Pictures To Post 1-24-2020

In Full Bloom, 2008, by Blackbird Designs – a reader is trying to locate this book to buy or borrow.

This is the quilt she wants to make.

Dirty Dozen finishes —

This is Connie’s January DD

Becky and Jenny visited yesterday – Hazel is thrilled when someone stops by.

And almost every afternoon when I get home from therapy, I head to my chair and Hazel joins me.

Remember last summer when I found all the owl pellets? I gave them to Sam who took them to school and the kindergarten class got a lesson on digestion. This little cutie pie is CeCe.

One of our readers named Judy left a very educational comment about our mail service and why we cannot send the free books by media mail. If I knew how to copy it and put it here, I would but I don’t.

And this is just for fun – I saw this quilt online and just loved it!

Our good friend, Tanya Tullos, is at the Road To California show and she sent this picture of Lissa Alexander to say “hi” – wish I were there!

So many pictures – and not much to say. Physical Therapy runs my life!

29 thoughts on “Pictures To Post 1-24-2020

  1. Diane Bauer

    You are doing the necessary and hard work of healing–rarely is that an easy thing!! You will be glad of it once spring rolls around!
    I took another quilt (first baby quilt!) to my quilter yesterday and then had to take a good look at what’s laying around here. I’ve got 8 quilts I need to bind, so that is what I absolutely must address next!! I hung a new quilt in my office this afternoon and I’m so tickled with it!! The name of the pattern is State of Being–perfect for a therapy office, don’t you think?
    I have an afghan just like the one Hazel is laying on. It has long been a favorite around here–so soft!
    My Grandmother’s Singer 128 was delivered to the technician for a service and tune-up last Saturday and I’m missing having it here with me! It was “bone dry” according to the tech, so I’m glad I decided to take it in and have a professional look at it. I’m anxious to teach myself how to use it. I love my new Pfaff, but have such an appreciation for the beauty of this old machine.
    Have a great weekend! We’re warm here but expecting snow in the next few days. I’m still chipping Thanksgiving ice off of my front steps, so I am in no hurry to see any white stuff again!

  2. Connie

    Mary, I have the Blackbird Designs book that your friend is looking for and I am willing to sell it. Maybe you can link us up.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie – will you please contact me at I will then forward your email to the person looking for the pattern – you guys can take it from there.

    2. Rosalie

      Connie – I made this request through Mary. Please contact her and she will send you my email. See her notes below.

  3. Sue in Oregon

    So glad to hear from you today, Mary. Soon you will be outside with the animals and over in your sewing room. This was a good time of year to be down because of the winter weather, as I am very sure you already know. Hazel thinks so as well. LOL
    Love the quilt photos. The finishes are all so good. And, that pattern the reader is looking for is gorgeous. I love to applique. Maybe I should look for it too.
    Take good care. I know you are.

  4. Susan R

    I might be the quilter who posted looking for In Full Bloom if you saw it on the quilting board site

  5. Diane and Squeak

    Hazel is obviously working very hard at PT! Having new knees in Winter is a good idea. By the time Spring comes, you’ll be raring to go.
    That little Kindergartener is so cute and what a neat lesson.
    All of the DD’s are very pretty. I like Sandie B’s quilt hanger, too. Rainy all day in Central Ohio.

  6. mary

    Media Mail
    Shipping in 2–8 Business Days4
    Media Mail® is a cost-effective way to send media and educational materials. This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be sent. Prices start at $2.75 at a Post Office.
    Using Media Mail
    Here’s what you can send:
    Books (at least 8 pages)

  7. Gloria B.

    Great display at Road to California of all the quilts in Lissa’s new book. I’ve never seen that done at a quilt show. They are fantastic.

  8. Sharon Ray

    You should be able to send the books by media mail. The first item allowed is BOOKS. I don’t think there can be advertising. Glad to see you feeling a bit better. Love your posts.

  9. Launa

    I recently ordered something and paid for 3 Day mailing, but since moving here to Idaho I have yet to receive a 3 Day Mailer in 3 Days.
    As for your PT…It will have you up and bustling around better in a few weeks. Hazel certainly seems to enjoy your togetherness after PT. Thanks for posting the many delightful pictures.
    It snowed here most all day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – good morning! Not cold here but still cloudy and dreary. Yes, PT is quite hard and it wears me out the rest of that day. I’ll be better today and there will be college basketball to entertain me. If I EVER recover from this surgery, I swear I won’t have any more surgery unless it’s needed for a life threatening condition. I am so tired of my knee hurting! Nighttime is the worst – I tried the bed last night and did sleep some but the knee is just so stiff in the morning.
      Too much whining – hope your ankle is feeling great by now!

  10. Jan VanDeWalle

    Got My free book surprise today, Thank you so much. I got the Sunny Days, folk art quilt pattern book by Jan Patek. Looks like a fun one to make.
    Sunny day here but raining at the same time, only in Oregon.
    Hazel is so cute and white, how does she stay so clean Glad you are doing well with the PT. Sure you will be back to doing things soon
    Thanks again , Jan

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    PT can be the pits. Glad Hazel is there to keep you company.
    The #9’s are so pretty. I’m goina get back to my projects soooooon.
    Can you believe February is next week. Time is flying any your knee will be mended in a few weeks.

  12. Kathy Hanson

    So much fun to see that sweet Hazel with you in the chair resting together! How special for both of you! Such love!!

  13. Joyce from NY

    The Dirty Dozen pictures are beautiful! Glad your PT is going well & that Hazel is helping. Raining here in upstate NY, snow later. More sewing for me.

  14. Paula Philpot

    I love the quilt that you like. I am thinking it was in a magazine. I have been at a quilting retreat in Jabez KY since Tuesday and we had a lot of fun. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula,Philpot – I think a quilting retreat sounds heavenly right now – I’m sick of recovering!

  15. Felicia Hamlin

    Are you still in a lot of pain? I hope, you feel better soon. Hazel looks so white and so comfortable. That little girl has such beautiful eyes and such a great smile. Have a good night.

  16. Marian Stever

    Mary, thank you for your note! My best wishes for your PT to go well. You will be so ready for spring! Hazel is so sweet. I love her ears. The quilts are wonderful. And, what a great kindergarten teacher! All kids should be so lucky.
    Have a good week. Kinda cloudy and dreary here in SE Minnesota. Lots of basketball and figure skating to watch while I sew binding on a large quilt.

  17. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love that picture of the quilt with the applique circles; I tried to do a 365 quilt a few years back but fell far short of the required circles and eventually lost interest. I could combine the ones that I have done with simple squares and create something similar to that photo. Thanks for inspiring me! I had to laugh at the photo with Sanders on the TV screen in the background as I am sure you’re inundated with political ads– that’s the worst part of an election year (no malarkey!)! 😉 I’m sorry to report that I cannot help with that book search.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – living in Iowa during an election/caucus year is not for the weak – ha!

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, haven’t heard from you since the 24thjanuary,am wondering if everything is ok,your emails are an important part of my day! Hope it’s just something minor,best wishes, sandy

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