Mastitis is apparently a hard condition to cure in a goat because after 2 weeks of milking her every day, Susannah still has it. The vet inserted a drainage tube last week which has helped but he has also recommended amputating the udder. After researching online, I have discovered that it’s more common than you might think. I will keep you posted in the coming week.

13 thoughts on “Susannah

  1. Rose Mikulski

    I’ll be saying a special prayer for Susannah. Get well soon. Thanks Mary for always being there for her.

  2. Judy Rounds

    What an adorable picture! She is such a beautiful girl. Sure hope that her problem can be resolved soon.

  3. Katie

    Great pick ..with flowers in background
    How old is she now, I remember when she was a baby..and u started the Goat Gazette..thanks for sharing

  4. Carol from Florida

    Makes sense to me. The more you take out the more you get. You could learn to make Goat Cheese.

  5. Pam

    She looks to be quite a sweetheart, Hope she is feeling better soon. Love your flowerbed and flowers in the background also.
    I sure hope you will occasionally keep us up on all your farm activities.

  6. Ann Barlament

    Hoping Susannah is feeling better!! Looked up her problem and all I can say is OWIE to human or animal that suffers from this!!!!

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