Second Try, 1-10-24

This crashed once so I’ll break it down to several smaller posts.

Remember this book and the following quilt in it – made with one charm pack?

I remade it with one charm pack – this will be a pillow.

You’re all familiar with this book –

Sand Castles

My version

1. The triangles were supposed to be string pieced which I didn’t want to do.

2. This quilt is the result of once again making block after block to get the perfect mix until I got so sick of it I just sewed all the blocks together. Ha! Didn’t I tell you I lose interest? In my defense I started making these blocks over a year ago – ugh.

3. I love to sit at my machine and piece blocks and this quilt filled the bill so it’s not a complete loss. It’s a little spot of bright in these dark winter days.

Here’s another little project – leftover 4 patch blocks:

Reader photos

I’m going to start taking pictures of all the projects I’m finding cut out and in assorted boxes and bags. Good grief! How will I ever finish all of these?

86 thoughts on “Second Try, 1-10-24

  1. Sharon M in Illinois

    Love all the bright colors in your quilts and the readers quilts. We all need a little brightness now. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lori

    Hi Mary,

    Absolutely love your version of Sand Castles!! It is so fun with the unexpected dark block and a few medium blocks. Those blocks just MAKE this quilt.

  3. Deb B

    You really did get snow. It’s mid 50s here in Japan and my laundry is blowing outside in the breeze. I’m sure you will finish as many projects as you possibly can and I’ll not mention that if you stop buying fabrics and finding more patterns you’d finish more. OOPS, I just did. I’ve got one more Dr. Seuss quilt to bind (pictures coming) and I’ll move on to a few I want to do for me. Glad you are feeling better and will try to be better at keeping up my comments.

  4. Dee from Shell Rock

    I’m just starting the Gravity quilt sew along. I bought the kit, years ago, as I have so did lots of other people. Bright colors, I’m so ready to get to the machine. 1st week, cutting the fabric for the 1st block. It snowed 10″ worth here yesterday, it’s snowing now and going to snow again on Friday. I’m off to the grocery store tomorrow, then home to put my vehicle back in my machine shed so it’s not covered with snow. If I have to go, I can put it in 4 wheel drive to get out. Love the quilts.

  5. Patricia Bradford

    I love how your Sand Castles quilt turned out. I agree the solid triangles look great. I have no idea how many UFO’s I have. I just keep plugging away & hopefully one of these days I will have some empty project boxes.

  6. Brenda in N Calif

    I didn’t start quilting until after you retired. I had found a few of yours and Connie’s patterns and loved them. I have been buying your books as I find them. The day before yesterday Back to Charm School arrived. I marked many of them as I really enjoy charm packs and own quite a few. My first pick is the one you are showing. I need it bigger so it can be used for a dresser scarf but it gets made next. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas from both you and the other readers. Like you I wonder how I will get them all made. Maybe if I quit adding to the list. We had snow today with more coming over the weekend so I will get to sew all weekend.

  7. Sue in Oregon

    I like yours way better than the original. Really…Yours is beautiful. Those big blocks with the little 4 patches on point are stunning. I love all the reader’s quilts, too. Especially the cat pillow.
    Cold and wet here. Better than cold and lots of snow, though. Hang in there snowed in people and stay warm.

  8. Nancy Schulz

    Thanks for your quilts source information. I prefer your unpieced (strings) version of triangles. Such a bright cheery spot of color wherever you place it..even in the snow!
    Happy stitching…always another block or project waiting!
    Nancy…Mariposa CA

  9. Chris in Alaska

    Your quilts are so gorgeous Mary , even though f you did get tired of making them ! I have sooo many scraps too and started cutting them into leaders and Enders , but I’m way behind on that too . Well we can always use another quilt here in Alaska so maybe I’ll start back up again !

  10. patti

    mary, love all the quilts you shared. i knew i recognized the bonnie one. my idea is that we may start a pattern but we can go anywhere we want with the pattern. i don’t want all my quilts to look like someone else’s quilts. fine if they resemble or remind you of another. all the reader quilts are wonderful. bright and cheery, especially like the kids with the books. something i always have stressed. today i got two more sections done on my squares quilt. had to stop to cut 2.5″ yellow/gold/tans. having to pull fabrics without raiding larger pieces. that got me to sorting two bins of fabric into color bins. quit when working on the third large bin. there is always tomorrow. nothing big enough for 2.5″ – got two yellow squres is all. nice taking a break from the squares. once again my light over my work area didn’t work. dh could unplug and replug. he had a new one delivered this afternoon that covers a larger area. think he is going to have to reposition so there will be light to the left of my machine for cutting. we’ll see. hugs to all, patti in florida

  11. Rosie Westerhold

    Mary, I LOVE your version of Bonnie Hunter’s pattern🥰🥰. I’m a HUGE Bonnie fan so that is saying something coming from me. I may have to try your version instead. And, yes, we all need a little color in our lives right now in the dead of winter!

    I’m doing Karen Brown’s Sewing Room Declutter Challenge which started January 1. Making progress, but not keeping up with the daily challenges, per se. Ugh. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The goal is to work on the challenge for 30 minutes at a time with a timer set. After 30 minutes, you can just stop and do something else or re-set the timer and continue with the task. That’s MY kind of cleaning/decluttering as I get overwhelmed when doing something (except piecing/quilting) for hours and hours!! I got stymied at SQUATTERS: things that don’t belong in your sewing space. I have MANY things that don’t belong where I create. Plugging away at rehoming those things so I can get to my book shelves which was the NEXT challenge. SO. MUCH. STUFF!! UGH. Making progress is the goal, and I’m doing just that👍👍. And reward ourselves after doing at least 30 minutes of a challenge. Which, for me, means SEWING at my machine. WooHoo🙌🙌. I got distracted yesterday with “scraps.” Have a HUGE tote full of blue chunks, scraps, strings, whatever. Since my studio is in a separate building (30 feet from the house), I started bringing in those “chunks” of blue to the house. And pressing the mess. Then cutting things into strips while standing at the counter in my kitchen using Gudrun Erla’s Stripology rulers. It’s amazing what I can accomplish in 30 minute intervals. I couldn’t even get the lid on that container. Now, it’s about 3/4 full. I’m actually cutting for a Bonnie Hunter future project using blues and neutrals. When I’m ready to start sewing, I will have a big start already. After blues, I will do neutrals. WooHoo🙌🙌!! I’ve lost focus for the MAIN challenge, but all the things I’m doing need to be done eventually. And it has been so nice to see that tote become less full over 2 days of cutting!!!

    After the challenge is over, I HAVE to tackle my late husband’s office which is upstairs from my studio. UGH. Hasn’t been touched in 3 years. Just had other things that needed to be dealt with before. Like trying to survive the loss and the financial mess he left me in. Things are better now, but it’s still a struggle. Quilting has been my sanity. And taking care of my fur kids after my step-daughter cut me out of her life. THAT’S a whole other story😜😜. Hoping that situation improves, but it may never get better. I miss my grandchildren so much. They live in MN. Granddaughter just graduated from college, and grandson will graduate from high school in June. Big sigh. Haven’t seen them since hubby passed 3 years ago last week. Big sigh. Life does go on, though.

    1. Sharon G.

      Rosie – You commented to me through this blog last year after I lost my husband. I can never repay you, Mary, and all the others who have supported me over the last year. I just remember you encouraging me to sew for a few minutes at a time. It was difficult for me to even look at my sewing machine because my husband was with me when I bought it! I’ve finished one table runner in the past year. But I’m working on two other projects.
      I’ve been decluttering my whole house including my husband’s office. That’s where I found the first stash of rocks. Then I found rocks on every shelf, in every drawer, and just about everywhere I looked. It was mind-boggling and then it was sad and then I turned it into a collection. It is a wonderful memory of the man I loved for over 40 years. I miss him every day.
      His family has nothing to do with me. They left the hospital and were gone. If my sister hadn’t been with me, I would have been alone the night he passed.
      Like you, my husband left me with a mess. He didn’t mean to, but it’s a hard job cleaning it up while still grieving. Eight months after he passed, I found out his will had to go through probate which added another layer to my journey.
      I guess my purpose of writing this is to let you know you are not alone.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sharon G – and there you have the foundation of this blog – support from others just like ourselves talking about everyday life – a blog about nothing but a blog about everything that matters.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – I am so sorry you haven’t been able to see the grands – I wish this could be resolved for you. I remember when your husband died and the trauma of the mess left behind. I hope all of this improves in 2024!

    3. Carla

      Our eldest grandson was born oow and his mother stopped staying connected with us. Sadly my son didn’t always do the best job with staying in touch with him either. Over the years as grandson got older I would send a short message or a picture of snow. He would respond, but nothing extra. Then that stopped. Finally after a couple additional years I reached out again. We had a meaningful exchange and I’m hopeful we can establish a real connection. He’s old enough to choose for himself. So, if you have contact info for your grands, my advice is reach out. They are old enough to hear what you have to say and to make a choice for themselves. Best of luck and God Bless.

  12. Martha W in WY

    I like your version of Sand Castles better than the original. I really like the reader’s lavender quilt. It makes me think of Spring. I’ll think about that quilt on Saturday night when we are suppose to hit -25 overnight. Brrrrr…

  13. Mary Kannas

    Your version of Sand Castles is stunning!
    I understand about wondering when I’m going to get all of the projects I have done. I need to live to be a very old woman!

  14. Dee

    I love that Back to Charm School quilt book. I have it and love it! Both quilts you showed tonight and the runner were wonderful!
    Hope you are feeling better too.

  15. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l have had to go back and study the layout of your quilt(the Bonnie hunter one), l much prefer yours as it doesn’t overwhelm me, but yours is more interesting, might have to put it on the list of quilts to make!The snowmen in bed and kids reading quilts are both very cute.
    Have received photo today of Stella and Luna in Singapore at a Cafe with a robot that collects the dirty cups etc, l could do with one myself some days! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  16. Cindy K

    Like your version of Bonnies quilt. The colors are much more calming, I have that book so will refer back to your quilt if I ever decide to make it

  17. Sue Bowers

    Mary – I absolutely love your Sandcastles quilt. Can’t stop looking at your pictures & wondering how you put it together! What an artist you are. You said you have been sick, yet you get so much done. Ahh… to complete a project is so invigorating.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – you might have missed the blog post when I said I had Covid – I was very sick for 2-3 days and after that I was just exhausted but it was a couple weeks worth of sick days! Ugh.

  18. Barbara Yarnell

    So glad you gave it a second try…would have hated missing that quilt show! They are all great but my favorite is the snowmen under the stars, so bright and cheerful.
    I do love Bonnie’s Sandcastles quilt and have it bookmarked for someday but its overwhelming to think about. Your version looks more achievable! I may have to revisit that pattern and see if I can figure out how you did it.

  19. Deb from Iowa

    Your Sand Castle quilt is gorgeous and so much prettier and interesting than the book version. What a great quilt to look at all winter long. If this is the result of a short attention span, that slap it together method is working for you. More snow on the way so, on to the next quilt in your stash.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb from Iowa – there are so many! This is my winter to quilt, I’ve decided – everyday I do my chores, start the crockpot and SEW!

  20. Laura VS

    I have made that quilt with charm squares many times. It is the perfect size for a small table.
    Also, I like your version better. The string pieced triangles are way too busy.
    Hope you are staying warm. It’s 30, here in GA, this morning. I’m not sure if Holly is going to get her walk this morning!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Laura VS – I love to piece so I’ll do this one again some time – I forget about our old books and when I start looking there are so many little quilts I’d make again! Hugs to Holly!!!

  21. Wendy on Cape Cod

    Hi Mary – I love your Sandcastles adaption. Very striking and colorful and looks wonderful on the wall over your table. ( I just noticed I have that same table but the top is a nautical blue with white bottom legs.) I always love Bonnie’s quilts but sometimes they do have a lot of tiny pieces and you just aren’t up for all that. It is inspiring to see what you did with it! Something I’ve noticed when doing a project – by the end I might be tired of looking at it and not very objective either. Trust me – that quilt is beautiful!

  22. Linda in MI

    Your quilts are beautiful and the way you have displayed the second one, the one I really love, is breathtaking. I love your version, you can see the pattern that develops out of the small pieces where the original version is way to busy for me. Your windowsill quilt is a fabulous idea, with my cats and dogs if I tried that I would have to glue them down. Nelson is a little stinker, when I have to work and Grandpa is sleeping like he does most days, Nelson finds anything paper to shred all over the living room and if he can get his teeth on my crocs house shoes he is in seventh heaven. I no longer have ankle straps on my shoes.

    The readers quilts are inspiring, I especially am drawn to the lilac quilt. Sister Nancy keeps saying she wants to make a purple quilt so I took some Etya Sytar fat quarters I fell in love with and the best background I could find for my applique blocks is purple!

    Our snow is supposed o deepen today with high winds which means blowing and drifting. I don’t think my horse and donkeys went outside at all yesterday so they’ll hold up in the barn the next couple of days. Temps are dropping with highs in the 20s and high winds. Got to get out my long johns!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – do you give Nelson chew toys? Keeper is a chewer, too, but no longer a puppy so he isn’t too destructive but I pick up paper plates from the garbage all over the yard and the living room. I buy prepackaged rib bones at the grocery store and they come three to a package so it’s perfect. I also buy big bones from the butcher, freeze them so they’re not so messy and give them out when my dogs are very bored. Give Nelson a hug from me! My goats and chickens are locked up in the barn for the foreseeable future.🙁

  23. Linda Carpenter

    Mary, I like your version of Sand Castles the best! I have a ton of 4 patches, I’m going to take another look at them. Thank you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Leslie – oh, you are so on top of things!!! I’m going to take her picture today and give her an extra treat although she is not treat motivated at all. Now the ball is another story!

  24. Joyce from NY

    I like your version of Sand Castles better too. You are so clever to change it the way you did. I have that charm school book & so many 4 patches, will have to check it out again! I to have so many ufo’s & keep plugging along. More snow & wind expected this weekend. Also my granddaughter has a basketball game on Friday night & has a chance of beating the school record of over 1000 points, she’s a force & only a junior!!
    Love to watch her!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – you know how much I love basketball so please let us know if she broke the school record! Does she follow Caitlin Clark at Iowa? If she doesn’t she should – look her up!

      1. Joyce from NY

        Yes Mary she does follow Catlin Clark. I will be sure to let you know about breaking the record.

  25. Kim from Wi

    I like your sandcastles pattern in the pastel’s colors, it is a bright quilt. I have plenty of kits that I have purchased over the years still waiting to be opened and done. Not sure I have enough time left to get them all done. You are not alone Mary, we are right there with you.

  26. Diann Smith

    Lots of inspiration which I have needed.I have looked twice and will look AGAIN. I believe I will be piecing something right away. Thanks for sharing ♥️! I love your posts.

  27. Mareen

    Mary what a beautiful piece and I love the one where it is on your baby grand! So wish I had the patience to sew like you. Sounds like we might get some weather the next few days – stay warm! And I’m sure you have all the animal’s bedded down as well.

  28. Ginger S

    I loved your version of Sand Castles. I have so many UFOs but after seeing your version, I may just have to start it. I have cut out 3 new quilts. what am I thinking. Loved the quilts today. Thank you for your posts. I so enjoy them!

  29. Diana in Des Moines

    I like your version much better. Brighter and more defined.
    I think we all get tired of some projects after a time. When I’m tired of a certain quilt, I put it into “time out” for us both to like each other again. Might not be right away when I pick it up again, but eventually it will re-surface!
    2 inches of new snow last night, another 7-10 tonight and then below 0 temps. Sigh. Such is life in Iowa. Church quilting has already been cancelled for Saturday, so guess I will stay home and sew. Still battling my cough, but my lung rattling and wheezing is gone. Didn’t get any sewing in last weekend or Tuesday on the snow day. Guess I just needed rest.
    Hope you post photos of your assorted kits and ufo’s. W all have our firty little secrets hidden away, don’t we? LOL

  30. Nancy C Hillman

    I love your version of the string quilt. Stunning. Would you consider sharing the changes?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – yes,of course – although it’s just one measurement of the big triangle – I’ll put it in tonight’s post!

  31. Holly in MN

    I love your version of Sand Castles. Sometimes quilts can get too busy and yours strikes the perfect balance. I also love the little four-patch quilt. Low volume quilts really appeal to me. I hop this quilt show means you’re on the mend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Holly in MN – not on the mend – completely back to normal!!! Thank goodness! If I had to be that sick till I died I’d just say “kill me now” – haha!!

  32. Erin

    I am so fond of your version of the Sand Castles quilt. Yours is much less busy, so those 4-patches really shine! Will you do a tutorial on how you did yours? You have nothing else to do, right? Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Erin – we’ll, there’s no secret about making 4 patches but I’ll post about the triangles tonight.

  33. Jill Norenberg

    Wow! I really like “your version” of Bonnie’s original pattern. It has great eye appeal. Your soon-to-be pillow is great also. Keep up the awesome (inspiring) work!!!

  34. Mary in Wichita

    I very much agree with other comments, your version of sand castles is much more pleasing to the eye!
    I don’t really know why, but I much prefer to sew with scraps! Perhaps there is less pressure if I get bored.

  35. Kathy in western NY

    When I retired from the lab, a young man asked me before I left “ so do you really want to stay home and KNIT those projects you said are in bags?” I chuckled but decided to count then which was 12 years ago, how many “projects” I had bagged up and ready to sew. I proudly went in the next day and said I stopped counting at 50 QUILTING projects waiting for me to start or finish up. His jaw dropped and of course he visualized me surrounded by a mess but I said it wasn’t at all as they were in neat project boxes or in a drawer. Then had to explain I don’t knit …..I use thread and a sewing machine. So you’re in good company here.

    Love all the quilts shown!!! Love the Lilac one and yours and everyone who so nicely shares what they make. It is such a good group of people here and my heart just warmed knowing Rosie and Sharon can share with us how hard it’s been on them. None of us know what someone is experiencing till we’ve walked in their shoes.

  36. Moe in NE IL

    Your quilts are fabulous! A perfect Winter Spark. Love seeing all of the readers quilts too. I have a friend who counted 20-something UFOs. I wish I could do that, I’m like you, how will I ever find them. I did finish two small UFO’s this past week, I’m working on a third. I love sewing on these gloomy winter days! Hope you are feeling better Mary… I dropped a note in the mail to you so be on the lookout.

  37. Jill Klop

    I’m piling on with the others and saying that your version of Sand Castles is so much more pleasing to the eyes! I finally started my New Years Day quilt, but with a different pattern and completely different fabrics! Right now I’ve got a terrier in my lap, so it might be a while until I sew!

  38. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Ooh, I love your version of Bonnie’s Sand Castle quilt. The colors are exquisite! I’ve never been a fan of hers, the quilts are too busy usually and I don’t care for her colorways. I might have to reconsider after seeing your beautiful quilt. Cold and snowy here, 30 below with wind chill figured in. A good day to spend sewing! Brrrr!

  39. Patty Brenner

    There’s an echo in here, lol – I also *love* your version of Sand Castles!! I appreciate string quilts (especially their history – turning little bit of nothing in to art!), but it’s not something I’m drawn to do. Now i want to try that one your way 🙂 I hadn’t seen the charm school book, but now I want to find it and make those quilts too! I

  40. Fran

    Love the eye candy again this morning!

    Hunkering down here in SW Iowa as another storm coming. Lots of sew time!

    Stay warm and safe everyone!

  41. Debra Reber

    Mary– Love your version of the Sand Castles quilt!! So glad you are better! I, too, am a “piecer”, I love the piecing process, but get stuck on the quilting part of it. I am also like Kathy in western NY, I have lots of “projects” in boxes to keep me busy!! But I am afraid to count how many I actually have!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Aww Debra go ahead and count and let us know. It was rather fun when I did count them that many years ago. No judgement on my end and it hasn’t stopped me from buying more like the “Yes he loves me” quilt kit seen on this blog one time all made up. And if I pull something out and decide I really didn’t want to finish it for some reason, there are enough groups I know that would use it for charity.

  42. Carolyn in GA

    The piano photo is exquisite. Thanks. It is going to get very cold here in the south, not looking forward to this next week. Plan to make a lot of scrappy four patches in hopes of having a quilt done by spring.

  43. Joy in NW Iowa

    The vote is in…everyone LOVES your version of the quilt! I do too!
    Our thermometer said -3. And we are in a winter storm warning agin!, starting this afternoon until midnight Friday! Snow and dangerous windchills! Ugh! I doubt there will be school anywhere around!
    Stay warm and safe!

  44. Beverly in Texas

    Love your Sand Castle version !! I have Bonnie’s book with the pattern so now I might make your variation! So light & bright!
    Going to be very cold here in central Texas Sunday & Monday – nothing like what you experience, but we go crazy here when it gets in the teens 🥶. By the end of next week it will be back in the 60’s again.

  45. DebMac

    Love, love, love your version of “Sand Castles”. You know, it’s may not be just sewing until you get tired of it. Think of it as you having a sense of when it’s time to stop. And with “Sand Castles”, you stopped at the perfect moment.
    Lovely reader quilts today; I so admire people who applique. Just the thought of it overwhelms me. And I have done some applique just not up to repeating the challenge. (OK, truth time here. It was 27 years ago and I machine appliqued 3 watermelons to an short set I made for my daughter. Turned out well but agonizing! Scared for life.)
    I got a chuckle from Kathy from WNY and her “knitting”. My dad always referred to my sewing/quilting/cross stitch as “knitting”; which I don’t do at all. But it was his way of recognizing my interest and sharing it.
    Jack and Calvin tried playing in the snow yesterday. Jack was jumping and biting at gloves and after he knocked Calvin down (again) and ran off with his stocking hat and wouldn’t give it back, Grandma got annoyed. Jack went into time out and Calvin was sad they couldn’t play together in all the snow. I noticed today how much of the backyard they trampled up. Guess it’s time for more snow!

    1. Kathy in NY

      Deb Mac- you know exactly how it is to be referred to as a knitter too! Bless your dad to acknowledge it. We just nod and smile when people think it’s how we spend our days. And I don’t knit either. I have yarn for stuffed dolls hair.

    2. Candy

      Does anyone remember this … about 20-or-so years ago there was a commercial on tv, I think for Quilted Northern toilet paper. It showed ladies at a quilting bee (quilting the toilet paper, I guess), but they all had knitting needles in their hands, lol! Anyway, someone in the quilting world got upset enough over this to start a petition that was sent to the company to have this ‘travesty’ corrected … and they changed the commercial. Too funny! A blast from the past!

  46. Marsha in Michigan

    Mary, I so know how you feel!! I am finding so many things I’d forgotten! So one at a time, I guess! Take heart!

  47. San

    Good afternoon Mary. Our dusting of snow, which covered roof tops yesterday, is now gone. The sun is shining and we’re finally at 50 degrees. Here’s wishing you the same.

    I really, really like the neutral 4-patch. It’s a very soothing combination.

    Several months ago, after years of worrying about it, I finally pulled out all of my unfinished / partially finished tops and put them all in a bin. Attached to each bin is a label listing what they are and if I’ve prepped a backing. The total was far less than what I carried around in my head.

    And of course, in another bin, are the baggie projects full of blocks and pieces. But that’s okay! I know WHERE they are. Once I know where they are and what they are, I have an idea of what it will take to finish them. Now I just need to find more time.

    Meanwhile, when I got home from work Monday night, I tripped on the garden hose and ended up falling hard on my right side. This really jarred my right clavicle. There won’t be any machine quilting or heavy lifting for a bit. Thankfully I was wearing my heavy duty winter coat. It cushioned the blow. And nothing broke. There’s always a bright side.

    Please be careful outside on that snow and ice. I wouldn’t want you to miss any quilting!

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

  48. San

    Good afternoon Mary. Our dusting of snow, which covered roof tops yesterday, is now gone. The sun is shining and we’re finally at 50 degrees. Here’s wishing you the same.

    I really, really like the neutral 4-patch. It’s a very soothing combination.

    Several months ago, after years of worrying about it, I finally pulled out all of my unfinished / partially finished tops and put them all in 2 plastic bins. Attached to each bin is a label listing what they are and if I’ve prepped a backing. The total was far less than what I carried around in my head.

    And of course, in another bin, are the baggie projects full of blocks and pieces. But that’s okay! I know WHERE they are. Once I know where they are and what they are, I have an idea of what it will take to finish them. Now I just need to find more time.

    Meanwhile, when I got home from work Monday night, I tripped on the garden hose and ended up falling hard on my right side. This really jarred my right clavicle. There won’t be any machine quilting or heavy lifting for a bit. Thankfully I was wearing my heavy duty winter coat. It cushioned the blow. And nothing broke. There’s always a bright side.

    Please be careful outside on that snow and ice. I wouldn’t want you to miss any quilting!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – oh, what luck that you didn’t break something!!! Sew on!

  49. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Piling on with the vote if the day: love the sandcastles quilt! All the quilts today were great; loved the appique one of children reading. So glad you’re feeling better!

  50. Polly Perkins

    Love your version without the strings. I think that will be added to my list of things I want to do. thanks

  51. Sherrill

    Love the blue and lights and your beautiful Sand Castles. I think I have all of Bonnie’s books but most of them scare me (I don’t do small). I’ve also started a smaller quilt like Linda in OH..I have 4 or 5 of the snowmen with the scarves on. We’ve got nasty weather moving in over the weekend and it’s gonna be COLD (Texas doesn’t get too much of that, thank heavens).

  52. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, what a great post to read on a cold day!
    Linda in Ohio, your quilts are so cute! They will bring smiles to many. The lavender quilt is lovely and nice to see the friends sharing the holding honors.
    Mary, your interpretation of BH’s pattern is great! I love your photos, especially the quilt on the piano. I’m so glad you are feeling better and I hope everyone stays warm and safe during this widespread cold spell!

  53. Sibyl

    I like your version of Sand Castles, much better. The original is far to busy for my taste.

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