I’m staying in to quilt and watch basketball. Finished a baby quilt yesterday and am listening to a Louie penny book. Have a great weekend!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower – I think closing the ads at any time will help – our account needs help right now, that’s for sure. Thanks so much!

    2. Mary Brooks

      At a quilt guild retreat we made flannel bags filled with lentils to heat in the microwave. Can make the bag in any shape or size to fit the area you want to treat. Don’t microwave too long, you can burn a hole in your fabric. Try several minutes to start. I used mine for years. Works better than the ones filled with rice.

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