Saturday Night Miscellaneous

It’s been a week of farming in North Iowa so Rick has been gone from 6 am – 10 pm each day.  The weather today was so perfect – for farming or for anything!  70 degrees, sunny and no wind!    There’s lots of assorted stuff to post so here we go. of all, Moe is staying with us this weekend and Hazel loves her!

Look at this potbound succulent – it’s going in the trash because it’s so dangerous – really tough thorns and I don’t want to put up with it anymore.

I started marking things for the junk sale next weekend – Jackie helped.

A new update went through on my IPad and everything is different – I don’t know how to turn this photo!

here are some 5’s and 7’s.  If I misplace your photo, please remind me or send it again so I get it posted.

And Ernie has a bit of “hang over”, doesn’t he? Ha!

I love this picture of a reader’s cute dog on the lawn chair!

If you love great antique shows and live in the central Iowa, don’t miss this show in Cedar Rapids next weekend.  I can’t go but have attended in the past and absolutely loved it.

Here is my #7 so far.

I’ve been helping my friend Mareen make a quilt in the evening for the past two weeks and we finished it last night.  Took these pictures today and I’m going to put the pattern with measurements on the blog tomorrow or Monday.  We made lots of these quilts – they’re easy and very fun!

The biggest news in North Iowa, if you’re a dog lover, was the conviction of a puppy mill owner whose property was raided a year ago,  154 Samoyed dogs were rescued by the ASPCA along with local officials in the Manly/Northwood area.  They were living in filth with no food or water, several had chewed off their tails, many were emaciated and sick with matted coats and many of the puppies were in horrible health.  The local Humane Society had begged the owner to let them help her and she refused.  A quote from the jury trial by Barbara Kavars was this “ if I’d  known about it, I would have corrected it”.  What a joke!  I hope she gets jail time and a huge fine.
I get the ASPCA publication (which I can’t find right now) and there was an article about one of the Samoyed dogs that was adopted and turned into a loving family dog – that dog was one of the lucky ones.  How could anyone not provide basic essentials for 154 dogs?????  I will have to be satisfied with the fact that God knows what she did and I can let it go.

The raid took place in November 2018 and it’s been in the news since.  I am thankful the ASPCA acted on complaints from many and were on hand to testify at the trial.  Once again, how can we Iowans allow the puppy mill industry to thrive in our state?  If you live in Iowa and find the puppy mill industry offensive and abhorrent, please contact your legislators- changing the laws is the ONLY way to solve this problem.

Here’s hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow!


38 thoughts on “Saturday Night Miscellaneous

  1. JudyE

    Can you give us more information about the “junk sale” in Granger, Iowa next weekend? Where it is located and hours of the sale? I am hoping to attend, weather cooperating. Thanks so much!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy E – Gypsy Junk Fest is held in Mason City at the North Iowa Fairgrounds located right next to Target. It runs on Friday, October 25 from 3 pm – 8 pm and Saturday, October 26 from 9 am – 4 pm. Country Threads is located west of Garner on Hwy. 18 – not Granger.

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome! Thanks so much for your guidance Mary. It was fun and good to spend time together. I think I can do this…it’s not perfect but neither am I.

  3. Ginny

    I am so happy to hear that they actually took a mill owner to court. I hope she goes to jail too, I have seen first hand dogs and puppies from Iowa puppy mills and it is disgraceful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, it’s a great day for dog lovers – she will be sentenced at a later date. I do pray she goes to jail. The fine is only $1500 – oh! Maybe it’s $1500 per conviction? That would be $1500 x 14 convictions! That would be more like it!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    I have had a dog from a puppy mill…Dixie. She was a wonderful golden retriever. Now Loretta is from a hoarder and loves being the “only “ princess in our home. Rescue pets are the best!

    Your book came today, it’s more beautiful than the pictures on the post. I can only imagine how great it must feel to have a book published. And so many books from you and Connie. Congratulations again and thanks for the note inside.

  5. Louise K.

    Your news about the puppy mill makes me sad that it existed, but happy that someone is being prosecuted. People who are shopping for a puppy should only get them from a reputable breeder, where they can visit the facility and see the parents. Better yet…go to a shelter and adopt a non-pedigreed puppy, or even better, adopt an adult dog who needs a second chance!

  6. Vickie Lemonds of Davidson, NC

    I am such a HUGE animal lover, especially dogs. Whenever I hear of an animal bring mistreated, “just because they’re an animal”, my anger goes into overdrive. These innocent little animals, who are helpless and want nothing more than food, shelter and someone to love. I hope this woman is put under the jail. Hopefully, laws will be enacted against animal cruelty and those who perpetrate these horrible acts. I wish I were wealthy and could take them all in.
    Thank you, Mary, for being a champion of all the animals you save and love. You’re an angel!

  7. Sandy Kolarik

    I received my “Country Call” book today and love it! It’s amazing all the wonderful quilts you two come up with. Can’t decide which to start first. Thank you.

  8. Pat Smith

    I enjoyed the quilt, dog and cat pictures as always. I’m glad Hazel is having a fun weekend with her friend, Moe. The story of the puppy mill made me just sick. Those dogs really suffered and that person allowing it needs to go to jail and the story should be plastered across the state as a warning to the others. I’m determined to get animals only from the shelter. Where we live in FL in the winter seems to have no end of great dogs that end up at the shelter. Ours came from there about 5 years ago. It is a huge retirement community, and sometimes a pet’s owner has to go to assisted living or even dies. The retirement community provides a great deal of money in donations and volunteers that work at our shelter. But, of course, there are always some sad stories, too.

  9. Diane Bauer

    A Country’s Call came yesterday and I went to bed with it. Read it cover to cover and loved the stories as much as the quilts! I will be making Forever Free–will start with the pillow and see if I can get a quilt done as well. Courage and Valor (the cover quilt) and Daughters of the Regiment are two more I’d like to make. There are far too many quilts to make for the hours I have in every day!!

    Puppy Mills. I do not understand. Sure appreciate your efforts and hope justice is served in Iowa.

    Oh, Ernie. I want you to come visit at my house!!!!
    Yes, Mary, Akira is out of her Cone of Shame and is doing well. I am hopeful the thyroid medication is getting balanced correctly. Her poor tail is so thin now, but the hair seems to be coming back in white to match her muzzle. She is my heart. Such a sweetheart!

  10. Alice

    So glad something is being done about these horrible puppy Mills! Did this woman actually think people believed she didn’t know how bad things were??? If she’s the owner, it’s her job to know our the dogs are treated! We adopt older dogs as they’re harder to place. Our current dog is 10. I fostered him for a while before adopting him. We’ve had him a year now & he’s come a long way from that abused dog who was afraid of everyone & would bite without provocation. I don’t think he had ever been shown any affection. We love on our dogs all the time. He actually smiles when it’s time to go for a walk! Love this little guy!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you, Alice, for taking in the older and probably sadder dogs that need a home – it’s very sad to think of all of them that continue I’d to suffer.

  11. Rosie Westerhold

    Puppy mills are HORRIBLE. But I have a sort of happy story about some in Kansas. A no-kill rescue center in Nebraska has been trying to make inroads with the puppy mill owners in Kansas. They have been visiting some of the puppy mills for years trying to get them to just give them the animals who are too old to breed any longer instead of destroying them. They are offering no judgment about what the owners are doing, they just want to save the animals who are no longer “moneymakers” for these operations. About 5+ years ago, we saw a story about this rescue center on the news. Several of the puppy mills in Kansas had finally surrendered 30+ animals to the rescue center. Sure, it’s not much, but that was 30+ animals that were going to live instead of being destroyed!! Anyway, hubby and I watched and listened to the news story, and hubby saw a dog that caught his eye. Mind you, we already had 2 rescue dogs at that time. Called the rescue center first thing the next morning and they walked me through their atrocious form. I was only interested in one particular dog. I went to visit on Tuesday, took a video of this sweet little Pomeranian, who was just interested in exploring and getting to know all the other critters at the rescue center. Hubby fell head over heels in love with this little girl so back I went later in the week to bring her home. The vet estimated her to be about 4-5 years old at that time, and we have had her for a little over 5 years. She is the BEST addition to our “pack!” She had been shaved because I’m sure she was all matted from being kept in a cage, and never groomed. She had her tail still fluffy and all the fur around her head. She looked like a small lion!! I have never been able to trim her fur since it all grew out.

    She is a pretty large Pomeranian, weighing in at nearly 15 pounds. I call her my little therapy dog as I take her to my mom’s long-term care facility when I go visit. They have a wine/cheese/crackers activity with live music every Friday afternoon. I bring my little dog with me every Friday when I visit my mom. It is truly gratifying to bring such happiness when I have my dog with me. She is so well-behaved, so lovable and so loving. Everyone in the facility knows my dog and her name (Sasha). However, they don’t know mine. Too funny! We go around the room and visit with those who want, bring loves and she gets pets, and she begs from everyone!! And the SMILES!!! And the memories it brings back from the residents. I now am the unofficial photographer on Friday afternoons. I take photos of Sasha (on laps getting loved and pets) with the residents. And then I print the pics and bring them back the next week. Not sure who is happier: the dog or the residents!!

    Anyway, I digress. I hate the thought of puppy mills that exist around the country. But I wouldn’t have the sweet dog that we adore without her being liberated from a puppy mill and taken in by a no-kill rescue center. And they are still doing work like this. A very small step, for sure, but those animals are being saved and adopted out to families instead of being euthanized when they no longer brought in money for them!!

    To make this quilt-related, I have a quilt folded up on the end of the sofa where I usually sit in the evening. Sasha jumps up on the sofa to sit on “her” quilt, and burrows in it until it is “just right” and then goes to sleep. If I accidentally have something in “her” spot, she just stares holes in me until I move the offending item, and she can get comfy on “her “ quilt!! It is really funny to watch her, but she has good taste!!

    Keep up the work of advocating against puppy mills. They are truly horrific places. We are fortunate to have a survivor of one of those horrible places. She was saved for a reason, and now she gives joy to many, many people.

    Love all of your photos of life on the farm and all the quilts and patterns you have available. Can’t wait to read your blog! I check in every day to see if there is a new post that I may have missed.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Rosie, I’m melting here! Thank you for rescuing Sasha – they all deserve good lives, don’t they? And they are intelligent, sweet, loving dogs who only need a home! This woman I mentioned owned White Fire Kennels and she’s not the only one in North Iowa. Organizations like Iowa Pet Alliance works hard at our statehouse to change the laws which is the only way to close down the offenders. Thanks for the heartwarming story about your Sasha!

  12. Dorothy

    A Country’s Call arrived in my mail box yesterday—-all quilts are yelling “do me 1st” 🙂 Reading about puppy mills turns my stomach. I’m glad to know this one got shut down–now how many more to go? 🙁
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, am so glad you didn’t give up when all the problems hit you.

  13. Carolyn Boutilier

    Today I received A Country’s Call along with the 2 patterns I had ordered. . Love all the quilts and stories. Just need to decide what quilt I want to do first. I could not believe how fast the book came when I saw all your boxes of books. I had a Maltese that came from a puppy mill. Max was the most loving dog I have ever owned. He passed at 7 years old and I was heart broken. Thanks for the quick service. we had a wonderful fall day here in the Shenandoah Valley with our first frost this morning. Love all the pictures.
    Carolyn b

  14. Kathy Hanson

    It is so nice that Moe comes to visit and that Hazel really likes her. I have been throwing away plants that decide not to be nice anymore! I try to water them correctly but sometimes it’s too much and sometimes it’s too little, can’t seem to figure out what is right!! We have been hearing and seeing pictures of this woman’s horrible non-care of the beautiful dogs and puppies. I hope that she gets jail time and a huge fine, what a horrible thing. Enjoying your new book, can’t wait to make some of them, however, I’m still working on the little HIPS star blocks. Just got back from a trip to Maine to see our granddaughter and the sights.

  15. Pam in NC

    Puppy mill owners are as bad as drug dealers! A 78 year old women in our area of the state met the Animal Control Officers with a loaded gun when they went to her home to save 51 dogs living in horrid conditions. Luckily no humans were injured. No report on how many dogs will be saved but tons of people are stepping up to volunteer at the temporary shelter as well as share the financial burden of the vet care and daily food/care. I just don’t understand how it is possible for any human being to starve an innocent creature. To say nothing of neglecting their general care. I pray that there will be good endings to this awful situation.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank God, somebody stepped up to save those 51 dogs! Were some of the dogs killed? What will happen to the woman?

      1. Pam in NC

        She was charged with multiple crimes and I’ll watch for the hearing results. They haven’t reported yet on how many of the 51 were saved…..I hope all make it.

  16. Jan from TN

    Closed 6 ads tonight. This whole puppy mill is alive & thriving throughout the USA & it’s disgusting. But, a few states have banned puppy mills or increased fines. There are also movements underway to shut down store fronts that sell puppies that they buy from puppy mills. These dogs often haven’t been dewormed or haven’t been checked for heart worms or parvo, which is deadly if left untreated! I could go in & on but ottom line is “adopt don’t shop” & get your family dog or cat spayed or neutered. There are way too many dogs & cats simply running loose because owners found them too hard to care for or couldn’t afford them! I could go on & on as this is my passion. Aside from quilting. I’ll stop now tho! 😉🐾 So glad you had some nice weather in Iowa! It’s been quite cool for us in TN & we finally got a little rain today. More coming late Monday—maybe even an actual storm. 🤔 Have a good Sunday, Mary,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I believe CA is the first state to ban all sales of mill puppies – oh, how I wish Iowa would step up and do what’s right!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gosh, Kate, you’re the only one I’ve heard from that didn’t see the photos – makes me think it’s a setting on your end.

  17. Paula Philpot

    Nice to hear from you on a Saturday. I have been really busy the last month and haven’t gotten to read many of the comments. So glad you can post now without too much hassle. Paula in KY

  18. Nancy TD

    The book is great! 100 wishes pattern is a good idea to use up a projects leftovers. Finished #7. Next is to hand quilt a baby quilt. Puppy mills are so sad. Glad to see action taken against them.
    Thanks for all you and Connie do for us all.

  19. Launa

    It’s winter wonderland here this morning with lots of snow on the property, hanging on tree branches, etc. We limit our dog’s time when she wants to be outside in this weather even tho she loves snow.
    Closed three ads.

  20. Ellie

    It’s heartening to read about this woman being prosecuted for running such a horrid puppy mill! It would be wonderful if they could all be put out of business! Adopting from a shelter can be so rewarding and these dogs and cats just want some one to love and care for them.

  21. Penny C Maryland

    Love the quilt you helped your friend make. We have a rescue cat and dog and they have filled out lives with much love and happiness. Came home Friday night to find a stray dog in our yard. We are working now to find her family. We have an awesome no kill shelter here! Praying for all the neglected and abused animals

  22. Joyce from NY

    Received my book yesterday “A Country’s Call” I was surprised to see it soon after you received them. It is a wonderful book I have looked through it many times, wondering which quilt to make first & reading some of the stories & the free pattern looks fun. I’m so thankful that puppy mill was discovered. Terrible thing to happen to those dogs. Thank you Mary for all you do. Cloudy & gray here today, it was beautiful & warm yesterday, should have mowed yesterday, but was busy with my daughter.

  23. Kate

    It sickens me when I hear about animal abuse of any kind. I don’t know how anyone can look into a dog’s eyes and then abuse it. Dogs are so trusting and still love the person who is abusing them. I’ve got to go and hug my two dogs now and thank God they are well cared for. Keep up the fight against puppy mills.

  24. Liz Schrader

    I received my “A Country’s Call” book and Cat pattern yesterday. Thank you for getting it sent so fast! Would like to try “Noble Cause” first. So many to pick from. I have so many projects to work on and finish by next spring: wedding quilt, college graduate t-shirt quilt, baby quilt for new great grandbaby. Need more hours in the day or might have to cut back on my Bridge playing (ha-ha)!. I have a puppy mill dog we got at Mason City 8 yrs ago. She was afraid of everything but is my sweet dashhound, Dixie. Hope they take care of this problem in Iowa!

  25. Kathy in western NY

    I have always felt there is a very special place in heaven for those who treat and care compassionately for animals and a very very bad inferno down below that the inhumane jerks who abused and neglected animals will meet their destiny at.
    Thank you Mary for fighting to rid your state of these horrible businesses. Jail time and a fine hopefully will prevent them from ever trying again.

  26. Felicia Hamlin

    The story of those poor dogs is horrible, I agree that there should be a special hell for those who abused animals like this. I hope this woman gets the punishment she deserves, like being starved and laying on her own dirt.
    Nice to see the pictures of the animals, the dog on the lawn chair is so funny! Last night the wind was so strong, thank goodness the roof was still on. Poor plant, but it does look wicked. Have a nice day, Mary.

  27. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I too feel that there is a special hell for people like this woman. I hope she gets the punishment that she deserves like being starved and laying on her own waste. Boy, that plant looks wicked! Have a nice day, still windy here.

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