Sunday With the Grands, 4-21-24

Aidan, Lucy and Owen helped me sort patterns this afternoon and then we went to the Mexican restaurant in town.

I let them order pretend margaritas – Lucy was being silly – and what they brought home from their supper they packed in their lunches for school lunch tomorrow. Well trained children, my pretend grands!

Reader photos:

My very oldest cat, Heidi, found a spot of sun under the piano.

43 thoughts on “Sunday With the Grands, 4-21-24

  1. Ann in Virginia

    Love the pics of your grands. You are a nice “grand.”

    I enjoy your posts so much. Always makes my day!!

  2. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Kids are so great. Especially the grand ones. You are lucky you have these close by.
    Beautiful flowers….we are still just coming out of winter…
    Shirley in the HIGH desert of central OR.

  3. Martha W in WY

    Love the “grands” photos. I can tell they enjoyed their treat. Is the pink flower in the first flower photo a clematis? Anyway, it is GORGEOUS!! I chuckled when I saw the “then” and “now” photos of the dogs. So stinking cute!

      1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

        Thank you. I always find it hard to tell the difference between a rhododendron, and an azalea when it is a large azalea It’s so beautiful. I have a very large rhododendron and it will bloom soon. It has pale mauve flowers and when you are close they smell just beautiful. I will try to remember to take a picture. I think this year it will be covered in blooms.

  4. Patricia

    Wonderful to have kids around. They are fun and energetic. Yesterday must have been a lot of fun being around all those dogs. So many breeds I’ve never heard of. All the foo foo fussiness to get them looking their best cracks me up. Today was cloudy and raw feeling all day here in Md. we had a Countryside Artisan’s Tour this weekend. One of our quilt guild members has has been juried in the group and had her quilts displayed in a former cow barn. She makes beautiful quilts and long arms too. Love that little spot of sun you cat found. That’s where I’d be too especially today. Happy Earth Day tomorrow

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, more gorgeous dogs! And Heidi is sweet, l would love a kitten, but Bella would not be happy. The pink flowers are beautiful, l just have lots of orange mushrooms growing on the roots of a chopped down tree,we are laying down gravel and will plant new Zealand plants next to the driveway. It’s a bit cooler this evening, so l have put the heater on. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  6. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    It’s so nice to see the flowers blooming and the green grass. I love the pinwheel finish on Rita’s wall hanging. Is that an applique or a purchased block? It’s so pretty! Cute picture of the 2 dogs growing!
    Love the pictures of the “grand” on their outing with you. Lucky kids.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      The quilt is a panel in the center with a small border and then pinwheel blocks. I practiced my quilting on it as I’m not very practiced at it. I have a sit down long arm. The kit was purchase around 2017 so it’s been simmering for a while.
      I had no idea how I was going to quilt it so when I sat dow to do it I just did whatever my hands wanted to do. Thanks for your comments.

      1. Janet S

        Rita, Do you like your sit down longarm? A while ago, I thought I would like one, but am still hesitating. It really is a new craft to learn and I hate to spend the money and then regret it.

        1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

          Janet S. I have a sweet 16 which is a sit down. I couldn’t have a typical long arm for two reasons, space and I have a bad ankle that the motion of standing and quilting or moving side to side would cause pain. Saying that I love my sweet 16. I have quilted from small wall hangings up to king size with no difficulty. I didn’t buy the extension tables for it as I place it next to my 7 ft long sewing table and then put one of those folding plastic tables that fits sideways (so just 36” wide) on the other side. It takes a little to set up but once I’ve done that it’s pretty good. I then quilt starting at one side and go across then move up and go back if that makes sense.

        2. Li

          Like most things it takes practice. Many hours. If you have a resource to work on nine quilts and have a knack a sit down might work for you. I am very much a technician, not an artist, and chose robotics and am very glad I did. I didn’t want to put in the time to smooth out my wonky stipples. Struggled with feathers. Motifs would be large, then get small. I have learned that free motion talent is not my strength.

        3. Li

          I just found out that some libraries have “maker spaces”. One has sewing machines as well as a sit down machine. We have a shop here if one wants to rent time on a longarm. I think it would be fun to sponsor a sewing machine maker room.

  7. Teresa in Indiana

    Love all the pics today. The “grands” seem to enjoy your time as much as you enjoy them. Kids are magical. The before & after photos are fabulous. Who couldn’t love those faces! 💖I’ve been hospitalized for the past two weeks. I developed an infection in my knee. Very painful. Hope everyone else has a wonderful day.

    1. Pat in AZ

      What a terrible way to spend your spring! Sure hope you are on the mend and home soon. Hugs

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – oh no! I am so sorry! Is this the replaced knee? How did that infection happen? I hope you’re soon released from the hospital and that you’re no longer in pain. Pain is exhausting!!

      1. Teresa in Indiana

        Yes, it is in the replaced knee. Docs still don’t know what caused this, but we are recovering. I’m praying that I get sprung this afternoon. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Take care!💗

  8. Barbara Yarnell

    I’ve really enjoyed the spring pictures these past few days. I’m putting in a new garden area next to the garage using an old ladder and rusty tools and junk for planters. I’m not much of a decorator but I saw pictures on Pinterest and love the look. Will send a photo if I can pull it off.

  9. Susan in VA

    Love the pink azalea! We have lots of azaleas blooming and our lilac. I will get pictures sent today. I love Rita’s log home! I’ve always wanted one. I haven’t given up hope. Also, I noticed a comment from “Ann in Virginia” — if she sees this, where in Virginia are you? I’m near Warrenton and we will be moving to Smith Mountain Lake this fall.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Susan, we moved into our home in 2000, it was sure peaceful during COVID. We live on just over two acres. There is always something that needs to be done but that’s okay. It keeps one young. Had Rhubarb Blackberry Crisp already this year and the asparagus is coming up nicely.

      1. Susan in VA

        Sounds absolutely perfect, Rita! We live in a too big house with too much property now. My son and his wife are going to buy it from us and we’re going to Smith Mountain Lake, VA in the fall to live there for a couple of years. Then hoping to come back “home” and build a small, hopefully log, home on a couple acres. We may be getting too old for all this, but we’re still dreaming!

  10. Shirley

    I love the quilt in the pic of ‘my back porch Rita, IA’. Is this a Country Threads pattern?

  11. Sue

    Busy weekend Mary – dog show, grandkids, Mexican food (I always eat waaay too many chips) all topped off with sunshine. Hopefully some progress on the pattern sorting.

  12. Donna Jo

    Great pictures once again. Your pretend grands are adorable! How fun to spoil them and send them home.☺️ The blooming cactus reminds me of the ones my mom had. They didn’t bloom this early though. The dogs before and after are so cute.

  13. Diane,Squeak, &Buddy in Central ohio

    Aidan, Lucy, and Owen are adorable with pretend Margaritas! Yum. The spring photos are beautiful. I’d love to see more “Then and Now” photos of pets.
    Janet S. Could you practice at a quilt store before buying a sit down machine. A couple shops do that around here. Theresa, good luck with your knee. That sounds painful. Warming up slightly today.

  14. Margie Wineland

    So glad you had a fun weekend! Those grands probably had the best time with you! Teresa take care, doesn’t sound too fun in the hospital. The before and after pictures are sweet.

  15. Diane in Maryland

    Those pretend margaritas look yummy! I wish I could have one right now. What a wonderful treat for all of you!
    The pictures are beautiful. I love the cactus blooms!
    Only 43 degrees this morning but it’s supposed to go up in the 50-60’s. The sun is shining and very blue sky.

  16. Hank's Mom

    The Then and Now photos are priceless!! HA! The springer spaniel must have been tiny when the first photo was taken. GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Pat in AZ

    Good morning all. The dogs are mine, Spike (9) and Loki (2 1/2) the springer. He was 9 weeks old in the Then picture. Spike still doesn’t know quite what to think about not being the only child!
    The cactus is also mine. It’s an echinopsis and usually blooms this time of year. The blooms are 6 inches across and smell like Stargazer lilies. I had 47 blooms on it this year!
    Love the coloring of Heidi’s fur. She looks like she’s totally content basking in the sunshine.
    The azalea is beautiful. It matches with the grand kid’s margaritas. Lol
    I’ve sure been enjoying all the spring pictures so thank you, Mary, for the great idea

  18. Marilyn Miller

    I love it that you have ‘grands’ to enjoy! You will have a special place in their hearts always. 🥰
    The pic of the springer spaniel (and his buddy) ‘now and ‘……my favorite breed always.
    And finally, the small wall quilt about the porch. Is that a Country Threads quilt? If so, is the pattern available?
    Enjoy this day. It’s a good day to have a good day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn – it’s not a CT quilt-I think someone commented that it’s One Sister but an older panel.

  19. Sharon F

    Someone has a stunning azalea!

    Best wishes to Teresa and Patti in FL, and any others who are under the weather, hope you all will be feeling better very soon.

  20. Joyce from NY

    Your grands are adorable, what fun they must be for you! Love all the pictures, thank you!!

  21. Kathy in western NY

    Cute photos of happy kids and pets and yards. I just read that April 24 is National Stop Food Waste day so they did their part eating leftovers the next day.
    Blue skies and sunshine took me out to my yard to work outside in warmer temps. Pulled tons of maple tree seedlings that popped up in the flower beds.
    It’s so enjoyable having spring goals of cleaning up after winter and taking pride in our yards, so thank you to everyone for sharing and also to the ones who have ideas to do something more now as it’s motivated us.
    Thinking of Patti and Theresa recovering and all the other readers facing some difficulty but we’re here for support to get you through hopefully.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Yes – we can lend help and moral support via the comments – it could be any one of us in the hospital.

  22. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, kids can never have enough gramma and grampas and vice versa. There is enough to go around and always the wonderful memories for everybody.

    The flower pictures are great. Our stuff is getting started, but not as far along as in the east. I saw a dandelion the other day just shining in the sun shine. It looked absolutely beautiful! When the flower wilted I pulled it off so it wouldn’t seed.

    As for rebuilding your patterns. There has to be enough of us who have more than our share of your patterns. Why don’t you make a list of what you are missing, either by number or name. Then we could check what we have and let you know. THEN you could say “Betty, would you please send a copy of # 512 Sugar Maple. And Kathy, could you please send a copy of #603 The Christmas Sled. That way you would get a one copy of each????? Now I know people don’t follow directions….. But at least it would be a good start. There’s got to be a way! And some of us may have even more than one copy of some patterns.

    In the meantime, keep quilting, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I still have YOUR list! And yes, that’s exactly what I plan to do but I’ve got to get several hundred in numerical order first and then take inventory so be patient.

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