Pet Parade #6, 2-28-23

I’ve got a great idea!!!! I’ll bet you’re all just groaning – haha!

Between now and our next Pet Parade, have your picture taken with your pet!!! Then we can see who we’re talking to – wouldn’t that be fun?

Here we go – I am posting these in the order I received them and then I delete them from my IPad – before it tells me I’m overloaded.

14 thoughts on “Pet Parade #6, 2-28-23

  1. NancyTD

    Enjoyed seeing everyone’s pet. A good idea to have their name on the picture. I would like to learn how to put my name on my quilt pictures too. Have a nice day everyone

  2. Pat Smith

    I think it’s a great idea to teach us how to put names on the pictures but especially to get the owners in the pictures as well. Today I saw my Iowa cousin, Lois Ann, in the picture with her dog, Bailey. I would never have recognized the dog if my cousin hadn’t been in the picture. I’m just loving this pet parade. So many adorable much loved pets of all kinds.

  3. Montana Kathy

    This has been so much fun seeing all these very loved and lovely pets. I took my dogs photo but never got it sent. (I’m not good with the computer.) What a treat to see these. Thank you.

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    My husband and I are having a great time with all of these!!
    Buddy is the Maine Coon facing the camera and also lying on his back allll stretched out! He is VERY modest😹😹. I did not even think about labeling the pics, but I will this time. Hubby got his staples out of his neck this AM. The incision looks great and he is doing well. Mary, again, thanks,thanks,thanks😀

  5. Leslie

    I think it is wonderful how many cats are helping with sewing projects! I laughed out loud with the cats’ tail near the needle! And how many quilts there are in the pics, not that that is a surprise! Thank you for doing this Mary!

  6. Kathy Hanson

    What fun this pet parade is, yes, cats think a quilt project is for them to help with for sure!!!

  7. Barbara Yarnell

    There’s some beautiful dogs and cats. I like the idea of the pet owner in the picture too!

  8. Pattie from PA (currently AZ)

    I like the idea of our pictures with our pets. I need to learn how to label the pictures too!

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