Quilt photos

9 thoughts on “Quilt photos

  1. Vicki

    I love Debbie Bunch’s animal quilt! What a neat way to have a variety of animals and colors. So delightful, especially for a child. Love the quilt show.

  2. Linda in Estherville

    What a work of art! AMAZZZZING! I cannot begin to think how many hours and how much patience that took.

  3. Carole S.

    Great colors!!! I’ve been putting off starting this because I couldn’t settle on colors I really like. These are perfect!!!

  4. Jean

    I have seen that pattern made up and it is just a great quilt! Thanks Mary. Good luck getting WordPress straightened out! Can’t wait to see more pics.

  5. Patricia G hayes

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  6. Janet

    Debbie is letting me know why I absolutely love quilt shows in any format. It’s beautiful.

  7. Sandy in Indiana

    Wow what a beautiful quilt…..Love all the animals!
    You are very talented 🙂

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