Quilt Show, 9-18-21

Let’s catch up with reader quilts.

This is my Jellyroll project from last year – so easy and so fun to put on my table in the fall.

Connie has a finished Country Threads pattern update – Wild Rice! She had a layer cake to use.

She used the rest of the layer cake to piece the back!

This is Connie’s Jellyroll project. Do you have a Jellyroll project planned for today? I’m afraid I’ll be mowing grass today but maybe tonight I can sew. There’s all those college football games to watch, too!

So what are YOU doing today? Sewing up a Jellyroll perhaps?

31 thoughts on “Quilt Show, 9-18-21

  1. mary H.

    What a lovely group of quits. If I ever get organized, I’ll send some pictures! Time seems to slip away these days. Loving the cooler temps. I am finishing painting the garage with my husband and freezing tomatoes.
    Maybe sewing will happen. I did make little Ada a super hero cape, some joggers, and a Halloween t shirt. I love sewing for my wee one.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – kudos to you for painting! I will do anything to avoid painting!!!

  2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Love all the quilts. That Dance in Paris layer cake is beautiful and so it the quilt! On our way to grandson’s soccer game in Cleveland. My hubby made a 3/4 screen door for our basement so Squeak and Buddy can get better acquainted on each side of it. Hoping!!

  3. Pam D

    Oh, reader that wnet in the second quilt – the brown background, red border. Could you share the name fo the pattern? Thanks!

    1. Diane Beckler

      The kit was is a mixed design. The blocks and setting taken from “Southern Stars” pattern by Pacific Patchwork. Borders designed by Vintage Threads (Former quilt shop in Dyersville, IA).

        1. Diane B

          Thank you for the kind remarks. I have to give credit where credit is due. Although I quilted it, I did not piece it. This was pieced by John Ross in Iowa. It was his 1st quilt!

  4. Sherrill

    Some gorgeous quilts in the show today! I’ll be sewing but not with a jelly roll (already sewed a little this am as I’ve currently got MY college football on now).

  5. Ruthie

    Love the fabric and pattern Connie used for her quilt. Not really into the bright fabrics but this combo is pretty . Nice post today Mary. Going to go pick up my pills in Clear Lake ,then make a stop at Larsons’ Mercantile. Last week when I was there they had all these boxes in the fabric area. Going to go check out what they got in.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruthie – ooh! Thanks for the heads up – I might have to visit Larson’s, too!

  6. Carolyn MacNeil

    I have a very old pattern “Country Living – Artisans Collection by Country Threads Pattern is Porch Swing #31 does anyone know if this pattern is still in print? It’s wonderful!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn MacNeil – I have the original and can make you a copy but didn’t you just say you had a copy?

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, today, after some cleaning up in basement, l will be making more hexagons for a half finished quilt l bought almost 30 years ago. It dates from the 50,so and 60,so with polished cottons etc,so mature enough to finish now!Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  8. Kathy in western NY

    I did some fabric shopping at our local quilt shop to support them. Boy did it feel good to be out browsing in a fabric store as it’s been too long for me. A microwave bowl class was going on and everyone work masks sewing at their tables so was happy to see the safeguards in place. I bought Kitty Corn moda fabric as I love those soft muted colors for a change. I don’t need it but I wanted it so that’s happy for today. I need to quilt yet the only jelly roll I ever bought and loved and made into a quilt. It was a Jan Patel one called Front Porch.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I forgot!!! So sorry! I wanted to say what gorgeous quilts in today’s post and I was fascinated by the border in Diane’s from Colorado. Stunning. There weren’t many quilts on the walls at the fabric store for me to see so that always worries me how much longer it will be open.

  10. RITA in Iowa

    Loved the quilt show today. You ladies are busy. Did do a little sewing today, following a pattern but pulling fabrics as I do each section.

    Started cleaning up flower beds. Don’t know how busy my fall will be and don’t want to leave it all till it gets cold out. Black Walnuts are falling and then it will be cleaning up the twigs that fall from their branches into my flower beds. Much easier to do if it’s cleaned prior to them falling.

    Stay safe and wave Mary when your in your Little Red, I love it.

  11. Susan K in Texas

    Great quilts today! Is the blue and white square quilt backed in denim?
    I made a triangle quilt with the Dance in Paris fabric. It’s such happy fabric. There was a quilt along “Spring in Paris”.
    So lately I’ve been adding to my Ready to be Quilted pile.

  12. Janice Hebert

    No sewing today. I’m hoping to visit a local quilt shop (well, not so local. She’s about an hour and a half away!) to see if I can find one I like. Then I will try my hand at a jelly roll quilt! I did some fall decorating, cleaned as I went along. It was just me and my little dog Louie today as my husband was at a car show in Vermont. Dreary this morning, cleared in the afternoon and now we’re having a big thunderstorm! The mosquitoes will never go away if we don’t stop getting all of this rain! Makes it miserable to be outside. Funny, was out with the dog this afternoon and there were red squirrels up in the treetops literally throwing hickory nuts down on the ground! Kept hearing thud, bounce. Thud, bounce… I was glad we weren’t under those trees! Jan in MA

    1. Pat Williams

      Think it is Fig’s Halloween Sampler. I do have it and doubt I will make it. Be happy to send it to you if you want. Pat in Iowa City

  13. Kim J LeMere

    My daughter came from Wisconsin to Tennessee and we traveled to North Carolina to take a cooking class at the John Campbell Folk School. Lots of safety measures in place and only 6 students allowed. We took a Eastern European class and has such wonderful teachers and class members. We signed up for an Italian class next year! No sewing for me for a few weeks but the time together is wonderful. We hope to go to Helen, Georgia this week and take part in there German Fest (lots less people during the week). Its a wonderful German Village and its only 20 minutes away…..so we shall go

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim LeMere – I think it’s neat that you take classes with your daughter – the sewing can wait!

  14. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Some beautiful show and tell today. I have that Wild Rice pattern in my bin, never had made it though. Connie’s new version is lovely. Interestingly, I am making a quilt, currently, with that same Zen Chic fabric line!

  15. Jane Boyer

    Finished the binding on a Halloween panel wall hanging and baked a cake for church dinner today (9/19). Watched football, too. Read about 20 more pages of Obama’s book which is very good but also a long read.

  16. Diane B

    Loved Diane’s Fig Halloween Sampler! Our local shop did this pattern as a block of the month but we all used different non-Halloween fabric. Mine isn’t finished but seeing this makes me want to get to work on it again. I’m also wishing I’d have done it in halloween colors! A 4 day quilt retreat this week starting Thursday. I’ll be using a Boudoir by Basicgrey jelly roll for one of my projects!

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