Pet Parade #8

I am caught up with pet photos but will continue to post as they come in. If I have missed your photo just send it to me again because I’m going to clear my IPad – if your photo turned up twice, I lost my place – ugh. This has been so much fun for all of us! Please remember that I’m only the facilitator on this blog – it takes all of us to make it fun especially this feature, Pet Parade.

And now as a favor to me, please consider dropping off a bag of dog food or a donation at your local pet shelter. Many of these pictures were of rescued dogs and cats and shelters need all the help they can get! You might also consider being a foster home where abused and neglected animals learn to live with a family so they become adoptable.

Thanks for taking part in Pet Parade!

PS And then there’s always that overachiever!

41 thoughts on “Pet Parade #8

  1. Diane,Squeak, and Buddy in CentralOhio

    The first pic reminds me of the cute scene with ET in the closet with all of the stuffed animals😃 The last one made me laugh out loud and the ones in the
    middle are wonderful. That is a great picture of you and Angel, Mary. I will try to get pics of me with Squeak and Buddy soon. Here’s another use for Minkee. My husband wrapped a scrap piece around his neck to keep his shirt from irritating his neck. Thanks for all of these wonderful pet photos. I love them❤️❤️

      1. Diane and gang

        Hi Mary, He is actually doing much better, thanks! Less pain😀. I am reading all of the comments from bottom to top. Yes, your blog IS the best! Thank you😍😍

  2. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I have enjoyed all the photos, I could never pick a favorite, although of course, I’m partial to the kitties.
    My husband has finally been worn down by my exquisite talent of whining and has agreed that we need to get another cat. I’ll never replace my beautiful LuluBelle, she will be in my heart forever, but I’m happy to consider another little best friend.
    Boy, some of you photographers really captured the clowns, the dear hearts, the adventurers, the cuddliest and the true characters of your furry friends. I’ve really enjoyed the pet parade, Mary!

  3. Gerry

    Enjoy your pictures of quilts and the farm, and the weather and all the other news you talk about. Have really enjoyed the pet pictures and just looking forward to see what’s next. 😊

  4. Sharon F

    So many beautiful kitties and cute pups! Some of those kitties look like they’re flirting with getting stitches in their tails. Thanks to all of your readers for sharing and to you, Mary, for organizing and posting all these lovely pictures to Pet Parade.

  5. Patty Turner

    Thanks Mary! The pet pictures were enjoyable- especially seeing quilts or sewing machines in the background. I volunteer at an animal shelter in Batavia, Ohio. It’s the nicest I’ve ever seen with about 20 cat rooms (no more than 6 cats per room) with little doors that go out to fenced “cat patios” overlooking bird feeders and wild flower gardens. They so depend on volunteers and donations of food! You have a wonderful heart Mary!

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    I have enjoyed all the parades you posted, Mary. Thanks
    I’ll find a good one of Loretta and send it.
    My kids foster from Black Dog animal rescue. They have has many adorable dogs.

      1. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

        Love this! Yes, black dogs are overlooked and that is so sad. My daughter adopted a black greyhound rescue and is in the process of adopting another black one, female this time. Loki is just the sweetest, calmest dog although he is huge! Such a sad life in the racing kennels you just can’t cuddle them enough! Love that first pic. Reminds me of ET, the closet scene. Ha!

  7. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    The pet parade is great and the last photo of the over achiever is hilarious. Our neighbours dog loves to dig. I took a screenshot and sent it to her.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, will be going back and showing Stella and Luna all the pets, we are hoping to have welly and kinky their 2 street cats from Taiwan here in April. My son rescued them as 4 week old kittens near a school he was working at 10 years ago, they have lived in an 8th floor apartment and will find life different here! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – where have Welly and Kinky been all this time? Quarantine maybe?

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Hi Sandy
      Granddaughter Ashley and her husband adopted two kittens and of course they love them so much. Ashley’s mom, my daughter, was almost in tears when she said “they will never move to the states now that they have cats!”. We are an animal loving family and we know Ashley and Adam couldn’t stand having them quarantined for such a long time. They were in constant touch with the cat sitter when they were here for their wedding. On the return trip their plane stopped in Figi and they were offered a free stay at Figi, room and meals, to give up their seats as the plane was overbooked. They wouldn’t do it because they wanted to get home to their “babies”! I know your family will be so glad to see their kitties!

  9. Jean

    Honestly Mary but pet parade has been absolutely WONDERFUL! These little people are so precious what would our lives be without them?! My shelter always welcomes food but they also appreciate old towels and blankets for the furry people.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – yes, I should have mentioned towels and blankets! Thank you!!

  10. Laura VS

    Thanks Mary
    That was a lot of fun. That last picture was hilarious. I had a digger, but never that deep!
    Enjoy your day

  11. Laura VS

    Thanks, Mary

    That was a lot of fun. The last picture was hilarious. I had a digger, but never that deep!
    you have a great day.

  12. Sue Hoover

    So much fun, Mary. There’s so much love & laughter in the Pet Parade pictures. Thanks for doing this. I can tell your email was over flowing but with so much joy!

  13. Carolyn

    What a success! Pet Parade was, and is, a wonderful idea. Thank you for your time and thanks to all of the participants.

  14. Kathy in western NY

    This email just made my morning looking at the sweet pets faces. I had to laugh at the last one and showed the overachiever to my husband who laughed that piles of dirt is all that dog must live for. At least the yard looked like it was fenced in for safety.
    I am glad to read of all the love your readers share by adopting animals, and helping at animal shelters. Shows the compassion in your dedicated readers.
    Thanks for once again being the best blog out there in this big wide world.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – that’s high praise indeed. The blog is blessed with like minded readers – otherwise it would just be another boring blog!!! TRUE!!!

  15. Elle in AL

    The Pet Parade was wonderful! Thank you, Mary, and thank you to all the participants. These are great posts that I will enjoy looking at over and over.

  16. Janet

    Thank you for the pet parade. I think the overachiever wins for most mischievous. What a great photo!

  17. Mary Rhodes

    Love the pet parade! So many cuties! Love the quilts too! Thank you. Hope things get settled on copywrites.

  18. Billie

    Great photos of so many cute pets! Took me a extra look to find the dog among all the stuffies!!

  19. Montana Kathy

    Mary, this was so fun! All the photos have been wonderful, each one bringing a smile and lightening our day. Thanks for doing this. It has been such a treat. My husband & I contribute monthly to the iHeartdogs website, which helps raise funds for shelter animals. That’s how we got Stella. I saw a video of them online flying 76 dogs and cats into Billings airport. They had rescued these animals from a shelter in California as they were being walked down the hallway to be euthanized. They frantically started making calls to shelters around the country trying to find a kennel that could take ALL 76 animals in, and our “no kill” shelter agreed. Watching the video of them flying in to the airport and unloading all those crates onto the runway was a sight I’ll never forget. The group of pilots who fly them repeatedly offer their planes and time to do this and are dependent on donations to help cover the cost of fuel. The iHeartdogs organization helps to support them. And they are constantly kept busy with these flights. So many homeless animals. Anyway, I saw Stella on that video and we went down the next day and adopted her. My 11 year old lab/best buddy had recently died and this was the least we could do in his memory. Sorry this is so long, but I had to tell you my story!

    1. Diane, Squeak , Buddy in Central Ohio

      Aww. Great story, Montana Kathy. Do you have an address for iHeartdogs or should I just go to the website? . All of our pets came from someone’s cat or dog having too many kittens or puppies or we rescued them. The story of Squeak is longggg. Suffice it to say she was dying in the Big Lots parking lot on 8/24/2011. She was 4 wks old and 20 ounces. Big Buddy came to our porch for 8 months (Jan—Aug.) until he was comfortable enough to be taken to the Vet for neutering, deflecting, shots etc. i sat out there every night and fed him, talked to him and then petted him. We think his owners moved away and left him. He is the sweetest big guy—18.5 lbs! 65* here now!

  20. Janet S

    The overachiever may be trying to dig up a precious stone or an oil well. If that fails, he may be in need some serious psychiatric care but you can tell he’s happy.

  21. Jan Hebert

    Oh, Montana Kathy! Thank you for sharing your story about how you found your Stella! Thank you, Mary for the Pet Parade! So much fun and some bring a tear to my eye…the little pup being hugged by the fellow in the second picture – so much love in that photo. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I know that little pup – his name is Cider and his dad is Rod. Cider’s story is a tearjerker but look at him now. He’s also the little dog on the bed with all the stuffed animals.

  22. Mareen Nedved

    Everyone of these guys and gals are adorable – thanks for posting Mary!!

  23. Heidi

    Not only dog food , I drop off discarded towels and they get so excited because they do many baths for rescued animals.

  24. Montana Kathy

    Diane, you can just go to their website, iHeartdogs. They are sellers of dog and cat products but they partner with Greater Good Charities who handle the rescue flights. If you make a purchase at iHeartdogs a portion of the money goes towards meals for the animals (it’s fun to see how many meals your purchase provides), and you can also sign up to donate to the charity separately. (Donations there are tax deductible) Thanks for asking about it. They do good. Oh, my heart breaks thinking of your dog left as he was. So very glad you saved him. Good job!

    They have all kinds of pet items to purchase, if desired and depending on the cost of the item, they tell you how many meals your purchase provides. I’ve shopped many times and it’s all good. They partner with Greater Good Charities who handle the flights for the animals.

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

      Thank you so much, Montana Kathy. I will check them out this weekend😺😺
      P S Big Buddy is a Maine Coon cat— big boy😹😹

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane – when I find a picture of Maxine, I’m going to send it to you – she’s been gone a long time – before digital pictures. Sigh.

  25. Karen Miller

    Mary, what is your email address? I tried sending a picture to the one shown on your page but it came back undeliverable as not found. Thank you

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