Sunday Night, 2-11-24

Post Super Bowl – I know there are many Kansas City fans who are thrilled and just as many SanFrancisco fans who aren’t. I, being an Iowa fan, have not been happy all day. Caitlin and the Hawkeyes got beat by Nebraska! Nebraska isn’t even rated!! Iowa was rated Number 2 at game time. This won’t be good. Sigh.

I read every single comment and would like to thank all of you who made such good suggestions about my hands. I think I’ve done them all except the vinegar in bags and massage which I know would be too painful. The one thing that I get the most relief from is the hot paraffin bath. I think I’ll do that when I finish this post.

Reader photos:

The reader paints these cottage scenes and then adds embroidered details. Stunning work!

Remember this old tin?
Here’s its new home
Yup, this happened again when I bound Harvey.

I finished Big Harvey today and will take his picture tomorrow.

Took this picture today in the barn – for those of you who remember, this is Emma’s old chair that BW decided to sit in.

I have enjoyed hearing all the suggestions of what to do with my hand pieced blocks. Remember that piece of French needlework that I showed you?


I believe the front was colorful originally, too, but has faded into this lovely gold and I did want to see both sides. I am having it framed between two pieces of glass like many of you suggested for the quilt blocks. I’m going to wait till I see that result before I decide.

It’s been a very full day – my book is calling me.

52 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 2-11-24

  1. Beryl in Owatonna.

    I haven’t read all of the suggestions for your hands, but I take Turmeric…it helps the arthritis all over my body
    . I take 2 at a time repeat after 4 or 5 hours if it hasn’t helped much. Warm water soaks help too. Hope you find d something. .

  2. Rosie Westerhold

    University of Nebraska Women’s Basketball has been getting better and better every year. We have been unbeatable at home, not so much on the road. it was a nail-biter to the end, that’s for sure. I was surprised by the outcome, myself. Good game, Iowa👍.

    And Go CHIEFS🙌🙌!! I really don’t support either team, but I was happy that KC won. My favorite commercial was the very first one about the Ravens, the Eagles, and the Falcons who would be back next year. And the tiny football coming from the sky, “Oh, look, a rookie!” The commercials aren’t what they used to be, but that one made me chuckle.

    One way to prevent the binding joins occurring at corners is to pin your binding to your quilt before you actually stitch it on. I do that for every single quilt I finish. I use wonder clips and just loosely pin to see where the joins will happen. And I have only had to “move” things around once or twice since I started doing that. Works every time. PLUS, I don’t have binding all over the place as I’m sewing; it’s already pinned to the quilt👍👍!!! Especially helpful when I’m working on a queen-sized quilt.

    1. Mary H

      What ifvyou made a quilt out of all but one block and use that one, wrong side up as a label on the back?
      Those hands. Mine act up and I drop stuff, including needles. If someone could come up with a cure for arthritis.

  3. Susan Moore

    We were really disappointed when Iowa lost today, too. We thought maybe Caitlin wasn’t feeling very well. Some of her teammates have been sick. She’s amazing and so fun to watch! Can’t wait to see her break yet another record at Thursday’s game!

    Looks like Hazel approves of your new Harvey!

    Susan from West Central Illinois

  4. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I watched the second half of the Iowa game; it was a nail biter!
    Herb baked some ribs in the oven for the first time, so we had ribs and coleslaw between games; the ribs were great.
    I finished quilting a baby quilt in the afternoon and sewed down the binding during the evening game. So, we had a pleasant and productive Sunday.
    I am so sorry about your hands causing you pain, Mary.
    Take Care, 🥰

  5. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes the hit paraffin bath sounds the best to me.
    I have framed some Hmong pieces between 2 pieces of acrylic I bought as frames and they were put together with cords but I gave them away ( the frames) and have no idea where they were purchased. They are lighter than glass. You might research the internet???

    Prayers for your hands to hurt less.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your hands do look sore, paraffin baths sound soothing. I get like bee strings feelings in my fingers sometimes, but not bad, l hand quilt every day, not the greatest quilter but l enjoy it. Family have arrived home from Taiwan, very tired, will catch up properly tomorrow. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  7. Barbara Yarnell

    The creativity of this group is just amazing! That pinwheel quilt is gorgeous and I love the one with the bright squares and the lovely quilting! But those bags, wow! Really outstanding work. And the painted cottage scenes with embroidery – I’d love to see them in person. Love your Big Harvey too. My dog does the exact same thing as Hazel just as soon as any quilt goes into the floor, lol.

  8. Gloria from CC

    I’ve told you before about local honey and cinnamon in a cup of hot water for arthritis. It absolutely works. I think you said you didn’t like honey. It worked for me and everyone I’ve told about it has had success.
    Love all the quilt pictures and especially Hazel on the Harvey quilt. What a cutie!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – I don’t like either honey or cinnamon! I don’t think I can drink it. Ugh

      1. Fran

        Mary, you sip it by teaspoon. I did not think I could do honey and olive oil mixed 1 T. each. It has done wonders for my sinuses. Honey knocks down inflammation.

  9. Martha W in WY

    We forgot about the game but caught the last 5 minutes. It was a nail biter. Mary, I’m disappointed that Iowa lost. That first quilt is stunning! I really like your display where you added the new tin to. The cottage paintings with the added embroidery are just gorgeous. It must take a lot of time and patience to do those. Hazel approved of Big Harvey.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Late night for the game on the East Coast. Thank you Cindy – I appreciate you for telling me that the KC chiefs coach is truly a quilter.
    Going to try turmeric sometime for my arthritis in my hands and tailbone. Inflammation is caused by many foods but we need to eat some for our heart and brain functions so it’s tough balancing it all out.
    Lots happening this week with Valentines, Ash Wednesday and Nascar races starting back up.

  11. Donna Jo

    I take Turmeric also and it has really helped m hands. I still hand quilt. We watched the Iowa game and was so disappointed! That game should not have been even close. KC did win the Superbowl so that made things better! We will be watching Iowa on Thursday. Mary, I guess we are “Clarkies” instead of Swifties! Saw a girl’s sign at the Iowa that had that on it!

  12. Linda in MI

    Beryl beat me to the punch, take turmeric and white willow bark – a natural analgesic that won’t tear up your stomach. They were recommended to me by a wellness chiropractor for my back that is beyond help and my right hand where my joint between my thumb and hand was falling apart and so inflamed with arthritis that I couldn’t put on a glove. (if you have a bleeding disorder check with doctor before white willow bark). By the time my surgery at U of M came around to remove the bone between my thumb and hand and put a tendon where the bone had been came around I almost cancelled the surgery. Pain was so greatly reduced and I could get a glove on again because swelling was down. Turmeric is really amazing for inflammation.

    I love Hazel on Harvey! I guess it’s hers.

  13. Sandra Pierson

    I love the hot paraffin bath too. It feels so good on the joints. Years and tears ago when I was getting a facial, she dipped my hands in the paragon put warm mits on my hands and tucked them under the blanket until the end of my facial.
    It was heaven……. At the time I didn’t realize I had arthritic joints but the paraffin highlighted them and now, yep arthritis just like my grandma……
    Have a great week filled with many blessings,

  14. Angie from Baltimore

    As a Ravens fan I wasn’t excited about the game yesterday but watched it anyway but not was watching for the commercials but they weren’t that great as a whole.
    The quilts you featured are so beautiful and an inspiration to all of us.
    We are due for snow one more time but no accumulation thank you. I have seen small flowers arriving in the grass which is so promising that spring is coming.
    May Spring be coming to everyone

  15. Sheryl K Harrison

    My son’s family went to Nebraska to watch the Iowa basketball game. They were excited to go but were disappointed in the outcome.

    I am not a big football fan but live in southern Iowa and have a lot of friends who are Chiefs fans and many go to Kansas City to see them play. I like to see the Chiefs win. Recently I found a nice article in the Des Moines register about Brock Purdy and his ties to Iowa. He went to Iowa State. My son is an Iowa State alumni and fan and talked me into cheering for San Francisco. As the game got underway with no score for the Chiefs, I realized I wanted the Chiefs to win. It was a good game!

  16. Fran

    Sorry about Caitlin and Iowa.

    Loved the first quilt shown with a zillion pieces in it. Awesome work. The other quilts and Harvey were very nice too. I am done doing difficult projects. My patience is running thin. Ha

    I quilted a baby quilt yesterday. It came out great but it is not going to make the baby shower deadline. It’s ok.

  17. Lori

    Mary, you are a fast quilter, Big Harvey is already done and looking good!

    I love the zippered project bag and the smaller zippered bag. Great use of an orphan block. Which patterns did you use? I’m not sure sure whose projects they are?

    1. Heather K

      The project pouch- the pattern is on fig tree blog but the coneflower I just made up after seeing something similar where there wasn’t a pattern. The little Dresden is The Poppet Pouch from Rosie Tailor Crafts- the 4” size- the Dresden is available for free download.

  18. Kim from Wi

    We watched the game, and we were rooting for KC, close game and going into overtime was exciting. It would be wonderful to see the paintings with the embellishments added in person. How unique. The little parking car made me smile. Some wonderful quilts today and Harvey is lovely.

  19. Mary in Indiana

    It is so easy to clip the binding all the way around the edge of a quilt before sewing it on. If I run into a seam at a corner I undo the clips and adjust the binding forward/backward a few inches. My first step is to lay the quilt on the floor and loosely lay the binding on before clipping.

  20. Linda

    I didn’t think Iowa looked like themselves yesterday. Caitlin had to score 8 points in the 4th quarter to break the record. I’ve read that they took Caitlin out of her scoring game so she would break the record at home. I hope not…what do you think?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I think it’s entirely possible and probably likely – but I don’t agree

      1. Jeanine from SE Iowa

        I heard on the radio this morning that Caitlyn was dealing with an upper respiratory issue. I can’t say for sure if that is the case. I didn’t think she was her normal self. Probably ran out of energy. They will be ready for their next game.

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m happy Josh Allen lost to the Super Bowl winner. I thought the game was better than the commercials.
    So many beautiful quilts with no names. Beautiful anyway.
    Hazel and Harvey, what a pair.
    New week, new challenges, new accomplishments.

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      Me, too. I cheered for KC because they beat Buffalo and I thought that would make the Bills look better. Bills fan since 1967😀.

  22. Dena

    I have had terrible pain in my right hand. I have found rubbing Arnica Montana Gel into it right before bed at night and I put on a plain white glove then applying during the day as I need, really does reduce the inflammation and pain.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    It was a good game, as the teams were so evenly talented. They must have been exhausted by the time the overtime ended. Whew!! We, of course, were rooting for SF, but hey! They played an excellent game. I was very disappointed in the commercials, though. Just shows how old we are. We didn’t get, most of the time, what the commercial was advertising. lol
    I have been reading all of the above suggestions about what helps arthritis pain. Think we will try the Turmeric next. Sounds like most take it in pill form. Right? The drink sounds interesting though. Is there an exact recipe for it?
    Must look for my Henry, but I don’t have a cute little dog to sit on him.

    1. Gloria from CC

      If you are referring to the honey and cinnamon drink: 1 cup hot water, 2 teaspoons local honey (within 20 mile radius of your home) and 1 tsp cinnamon. Mix well. Morning and evening.

        1. Helen Jane

          Mary, about the bees and flight radius…I read it is best to have the pollen from your area for immunity. I used to buy “zip code” honey but lost the source. Try a honey harvester from your proximity for best results. Bees are so important. At the State Fair regarding a Bee display. I read “when all the bees are gone, we have only 4 years left.”

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Helen Jane – wow! I have never heard that about bees and I don’t know anybody around here who has bees. Doesn’t matter because I’m not drinking it – sounds horrible and twice a day no less. Ugh.

    2. Connie R.

      Sue, I agree with you on the Super Bowl commercials. Most I didn’t understand. I did like the Dunkin Donuts one, though.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        I agree on the Dunkin Donuts boy band commercial. It was the one that made me laugh out loud. J Lo’s face looking at Ben cracked me right up cause so many of us have been there saying and I’m paraphrasing “we’ve been over this before”.

  24. Linda from Georgia

    I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl but really didn’t care who won just wanted a good game. Why is it that I can test the binding before I sew it to a quilt and still end up with the seam in a corner??? So frustrating! I am working on finishing some charity quilts today. Have a good day!

  25. Barbara Firesheets

    Had a couple ideas for your hands . . . How about pocket hand warmers inside of potholder mitts? Saw some on Amazon that say they last 10 hours. Maybe small rice bags you can microwave? I have a clay heating pad I heat in the microwave and it stays warm for a while, but it’s too big to fit in mitts.

  26. meylonie in NE

    Hi Mary,
    Of course I was for NE yesterday as we continue to get better and better. They were so lucky they never let the game get totally out of control so they could manage to catch up during the fourth quarter. I was also cheering my head off for Caitin. I think she looked very tired and maybe sick. I’m happy she will be able to break the record at home in front of a packed stadium of her hometown fans. Unless NE is involved I always cheer for another midwestern team!
    I hope you can figure out something for your hands. I can’t imagine how you manage to write the blog and play the piano but I’ve heard keeping moving is the best thing for arthritis.

  27. Connie in NV

    I liked the couch potato commercials the best! They were creative showing differences of snacks and pets to cuddle with.
    My husband was disappointed all day in the Iowa game and the SF last evening.
    Hazel doesn’t miss a photo shoot if she can help it😂, typical dog sees a quilt on the floor and claims it.

  28. Lee Bowers

    Mary, what are you reading. Just finished
    Mad Honey. Was very interesting. But my favorite recent book is Tom Lake by Ann Patchett.
    Keep in touch….. you and Connie always find the best books.
    Thanks for the blog!! Lee from nc

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lee – I have read Mad Honey – own the book- yes, it was good. I’m reading Summer Island by Kristen Hannah, an older book but I like her. I will look for Tom Lake.

  29. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Beautiful quilt! We don’t watch sports but I got repeated texts from sewing group last night. Irritated about the overtime but glad that KC won. I sent encouragement in gifs for their entertainment 🤭. I remember as a child hearing my Dad getting loud-go Roger, GO Roger! He was referring to Roger Staubach from the Dallas Cowboys in the 60s. Sometimes Mom would join in.
    I am interested in a hot paraffin waxing machine for my hands, anyone have a good brand?

  30. Connie R. in Wis.

    The tin box is really unique and fits in perfectly on your shelf. Just shows you can always find room for one more treasure.
    I enjoyed the picture of BW in the wingback chair. Must have been waiting to inherit the best seat in the house.

  31. Carolyn Rector

    Very excited to see Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl again. Really getting into NFL in my retirement. Fun for this old lady. I enjoy the young quarterbacks like Joe Burrow for Bengals, CJ Stroud for Texans, and Justin Fields for the Bears. All have Ohio State roots.
    Carolyn Rector of Ohio

  32. Joy in NW Iowa

    I love the reader quilts! I certainly would never have thought to use left over blocks for a zipper bag! Neat idea!
    Beautiful day here! We will really be sad when the high is 29……we will whine

  33. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    That Hazel! She’s so cute on her Harvey!
    Quilts today are stunning and the paintings are too. The zippered bags are cute.
    Your goat looks nice and comfy.
    I put my chickens into my fenced in vegetable garden today as it was so sunny. They sure loved scratching around a different area for the day. I tied Biscuit up so he didn’t “help” move the chickens and he chewed through his leash.
    My favorite commercial during the super bowl was the little girl skating. I agree that I had a hard time knowing what some of the ads were selling. The couch potatoes ad was my second favorite.

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