Sunday Night, 6-12-22

Two weeks ago I got 4 guineas and was told to keep them locked up for 2-3 weeks so they won’t fly off or get lost. Yesterday one escaped and yet found her way back to the barn so today I decided it was time to let them out. Tonight I can find only three of them – maybe when it gets dark she’ll find her way back to the barn. I’ll get a picture tomorrow.

The puppies and I went for a walk around the yard – the climbing hydrangea is blooming!

Down below the puppies learned to dig in the dirt.

And then – exhausted again!

This guy showed up – don’t know where from but he becomes JB3 – he looks just like JB who followed Jack Benny in looks. I’m praying he loves his life in the barn and doesn’t come to the house.

One of my readers, Lora Jans, is looking for a home for her scraps – this is her email – Please do not contact me if you’re interested – contact Lora and make arrangements with her.

Remember the needlework I showed you on my mantel that I found at the thrift store for $10? Here’s another treasure I’ve had for awhile – this sampler is dated 1964.

And the price you ask?

And a closeup of those pretty clouds over the barn!

The purple martins arrived this weekend – love their sounds!

It’s been a big mowing weekend – my garden is up but so wet I can’t hoe it – it’s not looking good for my poor peas which are getting lost in the weeds.

I’m off to Becky’s to sit on her deck and listen to Country Thunder, a country music festival in Forest City. Tonight’s singer is Trace Atkins.

Better take a cold beer with me. Smile.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 6-12-22

  1. Sue H

    Love looking at those puppies and the new cat on the block is beautiful … or make that handsome? Sounds like a wonderful evening for you. I hope that beer is ICE COLD!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, I bet those puppies are dreaming about you and the fun at the farm.
    When I see the sky like that, I want my next quilt to be in those colors. Pink, peach, aqua, grey blue, true blue, white. I never tire seeing beautiful colors like that.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Jo and Mary, I think there is something so soothing about seeing a low volume quilt in those light colors. Make it Jo! I don’t have much peach fabric in my stash as I was looking for a coral color but I have so much blue that I love to pet.

        1. Jo in Wyoming

          My artistic mind works, now if I can actually create a quilt. Possibly a lone star, or bargello. One of my simple favorites is Yellow Brick Road. It could have exquisite quilting.

          Too many ideas, not enough time.

  3. Denise

    Those puppies are so darn cute. Love the picture of them all sleeping under the chair. Digging in dirt is very exhausting. lol

  4. MaureenHP

    The puppies are stealing my heart…
    Happy you had time to sit back, enjoy a beer and listen to country music!

  5. Susy Boyer

    Mary, what a day you have had and it’s not over yet. It’s so beautifully green at you home. And the puppies are darling. I know they are work, so good thing they are so darn cute.
    Have fun listening to the music!
    Susy from San Diego

  6. Karla T

    Hi Mary~ The puppies are growing fast and really cute.
    JB 3 looks like a nice boy. About the climbing hydrangea, does it bloom all summer once it starts like
    Other hydrangeas, or does it bloom and done for the season?

  7. Susan in PA

    I read somewhere that guineas always try to return to where they were hatched. If these ones won’t stay you might have to get some eggs and hatch them. Love the pups and the new cat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan in PA – my friends brought me some eggs, too, and my hens are setting on them now – maybe that’s the answer.

  8. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central,Oh

    My favorite part about the puppies is the way they just drop wherever for a nap. Too cute! JB 3 is beautiful. Is he on the roof? Funny. I have many more DD’s to finish before July 1. Thanks for encouraging us to finish those UFO’s, Mary. We are expecting mid to high 90’s this week. Ugh. But, good quilting weather.

  9. Georgia

    Guineas are such comedians – I raised them from hatchlings & thoroughly enjoyed their crazy antics. I kept them with my chicken flock, cooped at night. They became full-grown & that’s when trouble started: They would take over the roost at night & not allow my rooster & hens full access. I had to give them to a friend to keep the peace. Otherwise, once established in your yard, you will see them everywhere, including rooftops, surveying their domain. Good luck with yours!

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, good news, we bought a house yesterday! On the western hills of wellington, so good Harbour views. The family have 3 bed house and lovely lawn and decking, lhave a granny flat attached to the house with big porch, move end of August. THE Puppies are doing well, how does the new cat like them? Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I’m excited about your house! A granny flat! Perfect

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