I think this picture of the hyacinth bean vine was omitted on Farm News. See how it has grown nearly to the top of the light pole?
Looks like I’m going to “plant” Jackie.
I started to move plants inside – they all need to be treated for bugs first. Look at this dense cobweb!
Some of the succulents have had too much rain so I will let them dry out before taking them to the house. Just tip the pot so the drainage holes get some air. I even un -potted this one and will let the roots dry out for a day or so.
Lots of rain means lots of grass – after mowing today, I was forced to rake some of the heavy areas.
The walnut tree continues to lean – it’s nearly horizontal now and we expect it to crash to the ground on a windy day which will take down 2-3 other trees and a small garden shed. Made me nervous to mow the area where we think it will land.
Sassy and Biscuit went home late this afternoon but Moses, Toby and Dakota are here till Tuesday.
If all the pictures don’t post, I’ll try again. There should be 6 pictures.
Getting packed up for Columbus tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Gwen Herbert

    I ,too, would like to know how you treat your plants for bugs before bringing them inside. Will “chicken scratch” be going by the wayside when you retire? Enjoy your retirement to the max but your letters will be missed, big time!

  2. Jeanie

    My husband and I stopped by your shop on Friday, as we headed to IL from our summer in MT. It was great meeting you and all the dogs, as well as doing some shopping. We are wishing you both all the best; enjoy your retirement, where every day is Saturday–love it!

  3. Donna

    Don’t mow under that tree! A former student’s wife was killed in a forest preserve over the weekend in the Chicago area. They were riding bikes and a tree literally fell on her. With all this rain, it will not take much for the weight to uproot the base.

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