Question, 7-2-22

As I’m sitting in the porch this morning drinking coffee a short message came across the top of my screen and before I could see it completely, it disappeared and now I can’t find it. It was about my feathered T quilt and I’d love to answer the question..

Heading out to mow and will check back later – tomorrow will be a big giveaway – details coming!!!

5 thoughts on “Question, 7-2-22

  1. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary – could the message have come from facebook messenger? If I get a message from someone who ISN’T a facebook friend of mine, I might see the message on my screen briefly but then it would be in messenger under the 3 dots/options then under message requests on my laptop OR alternatively on your phone it might be on the messenger app(on my phone facebook and messenger are separate apps, I assume that might include tablets, in that case it would might be somewhere in your list of chats). Just a suggestion. We don’t need to mow, our grass hasn’t grown in a week, we’ve had very little rain as we’ve been mostly on the edge of the showers, including today as I think it is raining about 3 miles north of us and we can occasionally hear thunder. Maybe this weekend it will be more serious. My garden could use a little rain, even though I gave it some water mid week.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    I lose stuff all the time…but, on the bright side, I find stuff all the time too!!!
    It’s the gray matter issue. 🤪

  3. Connie R.

    I had a similar disappearing email happen to me a couple days ago. I saw it for a couple seconds and then nothing. I thought I must’ve pressed delete by mistake but, never did find it.

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