Seven Dogs!

  Rick cleans sweet corn with help from Toby, Telly, Sassy and Faye.  Dakota waits in the shade.
In a few minutes Telly begs an ear of corn and she eats it in front of Gus.

Then I tried to get all seven dogs in one picture…..but did not succeed.
I ordered all 3 books in the series Eventide by Kent Harupt-I wonder how I’ve missed this author.  Reva – it was great to hear from you!  Thanks for the book recommendation!

Here’s a picture of my lunch.

We are enjoying fresh tomatoes – one of the best things about September.

With 7 dogs here, I’m not even leaving for church tomorrow morning.  Dogs are like grandchildren – I love them to pieces, I’m so glad they came and I’ll be so happy when they leave  so I can have my life back.  Ha!

12 thoughts on “Seven Dogs!

  1. Launa

    Yummy Mary……..I agree! There is nothing like eating a fresh picked tomato and fresh picked corn. Seven dogs are quite a few; not enough laps to go around. The Grands stopped in for a few minutes today without the two Granddogs. Was a very cool 50 degrees this early morning; quite a treat! So pleasant to have the doors open for a few hours.

  2. Ann Barlament

    You have an ideal country home, lots of space and a huge heart that is surrounded by the love of dogs. Quite perfect in my mind!!

  3. Carol

    Just checking…because life gets in the way of good intentions from a few weeks back …do you have any of your rug books and DVDs left? Taking the week off from “life” (I hope!) and would like to order….

  4. Jane b.

    Our granddaughters and daughter were here for a few days. We’ve almost recovered from rush of activity. As with traveling, it’s easier to do so with dogs than children. Loved seeing the kin but are glad to have our lifestyle back. Love reading your adventures.

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