Puppies Are Here!

Brownie and Blackie arrived about noon and promptly had baths, then worming and then eating. Their little tummies are so distended! By next week they’ll look much better. They were obviously dehydrated, too, because they drank and drank. They even wanted to drink the soapy wash water!

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Names are Brownie and Blackie – pretty self explanatory. Brownie is very friendly – a real snuggle bunny. Blackie is very timid and afraid to be touched – maybe abused? Can’t imagine that but she just shrinks away from me.

They are exhausted but I should get them up so they’ll sleep when I want to sleep – right?

Another pretty nice day today – I love spring and May in particular. These days are in the 50’s and low 60’s – just a sweatshirt needed to be in and out of the house. I am very aware of these nice days and appreciate them so much. Yard work could almost be fun!

46 thoughts on “Puppies Are Here!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jenny Stevenson – I may have lost my mind thinking this was a good idea but foster homes are so needed and right now I’ve got time! Stay tuned – ha!

  1. Vickie Lemonds

    Little Blackie just needs some love and consistency in her life. She’ll learn. They are both so adorable and I’m sure they have puppy breath, my fav!

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Awww gotta feel for them knowing they have been moved place to place. Poor little Blackie cause one of our rescues took awhile to learn we weren’t going to hurt her. It breaks your heart but they can’t tell us what happened so patience and kindness is all you can do. Thank you Mary for giving them a life.

  3. Diane Bauer

    So, so cute!! I look forward to watching them grow!! Thank you so much for opening your heart to them!! How old are these two?

  4. Kathy Hanson

    What sweet puppies, and so very lucky to be at your house where you will not only care for them but LOVE them! Blackie should figure it out soon. You are so amazing, I know they will be loved so much and that you will make a difference in their lives. Hopefully they will sleep when you do!!
    Such beautiful days we have had lately, we are so fortunate. Jerry has been getting his flower gardens all ready – some daffodils blooming now after the crocus!

  5. Sue in Oregon

    They are both adorable, but that Brownie! Wow! That little face is a show stopper. Have fun with them tomorrow and hopefully you will get good rest tonight.

  6. Diane in WI

    What a sweet pair they are! It will be interesting to see them grow and change while they are with you. Love will help. I wish everyone who has pets would be responsible and take good care of them. I’m glad your weather is better than ours. We’ve had clouds and chilly weather for three or four days now. I just finished a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I really should be sewing and getting more projects done. Tomorrow is another day. Have a good night. Take care.

  7. Sandy in Indiana

    O they are such cuties!
    Thank you Mary for all you do & continue to do!

    Stay safe…….

  8. Holly

    I know I read that you are fostering these puppies for a period of time but I assume they will go back somewhere to be adopted? Do you know what kind of puppies they are or anything about adopting them?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Holly – they belong to Patriots For Pets in Clear Lake, IA. Look like some kind of hound mix – they’re very sweet!

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved seeing the puppies! Both are just adorable. Have fun with them, Mary! Love them; snuggle them! You will be teaching them what love and affection are all about. On a different subject–and back to the peanut butter discussion earlier–have you ever tried a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich? It is really quite good, but I prefer it not being my breakfast. I find it good for a later-in-the-day sandwich.

  10. Karen Gaither

    Mary they are adorable! I hope they are good for you. What did they think of chickens & goats? How are the foster pups doing with your pups & cats?
    I bet you and Rick fall in love with these two!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Gaither – Telly and Hazel aren’t too interested in the puppies now but that’s will change. Cats just have no patience with them at all! They haven’t gone to the barn just yet.

  11. S.Lenz

    Those pups won the lottery getting you as a temporary mom! They look so sweet! Enjoy!

  12. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, I agree with S Lenz that these two puppies won the lottery! How fun to see them learn, grow and develop trust. You will be a standard that will be hard to beat. Have fun.

    How is Angel doing now with the surgery behind her?

  13. Jan from TN

    Oh, these puppies are so cute! They appear to be much older than the other 2 you had for a short term. Hope these 2 do much better. They look healthy & so a adorable. I bet as they get a bit older, they’ll be a bundle of fun & mischief. Thanks for being will to foster. Not something I think I could do as I would certainly end up with a houseful of dogs. While I wouldn’t mind that so much, my husband would likely have the opposite reaction! Lol! I’ll send you a new picture of Brody with his haircut. (We have a mobile groomer who comes to our house to groom him in her ambulance converted to a mobile dog grooming station but she told us this week she’s moving to Arizona in June. Dang it!)

  14. Launa

    Lucky little puppies having you to give them TLC!
    I hope Hazel enjoys their stay, too!
    On a lighter note my Idaho county announced it has its first coronavirus case, but is well prepared to handle it!

  15. PennyC

    Brownie and Blackie are adorable!! Love the white front page on Blackie! They are blessed to be with you!!!

  16. Karen

    The puppies had a guardian angel that led them to you. Has Hazel, Telly and the cats met them yet? How did the introductions go?

  17. Susan

    The puppies are adorable! I didn’t look back to check this, but I think you said you were keeping them to get their weight up so they could be spayed or neutered, right? Our cat came from the SPCA 4 years ago, and she was spayed before we got her at 8 weeks old. They spay them much younger than they used to — she only weighed 1.4 lbs when they spayed her, according to the records they gave us when we adopted her! I can’t imagine that being good. I’m glad to hear they’re fattening your pups up before putting them through surgery! Enjoy your time with them. You’re a very special lady!

  18. Tammy Guerrero

    A bath and a meal. Now nap time. They already feel the love. Thank you for caring for these precious babies!

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    They are so cute! Is too bgad that I am not your next door neighbor, I think I would sneak in to play with those two! So lucky to have you. How has the princess and Telly reacted to these little ones? Have a blessed week end, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – the “princess”. Has pretty much ignored them but today actually wanted to play with them – baby steps! I wish you lived next door – I could use the help!

      1. Felicia Hamlin

        Ha, ha, she is probably curious about them. I hope that their tummies are getting back to normal and you don’t have to clean up so much doo-doo. Have a nice day, it is nice and sunny here.

  20. Jean

    Those pups are so precious! I hope they weren’t abused. I just can’t stand that. Mary, there is a special place in heaven for those who love God’s creatures and cares for them such as you do. Can’t wait for daily updates!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean – just as there might be a place in Heaven for those who love God’s creatures, there’s a special place in HELL for those who abuse them, don’t you agree?

  21. Nikki M in Tx

    So cute….they look like be up to mischief before you know it…especially Brownie.
    Two lucky pups to be in your care.

  22. Gloria from CC

    Pat in Michigan – thanks for asking about Angel. She is totally recovered from her surgery. She had a slight ear infection and an infection on her back after her surgery, both of which have healed. For the first six weeks Angel was at the vet’s office at least once a week. Thankfully she loves her veterinarian.
    Mary – love those little puppies. They are two lucky dogs to have you as their mom for awhile. Work your magic on them and they will thrive.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Aww this is so good to read about Angel and her recovery. She’s so sweet.
      Bless you too for giving her life.

  23. ChristieB

    I’m sure you will work your puppy magic on Blackie and he will come around very soon! They look like cute puppies. Hope they do well for you! HUGS… and stitches

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – Hazel is coming around and actually wanting to play with them! We think they’re about 8 weeks old. They’re very sweet!


    How can you not love those puppies! If I was in Iowa I would adopt, I am just a sucker for dogs! Speaking of dogs, my poor black cocker spaniel is panting due to increased temps in Southern California and her bush of hair! She looks like a black bear. Sooo… I used my Amazon gift cards and bought a grooming table and grooming shears and am watching grooming videos on the internet so I can give her a wonderful first time with Mommy haircut! What I do for my dogs… they are so spoiled but I can’t resist those sweet eyes and their cute ears, Hope my efforts will make her more comfortable in the forthcoming months…. Take care of those babies as they will probably end of being the highlight of your quarantine memories.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – I think you’re right – these puppies and this spring weather is what I’m going to remember about the pandemic!

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