Sunday, 1-30-22

Football on tv! And as I watch I snooze with Hazel because I’m sick – terrible cough and headache.

Connie delivered the quilt to Ben – whose favorite subject is reading – favorite book is Witches by Rahl Dahl. Ben also plays basketball and he is tall – made for basketball! He is in the 3rd grade and is 9 years old.

Claire loves her hamsters, Tundra and Coconut!

Here is some artwork on her bedroom walls.

Our friend Moe from the Chicago area sent this picture from a quilt retreat held here in 1994 – all Wear Warm Clothes quilts!

Makes me just warm inside seeing this picture!

Reader quilts:


Here is Hazel this afternoon in the chair with me.

And then she got up —-

And wanted to play but I’m too sick to play.

I have discovered EBay – vintage pincushions and sewing “stuff”. This came yesterday – I love it! So homemade and primitive – so crappy really – a good example of “make it do”. Oh, it’s so fun to look at the stuff – does anybody else look at old sewing stuff on EBay? I have to quit looking!

Look at the canning lid made into a pincushion mounted on the end.

I just wanted to catch up – if I get too many pictures I can’t keep track of them all. I missed church today because I’m sick and I was so looking forward to it! Dang. I watched the live stream but it falls short.

I’ll end on this sweet puppy shot – puppies have to sleep wherever they are when they are exhausted!

103 thoughts on “Sunday, 1-30-22

  1. Meredith in Cincinnati

    So sorry you’re sick! Take care, fluids, and REST!
    We’re so excited in Cincinnati: Our Bengals are going to the Super Bowl! Still hard to believe it. WHO DEY!

    1. Jan from TN

      So sorry to hear you’re ill. I agree with the majority here—sounds like it may be Covid. 😢 treat it like a bad cold for now. Rest, drink plenty of fluids & rest. If it gets really bad, go get tested an a chest X-ray, if necessary. You certainly can’t afford go have it go into pneumonia! Prayers for your quick recovery & that it is not Covid. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
      Hazel’s so dang cute❣️
      Take care & feel better soon. Good night. 😴💤

    2. Jeanne in Co.

      Dear Mary, I pray today is better for you than yesterday. I wonder if God is trying to tell you to take a bit of rest for yourself!?! You do so much for others, sometimes we have to have a little wake up call that says, “Slow down, and take care of yourself.” I agree that maybe the wake up call is too harsh sometimes. Sending prayers for you and Rick too. The picture of the napping puppy by the sewing machine was so darn cute and so was Hazel. She’s so adorable no matter what she’s doing, whether rooting in the dirt or snuggling up and comforting you. What would we do without our pets.

  2. Kim from TN

    I do hope you haven’t caught Covid, it can start with a headache and cough. Ask me how I know. All of those Warm Clothes quilts were just wonderful to see, wow. I have to stay off E bay, to many wonderful items to want. Your sewing notions is wonderful, and the canning lid is so clever. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Marie Fibelstad

    My cat Dallas sleeps on my lab when I am in the recliner just like Hazel does.
    I watched the Chief’s game and wanted them to win but will enjoy seeing Bengals play at the Super Bowl
    No rats today?
    Get well quick.
    Marie, IA

  4. Marie Fibelstad

    I thought the picture of person and her wiener dog was so cute.
    Pets are such good company when too cold to get outside.
    Marie, IA

  5. Bonnie McKee

    Dear Mary,
    I’m sorry you are not feeling well and had to miss church. I agree, the live stream falls short, but I feel it’s better than missing out altogether.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are always a great and I enjoy them immensely!
    Get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.
    I’ll be praying for you!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  6. Cheryl from AR

    Mary, I am so sorry you have caught this flu. I’ve had it twice since Christmas, a relapse, so rest and take it slow. Now my husband has it. Just tell your self natural immunity! Mucinex and fluids.

    1. Marilyn

      Sending prayers your way. Thank you for the valentine table runner pattern. Wonderful to see the quilts. So sorry you missed church. Be still.

  7. Diane in Maryland

    Loved the pictures. Fun to see all those Wear Warm Clothes quilts and that darling little puppy just exhausted from its sewing lesson!

    So sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Linda from Georgia

    Feel better soon. Has been very cold in Southern Georgia and my daughter says she is cold in Miami. At least it was sunny here. Finished a baby quilt for my grandson who is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I so enjoy seeing pictures of your “finds” and quilts as well as reader’s quilts. Such inspiration!!!

  9. Gayle in Tennessee

    I hope you get to feeling better soon Mary. Love the bright eyed picture of Hazel and the sleeping puppy picture. Take care of yourself.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Get well soon. My sister had a headache and coughing and it was covid as she took a home test. We had the test kits distributed to us free in our area. She’s still coughing but stayed home for couple days to rest and also not to infect anyone else and is better now. Keep the liquids in you. We’ve been virtual for church for several weeks again due to high covid numbers spreading and sending more sick people to our crowded hospitals. I don’t mind watching it on zoom though.
    Such wonderful quilts to see tonight!! Loved so many of them but boy Moe sending that picture of Wear Warm Clothes gives me the incentive to get going on mine! It was nice seeing Connie’s grandkids pictures and glad Ben is doing so well. Hope those in FL are coping okay with these cold temps all the way down there.

  11. Launa

    Rest n Recover! Looks like Hazel is taking care of you! Just watching second football game here. Hoping 49ers can win!
    No new snow today. Can see down in front where some long leg critter walked from our road up thru 5’ deep snow to where we had a mineral lick on a stump. Had to be Elk or Moose. Was 6o here this morning.
    Nice to see Ben with his quilt!
    Thanks for posting pictures…praying for a speedy recovery for you, Mary!

  12. Linda from MN.

    Mary, I hope you test for Covid. I was positive that my husband and I just had a very mild cold, but we both tested positive for Covid. (We both were vaccinated and boosted.). I hope you will be on the mend soon.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    So sorry you are sick, Mary. I am sending you Get Well Soon vibes and hope that you do. If it goes on very long, you should get tested. Hope and pray it isn’t Covid.
    Your primitive thread holder is very cute. It will look special in your sewing room. I am an Etsy shopper more than eBay, but the same is true for me. So hard to resist pushing the Buy button.
    Good night and get well.

  14. Jan Vandewalle

    Hope you get well quickly, So many are getting that clod and cough that hangs on around here some think it is a dose of the Omicron covid, as that is one of the symptoms
    Hazel is such a cutie, have to love that little face.
    I love looking at eBay in the sewing and quilting area. lots of cute things to see and wish for, while trying to downsize LOL
    Prayers that your cold goes away soon. Hugs
    Jan in Oregon.

  15. Angie from Baltimore

    Hope you feel better soon. You must have needed the sleep. I had to stop Ebaying as I kept finding too many things I REALLY needed. Some of the things
    Good thoughts on the way.

  16. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Hope you recovery quickly. I will be thinking and praying for you.
    I hadn’t been to church for a few weeks trying to avoid getting sick. It was so good to be there in person today. I agree that watching on line is not quite the same.

    I cut t-shirts for my grandson’s quilt today. Tomorrow I’ll iron the stabilizer on and see how to arrange the blocks.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of Ben and Claire. Beautiful children.

  17. Sheila

    Mary sorry to hear you are under the weather. Your body is telling you to take a break. Trapping rats is hard work. Have some tea with honey and rest.
    I enjoy reading the blog and all your adventures.

    Be well

  18. Shirley

    Get well soon Mary. Love all the pics. My house looks like eBay already. Boy will the kids have fun later on. Lol.
    Rest, snuggle your animals and get well.
    Shirley from Oregon

  19. Susan K in Texas

    Thanks for sharing the picture of Ben with his quilt and Clare with her hamsters and her artwork. Cute kids!
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! I sure hope it isn’t covid – praying that you feel better soon! Hazel is a good nurse companion.

  20. Montana Kathy

    Mary, sending good thoughts your way. Hope you get better soon. Just stay put, rest and let Hazel take care of you! Thanks for doing the blog post even when you’re not feeling good. It always makes my day.

  21. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I can’t stress this enough, Mary, please, please, PLEASE go get tested for covid. On the 19th, my husband went bowling in his normal league. He had not been anywhere else for 2 weeks. Five days later, on Monday, he started with a sore throat, Tuesday it became a cough, had him tested on Wednesday, and Thursday evening got the results that he was covid positive. Friday morning we got a call form Mayo in Eau Claire offering hiIm the covid infusion treatment of remdesiver. He had one on Friday, one yesterday, and one today. He is feeling much better, no more sore throat, no cough. I think we really dodged a bullet. He is fully vaccinated as am I. After we got the positive result for him, it was recommended that I get tested, even though I have no symptons. My result came back Friday night that I was negative. Hopefully will stay that way. He did not bowl last Wednesday and won’t bowl this week either. Remdesiver was offered to him because he is over 65 (we are both 79) and has cardiovasular issues (among others). This stops the virus from attacking your organs and making you a long hauler. No matter what we did to try to avoid it, he caught it anyway, darn.

    1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      I should of added that remdesiver must be started within 7 days of the onse tof symtoms.

    2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      Mary, please do as Marj suggests. Our friends thought they had a cold and it was Covid. They invited other friends to their house and some of them got it. Do go get the infusion; it really helps you to keep from getting horrible congestion and breathing problems. I worry.
      Thanks for the great quilt show and showing Ben and Claire. It is wonderful Ben is doing so well:)
      The baby puppy and Hazel are adorable, too. Squeak was only 4 weeks old when we got her and she went to sleep in the Christmas Cactus. That was 10 years ago and we still have her AND the cactus!
      DO take care of YOU.

  22. Debbie G in SE Wisconsin

    Get well soon, Mary!
    It was so good to see the Bengals win to get them to the Super Bowl. I’m a Packer fan, but will definitely be rooting for the Bengals in the big game.
    Jury duty for me tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t be selected. Will be hard to get out of bed early following a quilt retreat this past weekend and also after being retired for 2 years.

  23. Jo in Wyoming

    I hope you get better soon and it’s just a cold…although a cold is miserable.
    You’re just too busy to be down.
    My husband started sneezing and coughing today. And his nose running is about to make me crazy.
    Neither of us has had a cold in years.

    It’s forecasted to be 60 degrees tomorrow and -7 on Wednesday! Brother, the trees are so confused.

  24. Sandy

    With Rick’s procedure coming up, please get a COVID test ASAP. Besides taking care of your own health, you may need to be isolating to protect him so that Mayo will be able to proceed with his care. Also, influenza is in full roar and is way more serious than just a headache and cough. So worried about you.

    As always, love your post and pictures. Please take care.

  25. Theresa in Illinois

    Hi Mary
    Praying for a quick recovery and hope it is not Covid. Hazel is the best medicine along with lots of rest. Thanks for the pics today. Always a treat.
    Theresa in Illinois

  26. Louise K.

    I hope you feel better. You have some of the Covid symptoms. The new strain doesn’t always cause a fever.
    You should consider getting tested before you see anybody. I have -mild- cold symptoms and tested positive for Covid on Friday, using a home test. I never had a fever. I’m going to try to get the PCR test tomorrow.

  27. Vicki in Seattle

    So sorry you are not feeling well, Mary. Thanks for posting all the pictures, especially those of Connie’s grandchildren. It is a blessing to see Ben doing so well. Take care.

  28. Teresa

    Get well soon, Mary. Stay hydrated and keep extra strength Tylenol on hand. Those Covid headaches are horrible. I’m still not 100% yet, more like 40. I still have the cough and no energy at all. Vicks on my feet every night and I run a essential oil diffuser with eucalyptus essential oil, on my nightstand, it helps.

    The days are getting noticeably longer now, it won’t be long and we’ll be through another Covid winter. Blessings to you Mary. 🙏🤒🤧

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Why do you put Vicks on your feet? So sorry you had to go thru Covid. It is not a thing to take lightly and the long term problems can be very serious.
      Betty in Rapid City

  29. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So sorry to hear you are sick; I know you have Rick and the animals depending on you, too. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers for your recovery.
    Thanks for posting the pictures of Claire and Ben, cute kids. Take Care, 🥰

  30. Arrowhead Gramma

    So great to see Ben and his special quilt. Since he was diagnosed, I have prayed for Ben every day. This photo shows that our prayers were heard and answered. 💙🙏💙

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Arrowhead Gramma- I know prayer works! You’ve been praying for Ben quite a long time! Thank you! I know Joe and Nina, his parents, also would thank you!

  31. Patty

    The pictures are great. I’m sorry you are sick!! I hope you feel much better very soon. Hazel is so cute .
    I’m also sorry that you had to miss church. You will be in my prayers.

  32. Debbie Miller

    So sorry you feel bad and I agree-you need to be tested for Covid. I hadn’t had a headache in probably 10 years but woke up one morning in Sept. with a horrible headache. I had no fever or any other symptoms. I had even had a complete physical at my Dr.’s office 2 days earlier and was fine. My husband and I went and both were positive. I still can’t smell or taste anything which is so aggravating!
    Our mama goat had triplets last Wednesday and refused the littlest one-a girl. I took her in the house and had tried to bottle fed her since but placed her with an animal rescue today as I just couldn’t keep up the feedings. She was very resistant to nursing a bottle and since she was so tiny, I was feeding her with an eye dropper and getting no sleep at all.
    Love all the pictures! Take care and feel better soon!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie – triplets! Wow! Too bad you couldn’t keep up with feedings but you’re so lucky to have a rescue close by to take her to. I fed Susannah many yeas ago after her mother refused her. She weighed 1.9 lbs.

  33. Janice Robbins

    Hope you feel better soon, Mary. Love the picture of bright eyed Hazel. She’s definitely a character. I’ve enjoyed all the reader quilts you’ve posted lately. Now that football is over for the weekend, I hope I can get to the sewing room some this week. I cook a birthday meal for each family member when it’s their day (their choice of menu). Yesterday we celebrated our youngest son’s birthday – he’s 43 – and his choice was jambalaya. Next weekend we are celebrating my birthday with meals from a favorite local restaurant (my d-i-l will pick them up and bring them here). Will be great not to have to cook! Then we will enjoy the Super Bowl with lots of finger foods. Our oldest son has a birthday in Feb also, so will have another big meal to plan when he decides what he wants. Never a dull moment!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Robbins – wow! A whole meal of the birthday person’s favorites!! So fun! About a year a go started making my best friends a birthday cake – about a year ago

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice – sorry – I started making birthday cakes for friends – all women who would never likely make themselves a cake. It’s been fun and I will continue this year.

      1. Janice Robbins

        You baking cakes for friends made me think of a friend of mine. She goes to a small church, but every year for Valentine’s Day she gives each of the widows in her church a gift. She does different things each year. This year she’s giving an apron, matching pot holder, 2 knit dish cloths (coordinated with apron). Such a nice way to make a person feel special. The same with your cakes. So glad you are feeling better.

  34. Charlotte Shira

    Hope you feel better soon and that it’s not Covid. Another great quilt show today. Love the picture of the Wear Warm Clothes quilts too.
    I watched most of the football games today. Both were really good games. I’m glad the Bengals won but I wanted the Niners to win since they are our local team. I’m not into the NFL but play-off games are always good. I prefer college football. I’ll be cheering for the Bengals in the Super Bowl

  35. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sorry you aren’t well, l hope you don’t have covid! Hazel is so bright eyed and bushy tailed, and the puppy is adorable. Haven’t got back to quilting properly yet, but made Stella a blouse today, she has a very active imagination and tells lots of stories. Take care Mary and get well soon, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – aren’t you moving? How do you have time to make a blouse???

  36. Jean

    Oh Mary! Nooooooo! I pray you will feel better soon and that it’s not covid. Keep us updated as you are able. Who is doing all your chores? Who is caring for Rick’s foot?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I am doing the chores and I am dressing Rick’s foot! I’ve always said this – I really have no one to step in so I will do it. And frankly – no one has even offered which is really ok – I would have told them no anyway.

  37. Marcia

    Love your red goat slippers. I currently have frogs These are the warmest, most comfortable slippers ever. Get well and take care of yourself.

  38. Lynette in Orlando

    Love everyones quilts! So beautiful!! Mary, so sorry you are under the weather. I hope and pray you feel better soon. Lots of chicken soup!!!! If I lived closer, I’d deliver some to you.

  39. Brenda in SC

    Oh Mary!! I hope it is not COVID!! Ask me how I know. Remember, I just got out of the hospital?!?!? Prayers that you are feeling better soon, but best to be tested. Be sure to take those vitamins as well thats recommended for covid and lots of chicken soup. Also a baby asprin as covid is known for causing blot clots.
    I loved all the quilts, especial the Wear Warm Clothes quilts. I know that did your heart good. Awwww, the puppy that fell asleep in her owners arms is adorable…..put a smile on my face this morning!
    Take care and sending prayers up for you this morning that you are feeling better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – yes, I remember you’ve been in the hospital – how are you feeling now??? Which vitamins?

  40. Linda

    Mary so sorry to hear you are sick, I’m praying that you don’t have Covid. I had both shots and booster and wore a mask everywhere and four weeks ago tested positive. I had a fever up to 104 but the prednisone my doc sent kept it at 100 a nd really helped with the pain. Weak! I couldn’t get to the bathroom without sitting down halfway there. And to top that off I missed a couple of steps last Friday and broke my ankle. My dear friends are coming out in the mornings to feed my big Bear horse and Alber and Norman, mini donkeys, and the chickens. Their grandson comes in the afternoons and cleans the stalls and feeds everyone and tucks them in for the night. I hate having anyone wait on me or help at all, I’m like you I do it all! But I can’t now. Tomorrow I get a knee caddy I ordered so that will make me mobile, right now I’m using my besties walker that I can sit on and paddle myself around with the good foot. You learn how out of shape you are because everything hurts from pulling my weight around on the walker and my fanny is so sore because I started using the walker without any padding on the seat that has high ridges on it! And I thought I had enough padding! I have to make an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who consulted by phone Friday and I’m hoping she give me a walking cast or maybe even a boot so I will be more mobile! Keep fingers crossed. Get well soon!! Prayers, love and blessings, Linda

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Dear Linda, We are all saying prayers that you are well soon! You poor girl…having COVID and then breaking your ankle! So glad you have help with your animals.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – oh, Linda! You are living my nightmare – except I don’t have your broken ankle. Where do you live? How much land do you live on? You’re right – I want no one to help me! This morning I’m almost at the point of asking Rick to do chores but I’d crawl down there first! Have a knee scooter that Rick refused to use – too bad I couldn’t have passed it on to you. Yes, you should have a walking cast! Please, oh, please keep us updated!l

  41. Mrs. Goodneedle

    So sorry that you’re sick, Mary; take good care of yourself- rest and drink lots and lots of fluids! So sweet to see the pictures of Connie’s grands and to know that Ben is well, they’re precious! I love the group shot of the WWC quilts and that sleeping-at-the-table-puppy… oh! how!! sweet!!! Sending hugs for healing~

  42. Sally J.

    Sending healing prayers for a speedy recovery Mary. Sounds like you need a covid test!!
    Blessing to Linda and praying for her. Stay safe everyone…..Sally J. in Fl.

  43. Susan Boyd in VA

    I agree with everyone else here — you should get tested for COVID. My husband and I both got “colds” just before Christmas. Didn’t really feel bad and no fever, but it wasn’t like any cold I’ve had before. Runny nose, cough, and sleeping a little more than usual. I originally tested negative, but then 3 days later I was positive. Of course, my husband was positive, too. My daughter was positive, but asymptomatic. Our symptoms were very mild, but you shouldn’t let this get bad!

  44. Cj - SE Alabama

    Hope you get well soon. I love the photos. Especially the wear warm clothes group photo. Oh how I wish I had been there. Lucky ladies. Wish you would do a sew along.

  45. Lorraine

    So sorry you are sick. Hope you can rest and drink lots of fluids. Please get better soon. Hazel sure loves to get on your lap and rest too.

  46. Janice Brown

    Mary, Praying that you have a quick recovery and that Rick stays health. Appreciate that you sent out a post while not feeling well. Great to see Ben with his new quilt, and his sister with the hamster. I always love to see the reader quilts. I like the red quilt, it is very interesting. Love your goat slippers. Hazel is sure a fun loving dog. We will finally have daytime temps in the 30’s today and Tuesday. After that, another cold spell. Looks like the latest snow storm is going to stay south of us as of now.

  47. Carolyn Rector

    Here’s hoping you feel better soon. Those were good games in the NFL yesterday!

  48. Sharon Lowy

    I do look at vintage sewing items on Ebay. I love shopping there but it gets to be addicting! LOL I absolutely adore Hazel and the picture of the dog sleeping by the machine is adorable.
    sharon from Illinois

  49. Beryl BC

    As others have said, get tested for Covid and get well as quick as possible. Prayers coming your way. The headlines in SW Ohio are all about the Bengals going to Super Bowl. I learned something this week. They often say “Who Dey?” in association with the Bengals. I was told that is because the team was originally owned by Hudepohl Brewing. Great pictures of Connie’s grands and all the quilts.

  50. Polly Perkins

    My daughter and one of my sons had a nasty virus and were very sick. Not COVID or strep. What next?

  51. NancyTD

    Great to see Connie’s Grandchildren. Nice quilt show too. Take care of yourself and get tested to be sure. A hug for you!!

  52. Dee in Ohio

    Hope you start feeling better. Those eyes of Hazel show alot of expression. My mom had one of those can pin chousins. We are suppose to get a bad storm Wednesday through Friday in Ohio.

  53. Janet

    If you all love ebay, you might love facebook marketplace. It has tons of stuff but is more local, so you can get into more trouble. Enjoy.

  54. patti leal

    hope you are feeling somewhat better by now. help now would stop the stress should you really be down. praying for you. patti in florida

  55. Ruth

    I am hoping you feel better soon! I love to pick up old sewing notions too. You are responsible!!! I love how you display them in your home! Happy Groundhog’s Day!! Hang on! Spring is around the corner!!

  56. Kris in WI

    Oh, my. Adding my prayers for healing to those already on the way. You know all the right things to do. Thank you for taking time to share the reader quilts — what a collection. Gotta love the cats (or dogs) on quilts. Hazel (and company) pix and stories are always a treat. I share them with my DH and he keeps track of the Iowa weather forecast for me. I think he said, “Wear Warm Clothes.”

  57. Mary H

    Oh Mary, you didn’t need an illness on top of it all. I hope you can rest. Keep us posted.

  58. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, Hope you are feeling better today. Love all the pics of quilts and you an Hazel. I also got hooked on ebay for antique pincushions. I will send pictures when I can figure from my phone to your email.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah valley Va

  59. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Just checking in to let you know we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Mary. I hope you felt a little better today.
    Herb went to the store tonight; we forgot to do our “snow storm “ shopping today when we were out. I had batting on my mind instead of groceries. 🤪
    Take Care, 🥰

  60. Jo in Michigan

    Mary how are you doing today? I have been wondering about you. Praying everything is good.
    Looking forward to seeing your email.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I am much better but just coughed again and thought my ribs must be broken!! Ugh.

      1. Jo in Michigan

        Mary I’m so glad you are doing better ♥️
        I hate when my ribs hurt like that from coughing.
        I have been there and done that!
        We are expecting 12 – 16 inches of snow. starting tonight with rain to ice to snow. We are all hunkering down. Hubby went to store bought milk and bread Ha! And I hope to finish my grandson’s spider web quilt. Love to sew when it’s snowing!
        Keep feeling better Mary. Thanks for replying.

  61. Moe in NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. As Marj in Western Wisconsin and others advised, go for a Covid test. Then call your doctor if it’s positive. You want to nip it in the bud! Call your doctor if it’s negative too, if it’s the flu he may be able to help to. No sense in suffering longer than necessary.

    Love the Wear Warm Clothes pattern. Next time us girls can be together we’ll get a current photo holding up our quilts.

    It’s wonderful Hazel is keeping you warm and comfortable when you are feeling sick.

    So glad Connie was able to give Ben his quilt. It’s a treasure for always. Glad he is having fun as well as Claire. Her artwork is impressive. Fun little hamster.

    Always enjoy the readers quilts.

    We’re hunkering down for this big snowstorm coming although I’m just NW of Chicago so dont think we’ll get the brunt of it.

    Thinking of you , Moe

  62. Suzanne

    Mary, did you get a COVID test? All your readers care and want the best for you. Please let us know how you are.

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