We attended Cheryl’s funeral yesterday held at her church in a small town near Garner.  When we entered the church Cheryl’s casket was draped with a wool quilt she had lovingly made and added Barkema Est. 1963.  At the front of the church Country Threads Noah Quilt was hanging in a place of honor since Cheryl presented it to the congregation many years ago.  Another quilt, Jan Patek’s Pimitive Primer was laid over the railing.  The minister made many references to quilts and quilters during the service and Cheryl’s youngest daughter, Kari, spoke from her heart about a mother’s love.  Downstairs Jan’s Bible Quilt and Country Threads Church were on display.  Such a moving day for all of us.

The “twins” were at Grandma Connie’s house this weekend so I went in for a quick visit.  Ben and Claire are busy little people, that’s for sure.

Tucker and Bentley are also 2 busy fellows – first thing this morning they came in wet from playing on the big snow pile.  Good clean fun!

BB followers – Iowa lost to Ohio State this afternoon!  I think that puts them out of Big Ten title contention, doesn’t it?

Someone asks what I have to do to the kennels when the dogs leave – not much because they live in the house 90% of the time.  I’m a failure at running a boarding kennel.  I feel sorry for them and bring them all in the house.  What was I thinking when I thought I could leave them out there?

Amy says I have my own talk show here – she might be right.  I talk about whatever I choose and you guys listen and comment.  Ha!  Church service tonite.

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  1. Moe Baly

    Mary I love your talk show! Beautiful what you wrote about the service for Cheryl. I’m sure she has started teaching Country Threads quilt classes in heaven.

  2. Karen R

    I am reiterating a few things above but your “just talking” keeps me going! I love the dogs, though I am really a CAT person. Your guys always seem so happy. I’m sorry your friend died, but when we get this age, they start “dropping like flies” all the time. Please stick around a few more years!!

  3. Carol Wilson


    Just curious – are you and Connie sisters or cousins? I know she was involved with your shop originally. Being she is still featured in your blog frequently, just curious about the relationship.

    Read your blog every day. Visited your shop one time.
    Thanks from Michigan,

  4. Diane

    HI Mary–What a lovely tribute to your friend, Cheryl. It is sad to lose a good friend.
    I, too, look forward to your blog and all of the events in your life–dogs, quilts, Rick, snow, basketball… Sorry, but I was cheering on the Buckeyes, too, here in Central Ohio.
    Here’s a thought for Pam Klemm. I had some leftover yarn of that Sashay kind that makes the ruffly scarves. I think they’re kind of out now so I cast the yarn on size 15 needles and made some coasters for our Jimmy Buffett porch. They are bright, pretty, and absorbent. Pam, if you have any of that leftover yarn, maybe you could make rugs for the American Girl dolls.

  5. bernadette

    Found your mission statement in your book, Country Threads Goes to Charm School.

    “Country Threads…where no goat has ever been denied, no cat has ever been disciplined, and where no dog has ever been discouraged…and where quilting is alive and well!” It still holds true!!!!

    My sympathies to you and Cheryl ‘ s family on her passing.

  6. Kris

    Please keep “talking” … I open my email and look for an email from you… You are charming, witty, lovely and real…. I appreciate your company tremendously…. thanks!

  7. Carol

    I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful friend. I love how descriptively you write and felt as though I were at the service with you. Please don’t stop beguiling us with your gift of gab😊❤️

  8. Carol

    Your friend Cheryl’s smile is the same in both photos! She must have kept her youthful joy throughout her life. How wonderful to see all those quilts in celebration of her life.

  9. Patty

    …. We love reading what you have to share with us! Thank you for all the interesting and meaningful things you talk about.

  10. Sue Dietz

    Please keep talking. You make me see my “ordinary” days as special ones. What a gift.

  11. Marilyn Cook

    BB, yes I was at the game in Columbus rooting for the Buckeyes. A tough game and could,have gone eat her way. We play MI St on Saturday and off theatre Big Ten Tournament. Attending that tournament is on my Bucket List.

  12. Launa

    Afternoon Mary, So touching to read about Cheryl’s service and the quilts on display.
    Yes, your Chicken Scratch is one of the best blogs around. I noticed my favorite cookies being served at Connie’s after her “Grands” snow pile morning. How fun to visit Grama Connie and be creative with paper and crayons.

    Oh my…….. I think Pam is talking about the American Girl Dolls………I made so many clothes and bedding for all four of my Grand daughters’ American Girls Dolls. Wool coats, dresses, undies, slips, baseball uniforms, Brownie uniforms, certain shoes, night gowns, PJ’s and robes to name just a few. The older two Grands had a lovely friend who had a doll so I sewed for her doll as well and I had fun going thru my fabrics and planning clothing. Unfortunately the three dolls were from different eras so I tried to stay within the mode of dress for each doll. Thank gosh for Velcro as it was great for closing as I sent one outfit per month per doll and enjoyed it as much as they did to receive their pkg. The two younger Grands didn’t play with their dolls as much, but I sewed many dresses and outfits for their dolls. I still receive an occasional American Girl Doll catalog and am thankful for my friends who gladly contributed trims and lace for some of the dresses and costumes. As for making a doll size woven rug….I would think one of the square potholder frames would be ideal; they used to come as a kit with the jersey loops. Sometimes at craft shows vendors have the doll clothes available; the prices are amazing, but excellent quality.
    Iowa lost……..

  13. Heather K

    I love that you are a “failure”‘. I always tried to bring the old guys into the house to be my sewing buddies….

  14. Patty Turner

    I love reading your posts! It like having coffee with a good neighbor! My golden would love to be boarded at your house!!!

  15. Elaine Russell

    Please don’t change a thing. I love this blog. It takes me to my roots & gives me so much pleasure hearing about your life, dogs, friends & I could go on and on. You enrich my life. Thank You.

  16. Cathie Braman

    Just love your posts and look forward to them each day. You have such a good (great!) attitude about
    life, quilts, animals and putting others first. Thank you so much for sharing your life!!!!

  17. Sue M

    You’re not a failure at running a kennel. Those people who are only in it for the money are the failures. Kudos to you for having a kennel with a heart.

  18. Pam Klemm

    I am curious about the rug making and yes I am still working on mine. Have you ever made any rugs for 18″ dolls? I am assuming it would be pretty much the same thing we are doing with our rugs now. The strips would be thinner, right? Wonder if they make frames for the doll sized rug… Just pondering!
    Pam Klemm

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