Sunday Night, 11-7-21

I missed church today because I’ve been sick for a couple days – no, not with COVID but a 24-36 hour bug. I was ok today but didn’t want to take my germs to church.

Worked in the quilt shop a bit today and looked at this old beauty – ragged but beautiful in my eyes.

I cut out some easy strips to sew on tonight while I watch the season opener of Yellowstone.

I need to get some stuff made for Junkin Gal – if you’re in North Iowa it’s worth a stop!

Here are reader quilts:

Awhile back a reader asked about the mallard block and I’m not sure I answered – it can be found in this out of date book called Wear Warm Clothes.

We buttoned up the porch this afternoon – sad but it’s now ready to house our firewood.

I got the cutest card from a friend – this happy little dog who joined my other cards that are just too sweet to hide in a drawer.

This picture was taken from online – I saved it because it’s just so lovely!

Another card too sweet to hide!

And here’s my favorite thing to do – gather fabrics for a quilt! I bought this framed floral picture for $20 at Junkin Gal just because I was so inspired by the colors! I started with the four fabrics laid across the top.

Jackie fills the entire box!

Have I missed your quilt photo? Please bring it to my attention if I have – we all love the quilt show!!

That’s it, Folks! Tell me what you’re working on!

33 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 11-7-21

  1. Debbie Miller

    I’m not sure I can work on anything during Yellowstone-we’ve been waiting so long to see the outcome of the season ending cliffhanger! Beautiful red fabrics.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    I’ve been working On an advent calendar today for my grandchildren while I also wait for Yellowstone. So happy you like it, too. My hubby says it’s a “chick flick”. Seriously? Enjoy!!

  3. Diane Bauer

    I’ve been working on some Christmas gifts—I bought some great crossback aprons at World Market and I’m embroidering them with designs specific to the kids and their partners. Also making some fun Christmas ornaments.

    Today was gorgeous here in Northern Colorado, so the dogs walked 5 1/2 miles with me. Then I made a yummy dinner—a pie pumpkin stuffed with wild rice, sausage, gruyere cheese, cranberries, celery, onion. It was soooooooo good!!!!

    What is it with kitties and boxes? Gizmo loves boxes!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane Bauer – oh, your pumpkin sounds delicious! I love to see your ornament pics on Instagram!!!

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    I just got the top of Lisa Bongean’s Americana fundraiser sew along sewn together. I’m waiting for my holders so I can get a picture for my November Dirty Dozen. I got started on the Kansas Trouble Virtual Retreat quilt, the Prairie Star quilt top. I’m needing to get some tops and backs ready for my longarm quilter for next year. I sent a photo of my October Dirty Dozen right when you experienced problems with the changeover to the new computer. I’ll find the photo and send it to you again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha from Kansas – I feel I lost a lot of time and materials whe I got my new IPad and I’m still having issues with it!!!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Paula Philpot

    I’m getting an applique project ready for after the holidays. Gonna do a Leader Ender with the Friday Girls at the farmhouse (my quilt shop) and hope to start a Mystery Quilt to teach next year. Paula in KY

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula Philpot – I should get a leader enter going again!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Yes, Yellowstone is VERY near! Finally. When you have watched Yellowstone before, do you have a problem with the sound being very low – having to turn the volume up a lot? It just bugs me. When the commercials come on, they knock me out of the chair. I don’t like the language or violence, the the story is great and I like the actors. The previews say not to take your eyes off the TV in the 2 hour premier because the story and action is BIG.
    How did your sale go over the weekend? I was hoping you would have pictures.
    More later. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – I wasn’t able to go in to Junkin Gal for the Christmas Open House because I was sick. Dang – I missed it. I thInk Costner mumbles for sure. Maybe I can’t sew after all – I need to watch!

  7. Susan from Michigan

    I am hand piecing and appliquing pink fan blocks. A friend of mine got dozens of blocks from her guild friend. The blocks are from 30 years ago. Most of the blocks were complete.

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Living in Wyoming, one would think I’d love “Yellowstone “…I might, but I only have an antenna. So I can’t get it on the TV!!! Such is life.
    I’m working on a new quilt that will fit the bed. I finished some throws for the church bizarre. I must say, they did turn out beautiful. I hope they sell.
    I’ve drove by houses with Christmas lights on already. I think it’s kinda early.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jo in Wyoming – I watched the previous seasons on DVD’s from our library – does your local library have them possibly?

  9. Launa

    Had to pause YELLOWSTONE…we live just a few miles from Chief Joseph Ranch where the big barn is now adorned with the big black Y!
    Since the huge Trail Creek Fire that was near us I haven’t unpacked my Bernina yet. Tomorrow is last day of Elk hunting. Last night we had quite a group of Elk on our property! We are posted No Trespassing, No Hunting or Fishing so they must feel safe here @ night! Probably just cows.
    Thanks for pictures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – wow!!! Could you take some pictures to show us all sometime – of the barn?

  10. Diane in WI

    I am finishing sewing and quilling (paper rolling) projects for the large craft fair in Elkhorn this coming Saturday. I also need to make a Christmas stocking for my quilt guild. Members make stockings. At the Christmas party, the stockings are displayed. The winners are determined by which ones have the most money in them. That money is used to buy items to put in the stockings. Our county office hands them out to families and children.Have a good week everyone.

  11. Kathy Hanson

    Hope you are feeling better! Love all the pictures! Putting together things to work on at the retreat at Ironwood Springs this coming week. Penny and Papa will have to deal without me for a few days!

  12. Charlotte Shira

    Great quilt show today and I loved all your pictures, especially the farmhouse. It’s too big for me but it is beautiful. I’m a fan of Yellowstone too but missed it tonight. I’ll try to find it tomorrow. Do you watch Big Sky?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      CHarlotte Shira – yes, I also watch Big Sky and love that one, too!

      1. Charlotte Shira

        The writers for Yellowstone and Big Sky are unbelievably talented or very sick. I don’t know where they come up with all the twists and turns but my chin keeps dropping with every show I watch.

      2. Betty Klosterman

        Have you read any of C. J. Box books about Joe Pickering? They aren’t as dark as the Big Sky books. It would be best if you started at the beginning “Open Season” an read them in order, but not a must. They are delightful.
        Betty in Rapid City

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Betty – I have not but a gal in our book club has and loved them! I’ll keep them in mind – thanks, Betty!

  13. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I do hope you are back to 100% tomorrow, Mary. I am sure you were missed this morning at church. I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures in this post.

  14. Vintage Quilter

    Hi! Love your new dog card! How can you not smile looking at that. I have that book “Wear Warm Clothes”

    Hope you are feeling in tip top shape soon..

  15. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for all the pictures and that you are feeling better. When I got up this morning a 4 point deer was in the backyard. It must be hunting season. We are in for a nice fall day. Working on a Tilda Santa for my granddaughter. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  16. Diann Smith

    I love your blog and the quilts and the animals. My daily ‘go to’ to start the day.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Gorgeous quilt pictures and once again love seeing all the creativity of your readers. I liked the comment about the quilt guild stockings and filling with money for giving away. Nice to do a part to help out.
    Hope you are feeling better Mary. I am still continuing to wear my mask inside grocery stores and places I go to even after we got our boosters. Many of my friends feel as I that none of us want a cold or bronchitis and last year we used them and made it through so hoping for the same. I am going back outside today as temps in 60’s and sunny as I need to finish getting yard ready for winter and this old body takes 2 days to recover from that work.

  18. Debby Krzyston

    I have an idea for some of your dried gourds. Dilute some orange craft paint with water and paint your gourd. Some of its natural brown coloring will look great underneath. Adding a Jack-o-lantern face is up to you. My carved pumpkin didn’t last until Halloween.

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