The Last Book Reviews

Tonight I’ll review two more books  from Martingale – for now.  Giveaways will happen when I can and next week I have a few more books that are duplicates belonging to Connie and me.  I’ll bet you’ve never purchased a book only to come home and find the same book on your shelf – haha!  We have!

Heres the first book “Hearth & Home” by Jo Morton which came out awhile ago but I’ve still been looking at it.

What a beautiful cover!  We all know Jo designs lovely Civil War reproduction quilts and this book is no different- so many I’d love to make but this is my favorite, Hand-Pieced Baskets.

Not much to say about this book – it’s perfect!

The next book is “Returning to Temecula” by Sheryl Johnson.

These are all such fun little quilts that wouldn’t require much time – I could see making any of them!  I chose Henry’s Half-Square Triangles to show you and talk about.

I’m guessing that there’s not a reader out there who couldn’t make this without a pattern/book – I could make it in my sleep BUT I need to have the picture and the book to refresh my memory and to inspire me and to simply open the book and start.  Nothing wrong with that!  These are the little quilts that are fun to make and cover an entire wall- I love every single quilt in this book!

And last but not least is Martingale’s Calendar for 2020 – which I can’t bear to part with so I won this one!  Haha!

This is the quilt I started awhile ago by Lissa Alexander – I have two blocks made.

Yup, that’s all – two finished blocks.  One of these days this project is going to get its turn.

More Dirty Dozen #5’s.

And I add the last photo because I’m so jealous – my Hidden In Plain Sight quilt is far behind.  Maybe this weekend I’ll make great progress.  Maybe?

And I’ll close with a picture of the HERD of baby chicks!

176 thoughts on “The Last Book Reviews

    1. Gail Anderson

      Love the books on today’s review. So inspiring! And hat to admit it but I have bought the same book multiple times! lol I just pass them on to a friend!

  1. debby

    Both of these wonderful books are on my wish list. They have such gorgeous quilts in both books that I want to stop what I’m doing and make all of them! Love the chicks pictures.

  2. Kathleen Grom

    I’ve purchased a few books that I already owned as well. Thanks for making me feel less alone. Haha! On a good note, everyone at the Senior Center sure is grateful for my “generous” donations of these books.

  3. Peggy Thompson

    Thanks for sharing these last two books. They’re on my want to buy list! I’ve been a Jo Morton fan for a long time & loved the great fun & learning at one of her hand work retreats! Temecula’s ideas are so awesome!! 🧵 ✂️ 🧵 Closed 3 ads!! 😊

  4. Debra Miller

    Closed all six ads. Wonderful pictures of the books, finished projects and love the baby chicks! I went to a quilt show today and found your patterns for “The Count” and “Brunhilda” in the used book and pattern sale. I may never get them made but at least I have the patterns.

  5. Pam

    I would so love to win any one of those books! What? No quilting question to answer? I’ll tell you something anyway.
    My favorite style of quilting is definitely primitive.

  6. Carol H.

    Love both of these books!
    You have quite the herd of chicks there!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win a book. Only 1 ad to close today.

  7. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Love both those books and Caryn G’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” project! Glad you got to win something, too. I am hoping to be able to get some sewing done this weekend, we are expecting a freak winter storm here in the northern portions of Washington, Idaho and especially Montana. SNOW! YIKES and YUCK! The high here today was only 45 as the cold air mass started to come in from the north, the temps keep dropping and dropping as the evening progresses.

  8. Sunflower from Michigan

    I think it’s nice that you’re keeping the calendar. You’ll enjoy it all year.
    Frank is so handsome and I like the finished UFOs. Those chicks are so dang cute! Enjoy the football games tomorrow, we’re going to the Michigan game in Ann Arbor. Should be fun, I have a friend who has a tailgate party so we’ll be joining him before the game. I love the campus on game days. So vibrant and crowded. Go Blue!

  9. Carol F.

    Jo Morton is my absolute favorite!!!! I love her fabric lines and her patterns. I love a quilt that a person can make today, but it looks like it could have been taken out of your grandmother’s trunk. She speaks to my heart and my love of quilting.

  10. Karen D Martin

    I had to have that calendar for myself too! I also have purchased the Jo Morton book and it is wonderful. The Temecula book looks like fun!

  11. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Returning to Temecula… I have the previous Temecula book, I think it’s calked Temecula Quilts, or Little Temecula Quilts… I love it so why can’t I remember the exact name? Anyway, I have this book on a must have list because I make too many big quilts for others and only have time for little ones for me.
    Love your little herd and Momma is just lovely, her coloring… wow! So pretty. Everyone’s fives are so much fun, I wish I was caught up but alas, too much going on with doctors, surgeries etc….soon… thinking November will be my chance to do UFOs. True confession: I did start a new quilt but I’m teaching it, so obligated to complete it. Plus a baby shower in October… plus I had to make my mother (age 89) her costume for Halloween (Mr. Peanut!) … for the senior center Halloween party. Hoping to claim November fir myself.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You’re kidding! Your mom is going to be Mr. peanut for Halloween! I love your mom!!!! You should send me a picture of her – we’d all like to “meet” her on the blog. Has your husband had his surgery?

      1. Kathy in western NY

        What a hoot this senior center must be with costumes! I have volunteered for 8 years at the local senior center comfort quilt group and one lady is 97 that actively drives there and stays till 11 am, then she’s ready to get home for lunch and a nap. They all inspire me. I just might have to drive an hour to see your mom for a picture and meet up with you and admire what you are making to teach! Or we could always meet at Patchwork Garden store as I know where that one is. I attended their trunk shows and lectures when Pam Buds and Kansas Troubles were there.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Sorry I missed adding Carol’s name to the beginning of my comment and it’s Pam Buda not buds. Also I loved seeing all the pictures everyone sent in of their UFO’s.

  12. Charlotte S.

    Love both of the books. Yes I have bought a book and found out I had it at home! I passed it on to another quilter. Love the little chicks too.
    I’m going to a local quilt show tomorrow and then I’ll be watching the Wyoming/UNLV game. My grandson is on the Wyoming team. Go Pokes!

  13. Judi Leventhal

    I was able to close 5 ads (yay!). Not only have I bought the same book but oftentimes the same fabric. My theory is I like it so much the first time I had to buy it again. That’s my answer and I’m sticking’ to it. Glad you decided to win the 2020 Calendar. Those are the only calendars I ever buy. One day I’ll actually make one of the quilts from them. Thank you again for the give-aways. Have a wonderful restful week-end.

  14. Linda from MN

    Once when our daughter and I participated in a central Iowa quilt shop hop, I won a gift certificate. I was very excited and the next time I was in the Ames, IA quilt store, I choose what I thought was a great new book! I was sooooooo excited………..until I got home and saw I already had the book on my book shelf!

  15. Alice

    The baby chicks are so cute! Love the Jo Morton book! Glad I’m not the only one that’s bought dubliçate books, lol!

  16. Judy

    I have come close to purchasing a duplicate book and only saved from doing so by the fact I was purchasing online and I could run upstairs to check to make sure. The baby chicks are so cute.

    1. Jane

      Love Jo Morton fabrics and designs. I especially like civil war and woven plaid fabrics. Amazing how there is always another book or fabric I can’t live without! I enjoy reading everyone’s comments!

  17. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, that black hen with the white collar and her chicks are beautiful. So striking. I love to hear the roosters crow. It has never been an annoying sound. Of course, it is wonderful when they learn to crow. It is interesting to see what people name their pets. God gave me my calico cat we named Festus because she was so scroungy just like Festus Hagen on Gunsmoke, but with a heart of gold. The very best friend I ever had. She lived to be 16 after having a stroke at 14 1/2. I had heard there was another calico cat also names Festus here in Rapid City. Now I have the birds, squirrels, rabbits and sometimes a chipmunk coming to the bird feeders along with garter snakes living under my back step. I didn’t have a single ant problem all summer!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I had a small barter snake in my screened porch 2 weeks ago – I have never seen a snake on this farm in 40 years!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      The cats found a small garter snake in my screened porch last week – the first in 40 years!

  18. Betty Klosterman

    A note to the ladies about clicking on the adds. When clicking on the little arrows, I just started double clicking anywhere on the ad. When it comes up, I just click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen.

  19. Brenda C, CA

    So many quilts, so little time. I love to sit down with a good quilt book and dream. All these books fit the bill.

  20. Joyce from NY

    Love both these books, jo Morton is one of my favorite designers. I have Quirky Little Quilts & Returning to Temecula is on my list to buy. #5’s are beautiful, the Frank’s are so creative. Chicks are so cute.

  21. Paula Ziegler

    Those quilts are all so pretty! Amazing talent! Thanks for the reviews & giveaways! You stay so busy, I don’t know how you get it all done!

    Closed more ads tonight too! Have a great weekend! 😊

  22. Mary Neitzel

    These two books are great. I love all of Jo Morton and Temecula quilts. It is very nice of you do all the book giveaways!

  23. Donna - St Paul

    Mary I’m so happy you finally “won”….you deserve to win after all your work on this great blog. Enjoy your winning calendar for 2020.

  24. Beth T.

    Your description of Returning to Temecula is spot on, and just what I love about their patterns. They give me the push to get started making the kinds of quilts I love to make but often “forget about” when I’m focusing on precuts or some pattern-of-the-moment. I think of them as “pioneer quilts”, basic, foundational quilts.

    Those little chicks are darned cute! We’re down to one now. We would add to the “flock”, but she was so mean to new chicks when she was young that we’re hesitant, so instead she can just rule the roost, so to speak.

  25. Diane Bauer

    Jo’s book looks like just my style!
    So many wonderful 5’s!! I’m getting excited to hear what October’s 5 will be!!
    My new machine is out of the box!! I spent time reading the manual today as I was waiting for a chip in my windshield to get fixed. Tomorrow I will attempt some first stitches!!!!

  26. Janice Hebert

    Love the books and I love all of the #5’s, not to mention the “Frank”‘s! Really cute. Closed lots of ads. Great weather here in New England. Jan in MA

  27. Sherry Whalen

    Thank you for the book reviews and giving us a chance to win! Your herd of chicks are so cute, little balls of fluff. I finally took a photo of my #5, so I will have to get that sent to you! Have a great weekend!!

  28. Paula In Texas

    Wow, the herd of chicks will be fun to watch grow up! Chicks are so cute! The book choices look fabulous. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  29. Dorothy Rankin

    I have been an avid follower of your blog for many years but rarely leave comments. When I saw your giveaway book Hearth and Home by Jo Morton, I decided to write. I am an avid Civil War fabric collector and would love to have this book. I also closed 5 ads! Thank you for inspiring so many of us with your blog and persevering through the trials of posting.

  30. Beverly Lockmiller

    Love the babies so cute. Jo is one of my favorites.. Thanks for your blog. Look forward to it every night. Thanks also for all the give aways.

  31. LouAnn Engelhardt

    I love reading your blog. I grew up in a farm so I like hearing all the stories about what’s happening at your home. I’ve been quilting for close to 40 years and love anything vintage. We’d make great neighbors!
    Thanks and happy quilting!!!!

  32. Nancy J.

    Closed all the ads, even scrolled to top to make sure! LOVE all of these books – they seem to have a Coubtry Tgreads vibe, both patterns and color choices.

  33. MJ

    The books are lovely and inspiring. Actually your whole blog is inspiring. I don’t know how you get so much done.

  34. Carla

    Oh, my, you gave me a chuckle tonight when I read of purchasing a book and then going home a finding there is a copy all ready there. Glad to know others have done it multiple times too.
    The quilts in the books you shared tonight are beautiful, yes I can see trying to make each one.
    Congratulations on your winning the calendar, Mary. Your luckiest as you get to enjoy it every day next year!

  35. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I also have purchased quilt books only to discover I already had them. Not once, not twice, but three times! I’m a slow learner; I pass them on to someone else. It is nice that you review those books for us. They look wonderful. Enjoyed the chicks.

  36. Jo in Wyoming

    Purchase the same book twice….never! If it’s a soft cover, I take it to jail. They love to read the stories and have a pattern to follow. Funny, they can have a rotary cutter, but not a hard cover book.?
    Those chicks are so cute. What a good mom to take care of so many youngins.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I do NOT understand why a hard cover book can be dangerous but a rotary cutter is not.

  37. Sue in Oregon

    What fun! I am on my way to bed but opened my email just before going. I love all your photos tonight and will dream about all the great quilts here, be they in books or from #5s or in the form of Franks. I just love your blog, Mary.

  38. Beryl in Owatonna

    I love both of these books, I know I don’t t have them!! LOL! I could make any number of those you showed us!.
    The “herd” is so cute…we need sound with the picture!!
    I had no ads tonight.
    Thanks for all you do, you are amazing.

  39. Beryl in Owatonna

    It won’t let me post about the quilts and chicks??? It says it is a duplicate post.
    I had no ads

  40. Barb K

    Enjoyed your book reviews–and seeing what you are working on. Always enjoy your farm and animal pictures too–you write a great letter (blog)!!

  41. Jan from TN

    Closed 3 ads tonight. 2 weren’t closeable! Love the Jo Morton book!

    Have a great weekend, y’all! 😉🧵✂️

  42. Chris H. in Washington

    Jo Morton is one of my favorite designers so I’d love a copy of this book. It makes me happy just to look at her books and her Jo Morton fabrics. Returning to Temecula looks like one of those books that every quilt would be one I’d like to make. Thank you for the inspiration you never fail to give me with your blog. I love it! Closed several ads.😊

  43. Montana Kathy

    Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at the books. It’s so nice to “hear” your comments and reviews, so even if we don’t win one, at least we know which book we need to buy! The little chicks are so cute, and mama is so pretty and looks to be a good mom!

  44. Beryl in Owatonna

    Three times a charm…I have tried to post…it tells me it is a duplicate and won’t post.
    I love both of the books and NO I don’t have these two!! I too have made duplicte purchased…I must really like what is in them to buy them twice!!
    The chick picture needs sound!

  45. Carolyn Glover

    I did a Jo Morton class at our local quilt shop years ago and we did a small quilt once a month. I made a couple of the projects in batiks, as they are my favorites. I was gently reminded that this was Jo Morton University and I should be using her fabrics. I bought a fat quarter bundle of her fabric and mixed it with Kansas Trouble fabrics to finish the class. I finished sewing the projects for the class but never quilted them. I buy a layer cake of all the new Kansas Trouble fabrics which is great for making small projects.

    I closed four ads, two had no x’s to close. Both books look great.

  46. Caryn Goulden

    Yup-I’ve purchased several books twice, and fabric too. Have had my eye on both of those books. Those chicks are adorable. Did I count 15?

  47. Tonya Morton

    I love the posts and pictures. I look forward to each posting describing your day with chores, activities, animals, friends, and projects. It’s fun to read any time of the day.

  48. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    I enjoyed all the pictures, especially of your new Chick Herd! 😊
    The books look like true winners! And, yes, I have purchased duplicates of books and patterns…I even have duplicates of a couple of your patterns. 😁

    Have a great weekend!
    Bonnie In Oregon

  49. Susan the Farm Quilter

    You aren’t the only one who has purchased a book or pattern more than once!! These books look great! Love your herd of chicks!!!

  50. Annette F.

    Yes, I have purchased a quilt book (Carol Hopkins) only to discover that I already owned it. You just have to give yourself a “SMIRK” and then pass it on. Thanks for reviewing the books. It is hard not to like anything by Jo Morton and Sheryl Johnson from Temecula Quilt Co. continues to be a inspiration, her quilt shop is only 6 miles away from my house.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Annette – aren’t you lucky to be that close to her quilt shop! I’m jealous!

    2. Launa

      Annette, Lucky you living so near Temecula Quilt Shop. I’ve been ordering things online from Sheryl and enjoying her free sew a longs for quite a few years. Very punctual sending the Purchases!

  51. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I have so done that, Mary, purchased a book I already had! I donate them to the local quilt guild library!
    Love the chicks and seeing all the finishes. Have a great weekend.

  52. Patty Turner

    Love the finished quilt pictures- so inspiring. I had to laugh about buying the same book as that has happened to me so many times. I finally put a list on my phone- in alphabetical order- of all the books I have including fiction, quilting books and cross stitch patterns. It was a tremendous summer job but has saved me many times from repeats! Loved the chicken picture as my son is a new urban chicken dad.

  53. Jacqueline Spivey

    All these books are such an inspiration. Love all your critters. Love all your quilts! I want to make them ALL!

  54. Lisa Boles

    Great books. I love the reviews as they draw my attention to books I may normally overlook.

  55. Rita AM in CT

    I’ve bought books that I already have. I must really like the quilts in those books. I give the second copy to my friend when that happens.
    The chicks look so tiny, like little black cotton balls. I hope there aren’t to many roosters in the group. In my flock of 9 there are 4 hens and 5 roosters.
    I am starting to get the gardens winter ready pulling the tired crops from the raised bed. The toads have been busy at night catching insects we have one fat toad in particular that sits on the step at the backdoor under the light.
    The hummingbirds have left I haven’t seen any in over a week.
    The ads are back to normal

  56. Kate Schloemer

    I’ve been so busy this week I forgot to leave a comment for the book give away.
    Hope everyone has had a good week.

  57. Nancy T

    Loved seeing all the pictures. Especially momma and her little ones. Was able to close 5 ads and now on my way to finish putting a binding on a quilt.

  58. Paula Philpot

    Closed more ads. Making dumplings for our 4 day World Chicken Festival in London KY…..Have a good weekend. Paula in KY

  59. Susan B.

    You definitely deserve to “win” that calendar — You put so much into this blog for all of us. Thank you. I love Jo Morton and I already have the Temecula book. Love it!

  60. Janet Orr

    Closed a few ads for you! Sometimes I have to go back and close them because I get so caught up in reading your post that I don’t even notice the ads in front of my face!

    I can totally see myself buying two copies of that 1st book! Love all her books!

  61. Rita in Iowa

    Wonderful quilts from everyone. Both of the books you reviewed are wonderful. Something for everyone.
    Love the pictures of the chicks. Hope you have a good Saturday.

  62. Deb

    Love your reviews of the books……..Jo Morton and Temecula quilts are my favorite by far! You give all those animals a wonderful home! We should all be grateful for what we have.

  63. Meri in SoVa

    Great books! Love the #5 finishes, too! Those chicks are adorable and hopefully will be just fine this winter.

  64. Virlinda Day

    Love Jo Morton and Sheryl Johnson’s books. I own the first Temecula book and one or two Jo Morton books. Always like the quilt alongs on the Sheryl’s Temecula blog. So enjoy seeing your animal photos on your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  65. Diane from TN

    I love the baby chicks…so cute. Lots for a momma to watch over. The quilts are all so beautiful.

  66. Linda B

    Good morning from Blue Earth! All those great books make me want to quilt in my pajamas today!😂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda B – what a great idea to quilt in pajamas! But I’m washing windows today and cleaning up plants to move them inside for the winter. Ugh

  67. Judy

    Hope Reed has time to get over to your place this weekend to see the new baby chicks! Maybe he’ll even help you prepare the give-away books for mailing!

  68. Ellie

    The baby chicks are so cute! Hope there aren’t too many roosters! Both books are lovely and are great inspiration! As if I need more!

  69. Ellie

    The baby chicks are so cute! Hope there aren’t too many roosters! Both books are lovely and are great inspiration! As if I need more! So many projects and so little time!

  70. Rosalie

    I have the Temecula book- the first and the second. I too have bought the same book twice more than one time!
    Jo Morton’s book looks interesting. I have loved brights and avoided civil war but now I have a small collection of CW. I love shirtings!

  71. Nancy TD

    Both books and the calendar have quilts I would like to make. Everyone did a nice job on their projects. It is a big motivation to see the many different quilts. Can’t wait to see what number six will be.

  72. Linda Taylor

    I haven’t yet purchased a book that I already own, but I have made duplicate purchases on several patterns! All these books look great! The chicks are adorable! I closed 6 ads.

  73. Karla T.

    Great #5’s and great books! I love that Hidden in Plain Sight— think i will need to add it to my long list of “want to do’s!” Congrats to you for winning the calendar too 😉 !

  74. Linda H in SE MN

    The Frank quilts make me smile every time! I guess I should get busy and make a couple for my DILs. Thanks for letting us peek into your life every day – we enjoy your adventures!

  75. Debbie B

    Wonderful books to drool over and pieces to recreate. I agree that calendar looks great, too. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Patricia B

    Awww, love the chicks. Oh, too many times I’ve double purchased a book or magazine only to find another waiting at home. Then I am reminded why I loved it to begin with. Haha.

  77. Teresa M

    I have had to give some books away also, because I bought duplicates! I love Jo Morton’s books! The baby chicks with their Mama are so cute. I have had chickens for a year and haven’t had any hens stay on the nest long enough to hatch them, but hopefully they will sometime!

  78. Launa

    Morning Mary, No snow up here in northern Idaho yet! It’s 41o @ 7am! Closed 5 ads this morning. Want to share I have RETURNING TO TEMECULA, but have been thinking of buying 20/20 QUILT CALENDAR! 12 great patterns! I can order it online as the small quilt shop 40 miles from my house doesn’t carry many books! It’s always fun to let my fingers do the shopping! May get a flu shot today!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I find it convenient to buy online when I know what I want, too. With winter coming on I’ll do more of it. Our temps are going down but I see an 80 one day next week. How’s Pepper?

  79. Tanya T. in Houston

    You won! You won! At last! 🙂 Who wouldn’t be excited to win either of these books? I have Temecula’s “dashing” instructions on their blog in the background of my computer and just love looking at those cheery little blocks. NOTHING beats a Country Threads book though! Have loved seeing the chicks…my grandmother used to have a chicken house and chicks I could feed and admire.

  80. Deb G. in VA

    I would love to have both of those books! I love all the Frank quilts. Thanks for the sharing the books.

  81. Sharon Lowy

    Goodness, so many responses! I love your blog and your Mama hen is just beautiful! Love the books as well. Actually, I have purchased the same books twice more than once. One Jo Morton book I bought 3 times. This led to my card catalog! I have also bought books at the local library book sale..some of which were donated by me. Lol. I haven’t bought that calendar yet but intend to do so. I would do love to win the Temecula book but I think you are so nice to share with us.

    Sharon from Illinois

  82. Chris in NW PA

    After buying several patterns and books I already had, I bought a small notebook
    and write the names of them(and rulers) in my notebook. It is purse-size.
    Loved the chicken pictures. She is doing a good job for a first time mother.
    Thanks to Betty Klosterman for the tip about closing ads that don’t have an

  83. karen m m

    Hard to think Christmas but I did enjoy the finished project of the Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments. And what a hoot on the Frankenstein quilt with the name badge – Hello My Name is Frank! haha

  84. Carol Collier

    The books look wonderful! Always enjoy the finished quilts — inspirational!! And the chicks are adorable!! Such tiny balls of fluff!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  85. Karen Miller

    I was able to close 6 or 7 ads today. What benefit is there to closing the ads? I’m sure that question has been asked and answered before but I have not been following your bloc that long. LOL. I have finally almost finished the UFO for this month, down to the last wire. Started sewing down the binding this morning but had to stop because of so much pain in my thumb. Hope to sew more on it tonight. Then I’ll post my last three quilts starting with July’s. All of then were late getting done but I am caught up now.
    I love the pics of the chicks. So cute. The Jo Morton book looks great! Would love to have that one.

  86. Pat Mosley

    Never can have too many good books to inspire you. And in my sewing life that means CW quilt books. I can and do look at them. They make me think and dream abut someday, someday when I find the fabric or time. The bucket list never ends. There is always another quilt to put on the list. Dreaming again.

  87. Heather

    2 more really great books! Jo Morton never disappoints. And isn’t Temecula just really fun to say? Hehe.

  88. Nikki M in Tx

    Lovely picture of Mama & her chicks.makes me miss having them that much more. Eye surgery Monday went great. Already seeing so much better. Left eye to be done in 3 weeks. Can’t read very long but that improves daily. I am in love with all the Franks. You have plenty of green tomatoes, need to fry at least one, bet will have a convert after you try it. A snake on screened porch..I would freak.. garter or not…I don’t want a snake in my space…..period!

  89. Dot

    The Temecula book is right up my alley; I like making small quilts! I’ve purchased the same book all over again several times recently, but with a twist: I had to abandon most of my books for a cross country move. Now I’m happily finding some of these old friends at the local library book sales.

  90. Gloria

    I can understand that you won the calendar! Thanks for offering the books. Like seeing your little chicks.

  91. Carolyn Knott

    I may can beat the having bought the same book twice. A company was selling several books 5 books for X dollars and bought 2 in the same order. So I must have really liked the looks of it. Oh well I think the memory is the 1st to go.
    I enjoy your blog so much. And even tho I dont blog with you I do close ads every day! Still warm and humid here in the piney woods of east Texas!

  92. Mrs. Goodneedle

    The books are inspirational, you’re right; seeing a quilt made up and styled for a photograph is like a spark for us! I would love the opportunity to win either one. Thank you for dangling those carrots! Your baby chicks are positively adorable.

  93. Jeri Niksich

    I love the calendar as well but with all the calendars we have here I can’t justify another one coming in , unfortunately my husband is the one that goes to the mailbox 😉

  94. Pat Williams

    Thank you for offering the books—always fun to see new patterns. Love your blog and look forward to it every day. Glad things are functioning better. Went to Des Moines quilt show today. Lots of beautiful quilts to see as well as several vendors. Pat in Iowa City

  95. MartyCae

    No ads to close today.
    Love all the number 5’s. The Christmas one is cute.
    Must get busy and finish lots of number fives!
    Love books. I don’t care if I make anything out of them – just love the pictures.

  96. Kate

    I’m quilting a smaller version of Lissa Alexander’s quilt in Halloween colors. It is still a large quilt. I’d love to make one in Spring colors. The blocks are very busy and took me a while to figure out how to do them so the crisscross would show up. All the books look wonderful and I’d love any one of them.

  97. Jeanine

    Both books are very nice. Love the picture of the mother hen and chicks. How in the world do they all fit under her?? Must not be very comfortable for her when they all go to sleep. My chicks are growing every day. It is so fun to watch them. She is teaching them all the time, and they sure do catch on quickly. Thanks for the picture of your mother hen.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      By next week I don’t think they’ll all fit so I think I have to catch everybody and put them in a pen so they’ll stay warm. She takes them all over however and I hate to deny her that pleasure. Can I herd her in each night? I’m not sure.

  98. Rhoda Ebersole

    Lots for you to read Mary.
    The little garter snake because of all the rain
    But how on earth did it get in!?!!
    Good to have guard cats!!!

  99. Maureen

    More than once I have purchased the same book, so I give one to a quilt friend. These books you reviewed today look great, thanks for sharing!

  100. Susan K

    I had to start a spreadsheet of my books since I was coming home with duplicates constantly. But that’s just my fiction/nonfiction and not my quilting books. That herd of chicks is so cute! So fluffy.

  101. Gayle Shumaker

    Both books are inspiring. Your new baby chicks are so cute. I like to go into the Tractor Supply Store in the spring to see the chicks. Lol I grew up a city kid. I’m fascinated by farm animals and have a black thumb, I kill any plant I own.

  102. Rosemary W

    Both look like great books! Thanks for all your inspiration and also all the #5 finishes look great

  103. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    I hope I’m not too late to reply to this one. I love the picture of mama and her tiny chicks. They all look healthy! The Return To Temecula would be great because I want to make our daughter a T quilt–she is nicknamed T. Lots of ad this time, plus I went back up to check out the spelling of Temecula and clicked them again:)

  104. Rikki

    Both of the books look very good would love to make those quilts. Clicked several ads today. Glad to see you are getting those windows washed so the plants can get plenty of light ha! Have a great Sunday.

  105. Rosie Westerhold

    Would love either book. And I love seeing your herd of chickens!! Are there 13 baby chicks?!?

  106. Rosie Westerhold

    Would love to win either of the books. Are there really 13 baby chicks?!? Love seeing their pictures.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No, not 13 — actually there are 15! Unbelievable- never in 40 years have I had that many chicks in one hatch!

  107. Gloria B.

    Buying a book you already own implies that you have enough organization to discover that you already have it! That hasn’t always been my reality. I’m now entering my quilting books into Excel so I can check before I buy. I keep the list as an email attachment on my phone so I have it with me.

  108. Christi

    Jo Morton is the best. A few months ago I took time and put all my books in alphabetical order. Next up a spreadsheet or some kind of inventory, not sure maybe an app. I had 3 dups.

  109. Deb Renken

    Love to have either one of the books. Small quilts are darling on the walls of my sewing room. I do them in civil war fabrics or 30`s fabrics. I have a lot of wall space to hang more Mimi quilts.

  110. Dortha

    Both look like good books. Your quilt you have started will be so nice when you get back to it. I liked it too. I didn’t have enough low volume fabric to make it. Love your blog, just wish I had found it sooner.

  111. Vivian

    Seeing Caryn’s HIPS (!) blocks made me go back and read Jo Kramer’s review of your “Beyond the Battlefield” book from earlier this year and I see that you commented that you might do a QAL of that quilt this Fall. Is that still in your plans?

  112. Linda Winn

    I continue to sew with my civil war fabrics. I would love to make a project out of the books. Any time I’m in a fabric store I look for more civil war fabric to add to my stash. Makes a happy day for me!

  113. Sue H

    When I worked in a quilt shop years ago, I always told the customers that it’s true — we often buy a book and never actually make a quilt from it. However, the amount of inspiration we get from looking though it is worth what we paid for it. These books look very inspirational and there are probably even a quilt or two or more between the pages that would be fun to make!

  114. Donna in Kentucky

    No X on the ads to close them. Only the downward arrow.
    I love the feeling I get when I close ads, like I’ve done something good!
    Love the chicks.

    I agree with the person who said that the quilt books give inspiration. I second that.

  115. BarBQue

    Yup ! Been there, done that with duplicates of. not only books, but kits too!
    I would feel blessed to win a NEW one that I don’t have.
    Thanks, Mary, for your generosity.

  116. Sandy kolarik

    It’s so nice to open my email and find a email from you. The farm life and pictures are such a pleasure to see. I’m currently doing a Jo Morton block exchange with a dear friend. It’s going slowly because we both like to enjoy the gardens and being outside, hopefully things will go quicker when we’re stuck inside due to weather. Love the baby chicks. Thanks again for offering your extra books to a special winner. Happy quilting.

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