Sunday Night, 11-12-23

Let’s try this again –

Reader photos

I love this!
Found at the thrift store – it’s the original Country Threads quilt from the early 80’s – I’d know Gladys’s quilting anywhere! What a blast from the past.

This series of photos started out as showing you my two favorite vintage white planters.

I didn’t leave the planters on the table – I’m quite sure he would have knocked them off.

Good news! The online store is once again up and running for you to download a pattern immediately – meaning you don’t have to wait for me to send it to you. Please check it out when you have time. Go to our site and click on shop or click on menu which will lead you to shop. I’m going to take a look as well and start remaking some of those old classic patterns in new fabrics – such fun!

More eyeglass cases – have YOU made one yet? Please send me a photo if you have.

No news on the dog tonight – but I will continue to pursue answers as to why he lives outside in North Iowa. I will keep you updated when I know anything.

Big day for us tomorrow – traveling to Minneapolis for Rick’s appointment at the Twin Cities Spine Center.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 11-12-23

  1. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary. Three is a character, doesn’t want China taking centre stage!The quilts are great,and l haven’t made glasses case yet,too busy making peg dolls and beds in sushi boxes today. Very windy today, but warming up. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I just responded to you and will post your photos of these cute dolls for the girls. You’re such a good Gramma!!!

  2. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I was hoping the planters were going to be moved after your pictures. whew!
    Vicki I love your idea of using doilies on the pillows. I have many that I have made and inherited from my husband’s grandmother. My girls do not wish to use them in their home so this gives me a great idea. I have a box of 96 fat quarters I won in the early 2000 that will look great for the doilies, I will have to take a picture of the box. I know what am I waiting for.
    All the quilts and eyeglass cases are stunning. Ladies job well done.
    Love all the pet pictures. I would love to have a dog but I will have to settle for Barack our black stray cat.
    One more week of nice weather in Iowa and then the bottom falls out.
    Working on cleaning kitchen cabinets with hubbies help. Yea

  3. Cynthia from SW MN

    I love the eyeglass cases in the readers’ photos! Going to sort through my scraps! I am also glad to hear you moved the darling planters, they might have gotten moved totally off the table! (Because they were in the way.,). Vintage items are so heart-warming, nothing like that made today. And I loved the Santa and Tree wall hanging as well. I have my grandmother’s doilies too, I have thought about putting them in a shadow box to be able to admire them. I am excited about the eyeglass holders, and hope my colors are half as cool as the ones in the photos! I hope your travel to and from Rick’s appointment goes well for you both.

  4. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

    Those glasses cases are so neat. I printed out the directions so I will make some.
    The quilts are beautiful, too. If you didn’t check back, here is the pattern for the Cardinal Quilt. Woodsy Winter by Cyndi Hershey.
    Like Three, Squeak knocks everything on the floor. Buddy is very well behaved!
    Busy week this week. An Honor Flight rep. is giving a presentation on Monday, Thursday is Grant meeting with breakfast here, lunch out, Friday is cutting Honor Flight kits. And, of course everything else!
    Good luck to Rick at the spine center. If he ever wants to talk to a 4 time spine surgery patient, he can call my husband. He will have one more in December.
    Thanks for working so hard to keep us update, Mary. I appreciate it😃😺

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – just the fact you’re saying 4 time spine surgery scares me to death. I am dreading this appointment.

      1. Diane, SQueak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Oh I know, Mary. My husband played football in HS and college and painted houses in the summer. Plus, we found out when he was 45, that he was born with Spina Bifida. I am so hoping Rick’s outcome will be better. Luckily, each surgery has gone very well and recovery has been good. It’s just that he has crushing of the nerves and spine so each surgery has made his pain lessen which is good. I am praying Rick has a very good outcome from this visit.
        PS Our nephew told me a was a “saint” for going through so many surgeries with my husband. I am –LOL. But, he is the one doing the healing part.

  5. Marsha in Michigan

    Love the kitties! Great quilts! Leaving for quilt retreat Tuesday!! Good luck with the doctor appointment!

  6. Ginger S

    Beautiful quilts in this post! I love the pictures of your cat. He was really posing for the camera. I’m so happy the peg dools will be posted. I was wondering about them. Haven’t made a glasses case yet, but plan to soon. Love them!

  7. Launa

    Thought the pattern for eyeglass cases could be enlarged a few rows for rotor cutter cases! Hope to sew something soon!
    Thanks to everyone who sent quilt photos!
    Good luck to Rick with his back appointment!

  8. Sue in Oregon

    Everyone’s eyeglass cases are so great looking. I will send a photo of mine tomorrow but you will laugh when you see how narrow it is. I should have gone another round or two. Good thing my readers are small. They do fit, but if I make one for my husband, it will need to be bigger for sure.
    Good luck to you and Rick at your appointment tomorrow. Be safe.

  9. Kim from Wi

    Safe travels to the spine center and I send my prayers that it all goes well. I need to finish my eye glass case, they are truly fun to make.

  10. Dee from Shell Rock

    Thanks for the quilt show. I always enjoy your posts, you are so much like me! I buy those little things like the planters. I bought a White dog at Joann’s at 4th of July, she’s wearing a crown and a flag and she looks like my Calypso who died Labor day weekend. I bought it on a whim, didn’t realize how close to the end we were. Travel safe My friend. Hope there’s good news in Minneapolis

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – gosh, I don’t remember you lost your little dog so recently – I’m so sorry! It must still be very fresh in your heart and it’s so hard to readjust your daily life without him. I dread the day when I lose any one of my three.

  11. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the printed leaf border fabric in Wendy T’s first leaf quilt. What a neat way to identify colors for the leaves! Nancy’s projects have happy colors. Teresa’s and Karla’s quilts have wonderful detail. So fun that you found an original quilt. No eye glass case from me yet, but I have the info in my “projects to make” folder. Vintage planters pull at the heart strings. I feel that way about my mother’s hand crocheted doilies. I remember her working on so many of them. I have a drawer full. Pillows seemed a good way to use some so I am working on a couple more of those. But what to do with all the rest of the doilies!!??

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Vicki, I found a large white linen rectangle tablecloth in my grandmas things given to me and I thought to appliqué her doilies scattered around on it. Long term project but it would be a collage of her crochet which I don’t do. Course not many people today use tablecloths but I love seeing them, much like a large piece of cloth or a quilt. It’s art and it’s pretty to me. The lumbar pillow is a good idea cause I use one to prop up my iPad or book on my lap.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – how about attaching the doilies together and use like a vintage table cover or coverlet – such a great memory of your mom. I don’t remember her making doilies but it looks like she was very proficient!

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        Thanks! It would be like a lace tablecloth then. I have 100’s of her doilies. I couldn’t get rid of them after she died. My kids don’t want them, so what do I do?

  12. Linda in Michigan

    I am loving all the eyeglass cases, every one of them! I can see why those white planters are your favorites, they’re so sweet with those little girls. And the rescue cats! They look quite content, don’t they?
    Hope your trip to Minneapolis goes without a hitch today.

  13. Connie R. In Wis.

    Love all the readers contributions today. Teresa, your quilt is spectacular! I love everything about it. Just beautiful.
    Mary, hope your trip to Minneapolis goes well and Rick finds an easy solution to his back problems.
    It’s supposed to be in the 50s most of this week so, I plan on finishing up whatever outdoor work that still needs to be done. The beautiful temps won’t last so, I will make the most of them.

  14. Margie

    Great everything today! Those rescued cats are so lucky as well as their parents who took them in. Hope the doctors appointment goes well. Glad you told us you were moving your planters. First thing I thought is oh no, he’s going to knock them off. 😀

  15. Judi Derry

    Love love loven your eyeglass cases! And readers photos are the best! Cat pictures too!

  16. Michele

    Oh a sweet memory of my Aunt Gladys. You are correct. You can pick out her perfect hand quilting anywhere. She would be saying, “Now Mary, what would you want that old thing for?”
    I loved that woman, as I know you and Connie did too. As well, as 1/2 of the young women in Garner in the 80’s-90’s. Many young children were blessed by her.

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