Porch Quilt, 6-14-21

This is the picture a reader asked about.

Here is the Puss in the Corner block that I used.

It’s a great scrap block which uses common size strips leftover from other projects.

Here are the three shops I visited last Friday.

I bought fabric at all shops but I bought the most from Sewing Seeds in New Ulm, MN. I have been in a lot of quilt shops over the past 40 years and I think this is the nicest one of them all! No kidding! Two levels of simply great fabric, nice displays, great models and the cleanest , tidiest shop I’ve ever visited. I’m not out to make points with any of them – nobody even knew who I was or who Country Threads was. One of the owners of Sewing Seeds had been to our shop many years ago however.

I told Connie she would love the Kim Diehl room – it had an old bedroom set on display with all the fabric. It honestly takes a lot to inspire me as much as this shop did. Why didn’t I take lots of pictures? Probably because Rick was waiting in the car. Here are a couple.

They were having a red, white and blue display in their classroom – I thought I had taken more pictures than I did.

This label was on every quilt – why didn’t we think of that????

Next we visited a thrift shop and bought books.

This is what I bought at the swap meet. I’m shopping for embroidery items for a friend who can’t find any in her area.

And that’s pretty much it – I had a great time!!!

26 thoughts on “Porch Quilt, 6-14-21

  1. Cinders

    Loved your quilt shop visits, they are ones I have visited many times, and always finding something at them as well! Was the thrift store in St Cloud? I haven’t been to a thrift shop tore in a very long time, will get to a few soon.

  2. Lynn Handberg

    I love Sewing Seeds in New Ulm also!!! The town itself ain’t half bad also!!

  3. Linda from MN

    What kind of embroidery items is your friend looking for and what does she do with them?

    Nice finds at the thrift shop too! Which one did you go to?

    Glad you had a good trip!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda from MN – she lives in WA and can’t find any there – she might be making a quilt or just repurposing the items. She is looking for hand embroidered dresser scarves and/or linens.

  4. Launa

    Would love a shop with a Kim Diehl room! I just ordered her new Christmas panel!
    Thanks for names of the visited shops. Have the new Quilt Sampler!
    Need to finish yesterday’s Mini Monday Sewing Bee 🐝 block’s that Temecula Quilt Shop posted!
    Praying for those fighting the wild fires 🔥 and those evacuated!

  5. Kathy in western NY

    It was fun to see your new purchases. You did good not bringing more home cause as tempting as it is, we know the end result is just adding to what we are already trying to pair down. Books I always look for as I can pass those on to family or shut ins to read. I go to a used book store any time I find one. So many times when we have stopped at a quilt store, My husband usually spies a hardware store close by to browse in. For him a good local hardware store is as much of a gem to him as fabric shopping is for me! Your camera takes really good pictures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in wester ny – cake pan was $3 and sometimes I really need one with a cover. Picnic basket was $2 – so cheap I couldn’t pass it up and at that price I can use it outside and not be too concerned. Kitchen scouring pads were $1. Frame was $3. Books will go back to my favorite thrift store after I’ve read them. Embroidery pieces purchased for a friend so I didn’t over buy.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – the 9×13 cake pan has a good cover and my old one is so bent it’s hard to slide on – cost was $3. The picnic basket was only $2, frame was $3 – great bargains!

  6. Kim J LeMere

    I need to go and check out the shop in New Ulm the next time I visit family in MN, it sounds wonderful and 2 floors of luscious fabrics! thanks for taking us along.

  7. Barb

    Wow, great ideas! I haven’t been to New Ulm, will visit next time in the area. Love all the fabrics, patterns, great ideas……but love the pan with the lid! I grew up on church potlucks and remember those pans….always filled with great stuff!

  8. Sue in Oregon

    What a fun shopping trip! Sewing Seeds looks like a very special quilt shop.
    What is it about a husband waiting in the car? Mine always says…take your time and don’t worry about me. But, I do and I get very edgy and I can’t relax. Ah, well. It’s just the way we are made, I guess.
    So glad you had a good time.

  9. Charlotte Shira

    Looks like a great quilt shop. My granddaughter, daughter-in-law and I are going on a shop hop next week. Only 6 shops but I’m excited. In 2019 there were 10 participating shops. Hope the others haven’t closed their doors.

  10. Carrolyn v

    Wowzer! Can’t wait until things open around here and are truly safe to visit! I’m tired of just destashing although that feels satisfying! I want to find new ideas! New at least to ne. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Love the embroidery!!!

  11. Rhoda

    So fun to see what you saw and the lovely pictures.

    Always inspiring Mary.
    I am in Wisconsin and not doing much quilting at all these days. Entertaining family on on the menu.

    Happy Flag Day !

  12. Shirley

    Yes, Sewing Seeds looks like a beautiful shoppe. And you scored!!!. Road trip. I am from Oregon. Lots of shops going modern here. Not happy. 🙃

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like you has some fun. You and Connie can plan a return trip with no time limits.
    It’s goina be a scorcher here this week…high 90’s, possibly 100. Wowzers and it’s only June.

  14. Pat ONeill

    I have been to Sewing Seeds Quilt Store often & Love It!! I’m from Davenport, IA but our son & family live in New Ulm!! It is featured in the latest edition of the Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Sampler 10 Top Shops! This is their second time! Your description is so Right On!!

  15. Mary Hawk

    Never heard of this shop- will look it up! Looks lovely and nice displays.
    It is harder to relax shopping with someone waiting in the car. My husband would stop anywhere and doesn’t care how long I take- so it’s self- induced guilt!

  16. LaNan Eldridge

    Sewing seeds is one of my favorites too. Took a Heine class there a couple years ago. The ladies were all so welcoming and helpful.

  17. Mary

    Do you know the name of that quilt that the “label” was on that you commented on the label? Love that quilt, would be a great scrap buster!

        1. Dot

          Mary, why don’t you email Sewing Seeds about the pattern? Their email address is here in this post. Mary E, I love your swap meet finds; haven’t been to a swap meet or thrift shop in way too long.

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