Something New! 7-16-2020

Country Threads is opening an online store with digital quilt patterns for sale. Instant pattern in your hands with a credit card number! This is only happening because Kayla knows how to do this. The name of her new business venture is Ms. Pins Media and she can be found at This location. She is also on Facebook and Instagram. Most of you know that Kayla is Jo’s Country Junction’s daughter and she has a 6 month old baby named JJ, short for Jasper. So thanks to Kayla we will now have an online digital store.

This morning we sent Kayla 6 Civil War patterns and two all time favorites, Frank and Louise and Friends. As we design new patterns, you’ll be able to order them instantly online with a credit card, which we could not do since we closed the quilt shop.

Do you remember Frank? He measures 12″ x 39″.

Louise and Friends, 24″ x 35″

The Blue and the Gray, 40″ x 47″

Civil Unrest, 35″ x 35″

Troops In Formation, 26″ x 32″

Civil War Log Cabin, 50″ x 66″

Up North, Down South, 49″ x 63″

Battlefield, 55″ x 65″

Those are our first online digital patterns – give Kayla a couple days to get everything in place. We had no idea that 6 years after we closed that we’d be putting quilt patterns online. The store site only allows 50 patterns at a time so we will be selective and replace those that are slow sellers as time goes on. This is very exciting! We hope you’ll think so, too.

Miscellaneous news – do you think Connie is working on her #5? I can’t wait to see what our number is for August! How many of you have finished your Dirty Dozen #5? We’ll be putting my Dirty Dozen #5 in the store soon so if you haven’t already ordered it, either do so immediately or wait till next week and get it online. We will not keep these patterns available directly from us after the store is operating.

So look at these two cookie monsters? When this package of cookies from Kwik Star appeared in the kitchen, I took it as a hint so I baked and Hazel and Ivy stayed close.

These are better anyway.

Dirty Dozen Quilts:

Whew! That was a lot, wasn’t it?

45 thoughts on “Something New! 7-16-2020

  1. Ann in Va.

    I have finished my #5 except for hanging sleeve, then I’ll send Picture!! Happy, happy!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow, an on line store…How modern.
    Great #5’s, I’m getting the binding done on mine.
    My friend came over today, she ask me about 6-7 times how old Loretta is. She told me she has early onset dementia. I’m so sad about it. Why is this happening to so many people? Her husband passed last year and no family here to help her. She aware of her condition and said 2-4 days a month she has no recollection at all. I hope her distant family will recognize her condition and figure out what to do.
    Lordy what’s next?

  3. Susan Sundermeyer

    Very exciting news today, Mary! Those poor starving faces are breaking my heart! 💗 😀 I dearly love that framed poster.

  4. Vickie L. Devore

    I am so happy about the online. I never get my orders mailed and love on line and print!! Thank you so much — nice for the “new shop” and for you!!

  5. Kim J LeMere

    What exciting news for all of us. I missed ordering “Frank” so I will be watching for the site to be up and running. I think Kayla is doing such a nice job with Jo’s site and with Pink Shoelaces site. Got to close a few ads today.

  6. Judy

    This IS exciting news! Great decision making!

    More patterns for the next generation of quilt makers!

    Hugs to All,
    Judy in Texas

  7. Joyce C

    I’m excited for your PDF patterns..!!! I see a bunch that I want. Love Ivy and Hazels sweet faces.

  8. Pat Smith

    Wow! Great news! This will make it easier for us to get the patterns we want and easier for you with no packing and mailing. I’ll order the goat pattern when you’re ready to start. We’ve been out in the RV for awhile so I haven’t ordered anything, but I have a list of 3 patterns that you’ve posted before that I planned to order next week after we’re home. Is it still possible to order them now that the digital program is starting? Looking at the faces of Ivy and Hazel, I was sure they had eaten the cookies. Guiltier looks I’ve never seen!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – depends on which patterns, I guess, and how quick Kayla can get them posted.

  9. Linda Miller

    Love your new digital patterns, I’ve been a fan of Country Threads for years.

  10. Lynn In NE Iowa

    What a great idea and , hopefully, less work for you and Connie. My #5 got basted today, so I am hopeful I can get it done by the end of the month. Gonna be a hot one this weekend so stay cool and stay calm.

  11. Wendy P

    I’m excited for your online shop. Being out of the country it makes it so much easier. I would love your Bullseye pattern – if it’s possible to put into the rotation. Thanks, so much Kayla for helping Mary.

    I’m working away on my DD#5 – learning a new to me technique – so a lot of trial and error – but progress is being made.

  12. Marj in WI

    So happy to hear about the online store. Been telling myself for a couple weeks I need to order some patterns from you. But like always, I don’t get the letter sent. Look forward to down loading and paying online.

  13. Jan from TN

    HI Mary! Those cookies look delicious — both the ones you are baking & the store bought ones. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies (no nuts) for me. 😉🍪 Those 2 cookie monsters are soooooooo cute!!
    An on-line store for Country Threads! Wow! There goes your retirement! Ha! You never really retired; you just took a little break! Lol!
    I absolutely love the poster/picture at the end of your blog. Is that yours? Where did you get it? Is it from your antique treks? I love the saying………….Thanks!

  14. Charlotte Shira

    Patterns online sound great! Can’t wait. I’m working on my #5…almost done quilting it then I’ll do the binding. Hope I make it. I love all the quilts you posted and the #5s.
    I look like Ivy and Hazel waiting for cookies to come out of the oven. I’m a cookie monster!!

  15. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Love the poster! Aren’t we all living happily with our machines these days?

  16. Connie

    Oh Mary!!! How exciting!!! This is going to be so much fun for everyone. Nice job Kayla!!

  17. Sheila in WI

    Once again I feel like you treated us to a mini quilt show. And I love the idea of an online store. Thank you!!! ( and Kayla)

  18. Amy M

    Congrats on the online patterns and big shout out to Kayla-isn’t she great!!! This will be wonderful for Mary and Connie and all the readers. This blog is big time : )

  19. Montana Kathy

    Mary, how exciting to have the patterns offered online. I just got my check in the mail for your DD#5 yesterday, so hold off for a day or two before you switch that pattern over to online! I love your #5 and can’t wait to do it. Love the cookie monsters – I recognize that look on their faces. I see It on my guys all the time! Too cute.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Montana Kathy – I will make sure I get your pattern sent before we make the switch!

  20. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Exciting mail order news! I especially love the fall #5 finishes; fall is my favorite season. Hazel and Ivy are soooo cute. Have a nice weekend. 🥰

  21. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I will get Andrew to help me order the goat. Pattern in a few days, we call my husband the old goat and Andrew the young goat as I love goats. Big week finishing, D.D5, my sister’s quilt and Luna’s quilt has one more days work to do,feels great to get things finished! Enjoy your summer weather, best wishes from sandy

  22. Sandy

    Forgot to say that I have an Elna” grasshopper” sewing machine like in your last photo,with a knee press,lovely little machine,take care,sandy

  23. Diane in Maryland

    How exciting to have Kayla do this for you! When I saw the ‘goat quilt’ I remembered that I have that pattern and meant to make it! It isn’t in my DD pile and it should be. Maybe I can fit it in if one of the others is a quick finish! Are Button Cookies choc chip with m&m’s? I don’t think I’ve seen those called that in any of our stores but I like the name. A cookie with that name would make them a fun gift for a sewing friend. I may have to copy that!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in MD – yes, m and m’s instead of choc chips!!

  24. Wendy

    Mary- that is such awesome news!!! Looking forward to seeing the patterns as they become available.

  25. Deb E

    Love your blog – I enjoy every post! Where did you buy your print “And she lived happily ever after”? I absolutely LOVE that print & would like one for my quilt room. Deb E

  26. Julie D.

    An online store—how wonderful for all of us and for you as designers!!! I will love this and have never minded getting the pattern online and printing so I could have it in my hands ASAP!!! I will have to go through my CT patterns and see which ones I don’t have! Love everyone’s DD#5’s–working on mine. I better get to it!!

  27. Linette Stewart

    Hi Mary, so happy we will be able to buy Country Threads PDF patterns!! How soon will we be able to purchase them? Sorry I am sure many are asking the same. It will be a hot weekend here in Wisconsin – hope you have a nice weekend!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynette Stewart – we hope to open by next Friday! I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Rhonda in Urbandale, IA

      Thanks so much for the link! I was looking for it and should have started at Amazon!

  28. Candy

    Does it count as a finish if I kick my DD#5 to the curb? I’ve tried to get back into it, but it’s just not going to happen. I’m going to sort the fabric back into my stash and call it good! Sigh!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – YES! It counts because you have dealt with it! Been there, done that!

  29. Janice Hebert

    This is great! Can’t wait until you are up and running. I, too, love Louise and Friends. The picture of the two cookie monsters, precious. It’s cooler here today in Topsfield. We had a really nice rain last night, just pray that the tomatoes that I pruned don’t come down with some disease because of it. The weekend is predicted to be hot. Not looking forward to that but maybe I’ll get some sewing in – I hate it when it’s hot and humid. The Dirty Dozen finishes are great – would love to hear the story behind Jeanine from Iowa’s fall quilt. And I think a lot of us would enjoy having that awesome poster! Thanks for the link, Holly! Enjoy your weekend everyone! Stay safe and be still. Jan in MA

    1. Jeanine

      Janice Hebert – About my fall quilt. There isn’t really a story behind it. I purchased it as a kit in 2014 just because it had a tractor and other farm related panels with it. My husband farmed but is retired now, and he loves tractors. I don’t know why it took me so long to make it… was not hard at all. Will enjoy it this fall. I bought the kit in Kalona, Iowa, but know it would not be available any longer.

  30. Linette Stewart

    Hi Mary, I would vote for a remake of your 3 Dog March pattern 😀 Your yard is beautiful!! Keep cool!

  31. Polly Perkins

    Hurrah for the online store. Good for you. We all miss your stuff. No one does what you do! Thanks

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