Phlox Be Gone!

 Remember these “before” pictures of the lily bed which has been overtaken by the phlox and rudbeckia?  Here is the “after” picture.

Can you see my few surviving lilies?  Not very many of them and I have planted hundreds over the years.  I love the Varigated Kiwi vine against the fence and the PeeGee hydrangea tree that has gotten huge.  The rest of this area is a disaster and it’s time to clean it out and regroup.  Remember this lovely shrub in Connie’s garden?

I believe it is called Sun King, aralia cordata, and that’s what I’m going to put in on the east side that gets the most shade.

Here are all the phlox, rudbeckia and prairie mallow that I dug up.  They are laying in the parking area by the road for anyone to pick up so if you live near me and want perennials, drive out and help yourself. 

 And here’s a teaser for you — don’t forget Pumpkin Day on September 19.  This little pumpkin is no where close to being mature but I couldn’t resist bringing it up to the house.  By the looks of my vines and all the blossoms, I think I’ll have a variety of smaller pumpkins for sale this fall.  I think I have the weeds under control for a few days. 

 And here’s Colton to say “hi”.


24 thoughts on “Phlox Be Gone!

  1. Cynthia

    Funny your are pulling out all your very healthy Phlox and I am trying to get mine to grow with out powdery mildew. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing pics of your new and improved lily garden next Summer! Do you use an over head sprinkler in your flower beds or do you use a drip hose to water? As of this year I only water very early in the morning (with an in-ground sprinkler system) and I have noticed I am having less of a problem with powdery mildew.

  2. Ann Barlament

    When my house was built (1984) I covered the back hillside with a raised bed for veggies. In later years flowers took up that spot and today the space is over-run with yellow day lillies. One person’s weeds are another person’s treasures. Now that you’ve cleared out the Phlox, I’m anxious to see what will come next.

    Colton sits up high to supervise, so he doesn’t have to work!

  3. Mary Says Sew!

    The pumpkin and Colton are adorable. I hope the vines don’t capture Colton – they look pretty crazy!

    The plants you pulled out were beautiful in the photos, but if they’re crowding out the lilies and other things you want to grow in that spot, then they’re “weeds”.”

    Good to see the gray barn cat back, too. He looks like he’s seen a lot in his many cat-years. He’s probably been visiting lady friends for the last few months, and maybe all the action at your Big Sale kept him away.

  4. Kathy Schwartz

    IF those insects are tent caterpillars, (I would have to see a photo) the best way to get rid of them is to go to the tree between 5pm-7pm and cut that branch out. Put all in a paper/plastic bag and burn it. They seem to gather between those hours, in the “tent”, otherwise they are all over the tree. If the branch is to big and you can’t remove it from the tree, take a stick and knock the “tent” into the bag. This is info I learned when I took Master Gardening (Minnesota).
    I wished I could get those plants.

  5. Linda Burke

    Wish I could grow those beautiful phlox in Texas! Anytime I get them to come up, the deer think they are deer candy – just like the hostas!

  6. Launa

    Good to see Colton was keeping a watchful eye while you worked Mary.
    My grandma in law…..soaked chewing tobacco in a half gallon milk jug of water over night…..strained it into her garden sprayer……then added a squirt of Joy liquid dish washing soap and a little ammonia…….sprayed that for white flies and it did the trick. Her hanging baskets were so beautiful.
    Wow…..pumpkins already.

  7. Maryjane

    Carol – those webs and white insects could be white flies. Don’t know if they have those wherever you live – I’m in S. Calif. No insecticides needed. Peppermint castille soap (liquid) mixed with water in a spray bottle. They don’t like it as many other insects don’t. Have to keep at it but it works. Even if they’re not white flies, you could try it. Health food stores usually carry it. Good luck.

  8. Carol

    Well, that was dramatic! What a difference. I find phlox to be annoying, too, but it sure adds beautiful color in contrast to the greens and whites and oranges of summer!

    I have two strawberry vanilla hydrangea trees…we just put them in in June in replace the “Snowvember” damage…lately these webs with little weird white things that aren’t moving (yet) keep webbing in the trunk, branch area before the blossoms (which are amazingly huge and crea,m/vanilla, and are slowly turning pink/strawberry (hence their name)…. We keep brushing these annoying webs away but they come back. Any idea what they might be, and should we call in reinforcement?. Hate to use insecticides.

  9. Katherine Schloemer

    Boy you did clean out that lily bed. By next year or year after it will look great.

  10. Karen

    Ohhhh — I didn’t want those gorgeous flowers to be pulled up! They are just so lovely! Can’t grow much like that here — soil is too sandy. I envy those who have “good dirt”!

  11. Julianna

    Mary, What do you have on the NORTH side of your home? I can’t get anything to grow there.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Just a few ferns on the north side of my house – I really should transplant some hostas back there.

  12. Nikki Mahaffey

    Beautiful garden..don’t ya’ll have snakes? I cannot plant flower beds that close to house for fear of copperheads and even rattlesnakes. Killed one 6 ft rattler this year already..on porch…hate snakes.

  13. Michele

    One question.
    After all that digging, what time is your chiropractor appt? 🙂

  14. Karen C.

    Your pumpkin is very nice, but it makes me a little sad to see it so mature already. I don’t want summer to end. I agree about the phlox, it takes over the world if you let it. I wish I lived close enough to come get some of your rudbeckia! You have been really working!

  15. Luci

    You made me want to cry with all the phlox you pulled out of your flower bed. I have one stem of phlox in my yard. It blooms year after year, the seeds drop back in the bed, but the next year, only one stalk comes up and blooms for the longest time. Unfortunately, it would be a long drive from Georgia to Iowa to pick your gorgeous plants up and bring them home. Sigh I love all your pictures, both plant and animal. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Maryjane

    OMG. Can’t believe you did that. The color was so beautiful. With all your property, wasn’t there another spot for a lily garden? Wish I lived close – I’d be coming by to get some plants. That was a lot of work to take those all out. I’m sure it will be a beautiful spot again but will take awhile.

  17. Joann Baxter

    When I pull extra plants out of my flower garden, I toss them in the ditch to reseed and flourish. My ditch was looking good until the county came along and filled in the ditch with rocky soil.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The county sprays the ditches but I put many plants out in the grove. I just hope I don’t forget they’re there and spray them myself!

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