I have 2 guests this weekend – Ginger and Hope.

Connie and Roy left early this morning from the Minneapolis airport.  I admit I will miss seeing many of our friends who are joining Connie on the cruise but I am not a good traveler.  Ginger is here just for the weekend.

Ginger and Rox, both built like little fire hydrants, actually like each other and have started playing.  That’s a good thing!

Got my mystery put together except for the outer rows to finish off the stars.  I am going to improvise a bit on the sides so it doesn’t get any wider.

So now it’s back to Homey Triangles and our Sew Along.

Of course Jackie wanted to help.

And here’s the quilt that hangs in the laundry room by the Dyson.  It is very old, I don’t remember the name or the designer.  BUT I think there are 2 readers that can help —Karen and Janine – I know this was designed by your friend so could you tell us in the comments the name of the quilt and the designer so the interested readers could search online for the pattern?  I hope you’re reading!  Thanks for your help!

I see the cookies I baked last Saturday are almost gone so maybe that’s what I’ll do next.  Cookies and college basketball!

24 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. terri mulinix

    Just wanted to tell you I have the dyson to and live live it. Wouldn’t want to live without it. Working on my sew along to. Terri

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet – no, that’s the best part – the Dyson is very lightweight!

      1. Jeri Niksich

        Is it great at picking up the dog hairs? We have 3 Boxers and never realized just how much they shed with not only hair but the dander Oh My Goodness! I can’t keep up with it all.

  2. Gayle Lacey

    The pattern is called Plant A Tree by Ginger Cookie Company. Not able to post a photo.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle – thank you so much! I knew someone could help me but I didn’t imagine it was you – so nice to know you’re in touch!

      1. Gayle Lacey

        Yep, I read every blog and buy every book you publish! Can’t function without CT in my diet! I’m retiring in June and am hoping to get more of your designs done. You rock, Mary!

  3. Jane

    I’ll miss you on the cruise. Maybe I’ll have to come back to Garner so I can sew with you. I miss camp!

  4. Sue

    Your mystery is beautiful. I love the pops of gold and then the purples nearby.
    I don’t travel well, either. The only traveling we do now is in our trailer in the summer and not very far away at that. We have great camping right here in OR.

  5. Jeanie

    Cute dog pictures. Jackie is so pretty. On our first trip to your shop, she was waiting by the door, so we let her in. She crabbed around a little and then jumped up on the cutting counter and made herself comfortable in a box–so fun! I loved your shop. We were there one more time in late summer before you closed that October, and I was fortunate enough to meet you that time 🙂
    We are enjoying the abnormal 60 degree temps this afternoon in sw IL.

  6. Bonnie

    Love your mystery quilt! And also enjoy the photos of your critters 🙂
    I think I need to invest in a Dyson. With 3 dogs and 4 cats in the house I feel like I’m always ankle deep in pet hair! Have a great weekend!
    Bonnie, in soggy Oregon

  7. ANITA Fetzer

    Hope they can help love that pattern. Trees are always good. Glad the weather is better for you and your animeals. Anita fetzer

  8. Ginny

    So glad to see Roxie has a buddy. If I can I will bring Ladybug to play with her, she is about the same size and loves to play with any dog.
    I really am working on the sew along this time 🙂

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Great post today, so glad to see Roxie making friends with Ginger. I still want my Sophie to meet her, I think they’re long lost sisters. BTW the Dyson, I mentioned it to Bill who just informed me that we had an older model of it sitting in our garage for the past four years, my son brought it with him when he moved back home. It was recently donated; it’s a good thing I don’t do the vacuuming. Sewing the binding down on my Homey Triangles quilt tonight after I come home from Church. This was really a fun quilt to make.

  10. Heather k

    I love how your mystery quilt turned out. I have thought about that dyson- I have a large one, but worried the canister is too small. I guess that tells me my frequency is the issue vs size 😉

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Heather k – the canister is so easy to empty, the size is not an issue.

  11. Paula Nordt

    Jackie is so pretty. I’m hoping to own that Dyson model one day. I hate dragging out my vacuum cleaner even though it does a great job. I have all my triangles cut for Homey Triangles and all my blocks done for En Provence. I am not a quick sewer. Plus I’m participating in a monthly sampler quilt and am two blocks behind! Could you share how to make your chair covers?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – the chair covers were covered last month. Go back in the posts to find it.

  12. Diane

    The Bonnie Hunter quilts is gorgeous; I didn’t think I’d like it, but I love it. I just couldn’t get it in my head how it would look–slow on the uptake sometimes!!! I love reading all of the responses because some of you have wayyyy more cats than I do. My husband bought me a magnet that says one cat away from the Crazy Cat Lady and that was when we had only two; now we’re down to one. I’d have more!!!
    Have fun baking and sewing. Warm here in Central Ohio, but going back to the 30’s by Thursday.

  13. Marsha Ransom

    Love your mystery quilt and the triangle blocks are awesome paired with the squares. Especially like the color combo – I think my husband would like something in that color scheme for his own quilt!

    What model Dyson do you have/recommend? I am tired of hauling around a canister and it bangs into everything along the way. Too heavy to balance on the stairs. We are going to have hardly any carpet soon and I am thinking a Dyson might be a good purchase.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marsha – my Dyson is the V8, the biggest one and with all these dogs and cats, I wanted the most powerful. I love it!

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