Playhouse Pumpkin, 9-6-21

This little quilt measures 16” x 22” which means you can sew it in an evening. Here are all the measurements – eventually this will be a free pattern in our online store.

Here is my Playhouse Pumpkin from a couple years ago.

You may need to enlarge your screen if this isn’t clear.

Closeup of quilting.

This years pumpkin harvest – I didn’t plant any big ones that would be hard to carry. Smart, huh?

Reader quilts:

Chick close up. Feather duster is used as a substitute for mama – chicks hide in the feathers.

Millie in a too small bowl!

***** Note about online orders. Please follow directions for downloading the pattern that you purchase. If you have trouble, please contact me at

Hope you’ve had a relaxing Labor Day!

28 thoughts on “Playhouse Pumpkin, 9-6-21

  1. Carmen Montmarquet

    Love the cute chicks and adding that duster to help them feel safe is such a good idea! Thanks for the cute Playhouse Pumpkin Pattern, can’t wait to make it!

  2. Rachel Summy

    Thanks for the Pumpkin Pattern…it’s so cute!! I’m going to make it soon. Good luck finding the chicken pest….makes since it’s a snake. Worth trying her idea! Love reading your blog!! thanks again!!

  3. Carrolyn V

    Love the pix…esp cat in the bowl and chicks with the duster! Hope your days are getting better!

  4. Kimberly Lusin

    Thank you for the Playhouse Pumpkin pattern! Can’t wait to make it!! Millie is adorable!

  5. Susan K in Texas

    Cute little pumpkin quilt. I may have to make one for my daughter in law – she loves decorating for Halloween and fall.
    Isn’t it funny how kitties will fit themselves into small spaces like that bowl. One of my cats used to love to sleep in an oval sink. He was a big kitty and filled the whole bowl.
    I spent the day with my sister and niece shopping for mother of the groom and sister of the groom dresses. It was fun to be with them.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Thank you Mary for the nice easy pattern. It is very nice of you to think of us.
    I just love your color palette shown. All these nice bright colors catch my eye so might have to do some fabric shopping soon. Millie must be quite a snuggly cat fitting herself in the bowl.

  7. Kathy Hanson

    Happy Labor Day! Glad to see some chickens – glad you haven’t lost them all. The pumpkin quilt is so perfect for fall! You got a lot of pumpkins this year, so nice.
    Always love the “quilt show” of the quilts people have finished. Now on to #9 (after my wrist is better!)

  8. Sherrill

    That bowl that Millie’s laying in doesn’t look the least bit comfortable! LOL Silly cat.

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thank you so much for the cute pumpkin quilt. I love watching cats sleep; Millie is precious. I am sending positive vibes your way; I pray your week goes well. 🥰

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary,yes, l am going to make the quilt too,l love pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones! That might have been a hungry snake to eat so many chickens! I think it’s something bigger! Another wet and wild day in New Zealand! Best wishes to all, sandy

  11. Jean

    Thanks for the playhouse pumpkin pattern! I like your fabric choices. What is the light flower piece?

  12. Pattie Weber

    Love the pumpkin with the floral background. I’m inspired! So sad about all your chickens.

  13. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary
    Your PlayHouse Pumpkin quilt is darling! Thanks for sharing the pattern 🙂
    I always enjoy the pictures of your pets and everyone’s quilts.
    Wishing everyone a good day!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  14. Brenda in SC

    Absolutely love Playhouse Pumpkin!! So much so, that I went into the sewing room to hit up my stash for orange material and only found a couple small pieces!! Now, how can that be?!?!? Out of all the stash I have, that I only have a couple small pieces with orange or anything that would even resemble fall weather material? Guess I will have to hit up Marketplace….LOL
    Millie is so cute in her “Too Small Dish”….just like a cat to cuddle up into something comfortable to her!
    Your pumpkin patch is nice, and small pumpkins are the way to go!!!
    The chickens are really growing and their “Foster” Mother is keeping them warm and safe I am sure. Hoping you had a nice and quiet Labor Day. We sure did. I pulled a muscle or something in my chest vacuuming of all things. Not sure how I did it, but I must have done it good, as it is so painful. Been on Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers since yesterday. Trying not to baby it too much so I can work the soreness out; but trying not to over-do it either.
    Much Love from SC

    1. Susan K in Texas

      Pulled muscle in the chest sounds painful! I hope you feel better soon. And maybe give up vacuuming as it’s too dangerous to your health! (That was said with a large dose of sarcasm 😉 ).

      1. Brenda in SC

        Thanks Susan! I would love to give up vacuuming, but with four dogs and about 1600 sq. ft of carpeting and a cleaning lady that only comes once a week, no chance of that!!! LOL!!!
        Sarcasm!! OH, how I love it…..please don’t make me laugh! It hurts!!! Hahahaha!!!

  15. Jay

    Mary, thanks for the darling pumpkin. It’s just the right size and just the right difficulty for my scrambled brain! I’ll get on that today as I wait for some fabric to finish the current project.

  16. Vicki in Seattle

    Thanks, Mary, for the charming pattern!
    There certainly is a touch of FALL in the air.
    Time to pull the autumn quilts out!🍁🍁🍁

  17. Anonymous

    thanks for the pumpkin pattern. i really like how you think about us. hugs, patti in florida

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