Sunday Night, 11 pm, 1-23-22

I always go to the barn at 10 to check on everybody and walk the dogs. THERE WAS A DEAD RAT IN THE TRAP! Yahoo! Tomorrow I will set it again with peanut butter for bait.

Just had to let you know! I can’t believe I’m this excited about it all. Haha!!

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  1. Beverly Lockmiller

    YEA FOR A GOOD CATCH I AM A FAITHFUL READER BUY DON’t post much we have 3 dogs, one a rescue and 2 cats 1 a rescue that is 20 years old WE LIVED ON A FARM UP UNTIL 20 YEARS AGO WE have been married 61 years so lived on the family farmit been in my hubsands family for 4 generations i fell 3 weeks ago and broke my right elbow so my typing is bad and my quilting has halted thanks for sharing waiting for another rat report .

  2. Dee Winter

    I went out for breakfast this morning with friends. Said I caught a mouse, I live on a farm, and both of my friends who also live on farms said the same. We don’t get many, but the cold this last week seems to have brought them in. Congratulations on the catch.

  3. Robin Boggan

    Hooray!! That is so exciting to know that the trap really works! One down I hope some more to come. Have a great week! 😊

  4. Jan Vandewalle

    Congratulations the trap works and didn’t blow up the barn dust. All is well that ends well! My nephew had a terrible rat problem when the kids were raising FFA pigs for the fair, but someone dumped 2 pregnant cats at his place. They have cleared the barn area of the rat problem. One of the Mama cats move to his neighbors to have her 2nd litter, but Craig is busy trapping the rest and having them neutered and her found homes for most of the kittens. Those first kittens were catching rats that were almost as big as they were, we know they are half Manx but whatever else was a good cross because they are excellent hunters
    .And cute as can be with bobbed or no tails

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Yeah, a good rat is a dead rat!
    I was a little disappointed in the Bills game tonight. Josh Allen was the quarterback from Wyoming, so we were all pulling for them…..however, they lost to a great team. I do enjoy watching Pat Mchomes. Off the field, he seems like a good person too.

    I’m so busy getting UFO’s done, we are having a lot of reruns for supper. It’s so much fun getting old projects done.
    Have a great week.

    1. Charlotte Shira

      Jo, I was sad the Bills lost too. I really like Josh…my grandson knew him from Wyoming University. He seems like a really good guy.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Me, too. I know all of Western NY was cheering for him and the Bills. What a wild ending. Whew–Cardiac kids! We will continue to be cheering for the Bengals. It was going to be hard if the Superbowl ended up Bengals vs Bills.
        Hooray for the rat trap, Mary. Are there any more out there.
        Cold here–11*

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Yes it was a nail biter game going into overtime. All of western NY loves Josh Allen and has signs in their yards supporting him so he is well taken care of here, rest assured. Both were equally matches teams playing. We are ready for nascar races now. And more soups and casseroles on these cold days.

      2. Amy M in Kansas City

        It was a great game and those are the kind that you feel bad someone has to lose. Since I live in KC I was cheering for the Chiefs, and as you can imagine that is all that everyone is talking about today! Congrats on the rat trap working. I think you’ll know by your eagle eye/nose Hazel if there are more or not : )

  6. Judy A

    I know how excited you are. I am equally excited when I catch a mouse in the garage or a mole in the yard 🙂 ! 🙂 !

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Good job, Mary! You have one less rat in the barn.
    This seemed like a long weekend. I am grateful for a warm, cozy home, but I found myself tired of being indoors. Herb was weaving and finishing rugs, and I worked on a scrappy throw-size quilt. Colder temps are predicted for the coming week, so I guess I will finish my scrap project and be happy I have more UFO’s.🤗

  8. Nancy K Walker

    The thrill of the hunt has captured you!We love to see if we’ve caught anything too.

  9. Teresa

    Your rat story reminds me of being a kid and having to help get whole corn out of the corn crib to feed to the sows. I hated that job because of the rats, dead and alive, that were in the corn. Continued happy hunting, Mary. 🐀 🪤

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, can’t believe we are all so excited to catch a rat! Good work! Cross stitching cushions for Stella and Luna at present, they are enjoying going to the beach every afternoon, keep safe everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  11. Charlotte Shira

    Yay! So glad you caught a rat. The trap works. Now I hope I will be able to keep a skunk out of my backyard. I think I have every area blocked that he/she can get in. I’m going to try to kill the grubs in my lawn this spring.

  12. Moe in NE Illinois

    Oh! That trap works! I have three traps. I catch mice and chipmunks. I keep a score list on my fridge. It’s so exciting! I keep the “used” batteries in baggies in my junk drawer. I use them for other things. Good luck!

  13. Janet of MN

    Well, I kinda wanted Green Bay & Tampa to win but that didn’t work so life goes on and the games have been entertaining to say the least.
    Congratulations on your hunting expedition – keep up the good work. I forgot to share a hint about mice & rats. The farmers around us keep a radio playing 24/7 in all their outbuildings. They have them a talk station. My husband has one playing in his shed and we think it helps as he only gets an occasional mouse.
    We are enjoying (not) another chilly day in Minnesota but tomorrow will be brutal so I’ll be home.
    Have a good day everyone.

  14. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Excellent! Hope you get more today, and the rats get the message not to mess with you.
    Who Dey! Football sure was exciting this weekend, even though Joe Burrow nearly got killed. Nine sacks! I would have gone to the ER.

  15. Joyce from NY

    Glad to hear you got the rat, the trap works!!
    Disappointed that the Bill’s lost, Josh Allen is so good!

  16. Theresa in Illinois

    Hi Mary
    Glad to hear your day ended on a positive note! Hope you had sweet dreams. Congrats on the demise of the rat!

    Theresa in Illinois

  17. Sharon Geiger

    That’s awesome!! My kitties have once gifted me with a dead baby rat and parts of other rats over the years. Good luck!

  18. Launa

    Mary, Trap success is great to hear! 12o out this morning with possible flurries predicted. Sun 🌞 is out for now; weather changes quickly up in Idaho. Looks like winter wonderland now. Solar batteries need the sun.
    Great games yesterday! Waiting for next Sunday games! Sewing room is on my agenda today!

  19. Jan Hebert

    Ha ha! So glad it worked! I’ve got a sick chicken – she’s in the basement. Going to get Corid to see if we can clear it up, thinking it’s coccidiosis… what a pain. I just hope I caught it in time. Other than that things are quiet here. We’re watching my granddog for a couple of days. It’s cold but not as bad as it’s been. My rooster with the wattle damage is back outside. I put bag balm on them at night. My knee is acting up again. I’ve had two cortisone shots over the last six months, each one has only lasted about a month and a half. The last one was very expensive, had to get approval of the insurance company. I had high hopes for it but no, it’s only been a month and a half! Mary, did you have cortisone shots? How many and did they last very long? How do you know when it’s time for a replacement? Jan in MA

    1. Jan Hebert

      Oh, and I’m wondering how your hen is that was in the barn – are her feet ok? Jan in MA

  20. Glenda Fletcher/SE SD

    Great job well done! Good feeling. Have to see if Hazel has her sniffer working today to see if there are any others. Teresa’s comment about rats in their corn crib reminded me of a couple stories. Growing up on a farm in NW Iowa we had rats a couple of times. Mom’s feed for the chickens started going fast . She forgot to pick up eggs one day so went back at night. RATS eating the feed. Next day us kids, mom and dad gutted the chicken house. Got rid of a lot of rats. Another time they were under the hog feeder. Don’t remember how dad got them out. But we got rid of them. Charlotte Shira about skunks. We had grubs real bad one year at the golf course when Randy was grounds keeper. The skunks came and sliced the ground to get the grubs. My job every morning was to turn the sod back over so it wouldn’t die. They got over 25 skunks and a batch of raccoons! Still working on Linus quilts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Glenda – that’s quite a rat story and skunk story! I have never known that about them eating grubs. I’ll give this about a week and I’ll call a pest control co if I need to.

  21. Janice Brown

    Mary, That is certainly good news about the trap and rat. Tribe Mama /Tribe daughter question: Did their feet recovery?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Brown – she is staying in the infirmary for now – seems to be walking ok but sits a lot so I’m not sure yet. Time will tell.

  22. MarleneT in upstate NY

    Mary, so glad you caught that rat. When we catch mice or chipmunks my husband chucks them out in the driveway and on the grass near the woodshed. It doesn’t take long and 2 giant crows show up chatting in the trees. I watch them from the south window and they swoop down and take them away. We were recently at out local lumber yard and on the counter inside they have a little film playing with a mouse/rat trap. It is quite pricey $160.00, but so cool to watch. It works by CO2 cartridge and when they check out the bait a little hammer strikes them in the head. Works both indoors and out. When you think about it, this is pretty sick that we all enjoy discussing the hunt for these creatures. I had to laugh when you said you use peanut butter, so do we.
    Good luck catching some more!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marlene – I just said the same thing about our rat discussion! Good grief!!

  23. Judy Andersen

    I understand your excitement about catching that rat. We live in Omaha and have had possums in our yard at night. We have an 8# Morky (Yorkie Maltese mix) so she thinks the possum are cats who want to play! Anyway, we put out live traps with marshmallows and peanut butter. We were thrilled when we caught our first one and my husband took it out in the country to let it loose. We keep the live traps baited but last week we caught our Morkie! Life in the city!
    Keep sharing,
    Judy Andersen

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy Andersen – I’m so glad you just relocated him instead of killing him. I actually used to kill them when I didn’t realize how beneficial they are! I didn’t know what to do with them after I caught them. Oh, my, you trapped your Morkie!

  24. Kris in WI

    Congratulations, Mary! We must be deep into winter with rat catching being a hot topic of conversation. Bring it on North Wind (4* high tomorrow and -17* low), we have The Rat Report and the Hazel Chronicles — not to mention quilts — to keep us entertained and warm! Thanks for sharing your news. Prayers for both you and Rick.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris in WI – isn’t our conversation ridiculous? Haha! There will be better days ahead!

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