Pincushions in the Playhouse! 3-13-22

After the game we went outside and started some small bits of yard work – I opened the playhouse –

and there on the shelf were 4 more pincushions! They have inhabited every corner of my life!

Four very dirty pincushions

You know I’m a college basketball freak and I suspect some of you watched the game today as the Iowa Hawkeyes won the Big Ten Tournament. Last week the Iowa women won the Big Ten Tourney.

Coach McCaferry has two sons on the team and there’s also a set of twins who play. It’s a real family affair! I was watching the game carefully until somebody thought they should park right in front of the screen!!

Reader quilts – I had Kayla upload an app that puts my name on all photos on the blog BUT if I label them “reader quilts” you’ll know a reader has made them and set me a photo. I don’t know how to put it on some photos and not on others.

Ernie and his big feet
Colton on his perch above the birdcage
I told Hazel that Aunt Becky was coming tomorrow to play!
Becky painted this cute dog on Rick’s birthday card.
The sailboat shirt is becoming a quilt!
I love my white cupboard.

I still haven’t finished posting all the pincushions – maybe later this week.

A reader sent me this card – it’s going to be my motto this week.

That’s all she wrote, Folks! Off to Mayo in the morning.

38 thoughts on “Pincushions in the Playhouse! 3-13-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l don’t know how you find the time to care for pets,Rick,and sew! We have started to house hunt to get an idea of what we want and new areas, interesting! Hope
    To make Andrew some new masks this afternoon, all the best, Sandy

  2. Sandi

    I love your white cabinet!! I love white dishes. The older the better. Ricks birthday card is precious. Safe travels tomorrow. Hugs,

  3. Kathy Roloff

    I am really enjoying the pincushion show. I think that I remember that you sold pincushions at shows to buy your piano. True? I would love to see those. Take care of yourself while you are taking care of Rick!

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    We were cheering for Iowa since OSU bowed out so early!! We’ll be watching March Madness, too. Love seeing Ernie and Colton and is that Millie in front of the TV? . Hard to see the game😹😹. Of course, I love to see Hazel any time.
    Love the readers’ quilts. The homespun Bullseye looks like a great idea.
    Good luck tomorrow at Mayo. 🙏☘️
    Mary, on March 17 there is a new show on Netflix called Rudy to the Rescue, I think. It’s about a dog who had three tries at homes, but ended up with a K-9 unit. It sounds good. Cold and very windy today.

  5. Charlotte Shira

    Oh my son-in-law will be so happy the Hawkeyes won!! He’s a big Hawkeyes fan…has his computer room painted their colors. He’s from Pella.
    Love all the quilts, especially the one with the birdhouses. The sailboats will make a beautiful quilt. Can’t wait to see it. Love the dog on Rick’s card and the Just Breathe is perfect.

  6. Rita in Iowa

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of the quilt, animals and pincushions.
    I spent today sandwiching a quilt top, made 16 blocks for a Scrappy Carolina Chain quilt (Bonnie Hunter), 60 made so far. Went outside and trimmed down the cranberry high bushes. Save the sticks for the garden.

  7. Jan Wical

    Hi Mary- My pattern for Harvey arrived, but I think i am missing the instructions for big Harvey! The pages are blank on the back and there are no instructions for the bigger version.
    It was a gorgeous day here in Grundy. I picked up sticks in the yard and hauled in some firewood. Hoping Spring is here to stay!! My address is 24211 Diagonal Rd, 50638.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Wical- I’ll be gone tomorrow but I will most definitely look into this. Our patterns never gave piece to piece directions – we always posted that we assumed the quilter knew the basics of template and/or rotary cutting and piecing with quarter inch seams. Nevertheless I will check it out!!

  8. Kris in WI

    Mary – Your pin cushions are like the tribbles in that old Star Trek episode! They just keep on multiplying and making folks smile and feel happy. The reader quilts are really something today. I can’t choose a favorite. Well, maybe the birdhouses…or the strippy Halloween table runner…hmm, that blue star is an eye-catcher… and the quartered bullseye is so cool in plaids and checkered fabrics. Your kitties are in cahoots to get your attention. It’s like the kids batting the phone cord when we had the old wall phone! What a tea party you could have with your ironstone/white dishes. Thanks so much for taking us along as you went about your day. A belated Happy Birthday to Rick and prayers that tomorrow will go well.

  9. Diane in Maryland

    Good luck at Mayo tomorrow! Hazel understood every word you said and looked like she’s ready for a play day with Becky. Becky is very talented.

    We watched Iowa win! Was an exciting game! Happy for Iowa!

    You have the neatest stuff! Dishes, pincushions, etc! It’s all fun to see. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in MD – oh, that was some game!!! I could hardly watch it was so fast paced and exciting. Yes, Becky is a talented musician and has taken up watercolor painting! She taught herself!

  10. Margie in SO CA



  11. Teresa

    I love all of your white dishes, I’m a china collector too. I don’t know what it is about dishes that I find so much joy in looking at them. I also love your green cabinet!

    It was so nice to have warm spring weather today. We still have some snow to melt where it was piled up but these early days of 40-50 degrees are so welcomed!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and remembered to set your clocks ahead if you’re in the US.

  12. Mary Hehlke

    I love your white cabinet with all the white dishes. I love old dishes. You are an awesome lady, with so many “irons in the fire” so to speak. I don’t know how you do all that you do. I love you and all the quilts and pictures you post. Take care of you and Rick. Hugs God Bless.

  13. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, what is the quilt pattern for the red quilt on the wall between the tv and the scissors? I have been thinking of doing a red and white quilt with fabric I already have. I really like that one. Didn’t see it in the shop listings.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda from Georgia – I think it’s in SUSAN Ache ‘s Christmas book – I will look.

      1. Linda from Georgia

        Mary, I found the book on line and indeed this quilt is in it. Thanks for the information. Enjoy your basketball starting this week.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Linda from Georgia – oh good! Now I won’t have to search for it! Susan is my favorite designer!

  14. Joann

    I am an Iowa girl living in northern Minnesota now, so we watched both the womens last week, and the men this weekend. Very emotional watching Coach with his two sons. GO HAWKS!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joann – yes, wasn’t it just great? I loved every minute of it!

  15. Launa

    JUST BREATHE. Great idea! I’ve been taking a very deep breath….holding it to count of 4…then slowly exhale. It’s suppose to be relaxing! Is for me.
    Is there anything you don’t collect…LOL…so enjoyable to see a few more pincushions, the white dishes and reader quilts.
    Waiting to see what you sew with the man’s shirt!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – yes, it sort of looks like I collect about everything, doesn’t it? Haha! I have too much stuff for sure. When a visitor admires something I either give it to them or put their name on it so they end up with it eventually. Connie and I used to travel and teach and we always hit the antique shops – such fun! Haven’t been in one for several years now. Covid, you know.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    What a fun post today. Kayla is so clever to find and install the app to put your name on your photos. I think the big print is best.
    Good luck at Mayo tomorrow. Hazel loves when Becky comes over. They are two peas in a pod.
    It was really nice here today. Sunny and some breeze. Now the wind is blowing…normal.
    I know you’re having fun watching basketball. Life’s pleasure.

  17. Joy in NW Iowa

    Wow back to Mayo again. You must be able to tell your car…Mayo….and it just goes there. I love all your collections, even tho I am not a collector of antiques, I do have some things that the kids collected for me 😉 and some Amish little figurines that a local lady did and then died of breast cancer. I did several counted cross stitch Amish pictures. I have that stuff in my hobby room. Hazel definitely knows who is coming!

  18. Joyce from New York

    Thank you for sharing all your collections, they are so neat to see! I have a small collection of salt & pepper shakers. Good luck tomorrow.

  19. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love your white cabinet. I collect pincushions and love your patchwork strawberry. Hope things go well for Rick at the Mayo clinic. 4 inches of snow yesterday and lots of wind. driveway was plowed out but the wind blow the snow back in. Spring weather coming this week 50’s and 60’s.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  20. Paula in Texas

    Praying for your safety in traveling and more prayers for successful healing,

  21. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love your cupboard and dishes, too; they are wonderful!
    We had sunshine this weekend, but I did not have the urge to work in the yard, too cool here. I did get some sewing done on a baby quilt.
    Take care tomorrow on your trip to Mayo. 🥰

  22. Wendy on Cape Cod

    Mary- What pattern is the dog with the ring around the eye in the first photo? I love it!! Is it one of your’s and Connies? I need the pattern so I can make it. Too cute.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Wendy – I am sorry but I don’t remember – I made it about 20 years ago.

  23. Diane in WI

    I enjoyed all the photos today. I ordered and received my Scraps and Shirttalis II from Bonnie Hunter. She even signed my copy. The quilts are gorgeous in the book. Becky did a wonderful painting for Rick’s card. I have always wanted to try watercolors. I just found my patterns to make strawberry pincushions. Too many things I want to do. I hope all goes well tomorrow at Mayo. Take care.

  24. Jan Hebert

    Beckie’s card is precious! I love all of the quilts shown but that little birdhouse one is just adorable. It must be paper pieced? I hope the maker speaks up! I also love the way you’ve tied the bird cage to the shelf bracket, HA! I’m sure it’s been knocked to the floor and this is to prevent that. We have parakeets, such cute little birds. I hope to get more some day but need a larger cage for them. Your cupboard with all of the white dishes, etc. is beautiful! Jan in MA

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