Snacks for the Big Event

The mosquitoes nearly carried me off but look at all these sugar snap peas I picked tonight! I’m going to serve them at the Big Event along with lots of other finger foods washed down with a beer or glass of wine – are you coming? Thursday from 5-8pm. Shop will be closed from 3-5 to give us time to set up.

4 thoughts on “Snacks for the Big Event

  1. brenda A

    If I can book a non-stop flight from Phoenix, I’ll be there! But, maybe I’ll just think about all of you having sugar snap peas and libations. Or, better yet, I’ll have a cool one here and think about all of those beautiful peas. Seems to me, you were just digging out after a cold and miserable winter. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it.

  2. Jane in NV

    I will certainly be with you in spirit.
    Everyone will leave with some great memories.
    Those peas sure look delicious!
    Here’s to a great turnout!
    Jane in NV

  3. Launa

    Good luck with the Big EVENT. Have some snap peas in my fridge, but home grown are always best! So good for snacking and in salad. I’m sure there are many of your sale thrift shop treasures that would come home with me. I’ll just have to let my fingers do the “walking” and shop online.
    We topped out at 104 this late afternoon……whew!!

  4. Carole

    So wish that I could be there for the big event in person but I’ll be there in spirit. I’ll pass on the beer, but have a few snap peas for me …please!!! Hugs and lots of good wishes for a great time.

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