Picking the Pumpkins

Reed and I started picking the pumpkins today.  He said it was the funniest day he’s ever had at my house.  We also cleaned the chicken nests,  put in new bedding and added some dried herbs to kill the lice and mites on the chickens – if they have any and it  smells fabulous!

Reed and I each picked 10 pumpkins and called it a day.

We also visited the kittens who are so entertaining and cute.  Here is Darla in the bucket with Reed nearby.

And then Danielle took a turn in a bucket.

Rick helped me hinge these doors together today.  I’ve had them for years and have never used them so he put hinges on so they could sit together at an angle.  Here are pictures in progress.  More as I get it done.

And remember the Mountain Majesties quilt I’ve been working on?  Good Grief!  I started with a Moda bundle of 48 fat quarters from many years ago and I just wanted to learn Bonnie Hunter’s technique making this quilt.  I had no idea I was making a queen size quilt!  So much sewing!  So much pressing!  Here’s a picture of the back on the ironing board.

 I have felt like quitting many times but I have too much time invested to throw in the towel – ha!  So I continue to sew rows together, matching every seam.  I hope by tomorrow I can show you a finished quilt top.

I will forge ahead and hope I can finish the top soon.  Then I’ll have to piece a back and get it quilted.  This has been a major project that I had not planned on but I AM NOT A QUITTER!  Ha ha!  

42 thoughts on “Picking the Pumpkins

  1. Ginny

    When I was Reeds age I had an adult friend that I helped. I still cherish those memories and use things that I learned way back then. You are giving Reed an invaluable life lesson every time he visits you and both of you share each others wisdom. What a wonderful friendship.
    Your kitties are adorable, wish I could take one home.

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    It is so nice to see Hazel and those sweet kitties, they are so cute! Reed is learning so much from you and I am sure you do learn from him. I am sure those doors will look fabulous after you decorate them. I can’t wait to see your quilt.

  3. CountryThreads Post author

    Hi, joann! Yes, I heard all about your pumpkins and flowers – he had a great time at your house and he showed me the big ones they brought home – wow! Next year he and I will plant in a bigger spot so we can plant more varieties. I am lucky to have Reed as a young friend!

  4. Joann Hansen

    Hi Mary, did Reed tell you he picked some pumpkins at our house on Sunday? The kids had a fun time . We have a lot of varieties big and small. Reed enjoyed touring my flowers also. You are doing a great job with him. He asked about my succulents and what I was going to do with them this winter! Neat boy. Joann

  5. Janice Brown

    I had a few long and hard days so it is a treat to see your latest posting. Thank you for covering several topics in it. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the doors . . . looks interesting. Our local food co-op got in baking pumpkins on Monday, and after seeing Reed with the pumpkins I’ll have to go over and buy one.

  6. Jo Kramer

    Mary…you are so funny. Just think of it as four small quilts. You could have them done in no time!!! Of this is spoken from me who always enlarges every pattern. You can do it!! Cheering you on.

  7. Becky from IA

    Reed is such a good helper for you! Those kitty’s are so cute! Wish that I could take them…..

  8. Diane

    Happy to see Reed helping you with the pumpkins:) He is a cutie and such a good help. Also, who can resist a man with a drill and hinges! I’m anxious to see what you do with the doors and I’m anxious to see the quilt top. The colors are gorgeous even from the back!! Those kitties are so cute!!

  9. Jane b.

    It Looks like the end is in sight. I can hardly wait to see the final product. Bonnie’s quilts usually require a lot of sewing but ate worth the effort.

  10. San

    My pumpkins are slowly turning from green to cream color. I’ve decided to leave them on the vine a bit longer and hope that the deer don’t come hunting for lunch. Very glad to hear some of your plants survived the big hail storm.

  11. Dee T.

    It takes a lot of patience and time to make such a large quilt. But, you said you sew fast, Looking forward to seeing it finished. I need to make another king sized one and cringe to do it.
    Wish I could have one of those kittens, but my dogs would not get along with one.
    After seeing your succlents I went out and bought some. They will probably die. No indoor green thumb. We’ll see. I might send them to you.
    I look forward to seeing what you will do with those doors. I can’t save things like that. My husband throws everything out. I haven’t seen pumpkins here yet.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Just remember not to be too kind to them and overwater – they like to dry out completely between watering.

  12. Maryann

    I noticed you pressed the connecting block seams open
    Is there a reason for doing so? I have that pattern in
    progress and it’s fun to watch it come together
    Thanks for the farm animal updates.

  13. Gloria

    Your quilt back looks better than many of my quilt fronts. A work of precision! Thanks for sharing your pics of Reed (a fine young man), Hazel (love that pup) and Autumn’s glory(my favorite season).

  14. Marie J

    Hi Mary! Like most everyone else I love seeing a new post from you!! I too am wondering what dried herbs you used for the chickens. My daughter has a dozen hens aand she and her husband are in the process of building them a new coop! Since we get the benefit of fresh eggs, I’d love to help her any way I can and a fresh herb smell in the coop seems perfect!! Thanks bunches!!

  15. Kathy

    Yesterday was too emotional of a day to sit down and read my email so happy to see a pumpkin post from you to brighten today up. And that Reed! How wonderful he has you and you have him to share in all that your happy home offers to keep him busy and a life so many wish they had away from crime on streets. Love seeing those kitty faces and good thing I live in NY and not there to bring one of them home,. Anxious to see where your doors will be used cause your decorating style is very warm and cozy.

  16. Marilyn

    Hi Mary I would like to grow my own pumpkins and yours are beautiful.. The pictures are great and I really like the doors they are wonderful. What a good help Reed is for both of you.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Diane – when 8:45 am approached, I also relived that terrible day. Thought about how I miss camp and all of you. Oh how we worried about you guys and where you were – to think you drove from Detroit! It’s a day none of us will ever forget! How are your doggies?

      1. Diane

        Well …Otis is 11.5 now and has vision problems & arthritis. The girls (Scarlett-O’Hara & GretaGarbo) are fine. I just have to say that Camp was one of those life experiences I will never forgot. Thank you for the memories.

  17. Jean Elliott

    Oh the kittens are so cute! Wondering if you will keep all of them. That quilt…wow! I love it. Can’t wait to see the top!

  18. Janet Snyder

    What beautiful pumpkins with an exceptional looking boy holding them. And the kittens are beautiful. If I lived near you I would be so tempted to beg you to let me have one.

  19. Paula

    Looking forward to seeing the front of the quilt. I have a tendency to make large quilts because I love the “whole” fabric collection. I love your pictures of the kittens! Please tell Red that he makes a handsome pumpkin farmer!

    Paula in Texas

  20. Candy

    Your Mountain Majesties quilt back is so neat! I’ve done Bonnie Hunter’s last two mystery quilts, and I find all those little pieces make for a very messy back (lots of fraying edges). I never know how fussy to be about cleaning up all those threads, without being too ‘anal’, LOL. Can’t wait to see your finished top! Candy

  21. Beth T.

    Boy, Reed is sure a good worker, isn’t he? It’s pretty clear he loves to spend time with you.
    Your Danielle is darling–she looks exactly like a cat we had for many, many years who was my dear companion. Seeing that tiny face filled my heart with such sweet memories.
    And what fun to see your quilt! Even from the back I could see that you’ve used many fabrics that I’ve quilted with also. Why is that always so pleasing? It makes us feel a connection, I guess. I look forward to seeing the front side of the quilt.

  22. Kathy

    Definitely you are not a quitter! I love the way you tackle any difficulty and then find a solution that is a win-win for you and family. This is what I’d call “true grit.” Can’t wait to see the completed quilt as it looks very complicated and will make a stunning covering. Pumpkin time already here and I wish I’d have put a few seeds out to grow some. I always had a big garden when my boys were young and we’d harvest the pumpkins and put up some to save for pumpkin pies. I haven’t baked in over five years due to my need to cut down on sugar. I miss those days. Hope you have a wonderful time with the doors as well!

  23. Peggy

    Oh, my goodness, Mary. . . So happy to see Hazel again. Have been so afraid to ask since the last post I saw about a big decision you needed to make. . . Love seeing pictures of all the critters & the doings around the farm. Pumpkin time is my very favorite time of year. . . Fall!! Not sure of your weather, but “way up north” here in “the cities” we’re lookin’ at 80’s this week. . . Not exactly fall temps!! Keep up the good work girl!!

  24. Betty Klosterman

    Don’t the birds and chickens take the dust baths to get rid of the lice and mites? At least that is what Mom said???

  25. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary, I love seeing Reed at the farm with you. A fine young man and a fine assistant! Clearly he loves the farm with you also. The back of the quilt is gorgeous. Such fine sewing. Really looking forward to seeing the front!

  26. Colleen

    I love seeing your pets/animals and hearing what they are doing
    Your helpful neighbor is so darn cute
    I have figure out how my neighbor boys 9&7 brothers can help me they are also very sweet

  27. Kathy Hanson

    My goodness, you are certainly NOT a quitter!! Can’t wait to see the finished top! Always love seeing your pictures, amazing!

  28. mary jane

    Mary thank you for showing us the kitties and Hazel, we haven’t seen the animals for awhile and I miss that…anxious to see the other side of this quilt..alot of spools of thread……and now the trees are turning colors it is almost time to decorate with the pumkins, bittersweet, leaves and etc.. thanks again…love to open my computer and see something from Country Threads….

  29. Nancy Broers

    Is that little Hazel with Reed? I have been wondering how she is doing – So cute! Kittens are growing! Can’t wait to see the Bonnie Hunter quilt!

  30. Janelle Bucher

    I have sure learned a lot about chickens reading your blog. Wouldn’t have thought about then getting lice and mites. What are your plans for the pumpkins? I normally cook mine and then make pie and bread. Hate to see people throw away pumpkins. My problem is that now I don’t have any kids at home to eat all of the stuff I make, so, guess who eats it and definitely doesn’t need it. Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington

      Janelle – after enjoying my pumpkins for decorating, I feed them to the goats and chickens. I throw them down to the ground as hard as I can to break them and the goats eat the pulp and the chickens eat the seeds. It’s a win- win for all of us!

  31. Martha Engstler

    Love the picture of Reed and the pumpkin, you are lucky to have a helper like him and he is lucky to have a friend like you. Always love to see pictures of the kitties. They are so cute. Look forward to seeing your quilt top finished.

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