Summer In Iowa, 8-9-23

Thanks to Tim and Ellen for our delicious supper of mouthwatering sweet corn! There are no words.

My ride through the grove:

This has to go!

This is where I tossed my pumpkins last winter – look at these gigantic vines and leaves.

Solomon’s Seal

Going to the barn for chores:

Spotty – so original, right?

Meet Greta!

And Gracie –

Parked next to me yesterday at Walmart

From Diane but not necessarily made by Diane

What a spectacular antique quilt!!! Purchased for $35 by a reader at an estate sale.
My July pink project – details tomorrow
Picture taken on Sunday afternoon – Brian was the one person here who doesn’t like cats so where do the cats go? To Brian, of course.
Greta’s favorite spot

52 thoughts on “Summer In Iowa, 8-9-23

  1. DebMac

    You’re right; there are no words. We had our first farm fresh corn this week also. So, so good.

  2. Sandy

    I have been so conscious of my parking since you started posting those parking pictures..ha. I’m so careful..I don’t want to see my picture in your blog. We have two new round a bouts out my way..that’s a whole other topic for discussion..some people don’t have a clue how to navigate through them..they need to google the word “yield”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – you’re not the only one who is very conscious of how they park – I AM, too! I don’t know why I started noticing – maybe it’s worse now than it was previously? Roundabouts – now there’s a topic to debate! On my way to Mantorville last Saturday I encountered several.

        1. Pamj

          Mary, the downtown center of New Braunfels, Tx is a roundabout. Talk about people not having a clue of what to do… lots of horn blowing and finger waving going on !! I never pull to the inside lane, I stay in the outside lane. The way those vehicles are parked ain’t nothin’, especially here in our vacation destination town. Travel trailers, boat trailers, big motor homes all spread across numerous parking spaces and hanging out of their spaces, ridiculous. But all those people are spending lots of money here, so can’t complain much, but we are extremely happy when they go home on Sunday afternoons all sunburned, with empty wallets!!

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Pam – thankfully they come and spend money! Are roundabouts really that more efficient for traffic? Why do they build them instead of intersections? I honestly don’t know and I’m curious. We don’t have them here in North Iowa – maybe all of Iowa, I don’t know. Anybody from Iowa know?

    2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

      That is so true, Sandy! We have people that STOP
      at every opening., some drive the Indy 500, some go 15mph😹. The other day I followed a Student Driver who stopped and SAT at two yiekd signs on regular streets with NO traffic. Help!

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Loved the antique quilt! Also Gracie and Greta! Wonderful names. They are making themselves right at home in your sewing room. So sweet. Your pink July project is adorable! Cats always try to change a person’s mind who says they don’t like cats! A friend of ours used to say that. Whenever he visited and sat on the sofa one of our cats would walk along the back cushions and lay by his neck! After a few times of this he said he was beginning to not mind them!

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Plans are to have BLTs tomorrow with fresh corn. Can’t wait!
    Love to see that some pumpkins grew for you. One year we had them grow in the compost pile and then up into the trees. It was fun for our grandson to pick them.
    Glad to see Gracie and Greta getting along. You are a cat whisperer Mary. Love seeing all the farm animals, its been awhile since we have seen the chickens.
    The pictures of all the quilts and other crafty items were so fun to see,
    Can’t wait to hear your story about you pink quilt.
    More time spent in the flower beds. It’s unbelievable how things are drying down already.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – I think your menu of BLTs and fresh corn might be my favorite of all time!

      1. Tina W in Oregon

        Especially with freshly picked home-grown tomatoes! My mouth is watering!

        1. Jeanine from Iowa

          We have been enjoying BLT’s and sweet corn for awhile. That is my favorite summer meal!

  5. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    LOVE the names Greta and Gracie—perfect for them😻. They are so cute and lucky to have you. Those pumpkin leaves are huge! I spent the whole day—10 3/4 hours— with friends on the All Ohio Shop Hop. It was lots of fun—shopping is exhausting😂😂. I tried not to buy too much since I have lots of fabric and kits!

  6. Vicki Ibarra

    Great girls: Gracie and Greta. Iowa sweet corn is the best. Enjoy. Antique quilts go for a song these days. I used to see them for $400. In May, I visited a flea market that had them for $65. I cringed at all the work that went into them and the low asking price. Only quilters understand. Today I cleaned house (not exciting) and sewed binding on a quilt (relaxing).

  7. Robin Boggan

    Love your pink project!! So much fun and love the scrappiness of it with the one large flower. Just love it!! 💗

  8. Kathy Hanson

    Love seeing all your farm pictures and, of course, the quilts and cats too!!!

  9. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, that corn 🌽 looks delicious! This is such a super time of the year for fresh veggies and fruit. I made fresh blueberry and peach pies today and had some friends over for conversation, dessert and quilts! So fun!!

    I 💜 the kitties’s names, your pink quilt and the antique quilt is a treasure.

    This Saturday my husband and son are riding in OBLITERIDE, a 50 mile bike ride, to raise $ for cancer research. Our son is a cancer survivor and we are so thankful that we have the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center here in Seattle which keeps searching for a cure.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – so happy for your son! Cancer is a cruel disease and I don’t think there’s any family who hasn’t experienced it. Two pies? Wow! Sounds delicious!

  10. Brendalynne

    The cat irony was also played out by my father.Fluffy would sit on the bathroom sink and watch Dad shave and rinse his face.the cat would then dip his paw in the water a d wash his face. One Christmas the cat took the balls off the tree and carry them one at a time and put them on Dad in bed. One by one without any breakage. He also managed not to topple the tree.

  11. Montana Kathy

    Love the quilts! I can’t believe that someone sold the older one, which is just lovely,
    for $35. I bought several old quilt TOPS (not even finished quilts) FOR OVER $400 each at Pilgram & Roy antiques in San Francisco many years ago. Customers were just grabbing them up without hardly looking at them! They’re very nice, but wow, what a deal to get that lovely quilt at such a price. While I love that maybe the quilt prices are going down, I’m also sad to see them undervalued. All that work and talent under-appreciated. Anyway…love those kitties! They’re adorable. Am looking forward to hearing about your pink quilt. It is so pretty! What size is it? And did you do hand applique? (my favorite part of quilting!)

  12. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Mary, Gracie and Greta are perfect names; love your choice! You have the best quilt ideas. Your pink project is great!

  13. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you for all the animal posts! I love seeing the cats sand the grove and all the rest!

  14. Diane in Colorado

    Love your pink project!!

    And Brian, yes, cats are amazingly adept at cuddling up to exactly the person who doesn’t like or is allergic to cats. Every. Single. Time!!!! I actually love cats but am horribly allergic. If there is a cat around, it is for sure rubbing up against my leg or curling up in my lap. I cannot seem to help but pet them!

    We had a lovely evening tonight—cool, calm, no mosquitoes!! Nice to sit out in the patio!

  15. Sharon G.

    Mary – Love that antique quilt. $35 is a steal!
    Such nice animals and quilts today.
    Pink project is so pretty.
    Gracie and Greta are great names. Nice choice! So glad they are becoming friends. Cats are notorious for finding the one person who is not used to cats or who is allergic! 🙂
    Lucky you to get fresh corn. Enjoy!
    Take care everyone!

  16. Sue in Oregon

    I just love your pink art quilt. And, it is an art quilt. Can’t wait to hear about it.
    I had to chuckle about Brian and the cats. He doesn’t seem to mind though.
    I love your Solomons Seal. Such a beautiful shade plant.
    Good night. See you tomorrow.

  17. Debbie

    Pink Quilt is gorgeous!!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s details. Wow to the whole 8-9 news! Thank you! So excited about the pink quilt, and I’m not a pink person!!!

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    Great post today. That antique quilt us sure a steal. Your pink project is adorable.
    I can almost taste that corn…so luscious.
    The kitties have great names, perfect for them.
    I’ll bet you may have some pumpkins in the grove this fall. We, too, get volunteers from the compost pile.

  19. Teresa in Indiana

    Love all the pics in today’s blog about “nothing”. Fabulous corn. Our neighbor brought tomatoes and peppers last night. I’m having a tomato 🍅 sandwich for breakfast. Yum!
    The antique quilt was a terrific find. Your 2 G’s are so adorable! So glad they are accepting each other. Love their names too! You are likely to find lots of pumpkins in that volunteer patch. That would make me so happy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa -I’m really hoping for volunteer pumpkins because there are none in the garden where I planted about 20 hills.

  20. Lynette in Orlando

    I just love your “blog about nothing”!!! Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and I should have taken a photo to send you…… thought of you immediately with the way this idiot parked! Thanks for bringing some happy into my day.

  21. Frances E

    Love the quilts, cats, and Brian! And, I love the circle of death comment! So funny!!

  22. Janet S

    Mary, Last night, Fox9 News in Minneapolis/St Paul had a report from Garner Iowa. The reporter was there talking about the huge increase in the price of farm land and how no one can afford to start farming without help. It is a huge problem as the developers have tons of money to spend and the little guy can’t think of competing. It’s a small world.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – we’ll, it isn’t just Garner but yes, the little guy simply can’t make it farming. Big farmers have bought up all the land and have HUGE equipment to use. I’m going online to see if I can find the story.

  23. Pat in Michigan

    Love the animal pictures. How many goats do you have? Such a clean spot for them. So glad the new kitties are bonding and having fun together. Cute names.

    We have been enjoying sweet corn too and today I am making creamed corn to freeze and enjoy this winter. We planted a “new to us” tomato variety this summer, Amish paste tomatoes. They are larger than a Roma, but very dense and sweet. Delicious

  24. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Lovely pink quilt. I would love to hang that in my house.
    I’m working on “Country Fair” by Laundry Basket Quilts.
    It has a big pumpkin in it………..looks like you will have alot of pumpkins.
    Love the farm pictures. Beautiful weather with no snow removal needed . LOL. I complain winter long!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianna – I, too, complain about winter starting in about October!

  25. NancyTD

    Gracie and Greta are nice names for the kitties. Busy freezing beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and green peppers. Good yield with no rain. I have watered once a week. The rain just keeps going around us.
    There are a lot of bad Parker’s as well as drivers out there. Maybe they should have refresher driver classes for more than just seniors!
    Love your pink quilt. The antique quilt is a real find!!

  26. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Gracie and Greta are perfect names! I love that postage stamp quilt mounted inside a window frame- clever! Can’t wait to hear more about your July Pink Project; it’s beautiful!

    1. Diane and gang

      Mrs. Goodneedle, Glad you like the quilt in the window. Normally, I am against quilts being cut up, but this was at our Guild auction and already cut up. I do love it.

  27. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love Gracie and Greta! The quilts are so pretty! You will probably have pumpkins! It’s warm and humid with storms predicted for tonight! The kids are on their way!! The meat is smoked countryside ribs and it is finishing in the crock pots, Veggies and dip, cucumber salad is about ready, sweet corn in the fridge. I told them to come hungry! Haahaa!
    Is wish I had a couple tame kitties for them to play with!

  28. Vickie

    Greta and Gracie are perfect names for the two newest kitties. and I like Spotty. It may not be terribly original but it fits her. Sometimes you just have to go with the obvious.

  29. Betty Klosterman

    Brian may not like cats, but he doesn’t hate them either. That cat is very comfortable and safe on his lap. Cats are not dumb. And if a person is allergic to a cat doesn’t mean they don’t like cats. Cats know…….
    Seeing the cats on the piles of fabric reminds me of your cutting table in the store. There was a basket with a small quilt which usually had a cat sitting in it watching everything or sleeping. You were always careful to move the tail when you were cutting fabric. And you NEVER charged extra for fur content!!! Plus you were very open about it. If a person didn’t like cats, don’t come to the shop because the cats were there to stay!!
    Out here travelers with huge campers/motor homes are normally quite thoughtful about parking their rigs. And then there are the local ranchers/farmers comeing to town for supplies, groceries of just plain fun. Patience.
    And I’d love to join Theresa in Indiana for breakfast! Sounds delicious.
    Take care everybody. Enjoy it all. Betty in Rapid City

  30. Jan Hebert

    Cute names! And I love that Brian is letting the kitties try to convince him that he actually likes cats, haha! The antique quilt is beautiful! And I really love the postage stamp quilt in the frame – I wonder if it’s folded and just placed behind the glass or if it’s a corner of a larger quilt that’s been framed like a picture? Going to read about your pink quilt! Jan in MA

    1. Diane and the gang

      Jan, it is a corner. I bought it at our Guild auction many years ago. I do not like old quilts being cut up, but it was already in the window. I love it.

  31. Linda in MI

    Gretta! Puuurrrfect!! I love it and Gretta and Gracie – well that’s all that needs to be said! I wish I had a separate sewing room so I could have more kitties!!

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