I have posted three times on the new site and have not heard from anyone so I’m assuming it hasn’t transferred. I will keep working on it. Or else I’ll just give up. I don’t even know if anybody will receive this and even if you comment, I probably can’t see it.

258 thoughts on “Problems

  1. Sue in Oregon

    I just now got it, Mary. Why would I get this one, though, and not the first 3 you sent? Keep trying. Maybe they are fixing glitches.

  2. Nancy

    I follow on Feedly and this post came up but now that I’m at your blog it looks like maybe there was a photo (because there’s a big yellow rectangle) but there isn’t a photo. But then maybe you didn’t include a photo.
    Technology’s great when it’s working well, but awful when it isn’t.
    I hope you don’t give up. I enjoy your blog so much!

  3. Ann in PA

    Just got this one. Sorry you had problems with the first tries. We’re bracing for a storm here in PA. Hope those glitches will be fixed. Don’t want to lose you & your blog. ♥️

  4. Marilyn Miller

    I saw you message and felt your frustration, Mary. Your posts something I look forward to. Selfishly I hope you continue to share your life on the farm with us as often as possible. Looking forward to Tim’s corn field planting pictures, your pet menagerie, the quilts and your thoughts.

  5. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, Just received your third try at 9 PM here in California and was able to read your post and the comments.
    For those reading this, I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers during our Snowmageddon here in the San Bernardino Mountains. I jumped for joy when the plow arrived and the helper shoveled the steps to my door. He also shoveled the snow from the kitchen window so I could see out and the sun can shine in once again. God is good.

    1. Teresa in Indiana

      So glad you are finally able to see out beyond the snow levels. Yes- God is good!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Thank you Marie for updating us on how you are doing!!!! I was happy to see your comment.
        I join the rest of the Mary army here and hope she can still write a blog for us. This one came through my email just fine but not the others.

  6. Peggy Grandberg

    Got this post but I think the last one was on the 9th before this one. Hope you can get it working again. Miss your news.

  7. Jeanne in Co

    I received your written blog tonight, Mary, but no photos. Just two yellow blurry squares from previous postings this week.
    Jeanne in Co. Don’t give up. My phone has acted up for several days too with no texts nor messages. Then on about the third day, they all came through at once. Why? Who knows? I’m not techie either. But be patient and take some time for yourself in the meantime. ❤️

  8. Sharon G.

    Mary – just received your 3rd try at 9:00 pm pacific time. There was a comment below your Problems comment.

    This entry was posted in Uncategorized on March 12, 2023.

    Not sure if that means anything but it was separate from your Problems comment. Love your blog so I hope the bugs get worked out.

  9. Donna Sproston

    I received this post. Last post I saw mentioned a new cat with matted fur. Technology is great except when it isn’t.

  10. Diane in Colorado

    I see it!!
    I know this is super frustrating for you! I’m not techy either, so sure appreciate your persistence!!!

  11. Patty in So California

    Maybe post the new link to us again.
    I hope that you see my comment.
    I enjoy reading your posts so very much!
    I would miss you!

  12. DebMac

    You came thru at 11pm but it seems like more and more of my emails are coming later and later.

  13. Alice

    Mary, just received your 3rd try. It just may take time for the new site to work properly. I’ve been having trouble with my phone as well. Seems to cause trouble every time there’s an update! Hope you continue to post, we love hearing from you & life on the farm!!

  14. Beryl in Owatonna

    I received this post…Problems…but none for a couple of days.
    My computer has been ‘acting’ up … the font has gotten smaller but not set on a smaller size, I am having trouble responding to a couple emails too, my computer keeps going to airplane mode too??? I get so frustrated, Hoping you get your end straightened out, maybe mine will too!!

  15. Deb E

    Your message was received at 9:01 pm tonight – unfortunately I didn’t open my mail till 9:49, but still got it! So sorry that you’re having problems with it on your end, I’m hoping you’ll get at least one of our messages for encouragement! I SO totally enjoy your blog! Take care! Deb E / California

  16. Pam

    Hi Mary! Just wanted to let you know I am able to read this post. Hopefully you can see my comment. Did not see the other posts you mentioned.

  17. Saundra jones

    I got the post from today, Sunday I think. Before this I had not gotten one since March 9, with the picture of the bunny pattern. I do enjoy your post very much. Machesney Park, Il.

  18. Bobby Sutton

    I did get a message from you that you were having problems. The comments section looks the same. So sorry about the technical situation. I can relate. Good luck getting back on track. I look forward to all your post each day.
    Bobby in Md.

  19. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l got your email down here in wet and windy new Zealand! Arrow head Gramma , pleased to hear you can see out of the kitchen window, the snow was even reported in our newspaper! I feel your frustration Mary, life doesn’t get easier dealing with phones, computers, can’t even record tv programmes these days!Thank goodness for my old Bernina! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  20. Kris in WI

    Oh scratch, Mary. I’m sorry you’re having technical difficulties. Do what you have to do, but I hope knowing we got your “problems” post will make you feel better. Kris

  21. Nancy Wines

    Your blog cane through. Thank you for all you do to keep it going. So frustrating for you. Hope things get better.

  22. Lisa B

    Well, I’m reading this. And the prior post began with the rabbit wall quilt. So if you sent something in-between sadly it didn’t come through. I love your blog. It is a nice mixture of topics. I hope you can find a fix.

  23. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I received your “Problems” post on 3/12/2023. The post before that was dated 3/9/2023; it had the quilt with the beautiful blue background.
    Arrowhead Grandma, I am so happy for you to be shoveled out and able to see out the kitchen window. Take Care.
    Thanks, Mary. 🥰

  24. Brenda in SC

    I got it Mary!! First post in a long time!! No pictures, but that’s okay too. I so look forward to your posts. I left Facebook as there was just too much drama so not able to keep up with you there. Hope you will be able to keep on posting.

  25. Angela Short

    🌻 Mary, Hello from North Carolina! I received this blog post. You’ll figure out the new site ~ technology is tricky. Please don’t give up on it. I look forward to your posts. Take care. 🌼 ♡☆♡ 🪷🪻🌻 ~ Angie

  26. Sharon Eshlaman

    I received your March 9th post and this stating there’s issues….nothing in between. Hope you can get it resolved. My day isn’t complete until I get your posts. It must be so darn frustrating.

  27. Jean

    Mary I hope you can see this. Got the post. PLEEZE hang in there. We need your posts!

  28. Linda Schluchter

    I was worried something was up. Unless you are a complete computer geek I guess they will always cause problems. Please hang in there, I would certainly miss hearing about your farm and miss the adventures of Hazel, Keeper and all the other critters.

  29. Pat Smith

    Yes, I got this post. It must be so frustrating like all technology is, at least for me. I would so miss hearing about your life on the farm in Iowa and about your animals. You are a lifeline to my home state.

  30. Susie Kepley

    I am not usually a comment person, but I thoroughly enjoy each and every post. Keep up the good work!!♥️🐈🐕🐈♥️

  31. Janet S

    It seems like most of us are getting this post – winner. It’s a happy day when Arrowhead Grandma can see out her window but it seems like more snow is coming to her.
    Last Saturday (the 12th) our good Amish friends from near Rochester MN were here for lunch and a nice visit. We don’t get to see them often so it is a real treat when we can get together. They were here (near Minneapolis) so the guys could go to a hunting/gun show as they love deer hunting. As most of you know, they have to hire a driver whenever they want to go far. They love to travel so it’s fortunate they have a good income from their business. We try to get their way the Saturday before Memorial Day and also Labor Day. They have a huge auction to raise money for their medical fund. There’s lots going on but I usually just watch the quilts auctioned. It’s amazing.

  32. Christina dickerhoof

    I have been seeing your posts and enjoy them. Please don’t quit.

    1. Christina dickerhoof

      I never comment but did on this one and asked to be notified about other comments. Well there have literally been dozens of notifications on the short time since I commented so now I have to figure out how to turn them off. Good luck.

  33. Jo in Michigan

    Good morning! I haven’t seen any of the last post’s but this one! Hopefully you can read our comments.
    Keep on keeping on Mary it will all work out.

  34. Pamela Dempsey

    Good morning,Mary! I found this post this morning, hopefully you can see our replies 😻

  35. Cynthia from SW MN

    I checked to see when I received your last email, it was Narch 9 received on the 10th. Then your message today.

  36. Teresa in Indiana

    Hi Mary! So good to hear from you again. This message came through late last night, but nothing else since the 9th. I hope you can see all the responses. We love hearing from you and about the farm and your goings on and have missed you these past several days. Hang in there and keep “swimming”.

  37. Sheila

    Hi Mary and friends,

    This is the first one in a few days. I hope you are
    able to see the responses.

    Sheila from MA

  38. NancyTD

    I got it! Hadn’t heard from you since the 9th. You brighten so many people’s lives with the blog. A big hug for all you do.

  39. Debbie G in SE WI

    I can read this post. The last one I read was regarding a change. Please don’t give up! You have a huge support group rooting for you!

  40. Linda

    Hi Mary, Your post hit my mailbox at 11:01 pm central time last night. I’m just reading it now at 6:30. I have to chuckle when you see the times that people added their responses. Don’t you people ever sleep? LOL
    Window updates, Google updates. I wish they would just leave my program alone – I really don’t need all the fancy stuff! Glad to see you back in techie land again.

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      I never look at the times of the postings, but with your comments I did so. You are right! People are awake at all hours! Laugh.

  41. Rita in Iowa

    Mary so glad to wake up and see your email. It is very frustrating to not have things work properly. There are issues that Apple products have and you don’t have issues on a regular PC. Had that this morning trying to print out a receipt. Hang in there and keep posting.

  42. Patty Rhoades

    Got this one…had been wondering about you as hadn’t gotten anything since the 9th. Hope it fixed now.

  43. Mary Beth

    I see your Comments post. I’m so sorry you’re having new problems with the website. I enjoy reading your blog. I’m waiting to have carpal tunnel surgery today. 😊

  44. Donna Albright

    I have not seen a post since 3/9 so I would guess it’s not working. Wondered what happened to you!

  45. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Grr. I really hate computer problems. I am not computer savey so unless my son-in-law or daughter can come over to fix it, I am usually down for a bit. Hate it! I feel your pain.

  46. Marjorie Carlisle

    I received it in New Hampshire. You can’t give up. We all enjoy hearing from you.

  47. ChristieB

    Got it! the last post I got was March 9, A typical March day. PLEASE do not give up – you would be horribly missed! Love all your posts! HUGS… and stitches

  48. carolyn meadows

    Please don’t give up. Your posts mean a lot to me. You are the best.

  49. Marie C

    I got the post called a typical March day and then post called problems. Love your blog. Good luck.

  50. Angie from Baltimore

    It came through to me. Computers are a pain at times but hard to imagine life without them now. Hang in there

  51. Debby Krzyston

    Good morning Mary😃 I received this email this morning. I appreciate your time and quilting from your farm emails.
    Debby from Wisconsin 🐝

  52. Barbara Firesheets

    Received this post. The last post I saw before this one was A Typical March Day 3-9-23. Hope you don’t give up, love hearing from you!

  53. Dorothy

    Good morning Mary. I got your email. I don’t think you realize how much you are a part of all of our lives and we would all really miss you. Really appreciate all that you do to keep us a part of your country life and I know computers are supposed to make our lives easier but they really don’t and are very frustrating. When they work like they are supposed to they are great but when the glitches happen I would like to throw mine into Lake Michigan. Step away for a bit, take a break and a deep breath.

  54. Jan R

    I received it! So sorry that the computer stuff is such an issue. I would help if I could, but I am clueless when it comes to computers. Hope the rest of your day is brighter.

  55. Diana

    I received this message, good luck with getting through! I miss you when it doesn’t work. Have a great day 🤗

  56. Karen

    Hi Mary. Received your email yesterday and commenting this morning, Monday. Sorry for all the problems. And this is why I don’t blog anymore. Happy Monday!

  57. Diane in Maryland

    I received it too. We hope you are getting our comments. I was hoping you weren’t having problems. Why do the computer nerds have to change things when it works fine?!

  58. Lynn H

    Hi Mary! I can see the comments from others! Hope you had fun watching basketball this weekend!!!

  59. Joyce from NY

    Got your email, hopefully you can fix this glitch, would miss you terribly! Getting more snow today, March has brought us more snow than all winter ❄️
    Arrowhead Gramma, so glad you’re plowed out, must have been a scary situation!

  60. Brenda

    Got this..last one before that was the March Day post, along with lots of comments….good luck🤞

  61. Bernadette

    I enjoy reading your blog and hear what is happening in your area. Your blog came in at 11: 02pm last night. I don’t recall if I read your blog the last few days. I have my grand children here for spring break and have been getting ready for them. I live in New Hampton so like to hear what the weather is like elsewhere in Iowa. Have a good day, Mary, and that Rick’s surgery goes well when it gets scheduled.

  62. Cynthia

    I received this post on Sunday night and read it then.

    I came back to it this morning.

    The post I received before this one was dated 3/9/2023.

    thank you for your efforts – be blessed today!

  63. Diane Deibler

    I’ve been getting your blog through email,Mary. Not sure which was your last. Got the one about Ricks surgery in April. And have gotten the pet pictures.

  64. Chris J

    Please continue your blog. I love it so much. It’s like having a cozy friend.

  65. Mary Lou

    Got it and please continue – love all your blog post…
    A spark to everyone’s day for sure..

  66. Brenda Ks

    Received this email and so did lots of other people. Everyone is commenting so hope you get them. Arrowhead grandma so glad you have gotten shoveled out.

  67. Kimberly Lusin

    Hi Mary! Other than this post today, I haven’t received any new blog entries since Thursday, March 9. Hope you get things straightened out. I’ve been sick with a cold and cough-not Covid thankfully. I love your blog and pet parade. We’re getting some snow now in northwest indiana. Have a great day, Mary! Thinking of you.

  68. Sheila in WI

    I received this post, but not the others. Hope it can be resolved since I would miss your posts and all the comments by your army of fans/ friends.

  69. Ginger S

    I received this post, the first one since March 9. i sure hope this works. I look forward to your posts and would certainly miss them. Thank you for doing your best to keep us all connected.

  70. Brenda

    I received the one titled problems. I so hope you can get someone to help you figure out the problems. I have to find someone to help me whenever I have a problem with my computer or phone. The Geek Squar at Best Buy has been so helpful for me.

  71. Billie

    I got it here in Nevada!
    Have a Wonderful day, Mary.
    Please keep blogging, we all love reading about your adventures.

  72. Susy Boyer-San Diego

    Hi Mary,
    I did see your blog today 3-13-2023 the one called, Problems. Sorry you are struggling with computer issues, no fun for sure. I do enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for your patience and trying so hard. Susy

  73. Marlene T in upstate NY

    Hi Mary. I haven’t checked in for ages, but thought I would let you know I rec’d your message. It is 10:40 qm in upstate NY. It already started snowing at 8am. Snow storm wasn’t supposed to kick in until later today. Can’t wait for spring . I’ll reply again if you post another message. Good Luck.

  74. Lorraine McGeough

    Hopefully you can get this message. Yes I did get this message from March 12th but have not seen any posts from you lately.

  75. Myra Allen

    Love hearing from you. Just a note to let you know I did get your “Problem” post.

  76. Jan Reliford

    I received your “problem” post! So sorry you’re having troubles. Can’t imagine not receiving a post from you… day would be terrible! This goofy technology! Thanks for all you do Mary
    Hugs from Jan in CO

  77. Marilyn Morley

    Received this message, Mary but apparently not you previous ones.
    I appreciate you many efforts – so enjoy your blogs. Marilyn

  78. Sandi

    So sorry. I don’t have much hope that this reply will appear, but I’m giving it a shot.
    Good morning from rainy Northern California.

  79. Jeanine from Iowa

    As many others, I received your email. Hope it all comes together as we miss hearing from you.

  80. Sue M

    Mary, I received today’s posting. I was wondering why I hadn’t received a Chicken Scratch in recent days.
    Take care, Sue M in wet California

  81. Melody in Wisconsin

    Got it Mary! Take a deep breath and relax. It is not the end of the world if it doesn’t post. The stress is just not worth it. I would miss your emails so much but I understand the frustration of technology, especially when you have no one to ask or help you. Hang in there but don’t fret, this to shall pass.
    A big hug to you,

  82. Quilting Sister

    I received this message from you … hope you enjoyed the Oscars, I did!!!

  83. Colleen in Oregon

    Got this one, please don’t give up! That would leave a big hole in a lot of lives!



  85. Shirley Zsohar

    I only received this email. Hope you are able to continue to communicate with us. I look forward to each email.

  86. Caryn in Eastern Washington

    Mary, I got your email about things not working. The last email I got was on March 9, “A Typical March Day”.

  87. Sandee Wachal

    Hi Mary,

    Just wanted to let you know that you and Connie were given credit for your quilt design in Simply Vintage by Pam from Barn Chick Quilts (Spokane, WA area) on her online sale pages. There is a line through the “other” person’s name and yours and Connie’s names were typed in on Pam’s sales site.

    I called and chatted with Pam this morning thanking her for the correction. She said she knew you well from old market setup times together. Hope this warms your heart and lets you know that we just need to hang together!

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in cold Central Ohio

      Sadie, That is good news. That was nice of you.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Sandee, I agree with Diane and thank you for letting us, especially Mary, know that the recognition they deserve for the pattern happened. So kind of you to bring us this news.
          I hope Mary is able to read the comments.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Really? Oh, that was nice of her! She had lunch with some mutual friends last week – I miss those old days!

      1. Kathy

        Ha – I posted my comment about the same time as Mary ! How funny and so happy Mary is able to see them!!!

  88. Beryl Bc

    This is likely the first message I’ve seen of the three. No pictures with it. Good luck! I’ve been fighting with the phone company for about a week. It is frustating.

  89. Susie from TEXAS

    Mary, please don’t give up!
    I’m sure there’s someone that can assist you.
    Fingers crossed it’s not too much trouble.

  90. Nancy Schulz

    Mary cannot see all these comments but I sent her an email letting her know how much she is missed! She is trying to once again solve blog issues, so please be patient. Perhaps not overload the system till we hear from her?

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