Sewing at church





We worked on Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trip Around the World today at church. Several gals got one quadrant finished – we will finish this project next month when we meet again on the 15th. It’s a fun group!
Look how far Chew-E has come in a week— here he is nose to nose with Millie. The parakeets are calming down and when Big Chew goes home,I’ll be able to introduce the dogs and cats gradually.
Margaret is sick with bronchitis so I’ll be playing without her at church tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sewing at church

  1. Beryl

    Oh a sewing group at church would be fun! Another church I went to had a “craft night”, you could bring whatever you wanted to work on…that was a fun evening!

    I love all the posts about the animals you have so much patience with…wouldn’t be me!! I get frustrated with my 2 munchkins, but love them dearly. Wish I could figure out how to calm a little spirit who hates the wind…he panics. I can’t hold him all the time, which is what he would prefer.

  2. Lynn McMahon

    Hi Mary,

    Just wanted you to know how much my mom and I enjoy reading the Chicken Scratch blog. She is an Alzheimer’s patient in a care facility. I save the blog emails on my phone and we read them together. The animal photos bring a smile to her face and usually a good laugh as well. Thanks for the little bit of joy you add to both of our lives!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Lynn, I’m so happy I can bring a smile to your mom! I will think about her when I post. We miss our mom very much and I visit the lady who is now living in her room at the care center. Hope I can continue to provide entertainment!

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