Becky and I saw this movie last night – it’s described online as a musical fantasy about Elton John. This morning I’m still watching the trailers and humming along! I would love to see this movie again so I can catch more of the details. The heavy British accent was difficult to understand at times but oh, how we loved the musical productions and the singing by Taron Egerton who plays Elton! I should have put the graphics here – we enjoyed the movie, produced by Elton John, so so much – I’m still singing Crocodile Rock this morning on the porch – ha!

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I gotta get Rocketman off my mind and talk about rugmaking. Here is a placemat made with printed fabric – I failed to insert this photo yesterday. (Too busy talking about flea meds!)

It’s such a different look and can be more interesting than wovens where color is saturated.

Jackson went home yesterday and this morning I’m being very lazy – still on the porch surrounded by cats who think they should be very close to me – what’s with that? I’m continuing to work on #8 and will soon be done – whew. I never would have finished this if it hadn’t been on my Dirty Dozen list. Then it’s back to my rug and cleaning and sorting. I wandered the farmyard yesterday and quickly shot some pictures.

Emma spends her days on the landing at the top of the steps leading to the haymow.

Hazel in the feedroom with one of her favorite “bad hair day” chickens. Who said Jack Russell Terriers kill chickens?

BC and Heidi

Annabelle Hydrangeas at their most beautiful – heavy with blooms and foliage – love them!

69 thoughts on “Rocketman!!!

  1. Carla Francis

    Always loved seeing your beautiful yard when we would come to the shop!! Love, love, love reading your blog, it’s motivating me to get projects finished!!

  2. Andi

    Hi Mary!
    Am waiting for Rocket Man to come out on DVD for at home watching. Elton John has long been my most favorite music person – ever! I do so admire his talent!

  3. Joann E.

    We watched bohemian rhapsody on DVD and turned on the captions. A lot easier than trying to figure out the English accent at times.
    Love reading your blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joann E – excellent idea to read captions! I will probably buy Rocketman so I’ll do that – thanks!

  4. Tina W.

    Love your hydrangeas! We had bluish purple ones when we lived in Salem but it’s so hot and dry here in eastern Oregon that I haven’t tried to plant one. My #8 would be quilted by now if I hadn’t lost the tension screw out of my longarm bobbin case! Should be getting one in the mail tomorrow or Friday I hope! Your rugalong just might get me to finish one I started well over 18 years ago!! Only have about 6 or 7 inches to go so what made me quit? Who knows?! Reading your musings and seeing the pictures makes my day. I hope you never quit writing and sharing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tina W – wow, what a nice compliment! Musings, huh? I have often called it blabber but musings sounds so much more dignified! Ha! I would miss “journaling” in this blog and have no plan to stop at this time but who knows what’s ahead?

  5. Starrla Opferman

    I love all your buddy photos. Thank you for sharing. Your hydrangea are beautiful and how did the pruned pieces do? I made a pot for our stoop with evergreens and red barked twigs for the holidays. I had dirt in the pot so it wasn’t tipsy. Those twigs were rooted and starting to leaf out when I dismantled it this Spring. It wouldn’t have happened if I had wanted it to.

  6. Pat C

    I too am an Iowa gal, now in Michigan. It’s great to see your farm animals. I love seeing your cats. Your yard and farm yard look so relaxing and inviting. You have a great eye for color and composition. Thank you for all you share with us.

  7. Jan from TN

    Missed Rocketman & Bohemian Rhapsody! Heard both were great & I do love music by both! I don’t get to go to movies too often & unlike other people, I won’t go alone.
    Love the goats & all the farm pics!
    Your hydrangeas are fabulous! I have 2 bushes but they’re called “little lime hydrangeas”. We had them planted a few years ago & requested the “little” ones ‘cuz the space for them was fairly small. I’ll send you a pic! They’re very large for “littles”! I think the nursery messed up! Not sure what I’m going to do but this time of year they crowd everything else out. Frustrating!
    Hope you got to sew today! Rainy here too!

  8. Janice Hebert

    What fun pictures. Love your vignette with the succulents – especially the vintage cone strainer being used as a planter, very cute. Love using vintage items around the house and garden. Mary, is one of your goats pregnant? The black and white with a broken horn? She’s a beautiful goat! I’m going to have to remember to somehow fence my Anna Bell hydrangea – she’s trying to stay upright but it’s just a matter of time before she’ll collapse. We are just back from a few days in NH at our camp. We had great weather until today and now it’s going to be very hot and humid. Wish we could have stayed longer but we share it with my sister and it’s her weekend coming up. The good thing is that there are raspberries, and some blueberries ready to pick and we got home before the weeds took over the bush beans and tomatoes in the garden. I’m sorting out all of the denims that I have for the rug a long. Staying busy! Clicking ads. Oh! and I’m ordering the America for Me pattern from Jan Patek – thanks again for your part in making that happen! Jan in MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Hebert – bahahahaha! Pregnant? Not likely but fat, yes! And the pinto with the broken horn isn’t even the fattest one!

      1. Janice Hebert

        Hahaha! Sure looks like she is to me! She looks a lot like the donkey we got for “free” because she was so ornery, little did the owners know that she was actually pregnant! We went down to feed her one morning about three weeks after getting her and low and behold, a tiny donkey! Just the cutest thing. Anyway that is a pretty goat, so shiny! Jan from MA

  9. Gayle Shumaker

    Love your hydrangeas. I have tried for years to grow 4 bushes without success. Enjoy your photos, thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Agatha

    I love to see all your pictures they are always so interesting. I have my #8 done but not sure how to s d a picture of it. Have a fantastic relaxing day, you deserve that.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Agatha – please use my email to send your picture. I will post #8 photos towards the end of the month. Thanks!

  11. Kathy Hanson

    I loved the trip around the farmyard, the kitties are so lovely – I like the calico so much! Emma has it so good and she is so special. My #8 is at the quilter, will get it back in a week and will have the binding on before July is over! Whew!! So good to have the push to get it done! The hydrangeas are so beautiful – wish we had some of those. We have so much else I don’t think we could find a place for anymore. So glad we can keep up with your “kids” and they are truly that! Love that Hazel and the chicken are such good friends!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I need to let you know about Reed’s fair projects and when you should come if you still want to,

  12. Barbara

    Your farm looks like a whole lot more fun than my grandparents’ farm outside Douds, Iowa back in the 1950s and 1060s when I was a kid. Even so I still have fond memories of visiting the farm.

  13. JudyE

    A big thank you to Mary and Connie for
    sharing their lives with us. I love reading the blog, seeing the pictures each and every time. I was never at your shop as I am fairly new to quilting but, I know I
    would have loved it! My dear mother who lived to be over 100 was named Hazel. Love to hear about your dear Hazel too.
    Praying for members of the blog who are dealing illnesses etc. God does answer our
    prayers! Stay cool!

  14. Susan

    My husband and I saw the movie about a month ago and I, too, couldn’t get the music out of my head. We really enjoyed it and got a good appreciation for the talent and learned so much of Elton John’s personal struggles. Often people think money is the answer to all life’s problems. I would highly recommend it as well.

  15. Rose Mikulski

    You know I enjoy seeing the farm babies and love seeing Emma. I have a rug making question; I plan on using cotton prints and was glad to see today’s photo. I don’t prewash my fabrics and was wondering if your rug used prewashed fabrics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose Mikulski – none of my fabrics, prints or wovens, have been prewashed. Glad you wrote, Rose – I needed to tell you I sent a box to you in the mail yesterday – a surprise for You!

      1. Rose Mikulski

        Yay for not having to prewash-making a rug is a great way to use up 10 yards of decades old stash-does my surprise box move? Ha ha!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Rose Mikulski – if only I could send EJM to you in a box!!!

  16. Felicia Hamlin

    Wow, Mary, I love your hydrangeas! I need to get myself some of those. Love all the pictures of your goats, cats and all the flowers. Mine are doing well with all the rain, it has been raining since nine this morning and it is 11:51. Oh, my cactus that you gave me is coming back, I am tickled. Thank you for sharing so much with us, Mary. I am trying for the second time.

  17. Nancy wingo

    You have me on the edge of my seat waiting for you to reveal the book you are trying to get read. I read the reckoning and liked it.
    Also do your goats with horns ever raise their front legs near you? It’s scary to me as my daughter has 2 males and a female. The female birthed 1 male and 1 female a few months ago. And each one looks like each parent.

  18. Nikki M in Tx

    Absolutely beautiful hydrangeas , wish I could grow them here.
    High 90s yesterday with heat index of 115. Same projected for today.
    Can’t wait to see Rocketman. I still listen to CDs by Elton John when I sew or clean.
    Went to see the play Sweeney Todd in Fort Worth Saturday, forgot how dark it is, also hard to understand at time due to the heavy British accents & slang. But was with great company & had a wonderful lunch before.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – I wonder if the hydrangeas would grow in the shade for you – even some of mine wilt in the afternoon sun. They don’t like bright sun!

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        I don’t know if would grow in shade or not.. haven’t seen any around here. Might just try in shady area next year. Know my experiment with a begonia is going well so far…Bongo is leaving it alone & so far flourishing. He ate the impatience over the weekend.

    2. Vicki from Seattle

      Mary, your Blog is such a gift to all of us! Each post is a mini vacation to wonderful quilts, flowers, gardens, books, patterns and animals, just to mention a few! Having grown up in Iowa, it brings back so many memories! Thank you!❤️

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    Wow, Mary! I love your hydrangeas! I need to get myself some of those. I have an Endless Summer that is not doing anything snd I bought a Summer Crush that is trying to bloom. Love seeing all the goats and kitties and plants. My plants are looking good with God’s watering, it has been raining since nine this morning and it is 18 minutes to twelve. Of course I have so many weeds! Thanks for all the eye candy!

  20. Jeanie Stufflebeam from sw IL

    I love all the pictures, Mary. Is Mama Kitty still around? I thought maybe those were her babies in the barn. We are in Bozeman MT this month in our camper. It has been rainy and humid; I go to Montana to escape the humidity!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanie S fromSW IL – yes – that’s MamaKitty in the basket and Darla sitting behind. I still have not petted Mama – still a feral cat living in the barn! Too bad about all that humidity – we have it, too, – it’s good for the corn!

  21. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Love your pictures
    . I have to tell you that I wanted to make a wall hanging with a NEW pattern of the stacking animals for my sister who also has goats. This pattern had a llama on it but I wanted to replace with a goat. I am not an artist at all!
    So I went through my old Country Threads books and found a goat applique, as you have a goat in many books. It was perfect size for what I needed. Thank you for publishing so many wonderful books and pattern!!

  22. Anniewiththeducks

    I had a tiny runner duck that we used to sing Tiny Dancer to and a dog named Bennie that got serenaded with Bennie and the Jets. (Bennie was a huge rottweiler mix and he was so sweet with the ducks-so protective) Now darn I am going to be singing to myself all day…well there are worse things.
    I will have to try and find that movie. Your hydrangeas? look wonderful! Goats and cats and dogs look comfortable despite this hot, humid weather.

  23. Joyce in NY

    Your hydrangeas are just gorgeous. We had a storm here last night. It is still raining off & on today. Very hot & humid here today, going to be all week I guess. Good time to stay in & sew. All your animals look very content.

  24. Diane from TN

    I loved rocket man as well. Such a fun musical. I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but, to my surprise, it was really good. Love Elton John. I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times. He is quite the entertainer. Such a gifted musician. Today is a perfect day for sewing…all day rain.

  25. Dianne M Cook

    Hi Mary,

    All your animals look so relaxed and enjoying a nice summer day.I really like the place mat
    It does look different with different materials. I’m busy working on my wool applique in between my treatments and eating. It is going to be very hot here in southern Ontario for a few days. I’m kinda glad I’m staying at the hotel with air conditioning. Meeting lots of nice people
    having some very serious treatments. Makes me feel lucky to have caught my cancer so early.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dianne M Cook – I’ve been thinking about you! Are your treatments making you sick or tired or both? So glad you’re right there to rest between treatments!

      1. Dianne M Cook

        No sickness, main side effects of radiation are tiredness and some skin burning like sunburn and they usually don’t start until the second week. My medical people will monitor me and prescribe for it. They are a wonderful caring group.

  26. Diana W

    Love your goats!!
    I have a very large 20 pound Siamese cat who thinks he is al ap cat. Sunday I made peach jam, so not much sitting that day. Monday I took it easy and every time I sat down, he was all over me! Such a cuddle bug, but he just kills my legs!

  27. Diane, Squeak's mom

    Emma has beautiful eyes:) I always thought big dogs killed chickens and of course, Hazel is a sweetie so she would just enjoy them. I love how the kitties are always up high. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  28. Janine

    I loved Rocketman, too! Took me three tries to see it all – the first time we had a big storm come through and the power went out to the theater as it was starting. Came back the next week, made it about halfway through and we had a tornado warning, so again the movie was stopped and we were herded into the center of the building until it passed. But the third time was the charm! I loved seeing the relationship between Elton and Bernie Taupin – they are a match made in heaven. Elton’s Greatest Hits CD is getting lots of play on my work commute. Your hydrangeas are incredible!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janine – why don’t I have that CD, I wonder! Wonder no more- I’m ordering it from Amazon right now! Ha! Thanks for that push. Yes, Bernie and Elton are real true friends.

  29. LLois Ann Johnson

    Thanks for the review of “Rocket Man.” I go to so few movies and I wasn’t sure about this one, although I’ve always enjoyed Elton John’s music. Your hydrangeas are lovely. I have 2 bushes and they always are falling to the ground this time of year. How do you get yours to stand up so straight? Do you stake them? I do have them cut back in the fall, too. I love seeing all of your blog photos of the farm and animals.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – I put up an iron fence first thing in the spring because I know that’s what hydrangeas need to stay upright this time of year. I will take a picture of the fence and post tomorrow. Right now it’s raining and I know all those top heavy hydrangeas would be on the ground from the weight of the rain.

  30. Holly in Two Harbors

    I love the farm pictures. It looks like Emma is either up catching a breeze or avoiding everyone because she’s an introvert. Such sweet kitty pictures!

  31. Sherry Whalen

    I loved, loved Rocketman! The ‘musical’ portions fit so well into his daydreaming and fantasy, I would go see it again too. I remember listening to all of my Elton John LPs over and over – both sides when I was a teenager. Now I have Crocodile Rock on the brain too.

    I finished my #8 on Monday. It is at the fair which starts today. I will take a photo when I get it back home, because I forgot before I took it! I doubt that I would have finished this if it were not on the ‘list’ either. But holy cow, does that ever make a month go fast – having something that you want to finish before months end LOL.

    I love your hydrangeas – they are spectacular! Have a great day and stay cool – I hope we don’t get the flash flooding that they are having a watch for tonight.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – every time I see rain for Southern MN I think about you. Honestly you have had a time with flooding this year, haven’t you!
      Since it IS raining here today, I think I might work on my #8, too. Can’t wait to see yours!

  32. Susan in PA

    Did the hydrangeas cuttings that you rooted last year do well? Love your animal pictures. How many goats do you now have?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan In PA – I didn’t know if anyone would remember those cuttings. I have already transplanted 2 of them and still have another pot to use. I’ll take pictures and post tomorrow. I have 10 goats now.

  33. Caryn Goulden

    Sounds like I need to see Rocketman! I did the same thing after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody—couldn’t get the songs out of my head. Love musical movies. The quick trip around the farm was great. Thanks for sharing. Hazel is a love.
    Your succulents all look so nice. Do you pick the dried things off regularly? I have so many it’s hard to keep up! And then there’s the hydrangeas! Beautiful!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Caryn Goulden – Becky and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and we said the same thing – those songs are in our brains!!!! Loved both movies. Being a musical star is not always what it’s cracked up to be, is it?

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Caryn Goulden- yes, I love cleaning up my plants and do it whenever I’m outside just looking at them.

  34. Ann in Virginia

    Are hydrangea’s hard to grow ?? I envy you
    Of that beautiful grouping?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann in Virginia – I think hydrangeas are very easy to grow – at least here in North Iowa on my farm but not everyone agrees. That being said, I cannot get my hostas to grow an inch – so there you have it!

  35. Brenda in Iowa

    Love seeing the pictures of happenings around the farm. Your hydrangeas are GORGEOUS! Were you aware that Jan Patek has published a remake of the pattern we’ve all been waiting for? She also has a kit if someone wants that, too. Visit her blog or go directly to her store.
    Thanks for encouraging her to remake the pattern. Stay cool!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda in IOwa – you must not read carefully either – we loaned her our book to remake the America For Me pattern. She couldn’t find hers!

  36. Sandra Goddard

    I love your cats. I too have more cats than normal but who is too judge. I look forward to your posts everyday. Love all the flower and garden pictures. We have some small farm have forever. No other way to live.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra Goddard – a perfect description of small farm life —- “no other way to live”! I agree!

  37. Paula Nordt

    Are those the same hydrangeas you cut way back and covered with mulch before winter? There are gorgeous! Do you;think they would do well southwest of Houston, Texas? I love all of your animals!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Nordell – yes, that’s the same row of hydrangeas! Amazing, huh? Maybe in the bright shade but not in full hot sun.

  38. Marilyn

    Lovely photos.. So wonderful to to all animals and flowers. Enjoy your day.

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