Pet Parade #9!

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  1. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh,Mary, thank you for posting one of my last pictures of Emily. I miss her terribly and don’t know how I’ll get to sleep tonight, she was always with me 💔

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      Oh, Pamela, I’m so sorry for the loss of your Emily😩😩. It is just so hard when we lose one of our furry friends. They are part of our families, and we grieve for them just as much as we do for human family members.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – your pictures (that I didn’t post) brought me to tears. I hope you can sleep and I hope you can get thru the next heartbreaking days. Please feel free to talk about Emily on the blog comments – we have all been where you are tonight, your hurt hearting. If we can listen to you talk about her, it might go easier for you. I am so so sorry for your pain tonight.

      1. Pamela Dempsey

        Thanks so much Mary! I took something to help me sleep but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’m going to dust off my Lambchop stuffed animal and lay it beside me so it will feel like her there. My eyes are puffy and hurting from all the crying 😿. My husband is encouraging me to adopt someone soon 🐈‍⬛, he remembers how hard a time I had when our border collie, Callie, died. She’s in the picture by my name. Thanks again ❤️

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Pamela – I can feel your puffy eyes right now! You’ll know when you’re ready to adopt – I agree with your husband. There are so many animals who need homes – let me know how you are tomorrow.

          1. Kathy in western NY

            My rescue terrier mix is 9 years old and has several lamb chop toys around the house as they are her favorite and sleeps with one, I found one at Christmas that was super size and she chews on. I keep a pillow that reads My shelter dog rescued me. Listening to friends who saw I could not move on after losing my other terrier, encouraged me to adopt quickly and it helped my crying to give passion to a dog that greatly needed to hear me as I grieved. Now she lays next to me all the time so finds comfort like I did too.

        2. Mary Etherington Post author

          Pamela – how did you sleep? Kathy says she has large size lamb chop – you should look for one to sleep beside you.

          1. Pamela Dempsey

            Thank you Kathy for your comment. I’m glad you rescued another terrier and are comforting each other. Kathy and Mary- I feel like I should adopt in a few days and maybe 2 kitties 🐈‍⬛. My Lambchop was an Easter 🐣 special with long legs and bunny ears (!) from Walmart. So cute and it slept by my side last night. It really helped. My tears are right there, just under the surface, ready to start up again when I think of Emily. Thanks so much for your kindness and help, it really makes a difference, and your prayers ❤️

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Pamela – I always suggest adopting two but most people think it’s too much. I try to tell them 2 kitties is easier than 1! Be sure to show us whoever you bring home!!!

    3. Sandy in Indiana


      So very sorry about your loss….sending hugs!

      Sandy in Indiana

  2. Kathy Hanson

    The blog readers have wonderful pets! Not surprising that they are blog readers!!!!!

  3. Beverly Custer

    I am enjoying the pet parade…and background quilts! The one with the book, Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger…every book in that series is a great read…I read them all!! I’m paying attention to the saga of stolen copyright…one tome, I’m lpokingvthrough a magazine, and plain as day, the quilt Brightly, by Cluck, Cluck Sew, one of my favorites…was displayed with copyrighted photo, and ballcap from the material, with no mention of who designed the fabric, or the quilt…I write, and told the designer about it…she said it happens a lot…but thanked me…the practice should be stopped when we see it…no one should infringe t on your creative talent. I’m anxious to read about this…! Bev

  4. Rachel Summy

    So enjoy all the Pet Parade pics! Thanks Mary for your efforts and pet parents for sharing!

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