Quilt Shop Tour





I just wandered around the shop and snapped a few photos- see anything you like?

21 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour

  1. Sandy Pierson

    I love the “Bear Paw” on the front of the counter and what is the name of the blue one with the stars that have friendship stars in the center of the blocks?

  2. Barbara Ramey

    I really like the quilt hanging with the blue back ground and pastel appearing star like pattern with a star in the middle. Is that pattern available?

  3. Lori Gust (Olund)

    Was in the shop last saturday…looked great!…I spent 2 hours shopping…wasn’t the same without seeing you coming in and out…I enjoyed it…maybe you should keep track on who holds the record on the longest shopping time…

  4. Lee

    I want it all!! Country Threads is on my bucket list. I am going to Paducah this year and taking my granddaughter to Sisters Oregon for the big show. Country Threads is next…you are a little harder to get to???

  5. Connie Tharp

    I certainly do see many things I like! In the 4th photo, the quilt with the large red flowers…what is that and is there a kit for it? Gorgeous!

  6. Katie Hayse

    I’m with Barb Ramey. Love the dark blue with the pastel stars. What pattern is that?

  7. Rose Mikulski

    What is like is in the barn. (Susannah) I’m expecting my humungous order from Country Threads this week and included is the goat pattern. I got to shop at the store last August during one of the hottest days on our way to Colorado and could only stay a couple of hours. This year I’m planning on staying at the new hotel so I can spend a day at the shop and hubby can go fishing or do farm work. This time I’ll remember to bring treats for the kitties (I only brought them for Susannah and the dogs–my bad) And where is Jackie, shop cat extraordinare?

  8. Ann Barlament

    Love the quilt that’s hanging below the kitty. And the stars on the sides of barns looks interesting!! OOOOhhh and all the fabric – it’s been too long since I ran my fingers through new fabric!!

  9. helen van epp

    Black,gray and white are my favorite colors. I would like to see more of the quilt you have hanging in the shop. More pictures please.

    Blessings, Helen

  10. Barbara Ramey

    The triple star that is pastel on the darker blue background is in the Scrap Basket Beauties Book by Kim Bracket

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