Roast Porch?????

That would be roast pork! And I thought I proofread – haha! Fat fingers🤨

16 thoughts on “Roast Porch?????

  1. Quilting Sister

    That’s so funny… my college roomie just sent me a text that she’d dictated, saying their new choir doesn’t have a music conducting degree, that she’s a penis!! She had actually said “pianist” but her phone misunderstood what she said in her heavy southern accent, haa!!! 😁

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting Sister – that’s funnier than roast porch!!

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l thought maybe roast pork or perch(anenglish fish)but you usually say baked fish, so l was confused! Glad it’s sorted out!

  3. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad it was roast pork instead of roast porch! I’m sure it was delicious 😋

  4. Linda G in IA

    I was thinking you had some kind of secret new dish – roasted peaches! After all, it is almost State Fair Time and all the new and unique foods offered. Of course, I thought of pork too- but it was fun guessing!

  5. Ginger S

    I saw that and got a chuckle. I blame those kind of errors on my fat fingers too. Between rogue spell check and fat fingers I’m doomed. Your dinner on the porch sounded lovely no matter what you’re eating!

  6. Kim from TN

    I read it and didn’t catch it, so my brain knew what you meant to say. Sleep well

  7. Brenda

    I thought that was too funny. I also thought of perch not pork. I think I was half asleep. I always have that problem when I am testing, which I rarely do. Bless you for giving us a smile. I also loved the comment about the voice texting. I have had a similar mistake so I never do voice texting, but it could lead to some hilarious mistakes like that one.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I, too, giggled about the choir director! I never speak my texts and am very fussy about misspelled and misused words. The writer needs to pay attention – as I wrote that post last night Carol and I were sitting in the porch having a White Russian which she now calls a White Ukrainian! Haha! I’ll be even more careful now!

  8. Patty McDonald

    I knew you meant roast pork. Thanks for the update on Rick. Glad for him and YOU he’s now on a cane……..and hopefully ……..walking without assistance soon. Glad to be alive with this technology of hip replacement. Nine days after surgery and I do everything for myself. Took a shower too. I know not to bend and a have grabbers in the house to assist me but I feel I’m just waiting for time to pass so I can drive and be completely independent again. I’m wondering if women do better than men with recovery. I’ve always taken charge around our property and figured I just had to push through and get things done. Mary, thank you for lending your ears/eyes and letting me vent a little. I always enjoy reading your blog.

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