Still Warm Here, 11-16-23

We are still enjoying temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s – but with high winds. I’m so glad I’m not working outside. The barn feels very empty without Rosie – I always let her have a heat bulb because I knew her old bones probably hurt. Today I turned off the heat bulb. The days of transition to a different vibe in the barn are in process now.

I played for another funeral at our church today – 2 funerals in less than a week is just too much. Last night I finished up a short series – “All the Light We Cannot See” on Netflix. You might have read the book a couple years ago – I did and the four part Netflix series is excellent. When I continue to think about a story long after it’s over I know it was good.

I filled many orders today and will keep filling these fall orders until the deadline postmark of December 1. If you’re interested in Connie’s fall patterns please go back several posts and review.

Talk about a blog post about nothing – here are the reader photos.

Hazel has destroyed her favorite toy from Aunt Rose – she has been obsessed with it and she finally killed it completely. Oh, Hazel.

23 thoughts on “Still Warm Here, 11-16-23

  1. Dee from Shell Rock

    I really love the red and green pineapple quilt. It’s so windy here also. I was out today, lunch with some friends, then a visit to my cousin in the nursing home, sad, sad, sad. I was fortunate to be the designated presenter of a Welcome to Your New Home Sampler from my EGA group to a new Habitat Home family. Always a great feeling. I ran into an old friend, got to see pictures of her littles that are not so little anymore. Then dinner and stitching with other friends. Mostly a good day. Tomorrow is quilt binding day for a Christmas gift that is being given away on Saturday. I’ll send you a picture after it’s gifted. Rosie’s love for you is always there. Thanks for a blog about nothing. Feels Just Right.

  2. Sue in Oregon

    That last bit about Hazel killing her toy for good made me chuckle out loud. I can just picture her using all of her might and mane to get the job done.
    We are having warm temps too. 63 today and it’s supposed to be 63 tomorrow. We don’t have the wind, though, and it has been so pleasant. Makes me fear for whats ahead.
    All The LIght You Cannot See was so good that I didn’t want it to end.

  3. Teresa in Indiana

    I love all the wonderful reader quilts today. Just beautiful! Hazel is a feisty little thing. Just had to kill her toy! It’s supposed to be rainy with falling temps today. We really need the rain. Starting the cleaning and then cooking for family coming Monday and Tuesday for Thanksgiving. I love spending time with them, but oh my! The pre-prep is exhausting. Have a great day everyone!

  4. Mary H

    I just finished Canary Girls. It’s about women in WW1 who filled bullets with TNT. Their skin became yellow due to jaundice and their hair brittle and red, hence the nickname. Most recovered, but not all. They also formed football leagues while the men were gone.
    Sorry about your loss of Rosie and having another funeral. Life seems to race by and we need to try to enjoy each day.
    Let’s hope the wind is gone for a minute, the temps have been amazing for November!

  5. Vicki Ibarra

    Still warm here, too. We are doing outdoor projects we had designated as spring tasks. Maybe that means we will be ahead of the game in the spring. I can hope. I am still dealing with leaves. The wind this week made them fly through the sky. I figure a few more days of mowing/bagging and I will be done with that task. The cold next week means I should have time to work on quilt projects. I am looking forward to that. I am going through recipes for new things to try for Thanksgiving. I am not the world’s most avid cook.
    Jo, I have been thinking of you. Hugs to you.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Hoping each day is slightly better in transition for you Mary after losing Rosie. Every step in us and them growing older makes us rethink and reflect. I always enjoy the pictures of what is shared for the readers to see so I thank you. Thinking of Diane in Ohio with that horrible school bus accident dealing with losing family so close to Thanksgiving. There was one in our area but not as bad at all as Ohios but a person rear ended a school bus yesterday. Do people not keep their eyes ahead anymore? And course my eyes are now on Buffalo area for what could be storms coming in next week due to warm waters on Lake Erie which could create heavy wet snow that they do not need. We are in a drought but we don’t need them dealing with 82” of snow like last year again. Mother Nature better spare them.

  7. Sally J. Mi.

    Beryl I love your cross stitch!! Weather still on the warm side but going to be cold next week! High in the 30’s!! BRR! Harvest dinner tomorrow at church so making some pies today.
    Having my daughter and family for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Love and peace to all.

  8. Jeanine from Iowa

    I like all the quilts today, but was especially drawn to the pineapple red/green one. It is outstanding, and a lot of work. Thanks for sharing it. Yesterday was windy here as well, but I was able to stir up the piles of leaves in the field (that were drug out there on a drop cloth) and stir them up and let the wind scatter them. It’s a joy to see them flying! I have 5 more Christmas lap quilts to bind for the nursing home. Our church group is making 40 to give to a local nursing home. We are getting close to being done with them. One way to cheer them up a bit during the Christmas season.

  9. Linda in Central Iowa

    The tiny cross stitch is magnificent! My old eyes just can’t see for cross stitching any more.
    Upper 60’s here in central Iowa and not even a snowflake in the air yet. Had early Thanksgiving with DIL and granddaughters Wednesday night – wonderful food and great time.
    Early Black Friday sales take away the fun of the day after Thanksgiving. Even though I don’t like to shop, there was something about that Friday – breakfast and lunch out, the people and excitement -I even chuckled at the “witches” – so much silliness over THINGS. Actually, I never really bought all that much as the lines were so long so i just looked.

  10. Linette Stewart

    Mary, I am very sorry about Rosie. The losses only seem to get harder the longer we have been able to love them. Maybe there is a little room for a new young goat to lift spirits and keep the other goats young? That Netflix movie was excellent with really good actors. I always tend to binge watch all the episodes in a day. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! 😀

  11. Susan

    My husband and I got caught up in “All the Light You Cannot See” two nights ago-we thought it was amazing. I wish we had started a little earlier as it was after midnight when we finished watching. We couldn’t stop because the cliff hanging endings to each episode was so compelling! Enjoy the next couple of nice weather days!

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      I LOVED “All The Light You Cannot See”!! I watched it over 2 evenings, and stayed up very late one night because I didn’t START watching until later in the evening. Apparently I had checked out the book via my online library (according to their records), but never read it, and returned it unread. I would DEFINITELY have remembered reading that book. Looks like a good read so I put it BACK on my request list. Have no idea when it will become available again, but it will be worth the wait.

  12. Viv in Idaho

    Love the red/green pineapple quilt! I have seen a couple of pineapple quilts finished and loved them both but I don’t love paper piecing so I don’t think one is going to be on my bucket list.

    I think I will get a space cleared in my sewing room and watch the movie you enjoyed. The weather prediction for Sunday here is stormy so it will be a good afternoon for sewing and a movie.

  13. Janet Gluesenkamp

    What a gorgeous pineapple quilt! You are right, All the Light We Cannot See is a great book, one you don’t want to end, and the series was indeed a good one.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  14. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, That is one dead toy. Should you play some hymns for it like, The Old Rugged Toy? Sorry, my
    quirky sense of humor just came out when I saw it.
    I spent the morning with 5 lovely women cutting fabric from a Guild member who passed away. She had lots of red/white/blue fabric that we made into kits for Honor Flight quilts. Her sister made her home available to us and gave us all the fabric. What a lovely tribute to Mona.
    Another beautiful quilt show. I never get tired of them or this “blog about nothing.” THANK YOU:)
    Rainy and cooler here today, too. I prefer 72* and sunny!!
    Have a good day.:)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – it’s good of you to find a home for all that fabric. The devastation of the toy left bits of white plastic all over and I even had to take the last bit away from her. All the barking really gets to Rick. Not me.

  15. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    PS Kathy, thanks for your comment about the bus accident. It is so sad to think of those families.
    Keep safe everyone:)

  16. Charlotte S in No. California

    Another beautiful quilt show!! So sorry for your loss of Rosie. It’s so hard losing our pets.
    It’s 68 here today but very cloudy. We are hoping for lots of rain! I went to Costco and Safeway today and they were very busy and I always pick the wrong line!!
    Have a great weekend everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – you and me both -the line I pick needs several price checks every time! I’m so glad I’m not buying groceries for Thanksgiving!

  17. Joy in NW Iowa

    Two funerals in one week it way too many! Plus, you had to part with Rosie.
    The quilts are all pretty. Hazel with destructive! Funny.
    I hadn’t heard about that bus accident, but that was really sad!
    The weather is still nice here! The sun was warm and not much wind today, we went to Sioux Falls for various things. It was a busy place today! I always try to get out of there by 3:30 because it really gets crazy then! We went out for Mexican, yum! We usually share a meal and it works out great. Mexican really doesn’t work real good in a take home box. Popcorn for supper.
    Tomorrow is I supposed to be 60 degrees! Love it!

  18. Rosie Westerhold

    Thank you for all the nice comments about my pineapple quilt. It was published in Quilters Newsletter Magazine in 2001. Think I’ve had the fabric in a tote, all cut into strips since 2002, maybe. To make “sometime.” Started piecing it on a retreat in May 2023, and had some “issues” doing it so only got 2 blocks finished. Good thing I had back-up projects because I was SURE I would finish the whole thing over the weekend! Ha🤣!! Directions were pretty sketchy about foundation-piecing back then. Good thing I am a much more experienced quilter now. However, I kept making incorrect blocks for the border blocks not once, but TWICE!! AAAARRRGGGGHHH!! The “mistake” blocks will go on the back. This was all made from plaids and homespuns. And didn’t even put a DENT in my massive collection of those. Think I will cut more strips and gradually work on ANOTHER one. I certainly have enough fabric for 1 or 2 more!!

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