Spring Planting, 4-13-24

Farmer Tim planted across the road today.

Isn’t that a sight? I love it and it means porch time to me.

Chicks are doing fine – I had to raise their heat lamp it was so warm. I visited The Hankster this morning.

She’s yelling at me not to take her picture because she doesn’t have any makeup on – this wind could blow your makeup right off your face!!!

Too much cuteness!

What is everybody working on or are you getting outside when you can? A friend just said that by next week temps will be down in the 20s at night again. That will be a shock, won’t it?

Friends were here this evening and Hazel proved what a little ______ she can be, barking and bringing the ball, jumping up even on the counter which she knows she can’t do but like a kid she takes the chance when somebody is here. And you wonder why we don’t invite friends here very often?????

Reader photos

Planted! The next time I show you this field the corn will be peaking through. Anybody want to take a guess when that will be? What do you think, Farmer Tim?

63 thoughts on “Spring Planting, 4-13-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Lots of yellow in the quilts today…one of my favorite colors.
    How long did it take farmer Tim to learn to drive that massive tractor?
    Today I got a package of Charlie Harper fabric and some new Australian. So, I’ll try to figure out a perfect pattern to use.
    Hank is growing as fast as corn…he sure does like to have his picture taken!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I’m not sure Hank loves having his picture taken but we don’t give him any choice! Haha!!!

    2. Connie R.

      Jo, I love Charley Harper’s art and have a couple pieces of fabric but, can’t get myself to cut it. I think I’m waiting for the perfect pattern to showcase it. I would love to see what you decide to do with yours.

  2. brendalynne1

    Hank actually looks a bit sad. Is it just being camera shy ??
    I have been puzzling over a large vintage appliqued umbrella qult block. I am wanting to encircle it in the colors of the rainbow but cannot decide whether to begin with the violet or the red. next to the square and work my way through the spectrum. It is for my grown daughters birthday and would rather not ask her opinion and spoil a surprise.

  3. DebMac

    I think the corn will be up between the 3rd and 10th of May. Will see if it sprouts before my friend’s grandbaby comes. Waiting on baby to arrive before my friend and I can get together for our spring visit. I actually was in the mood to sew today but we did yard work instead. I shifted the rocks around the beds of two trees and they were not small circles. A certain small boy at our house likes to roll them over to look for bugs and worms but doesn’t always get them back into place. Bought peas, green beans and a few flower seeds plus some flower seedlings that were on sale. Still have a few more seeds to pick up. We are staring our first garden in years in a raised bed so it will be a learning years for sure. Churn dash blocks are my favorites so really liked these two today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – I’d be thrilled to garden if I had raised beds but in ground gardening? My back hurts just thinking about weeding or hoeing.

  4. Cindy K

    Got our corn planted today too. Hank is growing fast-still adorable. Like the quilts-the churn dash reminds me-I have a churn dash cut and ready to sew-cut from shirts.

  5. Kathy B

    Knee high by the 4th of July, that’s what was always told to us about the corn here in Missouri. Lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy B – keep that in mind when I show you again at Fourth of July. It might even be over my head!!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Linda – yes, that’s more like it – if it takes till 4th of July to be knee high, it would be considered crop failure. Haha!

        1. Cindy from SW MN

          Knee high by July 4th was a saying from long ago! Today’s hybrids are not the seed of yesterday! It’s still a saying, but doesn’t have the same impact, farmers plant way earlier than back in the 1940’s and 50’s, fertilizers, seed genetics makes the crop today a totally different comparison, not to mention the technology involved with the equipment as well!

  6. Patricia

    Gosh it seems a bit early to plant corn but Farmer Tim should know the routine. Those below freezing temps are a concern though. Yes the wind is blowing like crazy here in Maryland too. We have no garage so the car has to go in the back where there are no close trees. We’ve had 2 big ones come down this year after big rains. Our dogwoods are now blooming as are the redbuds. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be near 80. That’s too warm. The Hankster appears to be very chill but a big teddy bear/dog. Hazel sure makes me laugh. She’s full of the devil. Have a great Sunday.
    Pat – in Md.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – if Farmer Tim doesn’t know, nobody does! And yes, Hazel is full of the devil, without a doubt.

    2. Vicki Ibarra

      I love dogwoods and redbuds in bloom. The blossoms and colors are the promise of what is to come and are so beautiful. Enjoy them. To be near 80 degrees here today in southern Iowa.

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, That is some planter farmer Tim has to plant his corn. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the adorable Hank. I love him.Beautiful reader quilts. Stopped by our local greenhouse and picked up a few flowers but will wait for another 2 weeks to plant Your No Seeds made me laugh. I said and did the same.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – and you’ve already bought plants, too? The only plants I planned to buy were tomatoes. I hate watering pots all summer!

  8. Sherry Whalen

    Did you see Caitlin on SNL weekend update tonight? She did great! We traveled west on I90 past Fairmont today – there was quite a bit of fieldwork going on.

  9. Barbara Yarnell

    Loved the quilts today. The simple old patterns really are the best! Finishing up my brother’s estate sale today and we can go home. Haven’t touched my sewing room in 2 weeks and it will so good to get back to my usual routine, although I loved my trip to visit Iowa last week. I will plant some seeds when I get back but no tomato plants for me until May 1st. The weather here in MO is too unpredictable

  10. Kris in WI

    Just got the kitchen cleaned up after a day of baking and cooking. I’m not sure which I like least, cleaning or cooking! Glad to call it a day.
    Hank seems so content on Dad’s lap! I’d like to see a retake of that picture in about a year’s time. LOL! Watch out when Hank grows into those paws!
    It’s field time here, too. I could smell that “dairy air” this morning. That’s manure being spread, a little dairy farm humor there.
    I agree, those familiar Churn Dash blocks bring warm feelings with them, don’t they. And the bee quilts are so bright and springy! Supposed to reach 78* and windy again tomorrow. 78*? Did I miss spring???
    Take care everyone and thank you for the pix and comments. Don’t you just love this blog about everything?! Kris

  11. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Beautiful quilts today. Your readers are quite talented. The bee quilt looks complicated. I love the multi-color churn dash. It turned out perfect! Hank always looks so handsome!! Laying low here because I pulled something in my knee. So it’s ice and elevate time. Hope I’ll be up and and around sooner than later. My dog likes to sit outside when I’m on the porch. Funny. We’re having a couple nice days here, but I know it won’t last. The spring planting surprises me. I think we’re too wet to plant corn here!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – because we are so very dry planting can begin. The wind we’ve been experiencing has sucked all the moisture out of everything! Which doesn’t bode well for the upcoming growing season.

  12. Rita in Iowa

    Mary can’t wait to see the chicks growing bigger. They are so fun. Nice to see the planting take place, I’m sure Farmer Tim is trying to get corn planted before the rain on Monday and Tuesday. It is really needed.
    Hank is sure growing. How I would love a dog, I guess the granddogs will have to do but they live so far away.
    The quilts are stunning. Great job ladies!
    Have been working outside, edging then cleaning up the grass on the edge. Weeding the flower beds before they take hold and fertilize the beds. Hope to finished up before the rain on Monday evening.
    Finished piecing a spring panel this week and need to quilt it. Then pulled a UFO from 2008. It is a sampler quilt. Have 9 of the 12 blocks made. So yesterday I finished cutting the remaining 3 blocks. I do not plan to follow the pattern when I put them together so it may take a while to assemble.
    Not much happening in the house while I work outside but this too shall pass. Have a great Sunday ladies.
    I also recovered from having COVID just after Easter. First time having it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – how long were you sick – all the time from Easter to now? House can wait – it will get hot and then we’ll be back inside.

      1. Rita in Iowa

        Mary I only had a fever for 3-4 days. Slept sitting up for 3 nights so my chest wouldn’t fill up and I would start coughing. After that it was just fine. Worked awhile and sat awhile. So I did get a few things done. Thanks for asking. Back to normal and spending about 4 hours a day working outside.

  13. Janice in middle TN

    Always love seeing pictures of Hank. He is so laid back! Won’t be long till his mom can’t hold him anymore! The eyes get you. Churn dash quilts are one of my favorites.

  14. Susan in VA

    I’m finishing up our taxes — does anyone else wait until the last minute? I’m also in the process of making wild violet jelly. I’ve been picking the blooms from the violet “weeds” in our yard every spring since 2009. My mother-in-law passed away on April 9, 2009. Coming home from her funeral, the wild violets were blooming, and I had wanted to try making violet jelly for the first time that year. But when she was sick, I put those plans aside. After the funeral I decided I was going to get it done. Her name was Violet, so I now do it every year in memory of her! Does anyone else make it? It’s a beautiful magenta color. The infusion starts out deep blue/purple, but when it reacts with the pectin it turns a beautiful color! It tastes good, too.
    I’m also getting outdoor work done – pruning rose bushes, butterfly bushes and general clean-up. I love doing it now. I have a hard time keeping up in the summer when it gets so hot!

    1. brendalynne1

      what a lovely memorial for your mother in law and your relationship. thank you for sharing.

  15. Donna Jo

    Hank is so adorable. 🥰 I just read where you watched Caitlin on SNL. I had sent you the video earlier. She was funny! We never stay up that late. 86 degrees here in KC yesterday and it’s supposed to be the same today! Yes they were talking a lot cooler by the end of the week here too. Yes “knee high by the 4th of July” is what I learned about corn growing too! I have been pressing tops; piecing backings and making binding. Ugh. Can’t wait to start something new.

  16. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the black Iowa dirt in Farmer Tim’s corn field. Farm equipment has become bigger and more technological. Hank is a lapful and an armful. What a cutie! I bought geranium plants a few weeks ago and have kept moving them in and out of the house based on the temps until I can get them safely into the ground in early May. We also have teeny tiny pepper, tomato, and eggplant plants that will eventually go into the ground. Still need to plant squash seeds in pots as an experiment to plant small plants in the garden this year rather than directly seed in the garden. We shall see. We have several creeping veggies to plant: spaghetti, butternut, yellow crookneck, and acorn squash, along with cucumbers. I have been working on binding. I had cataract surgery on April 11 and knew I wouldn’t be able to do outdoor work for a week after that. So, I quilted a number of small projects to be ready to sew while sitting watching TV. Yesterday when it was a lovely 77 degrees and sunny, I could be outdoors and not do yard work because it was a “no-no” to do that type of work after eye surgery. What a luxury! Have a great day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – you do love to garden!!! I’m sure you have the same black dirt in your garden which makes everything grow beautifully. It’s way to early here to buy geraniums but I know just where I’m going to put them when the time comes.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I put it on the day it came, Wednesday, and honestly I think maybe it’s working. She’s not quite so snarly when she sees another cat but of course now it will take a long time for the cats to warm up to her.

  17. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    ❤️❤️Hank! He is beautiful! Our new neighbor 5 month old Collie, Sunny, is growing fast, too. She is such a fast learner! That corn will be higher than knees by the 4th of July. We had a brunch for our new Quilt Guild members yesterday. It was fun😀. The quikts this week have been gorgeous. Off to quilt.

  18. Ginger S

    Great post and comments today! I loved the quilts. Like others, the traditional patterns are my favorites. Hank is so cute and BIG. I miss having a dog. Luckily we get to have our Granddog quite often and that fills the void to an extent.

  19. Gayle in Tennessee

    Hi Mary. I’m a city girl so not sure about the corn but will take a guess. Maybe 6-8 weeks to see it coming up.
    That Hank is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. I just want to give him a big hug. Can’t wait to see how big he will get. I mean look at those huge paws!

    Hopefully you can spend time on the porch soon.
    God bless.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gayle – we’re going to take the covers off today! BUT we’re dipping down to the 20s late next week so it will be short lived.

  20. Joyce from NY

    The churn dash quilts are just beautiful!
    No planting happening here yet, it’s been raining off & on all week!
    Hankster is an adorable dog, so serious.
    My next sewing project is a little alteration on my granddaughter Charli’s prom dress.

  21. Fran Dixon

    What an adorable dog. But he is going to grow a lot more.

    I wish I could be outdoors. I am taking an antibiotic and the pharmacist said stay out of the sun. Drats!

    Loved all of your photos today by the way.

  22. Diane in Colorado

    Wow! Hank is growing like a weed! What a handsome dog he will be!

    I bought some fabric on Friday afternoon with full intention of spending the entire weekend sewing. Instead, I took Skyler for a walk Saturday morning and then came home and read the entire day. By last night I had finished Weyward and started The Dictionary of Lost Words. And I’m reading because I’m very intimidated by the pattern I’m wanting to stitch–Tilda’s Daydreamer Quilt. I suspect I just need to simply dive in and try it.

    Nice to see Farmer Tim out in the fields! I’m wondering how dry it is in Iowa this spring. I know the farmers need rain as they don’t all irrigate there like they do here in Colorado.

  23. Carol Reents

    Wow, here in Indiana we have water standing in the fields. It will be awhile before anything gets planted.

  24. Gail in Ohio

    Great photos – Hank is indeed a sweetie!
    It’s way too wet to get into the fields in our area (we live where several streams meet) – and more rain is coming over the next few days. Our farmers will be delighted if they can plant in late April. Farmer Tim’s planter is a far cry from the 2-row planter my dad had when I was growing up – way before all the huge equipment and technology (and price!) available today! I don’t think I’d be smart enough to drive a tractor these days… LOL!
    It is sunny today so I’ll get out and clean off some gardening tools I used before the last bout of rain chased me inside; then I’ll avoid the soggy spots and see what I can accomplish outside. Then it’s back to some sewing for my chorus. Maybe I can get to my preferred projects soon??? 🙂

  25. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Hank sure is adorable. He looks like he is going to be a very big adorable boy. I wish I could have raised beds as well. Thinking of gardening makes my back hurt too. I’m trying to decide how to fill the garden with something that is easy. It is a beautiful day here in Port Coquitlam. I’ve been sitting on my deck since 8am enjoying my coffee and catching up on emails. Enjoy your day too.

  26. Margie in SOCAL

    dear Mary, remember a few weeks ago you mentioned a really OLD book you loved —
    A DOZEN VARIABLES ???? well, I ordered it from ThriftBooks, and what a treasure ! like a master class with favorite teachers of the old days, Nancy Martin and Marsha McCloskey, and I love love love it !
    thanks a bunch, Mary !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie – it is a classic, isn’t it? I could work out of that book for a long time.

  27. Sharon F

    For Jo in Wyoming, I bought some Charlie Harper fabric earlier this year and chose one of the Villa Rosa patterns to use when I eventually get around to starting that project. I chose that pattern because it had large pieces that will show the fabric better than cutting it up into small pieces for complicated blocks. Villa Rosa has several patterns that use larger pieces, lots to choose from.

    Hank is just adorable! Glad to hear that Fluffybun’s new collar is helping!

  28. Nancy

    Yea farmer Tim! I love to watch the corn grow! I stuck in Northern California and we can’t even grow corn here! Thanks Mary for showing us the real world! Very sincerely, Nancy K Walker

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – this is the real world in North Iowa – I’m not sure about elsewhere

  29. Betty Klosterman

    Spring is trying to spring…..but it is supposed to get cold with snow/rain depending where you are. I don’t even think about getting plants until Memorial Day. When we had the extreme drought I really cut down on the flowers, so planting doesn’t take long. And I HAVE to put new dirt in the pots this year!

    Fairmont is where we’d turn to go to my folks. About a 100 miles of 2-way road.

    Did I count Farmer Tim’s planter having 24 row capacity? Sure cuts down on planting time. There is a rancher out here that plants at least 50,000 acres. Part is his land and the rest is rented. Some in sunflowers and they are beautiful. We were privileged to watch them cut a field of wheat a few years ago. At least 5 huge grain trucks and 5 combines went to work and about an hour later they moved on to the next field!

    Last night was Prom night. Lots of fun. And beautiful dresses.

    Take care. Enjoy all our weather except the bad stuff.
    Betty in Rapid City

  30. Betty Klosterman

    That’s why Hank always looks so sad. He has to sit still to take pictures, etc. He always looks so unhappy, nor normal.

    Betty in Rapid City

  31. San

    Thanks for sharing photos of Hank the Hero. He’s growing fast, but still adorable.

    The corn will be up in 8-21 days depending on your temps there. How many acres does he plant? I’ve never seen such a fancy seed planter!

    New seeds are always fun. I can never resist even if I’m not planting that year.

    The quilt I’m working on is a crumb piecing project. Finally, yesterday, there was progress made, as I found my 16″ ruler and developed a better plan for row assembly. Will send a picture as soon as it’s together.

    It’s very warm and sunny here today. Wishing you the same.

    San / Murphy, NC

  32. Vicki Ibarra

    I will guess that the corn will peek through the ground on May 1 or May 2. Now the question is: can one see it from the road when it has just emerged?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – yes, I can see it from my driveway and I will make note

  33. Susan K in Iowa(Texas)

    Farmer Tim question – does he plant corn one year and soy beans the next? I understood that to keep the ground from being depleted of nutrients that was what is done in Iowa.
    We saw lots of new planters headed out of Iowa into Missouri last trip up here. They sure are huge machines now.
    In our area, the wheat fields are green and will be harvested in late May through early June. The corn is already in the few fields that grow it. It will be harvested in August and September.
    Hank is quite the puppy! He sure is cute and I’m sure that gets him out of trouble from time to time.
    I like the churn dash quilt too. Did you see the two churn dash variations in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine? Joanna Figueroa and Jen Kingwell both did a version of churn dash. Very cool.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – yes, I did see those gals both did their own version of churn dash – which one did you like best? In North Iowa I think it’s every 2-3 years that crops are rotated. I always like beans across the road so I can still .see the highway all summer. The corn is so tall it closes in on my view

  34. Alice in SW OH

    Hank is going to be a big boy! But what a cutie!! Interesting that crops are only rotated every 2-3 yrs in Iowa. My dad never planted the same crop 2 yrs in a row in the same field, but I’m sure a lot has changed in 40+ yrs! I had always been told that corn needed to be knee high by the 4th of July so it could be picked by late September or mid October. If it was taller than that by then, that was even better. This is also southern Ohio if that makes a difference.

  35. Hank's Mom

    For those of you who think Hank always looks sad, trust me he is a very happy and very well cared for pup. For some reason when you point a camera/phone at a dog they will get that concerned look. When dogs are really smiling, they are running around so fast you can’t get a good photo. Hank is very happy. I’ll try hard this week to get a natural photo of him.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Hank’s Mom – yes! We’re always trying to get him to look at us and sit – he is not sad! I’ll second that! Too bad I can’t post a video, huh?

  36. Launa

    Mary…You could barely hold all of Hank on your lap! What 🐾 paws..so darling!

    I say Farmer Tim May see sprouts in 11 days?


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