July 15,2019

Do you have your book beside you? How about a DVD player?

I just finished watching the first chapter on the DVD that addresses cutting the strips.

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Honestly after watching the first chapter, I can’t think of anything else to add. Please watch that first chapter and cut some strips.

If you’re making the rug, you’ll need 50-55 strips cut 2″ wide for the warp.

The body of the rug takes about 12 yards of fabric but that’s sort of hard to figure if you’re using old clothing or linens.

I do not like tearing the strips but you can if you want to. All those raveled edges will drive you crazy eventually and all those threads get tangled up as you twine.

Between now and next Monday, I would like you to have 55 two inch strips cut and joined together for the warp. Chapter two on the dvd is “joining the strips”. Please watch chapters 1 and 2, stop your dvd and do your assignment.

If anyone making a rug has specific questions, let’s use my email address If you ask a question in a comment, please remember to return to the comments to read my answers. So many times I have already answered and I get the same question again. It kinda drives me crazy, I’m sorry to say.

Next week we’ll warp the frame – if you’ve watched the dvd and read the book and want to go ahead, please do. But my general instructions will be on Mondays.

I’m still not finished with this rug – I had a busy weekend!

Millie helped.


  1. Paula Philpot

    Mary, I need to order your new book that you listed a month ago for a friend and i also need to order the rug book. I have the old one but a friend of mine wants to use my loom at the shop to make one so the dvd will come in handy. Please give me a total and I will send in mail. Thanks Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – Rug book and dvd are $20 includes postage. We don’t actually have a NEW book right now. The most recent is Beyond The Battlefield but that came out last February. Not sure what book you’re referring to.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Paula Philpot -Beyond The Battlefield is $31.00 including shipping.

  2. Jane Wiederecht

    Are both the book and dvd still available? I have intended to order them for the past two week, and somehow the time passed me by. I really enjoy your posts and miss it so on the days you aren’t able to post. It has been very interesting to me to compare your weather to ours here in hot humid Alabama. On some of the days that you posted your weather was in the 40’s and even once when you had snow, our temps were in the 80’s, and I live in the north central part of the state.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane Wiederecht – yes, book and dvd are $20 which includes postage. You’ll be able to catch up because it’s going to be a couple weeks before we actually start twining. Send check to Country Threads – address on home page.

  3. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    I will be doing my second rug with you, Mary. Your book and dvd made the first one so easy. Everyone loves it. I highly recommend the book and dvd. Must be the tuxedo kitties like to “help” because Squeak sticks her paws through! Funny.
    I am almost finished with my #8. I have been sneaking around to bind my husband’s 70 th birthday quilt. It’s hidden under my Bullseye top.—lol.
    Thanks for starting another rug. Mary.
    Did anyone see the CBS Sunday morning show with the women who made the astronauts’ space suits for the moon landing? Very interesting.

  4. patti leal

    yeah, i’m almost done with my homework. i’m at the point of attaching my warp strips together. yes, i’ve cut my snip too big already, not only once, but twice. have a few more to add and then will roll them into a large ball. have the fabrics pressed for my weaving but would still like to get a pinking blade for my cutter. i’m using my woven plaids. even found some i’d fogotten so have pulled out jan patek’s ‘sleigh ride’ book and hunting for my ‘raven’ book. both look great with plaids. i’m so glad you decided to do this, mary. thank you i can figure most things out from reading but it’s always good to see someone else actually do it. patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – it’s an easy fix if you cut the snip too big so don’t worry! If you feel like you want to go ahead, please do. You can always email me if you have a question.

      1. patti leal

        no problem with the too big snip. i just cut off both ends and tried again. my ‘ball of fabric’ looks funky but it’s a ball. i’ll cut out the other strips and see where everyone is. thanks for your reply.

  5. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I am doing a rug in yellows and golds inspired by the Arizona sunshine. I am always making a rug. They are very durable and make great gifts.

    I live in the northeast part of the Phoenix metro area. Does anyone want to form a rug group? We could meet once or twice a month.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn in Scottsdale – what a great idea! Hope you get some interest!

  6. Marie Fibelstad

    I found the Rags to Rug content on the side of the post, clicked on it and came up.
    Thanks, Marie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Naomi Duval – DVD is available for $8 to Country Threads

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